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The Series
"Ocean, I love you, and I want to start all over again. If you're willing to have me, that is. Just say the word, and I'm yours, forever."
  • The "Total Eclipse of the Heart" sequence in Episode 36 was genuinely pretty touching.
    • Yugi also claims that his friendship with Joey means more to him than card games. Given that card games are played to such obsessive levels in this show, that's saying a lot.
    • "Must... risk life... for best friend..."
    • The ending, when Joey and Yugi start Waxing Lyrical, leading into the song "No Matter What" playing, and Kaiba, the last person you would expect, says he loves this song.
  • Marik and Bakura's death scene in which they sing "Stand by Me".
    • Bakura's last words being "Tell my fangirls I love them".
  • In Season Zero, Episode 1, after spending the earlier part of the episode bullying Yugi, it's incredibly heartwarming to see Joey and Tristan rush to Yugi's rescue after he is beaten up by Ushio though the moment is weakened by The Reveal that Yugi wished for Ushio to kick their asses.
    Joey: It's ok, Yugi. We're here now. Your wish came true, man. Tristan and I are gonna protect you.
  • "YGOTAS Sails Away" too.
    • Especially when, in the midst of offering several different things in return for Bakura agreeing to sing with him, Marik finally says, "What if I told you I loved you?" Bakura is first shocked... but then, a little later, he does sing after all. The fact that his voice softens ever-so-slightly when he reacts makes it.
    • A smaller example, but Pegasus' part has him fondly looking back on his relationship with his wife.
  • The part where Mako Tsunami gets back together with the ocean, especially because the ocean finally speaks.
    • Also Joey's surprisingly legit relationship advice he gives to Mako.
  • Joey's speech to Johnson in Episode 50 after being accused of copyright infringement (also doubles as a Moment of Awesome):
    Joey: Yeah, I have a closing statement. Maybe we have committed copyright infringement. But you gotta know we've done everything in our power to support the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise! And if it weren't for us, I don't think the show would be nearly as strong as it is right now!
    Johnson: And where is your evidence of such?
    Joey: Look around, Johnson! There are more Yu-Gi-Oh fans now than ever before! And the more you try to stifle our creativity, the more we'll try to express our love for a show that's about more than children's card games! It's about fighting for what you believe in, and I believe in this show and its fans now more than ever! Because they believe in me!
  • Tristan's speech in Episode 51.
    • "It's okay, Serenity. I've lived my life as nothing but a side character, fit only for spouting brainless quips and catchphrases. But now, I get to die the way I've always wanted: falling, screaming like a girl, into a pit of boiling hot lava, flesh being seared from my bones. If I do survive, I'll probably be unrecognizable. But if I do die, it'd be as a main character. It's funny; I used to think my voice gave me super strength. But now, I know the truth. And it's my love for you is what really gives me super strength."
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    • And then there's the adorable The Empire Strikes Back reference:
    Serenity: I love you.
    Tristan: I know.
    • Also, Tristan's Heroic Sacrifice was to protect Duke, whom he hates not only for trying to seduce Serenity, but for being a witch. Yet when Johnson declares what Tristan thinks is his intent to attack Duke, Tristan sacrifices his Deck Master and loses the game to save him.
  • From Episode 53:
    Noah: Admit it. You don't really care for him.
    Kaiba: Yes, I do!
  • Still on the topic of Seto and Mokuba, in Episode 14:
    Seto: I have to beat Yugi if I ever want to see my little brother again. I miss you Mokuba.
  • In a deleted scene of Melvin'd, Melvin calls Florence out on his hypocrisy in trying to prevent Melvin from destroying the world when Florence has the same goal. Instead of invoking The Only One Allowed to Destroy the World, Florence instinctively answers, managing to back himself in a corner, leading to this speech:
  • In BBT Abridged Movie, Yami Yugi admits that it's been an honor playing card games with the other protagonists. Even Jaden.
  • Episode 52: Hobson helping the Kaiba brothers kick Gozaburo out by giving his stock to Seto. Not only does it arguably make more sense than the canon (seriously, who would give stock to a 5-year-old?), but it's a genuinely clever Chekhov's Gun set up by flashbacks from episodes that were made months ago. Namely, that young!Mokuba was the only one who was kind to Hobson.
  • Joey getting annoyed at Yami for making jokes about Mai when she's in a coma. Am I right?
  • Episode 55 continuing to show us that for the all the crap and mean things he says to Mokuba, Seto really does care about his brother... even if he finds it hard to admit it in front of everyone.
  • Episode 56 ends with the gang mourning the end of 4Kids — note that, as the Hilarious in Hindsight entry goes into detail on, in real life over the course of Season 3, 4Kids had lost the rights to most of their dubbed shows including Yu-Gi-Oh! and declared bankruptcy. The cast's comments are quite clearly meant to be taken at a meta level.
    Kaiba: Well, I guess that's the last we'll see of 4Kids.
    Yugi: It's weird. I'm actually kind of sad to see them go.
    Kaiba: Yeah, after all, they did provide us with hours of entertainment. So what if they censored a few things? They were just doing their job.
    Yugi: And without them, we wouldn't have Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged. So from now on, let's remember them as the guys who gave us fond childhood memories — and unfortunately, the One Piece theme song.
    Mokuba: Good night sweet dubbing company. And a flight of Winged Kuribohs sing thee to thy rest.
  • Also from Episode 56, "Nyeh, Brooklyn rescue."
  • In Marik's Evil Council 4, Melvin manages to kill Yugi, Psychoshipping becomes canon, Bakura is voted Villain of the Year, and everyone agrees that Florence is the manliest name ever. Bakura says it's the happiest day of his life, and he actually sniffles. Sniffles. Bakura.
  • Most of Marik's cover of "Out There" was a funny moment, but it was still kind of touching to see the final line synched up with Marik emerging from the tomb for the first time.
  • Marik's talk with Odion during the duel between Yami and Melvin. While it wasn't quite the heartfelt apology that his canon counterpart gave during the same scene, Marik still managed to swallow his It's All About Me attitude long enough to at least let Odion know what a great brother he was. The fact that Marik intended for these to be his Last Words makes it double as a Tear Jerker.
  • Meta, but this comic a tumblr user made for LittleKuriboh in response to the complaints about the Marik Plays series seeming to take more precedence over the main series after the move to Team Four Stars site: Marik is stalling for time so that the series won't reach its Foregone Conclusion, Bakura's death at the end of the series. He just doesn't want to lose his only friend.
  • Two of LK's abridged thiefshipping fics get stunningly WAFF-y.
    • The original fic for Marik & Bakura Go To Censored Town is so full of WAFF-y dialogue and scenes that it's difficult to list them all. From Ryou Bakura emerging from Florence's mind to demand that he turn around and go back to Marik after an argument, to Bakura's declarations that what he has with Marik can never be defeated, to confessing that he loves Marik - all the way up to Marik admitting that he's very comfortable being gay towards Bakura; after a certain point in the fic, it becomes nothing but lighthearted comedy and warm and fuzzy feelings (and explicit gay smut).
    Because he was never going to leave his side, or abandon him, or let anything bad happen to him ever again if he could help it. This was the closest he was ever going to get to knowing what true love felt like. It was pain. The most beautiful pain he'd ever known, and it was theirs alone to share. And in that moment, Bakura cried for the first time in five thousand years.
    • Midknight At The Oasis has its moments too. Bakura assuring Marik that his date will like him just fine and just generally comforting him when Marik is nervous about meeting the mystery date. Ryou emerges from Bakura's mind and talks him into accompanying Marik on the date so that he won't be alone either way, to which Bakura eventually agrees to do.
    • When it looks like Marik's date stood him up, he's very sad, and Bakura tries in his own roundabout way to make him feel better. Considering he's a sociopath and doesn't care about these sorts of things, he's not too good at it. But the fact he's trying in earnest is pretty nice.
    • It's revealed that Bakura was Midknight all along, without either of them ever knowing. Except Ryou, who secretly interacted with Marik over Skype and found out who he was. Ryou had actually set up this date without Bakura's knowledge so that the two of them would actually stop dancing around their feelings for each other and for Bakura to stop unwittingly tricking him. Ryou was actually trying to make Bakura happy. After everything. It's pretty sweet.
    • At first, Marik is trying to pretend that the cybering never happened, but then Bakura plays the song that they'd danced to at the bar, and it gets him feeling emotional and having to come to terms with his own feelings. This is what drives him to make the first move.
  • In episode 62, Joey's breakdown when Mai won't wake up. It's a major development considering earlier he only cared about her breasts and all he had to say about her fate was "Well ain't that a kick in the teeth".
    "No...Mai...This can't be happening. I love you. I was gonna spend the rest of my life with you..."
  • Meta: The Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V The Abridged Series team thanks him for creating The Abridged Series genre and being their inspiration.
  • Yugi and Yami singing "You've Got A Friend In Me" to each other, even though they forget the words. Though some would say that makes it even better.
    • Yugi didn't know the words, the Pharaoh didn't know it was a song at all, he just happily went along with it. This is pretty sweet, particullary considering how the Pharaoh normally acts.
    • Before the song, Yugi said he was glad to have Yami as his partner. Yami with no hesitation tells Yugi he feels the same way. Not a single quip or snark to be had. He genuinely is glad that Yugi is his partner. It's so sweet and also heartbreaking for the episode that's to come but it helps for the believability of Yami's feelings later on.
  • Yami caring more that he lost Yugi in ep 71 than the fact he lost a card game. LK actually plays it straight and goes with the filler storyline.
  • In Episode 73, after Weevil tears up what he claimed to be the card containing Yugi's soul and explains that he pranked Yami, he has this to say:
    Weevil: Prevent you from what?
    • While it seems to only be Yami threatening Weevil, he seems to acknowledge that Yugi operates as his moral compass, keeping him from going off the deep end.
  • Téa spends a few moments in Episode 73 trying to talk to Yami after he's lost Yugi, and reminding him that his friends are there for him, without any of her usual horndog antics or friendship speeches.
  • Episode 74 has this poignant speech from Yami during his and Yugi's duel, showing just how deeply he cares about Yugi beneath all the Awesome Ego and snark. It's also a rare case of him apologizing for his jerkass behaviour.
  • In episode 76, Rebecca mentions that Dungeon Dice Monsters is her favorite board game and uses its system as a basis to explain the card game to Duke. Duke is so touched he says he may love her.
  • Episode 80 has this bit of Undying Loyalty after Joey lost his soul dueling Mai. Too bad Yami doesn't feel the same way.
    Tristan: I'm not leaving my best friend in some back alley. We're taking him with us!
    Téa: Tristan, how are we going to—
    Tristan: We'll carry him. Together. We'll prove that the bonds of friendship are strong enough to shoulder any burden, even literal ones.
  • Episode 80 also has Yami giving Raphael an honestly thoughtful speech about the grieving process and how people can get stuck in their own pasts:
    Yami: Oh, I see what's going on! This whole Duel is a metaphor for your inability to accept that your family is dead!
    Rafael: What?
    Yami: Yeah, see: you refuse to let any of your monsters go to the GY because you believe preserving the memory of your family as you knew them in life will make you stronger, when in actual fact you're denying yourself the chance to mourn and as a result you've rooted yourself in the past, never allowing yourself to move on from that tragic day when you were forced to replace your dead family with trading cards.
    Rafael: You have no idea what you're talking about, Pharaoh!
    Yami: No! I actually really do! Accepting the mortality of those around you is an important step to becoming a more complete person. Just ask Kaiba! Why, just last season he literally murdered his own father in order to move on!
    Kaiba: It's true! I highly recommend it. A+ experience!
  • Episode 81 reveals that Yami and Kaiba play card games for fun when nobody's looking.
    • In the same episode, Yami goes through some serious character development, finally realising that his dickish attitude towards everyone was uncalled for.
    • The return of Yugi Muto.
    • There's also the very blunt threat Yami throws at Dartz before they start their duel, cutting off Kaiba's challenge to a duel.
      Kaiba: "Dartz! We challenge you to a due-"
      Yami: "Give me back my partner right now or I will rip him off that wall and beat you senseless with him!"
    • Yami doesn't take well to Dartz insinuating he abused taking over Yugi's body at all.
      Yami: How dare you, Dartz! I never forced Yugi to do anything he didn't want to! Unlike your relationship with your henchmen, I respected Yugi. I lo- I cared for Yugi!
  • Yami unironically reveals what he loves about the other characters in episode 82. Particularly when he reveals that, despite how much the series jokes about them, he sincerely loves Tea' s friendship speeches.
  • Rather than end the season finale on a joke, LK plays the emotional ending completely straight, with Yugi and Yami smiling at each other in front of the sunset.
    Yugi: Pharaoh? Oh I get it. You're trying to come up with a funny one-liner to say about how our friends don't deserve to rescue you. Or that you're grateful you won't be stuck on a beach with me anymore. Right?
    Yami: No, Yugi. I'm not doing any of those things. I'm just enjoying being with you.
    Yugi: Pharaoh...
    Yugi (thinking): It's been so long since we started this adventure together. But it feels like it's been even longer since I saw him like this. Like a complete person. He looks so happy to be with me again. Well, from now on, it's him and me. Together. And nothing is ever going to split us apart again!

  • Episode 83
    • The Gang holding a memorial in memory for Sexy Back.
    • Seto being concerned for his brother.
    • Roland (and Little Kuriboh by proxy) telling the audience that they should probably watch Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's quite sincerely.


  • In the fanfic ''Fun in Yugi's Mind'' by indecisivepancake we see Florence come to Bakura's defense when Melvin destroys his beloved "Change of Heart" card.
  • The processing video was obviously in-universe about Yami's loss in ep 71 but it is very clearly directed at viewers who are devastated by Donald Trump's victory and not for them to "give up hope." Also, the author's followup video, which goes into more detail while touching on his own struggle with depression.
  • Dan Green hugging Spiderman at the end of the 2nd Anniversary Spectacularmathon.
    Spiderman: Hey there, Spider-friend! Let's be friendly neighborhood heroes!
    Dan Green: Oh, Spiderman, you always know just what to say to perk me right up!
    Spiderman: Can a hero get a hug?
    Dan Green: You sure can. *Dan Green hugs Spiderman*
  • For some, the author's note and other changes added to the old episodes was a case of Orwellian Retcon or Political Correctness Gone Mad - for many OTHER fans, however, it counts as this. It's really refreshing and nice to know that LK's looked back on his old work, acknowledged how a lot of the old jokes have Unfortunate Implications, and is doing his best to acknowledge them and move on as a person and a comedian, and the comments from fans (often LGBTQIA+ fans) who appreciate it are really sweet to see.
    Little Kuriboh: NOTE - This video may contain transphobic, homophobic, sexist, or other types of humor or dialogue that no longer represent how I, the creator of this video, wish to present my works. At the time I thought of it as "harmless jokes" but it is clear the damage that has been done by such dismissive and toxic writing on my part. I apologize for it, as there is no real excuse for using it.