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  • Peculier apparently told his sister tales about Israphel some time ago, with Isabel implying that he kidnapped their mother. Peculier seemed aware of rumours about Reverend_John (Israphel's supposed father) being taken over to the dark side, but not that the crypt Daisy was taken into shared the name of this pale-faced man?
    • Old_Peculier didn't start remembering certain things until the Taint was cured. Lysander said that the time spent in Terrorvale probably poisoned him. One of the first things he forgot was probably the name of the evil. Also the presence of two graves with the name Israphel suggests that there may have been two individuals with the name, one being the original evil entity and the other being Reverend John's son. Peculier may not have thought there was a connection as he knew the son when he was alive.

  • So, how exactly DID Simon gain those dwarf magic powers to escape from that control room in the Skyhold? Even IRL?
    • Multiplayer servers often have server commands available for quick transportation. Simon and Lewis use teleport all the time, but flying is another available option. You can see Peva 3 use it during the Granny Bacon's Funeral video. Simon likely just got impatient to get on to the next quest location and made up the "television powers" to hand wave his cheating away.

  • Yeah, Stonehold is made out of STONE. How do you burn stone anyway?
    • He probably meant do all damage possible with fire to destroy the inside, not the outside.

  • How much of this is staged?
    • Barring the occasional outtake, I'm pretty sure that Simon is completely in the dark, whereas Lewis probably knows a little bit from talking to the NPC-writers.
    • Lewis and Simon are both blind on this, with most of the information being in the form of where they're supposed to go.
  • It would be much easier for them if they used blocks, being in Minecraftia and all. Why do they always seem to forget to use them when they're most beneficial?
    • While they're not against cheating it probably wouldn't be in the spirit of the game to just build towers and trains of blocks ALL the time, and there's usually a way through something without cheating. To be fair to them,they almost always at least TRY to succeed in something the correct way before heading straight for cheating. A lot of the games are frickkin' hard and they are trying to tell a story.
      • I think the OP is asking about using blocks in the Shadow of Israphel saga, not the maps. And I think the answer is, since they made the switch from Let's Play to Machinima (about the time they walked into Terrorvale), the time they spend gathering new blocks after they use up what they've got could be better spent adventuring. And with the exception of things like getting to Fumblemore's tower or the cage Um_Bongo was in, there's usually an easier way to get where they're going.

  • So wait, what went on with them at Minecon? From what I've been able to tell, apparently Notch was making dick jokes the whole way through, and then kicked them out for supposedly dropping an F-bomb in front of kids.
    • That sounds like a bit of an exaggeration to me, they apparently weren't getting along brilliantly during the event but Notch was tired and crabby, as is kind of understandable given their circumstances. Lewis and Simon may have been a bit too jocular (as they are about you know, everything), but both deny deliberately insulting anyone and apparently weren't warned in advance not to swear despite their having been copious time for them to BE warned. They probably should've noticed if kids were in the audience but hey, I wasn't there so...
      • Also, Notch later withdrew his statements against them and apologised. Everyone makes mistakes.

  • This may sound silly, but why DID Israphel spend so much time trolling the guys at the beginning? And building those seemingly random constructs? I get that they were slowly fuging from Let's Play to Machinima, but why would he be deliberately baiting guys who he probably knows are going to end up involved with the guy who's all but destined to stop him? Sometimes he even seemed to be HELPING them (i.e. You should close the door.) Heck he literally LED them to Terrorvale and set the whole story arc going (though that may not have been deliberate). Is this just a plothole caused by a spontaneous change of content, or is Israphel a better Chess Master than he already seems?

  • Just a minor one, but was it ever mentioned who is the older brother in regards to Fumblemore and Swampy?
    • I think Swampy is older. Makes sense when you think about it.
      • Personally, I thought they were twins. Though, could you explain why you think Swampy is older? I'm just curious.
        • Swampy seems more competent than Fumblemore, and possibly more sane; he may be an exaggerated hippie, but he does have some powerful magic, while everything Fumblemore does just blows up, implying that he is still in training.

  • In the Tekkit playthrough, how did the guys communicate with each other only at specific times? For example, Sjin usually isn't talking with Lewis, Simon, or Duncan in the beginning; they can't hear him and he can't hear them, unless Sjin comes over to them or vice versa. How did they do this without stopping Minecraft to screw around in Skype (or whatever they use to talk to each other)? It can't be that Sjin just muted his mic until he had to talk, since later when Lewis quits Honeydew Inc. and joins Sips Co., we get to see some moments for a few episodes play twice; once from Lewis's perspective and once from Simon and Duncan's, and during each perspective, the side shown is talking, but they can't hear the other (i.e. Lewis talks, but can't hear Simon and Duncan, though they're still talking as well and can't hear Lewis).
    • They're acting. The encounters with Sips Co are "in-character", so they only speak to each other when their avatars are nearby. It's lampshaded when Lewis is with Sips, and Lewis asks how they're still talking after they've walked away from each other.
      • That doesn't explain how they can't hear other people after they walk away. Lewis can no longer be heard by Simon and Duncan after he quits, even though he's still talking, but can be heard by Sips (and Sjin, for a brief time). How did they do that?
      • Sorry, I misunderstood. Unless they recently switched, they're using Vent, which allows you to move between different chat channels. You only hear people in the same channel as you. Also note they don't normally do it on the fly, only between scenes - for example, when Lewis is chopping down trees with Sips and Simon approaches, Lewis can't hear Simon talking. So if it does take any time to switch between the two audio chats, they just stop the action to do it and them edit it to appear instant.
      • Lewis even says that he's leaving Simon's Vent channel in episode 13 at about 9:24.

  • Also in Tekkit, what's with that weird pagoda thing near Oil Island? You can see it in the background but nobody ever seems to notice it.
    • They pointed it out when they first got to the island, it's just not that important.
    • The Yogscast all share one Tekkit server, which is what they use for filming the Tekkit videos. It's more obvious in Sips & Sjin's series, where they visit both Honeydew Inc and the lab from Duncan's solo series.
    • It has been confirmed via Hannah on twitter that the Pagoda belongs to Area 11!
  • The Sips/Sjin Tekkit series and Rythian series seem to contradict each other. Did Rythian blow up the old Tekkit world with a nuclear reactor, or did Sjin do it to Duncan's reactor during the Tekkit War videos?
    • Sjin did it with Duncan's reactor (and Duncan set of a pair of nukes at Sjin's home). Unless I missed/forgot one of them saying something, I don't see why you would think Rythian was to blame.
      • Don't have the episode number on hand, Rythian said he accidentally destroyed the old world in Sips and Sjin's videos more than once, before blaming the events of the Tekkit War in his own series.
    • Going into WMG territory here, but I think he said he did it to throw suspicion off him, because Sjin was one of the two he wanted to "kill" for destroying the old world. If he were to bring up the old world and how Sjin helped destroy it, he might not have been taken in by the two.

  • What happened to Fumblemore? Did he die in the burning of Mistral City, or is he still out there somewhere?
    • He teleported his tower to Icaria City, albeit upside-down.

  • On a similar note to my above headscratcher, what about Father Braeburn and the gold music disc? By this point, Simon and Lewis have almost definitely lost the music disc, and we haven't heard from Braeburn since.
    • Should have we? He moved to Icaria which IIRC hasn't been featured in the Israphel series outside of flashbacks and cutscenes.
      • I had been referring to how Braeburn and the gold music disc have devolved into What Happened to the Mouse?. If the guys lost the disc, which they were supposed to bring to Braeburn in Icaria City - whenever they get there - then they already failed that bit. Though for all we know it'll just lead up to a Brick Joke where they arrive, realize they don't have the disc, have an Oh, Crap! moment, and run to get a new one.

  • Here's one. At the end of the first series they go and do a survival island thing. Now, IRL I can understand this, but we see Old_Peculiar come in and rescue them off the island. So my question is... In story, how did they get on the island in the first place?

  • Is there even any point to continuing with the Shadow of Israphel series? The story was supposed to take place in the Minecraft universe, but as Minecraft continues to get new updates (even having it own NPC's with which you may do business), Shadow of Israphel just starts to look more and more like a glorified adventure map.
    • The point of it is that we want to see the darn thing continue! That's like saying "What's the point of continuing SMBZ if Sega and Nintendo continue the Sonic and Mario series?"

  • So what the hell happened with Gamechap and Bertie for Lewis to declare a livestream was better without them?
    • Have you seen Gamechap's channel lately? There was a reddit thread where it was pointed out how awful their content was, the Yogscast likely had a look and then shortly cut the association.
    • They also insulted Yognaughts in that same thread.

  • I've noticed in Moon Quest Lewis seems to be a lot more easily agitated and quicker to frustration, more likely to berate Simon and Duncan for being slow or screwing up rather than earlier games where he was more patient and even found them hilarious at times. Especially in the last twenty or so episodes. It may just be me or maybe it's part of a story they're building up to like when Lewis left in Tekkit, but he seems to snap at them more often.
    • Maybe Lewis is just trying to do away with his reputation for not being an efficient gamer, or wants to make progress?

  • So in Duncan and Kim's "Flux Buddies", there's an moment where they go into a dwarven mine and end up killing dwarves in said mine. They end up regretting it immediately claiming that they had just slaughtered a bunch of innocent dwarves and then later did their best to never bring it up again. Um, did they not see that the dwarves were clearly labelled as hostile mobs and therefore would've attacked them anyway even if they didn't attack them first?

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