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Headscratchers / Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series

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  • What is Dartz's accent supposed to be? I keep thinking it's Canadian (because it strongly reminds me of a Canadian-French accent used in English).
    • Pretty sure it's supposed to be hilarious.
    • It's the thickest Cajun accent ever conceived.
    • Isn't it based off of someone from Perfect Hair Forever?
    • It's an Atlantian accent.
    • It sounds like the Elmer Fudd accent.
  • Why is it Ishizu has trouble with a Professor Layton puzzle if she can see the future?
    • Because shut up.
    • Because she didn't have hint coins money, and thus was not able to cheat.
    • Isn't it obvious? She never solves it!
    • Because she refuses to use her powers to cheat. What's the point of playing the game if you just look up all the answers?
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    • Stable Time Loop shenanigans! The reason she cannot see into the future to see the answer is if she does then where does that answer come from? It never existed because she never figured it out, and therefore cannot look into the future for it. As for her using her powers to cheat, I think you give her too much credit. I bet she ended up looking it up on GameFAQs.
    • Yep. Seeing into the future won't do her much good if she never solves it in the first place. Like Y: Ruler of Time said on The Prince of Tennis: "I will now use my power to predict the result of this match! [Beat] I predict that I will lose. Crap!"
    • Layton is just THAT hard.
    • The Necklace can make predictions, but can only show certain moments (she has visions, but can't 'browse' the future) and they are not always accurate (like in her duel against Kaiba in the show).
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  • Better question, what puzzle was she referring to? Many are hard, yes, but which one had her so stumbed?
  • Atem says that Slifer the Executive Producer makes Kaiba's ego look positively minuscule. Kaiba also says that his Duel Blimp TM is roughly a third the size of his ego. When Atem summons Slifer against Bakura, Slifer isn't all that much bigger than the blimp. For that matter, Kaiba says that no building in the world can contain his ego, but in Episode 47 he notes that Phallic Symbol Island is the only building in the world that can contain his ego. So, larger ego as the plot demands?
    • Slifer making Kaiba's ego look minuscule could be due to the fact that the card is named so because Slifer the Sky Dragon was renamed from Osiris the Sky Dragon by Slifer the... Executive Producer. The audacity of that move is why the comment is made. It's not Slifer's size that makes Kaiba's ego look small, it's his ego!
  • Does anyone else think that YGOTAS's constant referring to Duel Monsters as a children's card game is rendered moot by the main cast's ages? Yugi and his friends are high-schoolers, Kaiba is clearly an adult and the president of a company based around said card game, and the Pharaoh is, what, 3000+?
    • That's the joke you know…
      • This. The joke is that adults are getting so freaking worked up over a children's card game.
    • Kaiba is a teenager, he's in school in episode 1.
    • I have come to the conclusion that LittleKuriboh is saying (maybe not intentional) that people saying those things have the same logical process as the characters in the series.
    • The other thing is that we barely see adults playing the game when it's not about some forces of darkness. I think Little Kuriboh makes fun of it in one of the very first episodes. How many adults were there on Pegasus's island? The majority of participants were children!
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    • Because the game itself is a children's card game. He's mocking both the shows insane in game logic and the adults who play it.
      • And the fact that the fate of world as we know it is often decided by a Children's card game.
    • Alternatively, it could lampshade the absurdity of framing a system for conducting Shadow Games as a card game marketed to children. Seriously, Pegasus found stone tablets that ancient Egyptians used to gamble with their souls and copied them onto playing cards and sold them to children.
      • To be fair to Pegasus, it was a massive hit. It's not the first instance of a corporation exploiting something originally sacred and mass-producing it for a profit. Also, Egypt's interesting mythology makes for great creative concepts.
  • So... Is his (Yami Bakura) name Florence or not?! The exact line is "Did you know they wanted to call me Florence? Who names a boy Florence?". But it seems like Florence is the most commonly used name for him. It is quite confusing.
    • As I understand it, Florence is like a more bitter (on account of the fact people only call him that to piss him off) but less evil version of the character. Bakura is sort of evil, but more preoccupied with being sexy and Very British.
  • If Kaiba is really a robot built by Frieza thousands of years ago, how come he has a childhood?
    • He's a Ridiculously Human Robot with nanites to assimilate organic matter he eats and convert it to components; he began small for infiltration purposes.
    • The Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future says himself that he could probably explain away any inconsistencies.
      • ...If you would give him about 10 minutes...
      • On the other hand, in the source material, the Ghost is a notorious liar (or possibly just insane).
  • Téa makes a comment about Tristan eventually getting his own episode as a robot monkey. How did she know the series was going to be cancelled and that would happen?
    • The same way Yugi knows that Yami's real name is Atem. Rule of Funny.
    • Actually there was no way she could have known that even if she looked ahead at the script (which is presumably where all the other characters get their knowledge). She was also technically lying because the show was going to be cancelled and Tristan can not be the star of an episode of a cancelled series.
  • Tristan, in one episode, asks what sex is. Joey and Téa refuse to tell him, because they "mustn't let Tristan breed." However, earlier in the series, he suggests that he and Téa have sex to foil Pegasus's need for a virgin sacrifice. He also, later in the series, seems to have a pretty good grasp of sex. Why does he not understand it for that single episode?
    • Because he's Tristan.
    • Or he just wanted to hear Téa explain sex.
  • Apparently bad things happen when the fourth wall breaks. This is demonstrated in episode 46, when the wall breaks and bad things happen. But the fourth wall on this show is broken all the damn time, with no ill effects.
  • Do they know they are in a bleeding online series or not? They act like the latter a lot, bit then they keep acting like they are in the anime... Oh dear, I've gone cross eyed.
  • Why isn't Joey in the YGO-The Cancelled Series' opening credits? Everyone else is there, so why leave him out in particular?
    • Because this season is going to focus on Kaiba, and he wouldn't want him in the opening credits?
    • Actually he is in the opening. If you pause right after Kaiba appears, you can see part of his hair and t-shirt behind Kaiba.
  • Why the "Dreamworks rips off Pixar" in episode 52? Dreamworks hasn't ripped off Pixar for years but the show treated its later releases like Kung Fu Panda and Monsters vs. Aliens as ripoffs.
  • In episode 52, I know it's Rule of Funny, but there's a part where Yugi can't remember Duke's name... Despite the fact he said it about 20 seconds earlier at the frickin' start of the same conversation. It just bugs me is all.
    • Happens to me all the time. I suddenly can't grasp the name of someone I've know for years, and the harder you try to remember the more difficult it is to recall. It's weird but it actually does happen to some people.
  • Am I the only one who finds it a little tragic that Ghost Nappa doesn't think of his own son as anything more than a rare Pokemon, ripe for catching?
    • Well almost everyone treats Mokuba that way.
    • But wait! He says that in order to get Mokuba he'll use a master ball (which is irreplaceable and priceless), so maybe he cares after all!
  • Okay, I am very confused. Did Téa get her body back in Episode 53 or is Marik now the one controlling her? I originally thought it was the latter, but I've heard people say it's the former.
    • No, she's got her body back. If Marik was in control, you'd probably hear his voice coming from her. If you've ever seen the unabridged series though, then you can just wait a few episodes and he will be possessing her after all. Should be fun.
  • Why was Paradox in Venice?
    • Because...shut up.
    • Because Jaden was there. Why was Jaden there? No one knows.
    • Jaden was in Venice because he was on vacation.
    • Apparently not for vacation if this scene is any indication… Jaden has no clue why they're there. (note this scene came up AFTER Jaden claimed he was there on vacation)
    Jaden: Can I ride your bike?
    Yusei: I already told you no!
    Jaden: Oh come on, it'll be fun! :D
    Yusei: I'll let you ride my bike if you can tell me one thing.
    Jaden: Sure, ask away.
    Yusei: Why are we in Venice?
    Jaden: F*ck it… you win!
    Yusei: Always do…
    • Keep in mind that the movie does have its head up its own anus. Which is why we don't question what attacking Jaden with a dragon has to do with killing Pegasus.
      • Same reason he attacked Yusei? To steal Jaden's trading card? (even though he got his own card back)…yeah this movie does have its head up its own anus, but maybe… uhh? Because Jaden is a Pwotagonist… and Paradox is the villain of the movie?
      • Well it's the same question there too. There's no reason to go to any timeline other than Pegasus's if he was the ultimate goal.
    • Hate to ruin things by trying to think logically, but I would imagine he was in Venice to obtain Rainbow Dragon from Jesse/Johan for Malefic Rainbow Dragon. Why did he feel the need to go back in time to certain points to obtain various dragons? Because doesn't have Rainbow/Stardust/Cyber End in his deck and he needs to retrieve them. Why did he need them if he was just going to go back and bomb the shit out of Pegasus? Because he was planning ahead. Maybe some jagoff will show up and challenge him to a duel over Pegasus' fate. Three questions still remain: Why Z-one couldn't use all that supertech to whip up a few copies of Stardust/Rainbow/Cyber End for him to use instead of making him time travel. What Johan and Jaden were doing in Venice (the horizontal hokey pokey?) and why Paradox felt the need to accept a duel instead of just going, "Screw you guys. *kills Pegasus while ignoring the protagonists*

  • Speaking of the jabs at Naruto the abridged series, why Little Kuriboh makes a jab at Naruto the abridged movie? For all I know, there is only one part (I saw part 2 through 4, yet it's obviously made by someone else (no not the LittleKuriboh one) and there is also hbi2K's version) is it justified because of Vegeta 3986's laziness or I missed a joke about it?
    • I believe it's already been said, but the abridge guys all poke fun at each other all the time. I don't think it honestly matters who he's making the jab at, because it's just all in good fun. These guys just rip on each other for Rule of Funny. They have nothing against each other. Hell, in some episodes, LittleKuriboh mocks Team Four Star, and he's a PART of TeamFourStar. He could be poking fun at either version, and it doesn't matter, the fellow abridgers know it's just harmless teasing.
  • When Téa is possessed by a Big Five member, the guy keeps his own voice. But when Tristan is possessed, the possessor gets a demon version of Tristan's voice. Why?
    • Evil Tristan sounds the same as two episodes ago, when it was Nesbitt in his body calling himself Evil Tristan. Maybe Nesbitt was just the only one who dueled in the abridged series? In the very beginning, Gansley speaks with his voice for a bit. Then again, in that part he has the Nesbitt voice when Crump does that weird mouth thing and talks about penguins. Shit, maybe there really is an Evil Tristan?
      • Fridge Brilliance moment: Tristan's body was being possessed by Nesbitt, the robot guy. He would have a vocal synthesizer that would let him mimic Tristan's voice, while Crump is a penguin and has no such equipment.
  • Does the Millennium Rod also work on people called Stefan, Étienne, István, Steven, Stephanie, Estefanía, et al?
    • Presumably it doesn't work on people named Stephanie (etc.), in the light of Marik's line about how it only works on "guys named Steve, or girls named Steve, but those are pretty rare". No idea about the different language equivalents of Steve, though.
  • Am I the only one who thinks LK's Marik schtick is getting rather old? I used to enjoy it, but pretty much every line out of his mouth now is either how he's a poorly closeted homosexual, or how sexy he/his outfit looks. I pretty much spent most of the recent Evil Council video groaning because of this.
    • It went as far as stopping to be a joke and became Marik's actual personality, even for a comedy series, changing a character's personality just because you want to change the jokes is too far-fetched, in-universe, Marik's being a poorly closeted homosexual and other stuff is actually taken serious (much to Florence's chagrin), or at least as serious as it can get.
  • Duke's inability to explain why Dungeon Dice Monsters is completely different from Duel Monsters, each game have its own very distinct set of rules, not to mention DDM is fairly more luck-based than DM, Duke only uses the same creatures from DM, which is actually a fairly smart marketing idea (as DM is already an obscenely popular game) as long as the holder of the copyrights, who is most likely Pegasus (not to mention, several monsters appear on ancient stone tablets and stuff, it is possible they are public domain characters), agreed with it, which he apparently did, so, tell me, is there anything on it other than Rule of Funny?
    • The games both use the same set of monsters, so it's easy to make that joke.
      • I already mentioned that on the very question, Duke could just say "It uses dices" or something to this effect to shut everyone's mouth for good...
      • He said that exact thing in his first episode, it didn't shut anyone up. Hell, Dual Monsters also uses dice.
    • Duke's arguing the finer points of a dice game to a bunch of teenagers and a 3000-year-old Pharaoh who's a massive dick. Duke could have Pegasus show up and tell them that DDM and DM are different, and they just wouldn't care.
  • In Pharaoh's Throne, when Yami summons the Egyptian gods, he calls out their names. So why in the hell did he use Ra? Nowhere else was Ra used for the actual God, which is named Mega Ultra Chicken in this series. Why did he change the name? Why did he use the name from the proper series? WHY!? WHY!? WHHHYYYY!!?
    • Mega Ultra Chicken is the current day name of the monster, I mean, you don't think Slifer was called "The Executive Producer" in ancient Egypt, do you?
    • As of the end of Season 3, the joke names for the Egyptian Gods seem to have been dropped in favor of referring to them by their original names.
  • During Yami Plays Fallout 3, why does Yami keep using Liam Neeson's "I will find you..." speech from Taken? Neeson's had a lot more films since then, and he's played more memorable roles, so it's a bit of an odd choice.
    • The "I will find you..." line is a fairly popular meme at the moment that viewers can easily recognize/relate to or something. And it sounds bloody hilarious coming out of Yami's mouth, so why not?
  • Bakura is canonically gay ("I'm not British, I'm just gay.") but what's Marik's deal? Should we take his coming out speech in Marik plays Bloodlines seriously?
    • If we only regard the Abridged Series itself as canon, then Marik lives in a Transparent Closet. All additional videos support this (never contradict it), but how canon they are is debatable. The Evil Council videos emphasize the Transparent Closet, Bloodlines has him simply come out, an LK's very own fanfic Marik & Bakura Go To Censored Town ends with Marik's If It's You, It's Okay attitude towards Bakura. So even if it's not Abridged canon, it's definately LK's head canon.
  • While Joey calling Ra/Mega Ultra Chicken Moltres was funny, if LK is familiar enough with Pokemon to reference that one and the Kanto region, wouldn't he know that there are non-Kanto locations where Moltres can be found, like Mount Silver, Mount Ember, roaming Sinnoh… And now, the Ep.59 opening argues exactly otherwise.
    • Try to remember that it was Joey whose mouth that line came out of.
  • Did 4kids ignore the results of that Facebook vote about the 5D slogan? The tropes page doesn't say, but if they keep taking down Little Kuriboh's stuff I can't imagine they'd be willing to use one of the memes he generated.
    • 4kids aren't the ones who take down LittleKuriboh's stuff all the time. It's almost always the people who own the rights to the Japanese series, not the dub.
  • Let's set the record straight: is there really a Mokubamobile?
  • I think I figured out the problem with all the potshots at Naruto: The Abridged Series. Unlike all the other swipes at other abridgers, the ones at NTAS seem a bit more mean-spirited than the others.
  • Yugi's about to give Kaiba the finishing blow during a duel, which will blow him off the side of Pegasus's castle and possibly kill him. Yugi's friends are ecstatic that Yugi is going to kill Kaiba. Téa stops Yugi from making the final blow because, if he does, "Kaiba might survive." So how does this work? They all would love to see him dead. They can either have Yugi win and risk Kaiba living, or have Yugi lose or have Kaiba survive regardless. So Téa makes Yugi let Kaiba live because there's a chance Kaiba will live anyway?
  • Why does Alister say that the names of the relevant nations in his backstory are not important when questioned by Kaiba about it? The fact that he doesn't know the names is actually important to the story, considering that it's the reason why he chose to blame the Kaiba family instead of directing his vengeance towards the nation that was at war with his homeland.
    • He just didn't know the name of the enemy country when he was a kid; now that he's an adult, he has no excuse. He should have learned the name of the country attacking his as well as knowing the name of his own country if only for the pure sake of contextualizing his backstory for Kaiba. The joke is that this episode (at least the English dub) didn't name any countries even though it would be important if Alister's backstory were anything more than a heavy-handed comment about the ravages of war. So Meta explanation, him saying it's not important was a jab on the actual episode. In-unverse, I imagine Alister was just too stupid/revenge driven to ever figure out those basic facts and got flustered when it was pointed out.
    • Also, from looking at the part where Alister explains his background, it seemed that neither country knew what the other’s name was, so it’s quite possible that absolutely no one knew the names of the countries. Alternatively, Dartz could have just prevented Alister from learning the names of the countries, with the power of the Orichalcamalos!
  • Why didn't Yami attempt to use Mind Crush against the Biker gang that was about to kill him and his friends in Episode 68?
  • Not sure if this is addressed in the official release, but how is Gozaburo Seto's step-father? Wouldn't 'adoptive father' be a more accurate description?
  • So, in episode 42, how exactly did they figure out that “Malik Blishtar” is actually Marik Ishtar? Or what Melvin's name is?
  • What's with Espa Roba's "you don't deserve a spot in my X, but you might make a good coaster for my drink" catch phrase? I don't think there's ever been a case where it's made sense in context, and as far as I know it doesn't seem to be a shout-out to anything. It just feels like a weird non-sequitor.
    • I think it's actually a line from Espa Roba in the Yu-Gi-Oh dub. It just didn't get the "actual 4Kids dialogue" tag on it.
  • Why exactly are French people considered the exact opposite of American? It seems like Russians would've made more sense.
    • Because Keith is an idiot.