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    Shadow of Israphel 

  • Any time a Creeper is found following someone. Especially when it explodes.
  • Simon: (as Peculier): Oh here have some milk! :D Welcome to Terrorvale!
  • In one of their early confrontations with Israphel:
    Simon: PAX!
    Lewis: Pax? What's that mean?
    Simon: LET'S BE FRIENDS!
    Lewis: Okay. That's a good idea.
    Simon: [whispering] I don't want us to be friends. I want to trick him and kill him.
    • Even funnier when your online universal name happens to be "Pax." It's a pleasant surprise.
  • When Simon is burning down the Yogcave, Lewis finds a random hole in the ground. When Lewis shows it to Simon, he promptly pushes him in.
    • Funnier in hindsight, as in later videos it's nearly always Lewis being pushed down into holes or dangerous areas.
    • What happens later is just as funny. Simon walks out his back door while Lewis cooks some pork, and walks right into a booby trap. One Big "OMG!" later and...
    Simon: Did the house blow up? What happened?
    Lewis: Uh...I don't know. I was just cooking some pork, when I heard a scream. So I came running and now there is a big hole where our back door used to be.
    Simon: Oh no... hang on, I'm nearly there. Now this is not my fucking fault. I may have set off the trap, but—
    Lewis: What do you mean it's not your fault?!
    Simon: How is it my fault?! How is it my fault? I— (finally gets back to the house and sees the enormous chasm that used to be their back door) OH MY FUCKING GOD! (cracks up)
  • Simon asking Israphel for A/S/L. Actually, any time Simon talks to Israphel in general.
    • Just Israphel? Try at least 50% of the time he talks to any of the NPCs!
    "[The body in the coffin] must have spontaneously combusted!"
  • Simon's first interaction with Skylord_Jasper:
    Skylord_Jasper: GET OUT SIMPLETON
  • Four words: "worry not olod manfcgxn"
    • i shall destrotyr the op3erl
      • Are you drunk?
      • Should we trust him with the pick if he is?
  • Early in their Let's Play arc, Lewis notices a cow placed precariously on a ledge. Lewis later pushes the cow off and it dies. Simon then bursts into tears.
  • Simon attempts to deliver An Aesop during Minecraft Part 27: The Tunnel Run:
    Simon: There's a lesson to be learned here, ladies and gents: if you love someone... if you love someone, just let them know, because you don't know when they might get kidnapped by an undead, demon-man, whatever he is, and taken away to his deep underground castle.
  • Old_Peculier: "The signal tower doesn't need to be that bright."
  • Simon relishing in his pyromania and burning down a pirate ship as Lewis watches from shore.
  • Sometimes, when the two try to cheat at a puzzle, Lewis will mess up and give Simon a wooden door instead of TNT.
  • Pirate_Tinman playing a record in his butt cheeks.
  • The "Read note" signpost appearing in the main Shadow of Israphel series, even when there aren't any notes.
  • While searching for a map piece in Grimmjaw_Slugface's treasure vault with Pirate_Tinman, they have to cross a small bridge armed with an arrow trap. Simon, purely for laughs, set the trap off as Tinman was crossing. On the other side, he wordlessly walks up to Simon and punches him in the face.
  • About any time Fumblemore is around and tries to use his magic. The first meeting in episode 4 of season 3 is utterly hilarious.
    • "The mightiest of wizards in all of Minecraftia... Is he on the loo?"
    • That same meeting: Skylord_Lysander had given both heroes "temporary Skylord licenses" so they could access the wizard's tower. In less than three minutes, they both offer theirs to Fumblemore so he can wipe his ass with them.
    • Young!Fumblemore in The Legend of Verigan is just as inept with his magic as his younger self, only a bit more destructive, as shown when his attempt to harvest wood accidentally blows up Verigan (played by Simon) in an Establishing Character Moment. As this takes place in a flashback story and was unscripted, this doesn't actually kill off Verigan, especially since his death had already been shown in another flashback story set presumably years after the events of the story depicted in the livestream, so they lampshade this accidental early death.
    Simon: Looks good - *explosion occurs, reads death message saying "Bits of Verigan soared across the sky"* - blimey!
    Lewis: Fumblemore! *begins running back to the camp site*
    Simon: FUMBLEMORE!
    Lewis: *laughs* God! Has he already blown you up? This is a terrible start!
    Simon: I can't believe that! At least we know he's the Fumblemore now, without a doubt!
    Lewis: Have we lost the main hero of the story already?
  • Episode 23, while Simon and Lewis are preparing to enter Jock's "underwater ship".
    Lewis: "Lets just head down the normal way."
    Simon: "HUAAAAA—" *Cue Simon lunging off the top of the bay* "Guess what I just did."
  • In Episode 24 while Simon and Lewis are trying to escape from Jock_Fireblast's cave:
    Simon: Good news is I've dug our way out. Bad news is we're going to drown.
  • In episode 26 of Shadow of Israphel, Simon ends up in Skylord_Jasper's bedroom, who had been established as a man of uncommon tastes.
    • All of 26 was a big stream of CMoFs, but this moment in particular:
      Lewis: You know what's gonna have to happen Simon... You're gonna—
      Simon: I'm gonna have to murder him with this axe?
  • In part 27 of Shadow of Israphel, Simon attempts to fly a plane in the lower decks of a boat. He destroys the plane and immediately ends up phasing through the wall AND the ceiling onto the next floor up.
    Skylord_Lysander: I'll... be on the deck... don't break the laws of physics any more than you already have.
  • In the ending of part 27 and the beginning of part 28 of Shadow of Israphel, Lysander's grandfather ends up blowing up when Israphel's curse kills him. Simon's and Lewis's reaction is hilarious!
    Simon: Ohhhhh... I'm going to be sick!
  • In episode 29 of Shadow of Israphel, the trio meets Um_Bongo again, and they free him from a hanging cage. He offers to go back with them across the series of Floating Platforms, claiming that he is "good jump". He immediately falls short of the first gap and plummets into the ocean.
    • "I good jump! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!"
    • Shortly before, Simon fell into the ocean as well. There's just something about that loud scream, combined with him climbing out of Nubescu's pot.
  • In the Israphel special for Granny_Bacon's funeral, the corpse jumps up as a zombie right in the middle of the service, and attacks the mourners. After being stabbed to death again, the service continues as normal.
    Father_Braeburn: Ashes to as- IN THE NAME OF NOTCH!
  • At the end of Shadow of Israphel Episode 31: Heroes! Take-a me with you!
  • Shadow of Israphel episode 32: Diggy Diggy Hole is banned in Stoneholm. Lewis reacts by throwing the record in the jukebox into the lava.
    Knight_Peculier: "I like that song".
    • Even funnier if you had watched their 1.9 Prerelease Part 6 video about the new music discs beforehand, and Lewis sheepishly remarks that he regrets throwing away the record after hearing how good the new music was. (The video was released before Shadow of Israphel episode 32 despite being recorded later)
  • During episode 33 of Shadow of Israphel, Lewis, Simon, and Knight_Peculier first come across loads of Silverfish, then encounter a giant zombie dwarf, and finally go on a giant minecart ride outside while getting shot at.
    Knight_Peculier: "I'm too old for this!"
    • The capper: at the end of the ride the server crashes and both Lewis and Simon get stuck in their minecarts.
      Simon: I'm stuck! Oh, the humanity!
  • In episode 11 of Survival Island, Old_Peculier mentions that the airship needs more wind to move. What follows is perhaps the best fart joke ever. The epic music playing only adds to it.
    Simon: Fortunately I have been eating nothing but Jaffa Cakes for the last week! *brrrrrrrap*
    Skylord_Lysander: I would appreciate it if you did not do that on my fair Celaeno.
  • The lowercase "help!" sign in the Survival Island map.
  • "I don't know, I don't think we should be here. Israphel's taint has been rubbed all over it."
  • In Episode 37, their repeated attempts to fly hot air balloons and climb a tower while placing ladders as they go.
  • Episode 38. Finding a dead body surrounded by blood? Scary. Picking up the "zombie arms" and legs and proceeding to hit each other with them and laugh at the noises? Funny.
    • Also, the epic return of Grizwald.
  • Our heroes' attempts to steal Skylord_Jasper's record from his house in Episodes 6 and 7.
  • Episode 39's Evil Honeydew clones. One is dispatched by Jaffa Cakes.
    Simon, as Yoda: Always two there are! An Evil Honeydew and Another Evil Honeydew!
    • Earlier on, the duo must solve a puzzle involving redstone torches in order to unlock an iron door blocking their way. After several failed attempts, Simon gets tired of it and blows the door up. Old habits die hard.
  • In Episode 40, Prof_Webley tells the heroes they have to quickly escape. They respond by slowly pushing the minecart at about 1 mile per hour.
  • Episode 41, when the duo build a shelter but have no beds:
    Webley: Do you have a place for me to lay down?
  • At the end of episode 42, Shiplord_Hubert leaves the group to stay in Swampy's plant sanctuary. Simon's response? "See you later, shiplord!"
  • The entirety of the Shadow of Israphel movie trailer.
  • A reference to the series shows up in the unlikeliest of places, in a Stellaris stream with Door Monster. Specifically, the empire played by Door Monster and Stefan (the Xumans) plan to Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence, where time doesn't exist. This means that any future and past event have happened and will happened, including SOI episode 43.

    Adventure Maps 

  • The Rant-Inducing Slight in the Professor Grizwald map:
    Simon: D'you think digging above is really the way to go, given that there's lava up there?
    Lewis: Look—look, we're trapped underneath some fucking pyramid, we failed to get the diamond, it's been burnt by lava, you're wedged in the ground—this is a disaster. This is an absolute disaster! If anyone finds us when they're playing this custom map, like our entombed mummies, please just kill us.
    • And in the conclusion, Simon reading the "thanks for playing" message in-character as the Professor.
    Thanks for playing! If you have any comments or feedback, I'd love to hear it! Please send it to me, No, no, That's
    • In their Professor Grizwald map, Simon reads a note from said professor. The possibility of him being dead is brought up. Simon, in his Grizwald voice, improvises possibly the funniest (fake) letter in existance:
    Simon, as Professor Grizwald: It appears that I have died! I am writing this note from beyond the grave! If you received it, I'm going to haunt you, you son of a bitch! PROFESSOR GRIZWALLLLLLD!
    Lewis: Lovely man, isn't he?
  • In the sequel to the Professor Grizwald map, Simon going "skinny-dipping". And Lewis stealing his clothes.
  • In the last part of Professor Grizwald and the Redstone Torches, Simon yelling "JUST CALM THE FUCK DOWN" at Lewis who, in his panic, managed to botch Simon's attempts to get out of a room rapidly filling with lava, twice in less than five seconds, by shoving him out of the way and then placing a random wool block in his way.
  • During the final part of the Four Towers map
    Simon: There's usually a sweet sprot-sweet spot you can dance-*falls off the edge and dies*
    Lewis: Oh!
    Simon: Oh fuck.
  • The "Pharaoh's Curse" adventure map has a creeper bumping unexpectedly into Simon and Lewis and exploding. Words cannot do what followed justice, save that their reaction was priceless;
    Lewis: oh shi- oh good Grief uh oh-
  • In their golfing game, on hole 3 of the snowy zone, Lewis seriously messed up his first shot. Cue him immediately looking around to see if anybody noticed and then proceeding to halfheartedly try to cheat.
  • During the Return custom map, Simon and Lewis have several problems with minecarts, including Simon's getting stolen by a Zombie Pigman.
    • Also during the custom map is that Simon is reading notes, and Lewis turns away for a second. When he looks back, Simon is on fire, and reacting rather calmly about it.
    • Simon's impersonation of the Wizard Burgmund whale Horcrux as it dies. It makes sense in context, maybe.
    • Simon misunderstanding Lewis when he said that Toggle, the map creator "topped himself".
    • Then, while trying to blow up a pod with TNT, the duo is ordered to place the TNT block on a wool block, then exit the pod and place a lever at a specific point and flip it. Levers can be placed on the floor or on the wall, so this confused the two of them a bit when Simon placed the lever on the floor and flipped it. When nothing happened, Simon broke the lever and put it on the wall, trying again.
    Simon: Has it made any difference? *entire pod blows up* WHOA! WHOA!
    Lewis: Oh my god! 'Has it made any difference!'
    *beat, accompanied with slightly frenzied reactions*
    Simon: Did it work? Did anything happen?
  • During the archery event of the Yog-olympics, the final target is one Lewis and Simon have to jump down a large hole to hit. When asked who will go first, Simon punches Lewis into the hole. Later, after the event, Lewis falls back into the hole. After Lewis teleports back out, Simon punches him back into the hole.
    • Lewis keeps forgetting during the Yog-olympics that he's red, not blue. This may double as Fridge Brilliance; he's so used to being the Blue Oni.
    • The ending of the Yog-olympics. BOOM! Followed by them trying to attack Dave.
  • Another from the Yoglympics, which requires some frame-by-frame pausing: After the Kayaking event, Simon finishes second, and his kayak lands square on the torch pedestal that burns when you finish first. As he gets out of it, he accidentally lands on Lewis's lit torch pedestal and sets himself on fire. In the background of such event, there's a small sign that reads "The staff is not responsible for any burning Honeydews."
    • Even better, later once they've done the Sumo wrestling, there's a note in the Losers hallway saying 'that probably means you, Simon...'.
  • In the Calmere Nightmare map, Simon reads a note really fast in Prof_Grizwold's voice.
    Simon: *After reading a somewhat silly note and getting attacked by a spider* JESSSSSUS CHRIOST SPIDER!
    • The notes in general in part 2 are hilarious when delivered by Simon deliberately hamming up his already hammy Grizwald voice as much as possible. It's even Lamp Shaded:
    Simon [As Grizwold]: ANCIENT DIETIEEES... ALTERNATE DIIIMENSIONS... [cracks and laughs] WIIIIIIIIIITCHCRAFT! [...] AT FIIIRST I THOUGHT THE APEEEARANCE OF THE LOCALS... [Simon looses it and drops the voice] That's way to over the top...
    • And later this gem:
    Simon [As Grizwold]: ...MAKES ME THINK, WHY DO PEOPLE ALWAYS ADD A SECOND... JESUS CHRIST! SOMETHING JUST... [Simon starts laughing] dropped through the roof?!
    • When told to paraphrase a note, he reads it incredibly fast. This, coupled with the Grizwald voice, makes it all but incomprehensible.
  • The GLaFOSH voice in It's Better Together. "I'm trying to talk like GLaDOS..." "Well you're epically failing."
  • Four words: MY LITTLE PONY MOD.
    • A few extra: Pony_Peculier.
    • Thanks to using various technic packs installed, the Yogscast has a bit of a...problem identifying the differences between materials, leading to a lot of hilarious situations where they think they found diamonds...only to find out that it is nikolite instead.
      Simon: "We're being nikolite."
      "Oooh, diamon-oh wait no, it's nikolite. Trololololololo hahahaha!"
    • In Fumblepony is Missing, Fumblepony creates an oil drill near Appleloosa. In less than five minutes, Simon manages to flood the town with oil.
      • Even better is what Simon said. "I am literally worse then BP!"
    • Simon's response to being given beer by Fumblepony. *throws mug* "ANOTHER!"
  • Simon realizes something during Deep Space Turtle Chase.
    Simon: We're on the surface of an alien planet, and you're wearing a red shirt.
    Lewis: Oh FUCK.
    • A little later on, they actually manage to get flushed down a toilet, there they find a map with nothing but Captain Sparklez' (Map creator and voice actor) face and:
    Captain Sparklez: yourself...down...a toilet??
  • Monarch of Madness part 3.
    Xephos: "Challenge 1, Walk across the bridge and don't die. Difficulty, Pop-Tart. Really really easy I guess"
    Honeydew: "Challenge 2, Run as fast as you can. Difficulty-" *TNT goes off*
    Honeydew: *significant pause* pretty difficult..
    • In part 7, Lewis sets off a rather obvious trap. Simon calls him out on it... only to pick the wrong answer on a riddle by accident, killing them both. Lewis points out the comedic timing from a pause before it gets set off.
    • in part 9 Lewis is reading through a note, and then looks up to find Simon has started a fire. Again..In a castle made almost entirely of wood.
  • Simon improvises while reading one of the notes.
  • Anytime they read out a spelling or grammar error in one of the notes.
  • This moment. Particularly Simon's bit.
  • In the first video for the RP map "The Curse of Sunny Springs", the Yogs start the video off explaining that it is raining in-game, as this was after the update that added weather effects. Simon begins reading the postcard from a character in the story, explaining the dire situation driving the plot. Said dire situation? A drought, because "it hasn't rained in months."
  • The fact that Testificate golf exists at all.
  • In the Star Wars map, the duo find a room with a bunch of Stormtrooper paintings. Lewis calls them sexy. Simon says "Stupid sexy Stormtroopers!"

    Lewis: "Never press a red button."
    Lewis: ...Crap.
    • At the end of part 4, Lewis says something strange...
    Lewis: "We had a man-man-mantastic time..."

    Simon: "I went to a gay bar last night and I had a mantastic..."
    Both: *hysterical laughter*
  • In part 3 of The EDEN project map Simon keeps ignoring Lewis's advice and each time pays with his life.
  • In Part 2 of the Gloria map, the duo retrieve a blanket for a testificate "child"... who is promptly killed by Simon for no reason.
  • During their playthrough of the "Gloria" adventure map. Simon is distracted mid-sentence by the cookies Lewis is launching from a dispenser and runs up to collect them & toss them up into the air.
    Lewis: And you're about to go mend the nuclear reactor?
    Simon: -cheerfully- Yep! Come along, Lewis. Let's go piss around with some nuclear stuff.
  • In Part 1 of "The Swarm", just as Lewis & Simon are about to go through the Nether portal, some guy named "rep169" joins their server, then quickly leaves when he realizes what's going on. He then joins again to say "oops", & leaves again.
  • In the Pumpkin Prince 2, Simon impersonates a "sexy, French woman"
    • He also goes RP'ing... and RPooing.
  • Chronotide has been mostly scary so far, but the part in Episode 3 where they're on stage and the audience, made up of snow golems, starts helping them fight off the monsters is pretty funny.
    • Also, singing "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" whenever the Darkness is mentioned.
  • Part four of Herobrine's Mansion, a custom map full of challenging boss battles.
    Quest Log: WARNING! This boss fight requires coordination and skills.
    Simon and Lewis: (simultaneously) Oh shit.
  • Everything about the "The Infected". To put it simply, take everything that made "The Swarm" ridiculous (the writing, the Narm, etc.), and turn it up to eleven thousand. Not to mention that there is no punctuation in any of the notes, and that Every Single Word Is Capitalized Like This.
    • Oh shit! They have...(trails off into laughter)
      • The exact wording was "Oh Shit They Are At My Door Ok They Broke In Bye" Bonus points because Simon had been using the same voice for this person as he did for Sugar Plumps in Little Inferno. Sugar Plumps is a little girl.
    • "He Is Petraying Everyone Oh That Sick Son Of A Bitch"
  • Substitute Santa, played during their Christmas livestream: Simon and Lewis have to deliver a Simon.
    • And then, at one point, Simon falls into lava and dies, losing the present. They don't realize this at first, but a while later...
    Simon: Wouldn't it be scary if [the house they have to deliver the present to] was, like, my hou - like a layout of my flat?
    Lewis: Oh my god, that would be...
    Simon: And I'd be like, "wait, what? do you know..." And then when I got home this evening there was a present waiting for me - OH SHIT! What happened to the present?!
    (Beat. Simon and Lewis look at each other. Lewis grabs his head.)
    Simon: Uh-oh.
  • On their run of Pyramid Adventure, Lewis is doing a jumping puzzle to pull four levers in the corners of the room's ceiling. What's Simon doing during this? After a few attempts and failures at trying to help with the jumping puzzle, he just throws out his boat into the water below and rows it around.
    Simon: This is what I think of jumping puzzles.
  • In the Herobrine's Return playthrough, Part 1 brings us Simon voiceacting Herobrine... with Professor Grizwald's voice. Eventually, Lewis takes over with a more fitting voice, but hearing Herobrine with Grizwald's Large Ham voice is priceless.
    • Also from Part 1, Lewis reading Herobrine's to-do list and them mocking the fact that the second boss is named Skeletor.
  • The...bizarre...City of Love map has given us some priceless moments, though notably was Lewis yelling in protest as he and a hooker were getting it on—a hooker who Simon was voice acting.
    • Lewis's acting of Amy, a crazy cat lady, slowly getting more and more hysterical starting here
    • Also among the gems is Simon's voice acting of a doctor named David as "an amazing awesome, super sexy man".
    Simon!David: I want to make love to you, Lewis. I'm going to be honest with you.
    • The series of robot-themed Double Entendres Lewis and Simon make in the last episode.
  • Playing the Mysterious East map whilst having the Hats Mod enabled. Simon ends up walking around with a TARDIS on his head that's as tall as he is.
    • Lewis makes several jokes about them time-travelling during the map, including asking Simon if the TARDIS was how he got here.
  • When playing Spot the difference, Simon and Lewis are entering the first level of the puzzle, and find out that they forgot to set the game to "peaceful" before playing.
  • Toxic Hospital, in which: Lewis breaks the rules before they even start the map and proceeds to do so several more times, there are random Yogscast posters around the hospital, the texture on the lava is bugged out in one part making it look like hot pink goop, Simon climbs a tree for no reason, and at the end Simon skips the last bit of parkour entirely by drinking a fire-resistance potion he had been given earlier and just swimming through the lava lake they were supposed to be jumping over.
    • The offices have the names of several famous fictional doctors on them; the one they find the note in says Dr. Jones on the door. So when Simon reads the note in his usual Grizwald voice, you may end up picturing Indy talking like Grizwald!
  • After having to repeat the day several times in the playthrough of A Day in Tuscarora, Simon goes as far as to break a window in his house to jump out of in an attempt to cut down on time to get everything done in the right order.
  • There's a great moment in the single-player horror map The Staircase. As Simon uneasily descends, with Lewis egging him on:
    Lewis: What are you scared of?
    (distant, bloodcurdling scream in the background)
    Simon: That. I'm scared of that.
    • The video ends with Simon screaming loudly in fear three times at something after escaping the house at the end of the map. It's a pig.
    • The duo burst into laughter when they realise the Herobrine they keep seeing is gravel.
  • The final 241 Puzzle Map video has the boss fight with GLaDOS bug out at the end and she puts up no resistance at all. Epic music plays anyway.
  • The Monster Mash map comes with a 33-page in-game book, presumably containing instructions and the like. Simon states the number of pages, and then instantly throws the book over the edge of the world.
  • In part 19 of Diversity, at the end of the video, they come across an incredibly difficult puzzle and have to do some "advanced cheating"... And the map knows they cheated...
    • Lewis yells at Simon for pushing random levers.
    Simon: THIS IS THE DWARVEN WAY! Just pull the lever and push the button a bunch of times, and maybe it'll f*cking teleport us.
    Lewis: Just waggle the lever up and down...
    • Lewis yells at Simon for moving the blocks around. Simon claims Obama did it.
  • Lewis' "epic" jump in The Lost Potato map.
    • As well as Lewis adorably freaking out while trying to get to Simon at one point, and at the end when he renames "The Lost Potato" to "The Found Potato".
  • Gravity Switcher 2: The next puzzle is named "It's getting hot in here", and has lava
    Lewis: So take off all your clothes, Simon.
    Simon: Careful, Lewis, don't fall in lava. *pushes Lewis into the lava*
  • Diversity 3: Part 5, during the Elytra challenge, has everyone attempt formation flying. It goes about as well as expected.
    • Lewis is battling constant lag throughout the video, getting angrier about it the more it goes on. Then it hits right as he's about to finish one of the courses and he does not take it well.
    Lewis: (as the lag hits) Oh fuck!
    (lands in the water, sending him back to the beginning)
    Lewis: Oh- pff, I fucked it up. GOD THIS LAG-
    (We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties)

    Mod spotlights/Yog Labs 

  • While playing the Planetoids mod, Simon hands Lewis a piece of leather for soup, and then goes off on a tangent:
    Simon: I'm not very good at cooking, so I'm not sure what you would typically put in soup. I mean, my method of making soup is, you know, "Open tin, pour contents in bowl, put bowl in microwave." Not even cooking it in a pan! Just the microwave.
    Lewis: Directly from tin to bowl.
    Simon: I mean, I did once try to cut out the bowl... but obviously that didn't go too well, putting a tin in the microwave.
    Lewis: Streamlining it, yeah, I don't think that's really the best way to go...
    Simon: I didn't even bother to open it, either. Um.
    Lewis: Was that what caused the fire?
    Simon: The fire.
    Lewis: Yeah.
    Simon: Of London?
    • Equally funny is what led to that conversation, Simon attempting to hide the only porkchop from Lewis.
    • Also from Planetoids, Simon and Lewis having an argument over which cow is ill enough to put down.
    Simon: I'm just going to get some coal, and... warm myself up by the furnace.
  • Simon, dressed as Kirk, and Lewis, dressed as Spock, getting stuck in each other in the Star Trek custom map and proceeding to make slash jokes.
    • Simon's grand entrance into the bridge at the end. Involves explosion. Near the end of a tour of a built-to-scale replica of the USS Enterprise, Simon flees from two creepers — letting them into the bridge and wrecking it.
    • Simon tunneling into a part of the ship and letting water outside.
  • The zeppelin mod spotlight had a lot of hilarious moments due to the sheer buggyness of the mod. The highlights were leaving part of Jasper's airship behind, flying a bit of a tower roof of Verigan's Hold, and then making one of the support towers for The Wall, from the roof to its very deep foundation, float up and let it just fly around bumping into everything.
  • BUNNIES! The video has Simon, in single player, put two bunnies in his house (the Mo Creature mod has bunnies). He leaves to find and put in a third one only to discover upon his return that the rabbits have multiplied and dozens of rabbits end up in Simon's house. He describes the horde of bunnies as "an adorable plague".
  • The Weeping Angel spotlight. First when an army of Angels appear, despite a single Angel having a spawn rate of 5%, followed by one Angel managing to trap Simon in his house, culminating in Simon's solution to said Angel.
    • At one point the Angels formed a conga line.
    • Hell, just the conversation in the beginning!
      Simon: Hello, Lewis! I've made a new Minecraft video!
      Lewis: Hello!
      Simon: Y'know what it's about?
      [A single Weeping Angel comes into view, eyes hidden. The music comes to an abrupt halt.]
      Lewis: Oh...what's that over there?
      Simon: [Way too chipper] You see that?
      Lewis: What's that over there?
      Simon: You see that thing?
      Lewis: I did...
      Simon: It's a mod spotlight...
      [Simon turns away, and then turns back, revealing the Angel has moved]
    • And what's the best way to get rid of the Angels? By deleting your save.
  • During the demonstration of an explosives mod Lewis manages to pretty much blow up every thing around him.
  • Simon and the Skyrim Mod, featuring the "Walk Into A Cactus" shout and being chased by an Enderman.
    • And apparently, dwarves consume ale by eating the entire bottle.
  • The TV Mod spotlight. Simon is an epic troll.
    Simon: I was never here! I was on TV with the TV playing on the TV!
  • The Hack/Mine mod review brings us Simon's fear of Dire Chickens, of all things.
    • Funnier still is the opening; within a minute of starting, Lewis is attacked by a mass of creeper heads formed into a snake, appropriately named ROFLconda. The trio's reaction is utterly priceless. And then before they get their breath back and carry on, they get attacked by Another one.
  • The Battlegear mod brings us Lewis getting some revenge on an adventure map they had trouble with before.
  • Simon gets his hands on a rotator and sliding block in the ugocraft spotlight.
    • Lewis referring to them as "winkies".
  • The Helicopter/Pincushion mod has Lewis with tons of arrows sticking out of him to the point where he looks like a literal pincushion.
  • The end of Part 5 of Lewis's Technic playthrough has Lewis attempting to explain advanced redstone wiring meachanics to Simon, before getting overly confused and putting a bunny on his head and frolicking through a meadow.
  • In part three of The Twilight Forest mod Simon scream when seeing the Naga boss:
    It's a very hungry caterpiller!
  • In this mod spotlight, Simon gets himself a pet baby Creeper. The best name he can come up "Puffy Clouds".
    Lewis: He sounds like a rapper now!
  • The Nyan Pig Gun. Especially at the end when Simon floods the ocean with them.
    Lewis: It's creating this like, pig lagoon, of like happy funtimes.
    • Ridgedog's testing of the mod was also funny.
      Ridgedog: SPREAD PEACE AND LOOOOVE! *shoots nyan pigs everywhere*
  • When Testing the dimensional doors mods, one of them leads them into a room with a Giant Mecha-Fumblemore, which Lewis adamantly refuses to mention or acknowledge after they leave.
  • The Better Animations mod. Simon is generally unfazed by it, constantly causing Lewis to say "I knew you'd be impressed."
  • Simon's reaction to the modified cow.
  • The Sokoban Mod starts out with Simon breaking glass over a portal, getting transported to the End, dying, and being cloned. When he respawns, the intro music starts back up—and while roleplaying as the clone, he goes and does it again, dying, respawning, and causing the music to replay a third time.
    • Simon dies one more time at the end of the episode for a completely different reason, but the music is replayed when he respawns yet again.
  • In "Raiders of the Lost Archives", Simon stumbles across a chest filled with pages of the Shadow of Israphel script! Which then explodes.
    Simon: Sorry everybody!
    • Simon's initial reaction to the explosion is to say "Well that's it delayed for another year."
    • At the end of part two, the Stargate is completed. Simon goes into a complete meltdown since the thing is actually round.
  • The Bad Gas video.
  • In one video, Simon spawns a bunch of hamsters. Several videos later, and there are still dozens of them running all over Yoglabs. Apparently they took out Lewis' attack drones.
    • It's made better by the fact that these hamsters are quite literally everywhere, even in rooms with no visible entrance. And they're all named Hammy Hammsta.
  • The Running Gag of Lewis mentioning Yog Labs doing things like stealing from the government and trying to take over the world and then brushing it off whenever Simon questions him about it.
  • In the first Tropicraft Video Simon is tasked with catching a marlin but after getting it almost to shore he jumps in the water and kills it... his reason why
    • And, immediately afterwards, Lewis tells him he was supposed to bring onto the sand. Simon response is an hilarious "I did! Kind of!"
  • In the episode Bacterial Menace, Lewis loses his cool trying to tell Simon where to place a replacer block.
    Simon: GOD why didn't you just TELL ME!
    • Directly after that, Lewis has to get Simon to place lava right above said block.
    '''Lewis:"' Put lava in the top of it-
    '''Simon:"' Here?
    Lewis, in a mix of rage and laughter YES!
    Simon, in a mix of confusion and laughter: WHY ARE YOU SAYING IT ANGRILY?
    • From the same episode:
    Simon: So you turned water into lava?
    Lewis: Yes-
    Simon: Much like Jesus.
  • In the aptly-named Midas Touch episode, Lewis and Simon have been using replacers, which replaces any block of material with another material. Simon realizes he can now turn anything into blocks of gold, and so then attempts to convert various parts of Yoglabs into solid gold. Then he wonders what would happen if you used the Replacer bacterium to convert blocks into another bacterium that destroys blocks, and a significant chunk of Yoglabs is lost as terrifying music plays before Simon can jam the bacteria.

    Vanilla Minecraft updates 
  • While showing off the leaked 1.8 pre-release, Simon shows up in a suit. When Lewis finds the time to ask why, this occurs:
    Simon: I want people to have this image of me as this dapper chap.
    Lewis: You look like a used car salesman!
    Simon: HOW RUDE!
  • Simon's reaction to meeting a Silverfish.
  • Their utter befuddlement at Minecraft's credit sequence, coupled with the music as they sped it up.
  • Simon's incoherent glee at the sight of the newborn wolf cub. Easily a competitor for Hannah and her kittens.
  • While showing off a new fireball dispenser, Lewis accidentally sets Um_Bongo's jungle on fire. Followed soon after by Um_Bongo running to the lake while consumed by flames.
  • The snapshot 12w34a video. Starting with the part where Simon frees a baby zombie to see what it will do.
    • Followed by Lewis, in creative mode, spawning about a dozen creepers and then hitting them with a splash potion of invisibility.
    • And, finally, Lewis explaining that fire now spreads faster at higher difficulties.
      Honeydew: Oh, god. Why didn't you tell me that before you gave me the Flint & Steel?
  • From the 1.6 snapshots: "She's very flighty, Lewis, she's very flighty!"
  • "Come and frolic in my flowery forest."

     2011 Advent Calendar 
  • Day 1 of the Advent Calendar: Lewis gets a visit from Santa!
  • Day 3: Simon and Lewis are given custody of Christmas. Really, Israphel only accelerated the natural process...
  • Advent Calendar Day 4: They had a huge tree ready to go and had the presents rescued from Day 3 under the tree. I am sure that Israphel once again accelerated the natural process
  • On Day 16, Simon and Lewis are concluding an adventure map based on How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, and having run through several awkward half-rhymes from the story's narrator, Simon reasons that perhaps it would sound better if he attempted an American accent. He ends up attempting an awful American South accent which proceeds to highly amuse Lewis, but even better, the accent almost works on the non rhymes.!
  • Day 18 begins with Simon and Lewis playing a rather nonsensical adventure map, with the story and instruction text written largely as a "Blind Idiot" Translation and featuring some odd location names, one of which makes Lewis crack up. The adventure ends with the pair setting Santa's house on fire.
  • Simon: ...But you started your journey on the island of Fjunkester!
    Lewis: (chokes, starts laughing) What. What? The island of what?
    Simon: FJUNKESTER!
  • The ending of Santa's Adventure on Day 23, which features an anticlimactic ending that led to Lewis laughing nonstop. After completing the map (including a frustrating obstacle course through The Nether, Simon and Lewis are promised a reward and go through a 'secret' ladder to find what appears to be a mine cart ride. After fumbling with the mine carts for a few moments, Lewis gets sent down the track with Simon close behind, only to find that the track stops extremely early, leaving them in front of a sign with 'Christmas' spelt wrong. Then, a Creeper walks towards Simon and destroys his cart!
    • Lewis legitimately sounds like he's crying with laughter.
    Lewis: Let's go! (He hits the button)
    (The cart refuses to move.)
    Simon: (Begins cracking up)
    Lewis: (Laughs heartily) Give me a push!
    Simon: Give you a push? (''The cart starts rolling)
    Simon: Ho ho ho!
    Lewis: They spelled Christmas wrong!
    Simon: Ho ho-WHAT?!
    Lewis: (Getting attacked by a Zombie) For goodness sake, it only goes that far! It literally only goes this far!
    Simon: (Begins losing it) How do you spell Christ- (Continues losing it with Lewis)
    Lewis: It's running towards you, careful!
    Simon: Whoa-hoh!
    (A Creeper blows up the carts and the track)
    Lewis: OH MY GOD!

    Xbox 360 Minecraft 

    PvP maps (The Walls, Survival Games, Crown Conquest, etc.) 
  • In Survival Games 1, Simon and Duncan end up teaming up. Simon runs off, expecting Duncan to follow him, and gets mad when he can't find him. Switch to Duncan's video, and it turns out he actually was following Simon the whole time - the only reason Simon didn't see him is because he never looked directly behind him.
    • After Lewis loses, he pretends to be a creepy voice in Simon's head telling him to kill everyone.
    • After Sjin manages to kill off two players, almost everyone in their own videos speak of him as a rather dangerous foe. Meanwhile, in Sjin's own videos:
    Sjin: [accidentally sets fire to himself] Oh no, I'm- I'm burning! Oh my God, no! Nohoho!
    Mintyminute: Burning, what?
    Sjin: I'm on fire, I'm on fire!
    • Even better, at one point, Sjin nearly ran into Simon and Duncan. Both sides stared at each other for a few moment, then ran away. Sjin was worried because he thought everyone was hunting him down. Everyone else was worried because he killed two people.
  • The Walls PVP has funny moments from all four teams.
    • GameChap and Bertie are...themselves, with a plan to weaponize TNT.
    • It really ISN'T surprising that GameChap and Bertie_Chap were the first to die. What makes it funny is the reactions.
    • Sips and Sjin make a vulgar sign and spend a lot of their time hiding. They also assume what kills Duncan and Hannah is their TNT trap when in fact it was repurposed by Simon.
    • Duncan and Hannah, by far the most prepared, walk into a TNT trap, die, and get their gear looted.
    • Simon and Lewis repurpose Sips' TNT, laugh about the sign, and almost miss Sips and Sjin, nearly averting a final showdown. At the end, Simon pushes Lewis into lava, saying there can only be one.
  • At the end of Crown Conquest Round 1, Lewis makes it to the winner's platform, and then finds GameChap also survived and got a crown. Lewis congratulates him, offers him a slice of cake, joins him in celebrating on the top platform, and then throws a voodoo doll causing Gamechap to hurtle off the platform and fall to his death. Lewis' laugh really sells it.
    Gamechap: Oh cruel fate!
    • In Round 2, like in the previous round, Gamechap instructs Bernie to stay inside a house while he gets the crown, though right before the crowns despwn, Bernie in attacked by not one but two Creepers.
    • Also from round two, everyone but Zoey heading for the mountain, before trying to get a crown, leaving it so only one crown was taken. Especially funny was Captain Sparklez's team camping, preventing anyone from getting to the top, except for the one person who did have a crown.
    • And the fact that Zoey did it by literally swimming up the lava rivers! reasoning that the crown's fireproofing could be exploited. The campers never even saw her.
    • And from all three rounds, everyone who, accidentally or otherwise, fell into the canals and had a hard time getting back out. Almost a Running Gag.
  • The entirety of the Super Pirate Battle Royale video. Ten solid minutes of Simon, Lewis, Duncan and Sjin just goofing off, and it is glorious.
  • During their Christmas livestream, the boys and several guests attempt to play a difficult PVP custom map, where they must race to collect wool blocks hidden within a dangerous obstacle course filled with traps. They proceed to divide themselves into teams... with legendary mapmakers Ridgedog and Hypixel on one team, versus Simon, Lewis, GameChap, and Bertie on the other. Absolute chaos ensues.
    • The funniest part of all is that the Yogs and the Chaps actually managed to win, because Ridge and Hypixel wasted too much time trolling with a TNT cannon.
  • The Walls 2 - Rythian and Zoey have forgotten how to play vanilla Minecraft, and argue over which one of them is Katniss and which is Peeta.
    • The start of Part 2, Rythan put together a recap of first part. It basically them arguing about which one is Katniss for almost two minutes.
    Rythian: By the way, I'm Katniss.
    • Ridge trolling Nilesy and Panda by throwing eggs at them and then denying it.
      • Ridge's trolling goes above and beyond in the second part. He traps Panda in an iron box, drops Panda and Nilsey into the void, and, when the duo teams up on Sjin, Ridge hits the spaceman with an unending stream of regen potions.
    • Hanna accidentally killing herself with her victory celebration.
  • For some inexplicable reason, during the Terminator mini-game, Duncan (who is playing the titular murderous robot) starts laughing like Santa Claus while hunting the others.
    Duncanator: HO HO HOOOO! *murders someone* HO HO HOOO!
    • This leads to a gem from Turps (who is not a stand-in):
    Turps: It's like "give me your clothes, your boots and Ah-ah-ah, five potatoes!"
    • The video opens with Duncan trying to break the spawn room floor, and is told not to by Lewis, saying he'll "get in trouble." This is followed by Sips punching Duncan, prompting Rythian to say "Don't punch holes in the Duncan, Sips, you'll get in trouble."
    • Turps says that the Terminator (about Duncan's laugh) doesn't sound like Jabba the Hutt. Sips follows with "He doesn't sound like a pre-pubescent teenager either. (high-pitched) "Hasta la vista, baby.""
    • When Duncan steps on the pressure plate to become the Duncanator, Turps chimes in with "He keeps sending me messages asking for my clothes, my boots and my motorcycle!"
    • Turps tries to distract Duncan with oily beef.
    • Hannah dies by mocking Duncan from a table. Which has steps Duncan can easily walk up.
    • Hannah's ghost flips the final switch, causing the game to say the survivors won when everyone is dead.
  • In Skyblock Wars 1, everyone fails at cobblestone generators. Seriously, all four teams try to build cobblestone generators, and end up making obsidian instead.
    • Followed up by Skyblock Wars 2, where the only reason things go better is because the bottom of the map is one big ocean of lava, and players can get more lava when they screw up.
  • In Race For the Wool: Tunnel Vision, the two teams spend more time sniping each other than actually looking for the wool. Even when the keep inventory command gets turned on so they don't lose anything when they die anyway, they still keep doing it.
    • When Team Yogscast is ascending to the moon, they decide to make it more dramatic by singing the Jurassic Park theme music (at 14:15). Then the other team tries to blow up their moon with TNT. Team Yogscast still ends up winning, as the wool pedestals were intact.
    • The Hat Films coverage shows that Simon actually fell from the moon before triggering the bomb, and none of the others were up there to do it instead. Exactly why caused the spectacular explosion is a mystery

    Jaffa Factory 
  • Their ultimate goal in Tekkit? Build a Jaffa Cake factory, of course!
  • Episode 3:
    Simon: I can hear explosions.
    Duncan: That was me, don't worry.
    Simon: Damn it, Fumblemore- oh, wait, no, shhhhh.
    *Honeydew blew up*
    Lewis: Where did you blow up? What were you doing at the time?
    Simon: I was just minding my own business, and then a creeper came up behind me, and blew up like this-[another creeper explodes behind Simon] OW, GODAAMIT!
  • "Here's a line. All the land on this side is Sipsco, and everything over there is... Not-Co."
  • Episode 6: Simon snoops around in Sjin's factory. So far, Sjin's fenced off the area and built a wooden shed with an iron door. Simon makes fun of the iron door, then spends the next minute or so trying to remember how to make a lever.
    • And when they finally break into the shed, what do they find? An alarm system. Which then goes off.
  • The battle continues in Episode 8, when they use Applied Phlebotinum to make an infinite supply of dirt and cover Sjin's shed with it.
  • There's also the contract Honeydew signed for Sips Co. To sum it up, the Yogscast has to advertize Sips Co.'s dirt and dirt-related products, to which they are allowed a very meager discount on. In addition, Simon only gets paid a low monthly wage. And the only month he can receive it is August.
    Simon: We're getting 12 pounds every episode.
    Duncan: Pretty good.
    Simon: But for a maximum of once a month.
    Duncan: Oh.
    Simon: And not on months that end in a "y".
    Lewis: It's not a great sponsorship deal.
    Simon: Or end in an "r". Or have an "r" in them.
    Lewis: It was quite an ironclad contract you signed.
    Simon: Or an "e".
  • Episode 9: Simon's inept notice board; also "lightystone".
    • The Sips Co./ Honeydew Inc. rivalry continues, as Sjin tries to confront them about covering his shed in dirt in the previous episode and they pretend that they're not home. To which Sjin replies that he can see their names through the walls. Then after that Sjin gets attacked by a skeleton.
    • And as revenge for this attempt at litigation, they decide to build the Nether Portal that they were going to use to get Glowstone directly under Sjin's shed so that the noise the portal emits (Wub wub wub) will drive Sjin crazy. Which won't actually work, since in Sips and Sjin's videos he reveals the shed is just a distraction to keep them away from the real factory.
  • Episode 10: More fun with corporate warefare! Upon returning from the Nether, they discover that Sjin has decided to turn all the fenced in land surrounding his shed into a dirt quarry for Sips Co. As they check out the new operation, they find out that Sjin is actually still on site, and he promptly chases them off for trespassing. Since Simon had been standing on top of the lit archway at the entrance when Shin told them to shoo, he simply moves backwards until he is on the light by only one pixel, and is mostly hovering in midair. He lawyers Sjin about this:
    Sjin: Get off my light! That's my light!
    Simon: I'm- Actually, I think you'll find that I am not on your property, I'm sort of hovering in the air on the edge of your property, so...
    (Sjin breaks the light Simon is standing on, causing Simon to fall off)
    Simon: ...Ow. Goddammit!
    • They then steal the light and surround the quarry with trees.
  • Simon sleeping at the end of Episode 12
    Simon: *snores & smacks lips several times* mmm, Katy Perry, mmm.
  • Episode 13 features Simon going power mad. That is all.
  • Sips' entrance in Episode 14.
  • Episode 15. Lewis is busy explaining to Sips how he has managed to make sure that only pure dirt is being pumped up from the quarry now. Cue a rogue piece of stone coming up the pipe. Lewis tries to quickly end the conversation and then moves himself to block Sips view of the pipe.
    • Another moment follows shortly after with sips seeing a piece of stone in the pipe. Lewis quickly rectifies the situation, and then becomes astounded at the sight of totally random crap appearing in the tube, Including a mushroom, a bucket and even what looks like nether wart.
  • In Episode 16, Duncan and Simon spot Sips running around in the woods behind their factory and immediately wonder what sort of devious plan he's up to. Meanwhile, at the same time over where Lewis & Sips are...
    Sips: I'm going to go frolick in the woods without my shoes or socks on.
  • Oh so many in Episode 17. Here are some highlights:
    • Lewis & Sips plan to steal materials from Simon and Duncan's work shed. While Sips is on stakeout, he notices some white powder being pumped into Simon's chests and immediately wonders if it's cocaine.
    Sips: Is that what makes the cookies so good?
    • Sips turns out to be a different kind of crazy boss than Simon, but still crazy.
    Sips: They call me the Problem Solver back at HQ. Always solvin' problems! (beat) Even though... there's nobody at the HQ, it's just me. It, it gets lonely. I'm the only guy there, so, I have to invent stories and talk to myself. Do you, uh, do you ever do that kind of stuff?
    Lewis: Um, no, I'm usually... usually good. Okay, well basically Sips-
    Sips: The last Christmas party was a disaster. It was just me. When I stood up to do the toast... it was only me clapping.
    excruciatingly long, awkward pause
    Sips: So, uh... how 'bout that dirt?
    • When Duncan heads back to the shed, he notices materials missing from their chests and suspects that Lewis has been stealing from them, so they decide to set up an alarm system. Then Duncan & Simon realize neither of them know how to make an alarm. So they steal Sips's. And don't get caught.
      • Made even funnier when we see that they set up the alarm system in front of the door. Lewis was breaking in through the trapdoor.
      • Later on when Lewis gets fired from Sips Co. and goes back to work for Simon, both of them deny stealing from each other.
    • Near the end of the episode, Duncan notices Sips holing a sapphire sword, which Lewis is missing. After they confront Sips about it, he accuses them of stealing the alarm. When Simon denies stealing it, Sips angrily starts beating everyone with dirt.
    • A few minutes later, all issues have been resolved, Lewis gets his sword back, and Simon asks if Sips will teach him how to dirt box. Sips happily agrees, and uses Sjin as a punching bag. Everyone else pulls out dirt and start beating the living snot out of Sjin, before he gets knocked into the quarry. Duncan then knocks everyone else into the quarry, jumps into it himself, then everyone has a free-for-all.
    • After that commotion, the Honeydew team decide to leave the quarry with dignity. When they get back to shed, the alarm's been stolen. Again.
  • Episode 18's infamous quarry incident must be seen to be believed.
    • It's Simon's insane laugher what seals the deal.
  • Episode 19: The gang find out Sjin has started his own independent dirt manufacturing company, and right next to it he has built a statue of himself. Duncan wastes no time adding a gigantic penis to the statue.
  • Episode 23: Lewis finds a pig on a small island next to an oil deposit. Lewis thoughtlessly kills the pig, & Sjin asks him if it was an endangered species. Lewis said the pig did have a derpy look to it that other pig's didn't have, and they both mourn killing off the last of the Lesser Spotted Derpy Pig.
  • When Lewis and Sjin show Simon their Oil Island, they start working on building an underground tunnel beneath the ocean to pipe the fuel back to Honeydew Inc. Simon is given a Destruction Catalyst to dig the tunnel, and in the span of a few minutes, manages to screw up three times:
    • First, without knowing what the catalyst does, he right-clicks and destroys half of the oil and water tanks, including the oil and water inside.
    • Second, when he starts digging the tunnel, he uses the catalyst too high up and the tunnel fills with water.
    • Third, when told to dig deeper so he could go beneath the water, he uses the catalyst rather than a pickaxe to go deeper, creating a giant hole.
    Lewis: You are ruining my life.
    • And then, he screws up a fourth time a while later. He's finished tunneling to Honeydew Inc, and Lewis tells him to use the catalyst straight up. He does so...while he's beneath where Sjin is standing. This causes Sjin to fall to his death with no warning whatsoever.
      • There's even an action replay from Lewis's and Sjin's perspectives directly after.
  • Episode 29: Lewis renovates the factory and goes on an underground tour with Simon and Sjin. After finding the tunnel that Sjin used to escape from the bottom of the oil well on Oil Island, they all decide to go there in a fit of nostalgia... Only to find that all their combustion engines exploded and the island is now a massive crater.
    Lewis: Well this sort of explains why the fuel stopped flowing...
  • Simon attempts to 'breed' some flowers.
    Simon: Okay you two, come on, start making out...
  • Part 34 opens up with them discovering a mining robot tunneled through their workshop and cafe. It also mined the beds, except for Simon's.
    • Sjin tries to use a computer.
    Sjin: Initiate extreme dirt harvesting protocol
    Computer: No such program
    Sjin: Yes there is
    Computer: No such program
    Sjin: Stupid computer
    Computer: No such program
    • Simon tries to visit Redtube on one of Sjin's computers.
  • Lewis tries to quietly steal one of Sjin's mining robots without being seen... then turns and sees Sjin looking directly at him as he does so.
  • Sjin goes into one of the condensers and briefly tries making a load of rotten flesh- with at least five stacks of glass inside.
  • In part 38, Simon goes insane in his attempts to return pigs to Pig Island. The funniest moment is when he leaps over Sips' desk, demanding dirt.
  • At one point, it's revealed that the mining robots have a dance function. It is just as hilarious as it sounds.
    Preparing to get down...
    Press any key to stop the groove
  • Simon finds a mining turtle in part 40 while shearing sheep. The following typing ensues as he tries to run it.
    Simon: hello how are you i am well
    Turtle: No such program
    Simon: run gw2.exe
    Turtle: No such program
    Simon: dammit
    Turtle: No such program
  • A few episodes back, Duncan made a flying ring for himself. Lewis tries to make one for himself too, so he condenses a whole bunch of chickens to harvest feathers from them. Of course, since they're all baby chickens first, he has to wait a while before he can kill them, so now they have a whole crapload of baby chickens running around in their factory.
    • A few episodes later, the chickens are still in the factory, and some have somehow made it to the third floor of their factory. Who knew chickens could fly so high?
    • Probably in the same episode, Lewis later happens upon a whole nest of chickens trapped in a bat box. Lewis and Duncan dub it their "nest".
    • Chickens turn up everywhere for a long while afterward.
  • Episode 45 had Sips feeding bullshit so ridiculous, you can't believe that Simon is believing it. For one, they claim that they came in on a hovercraft, a hovercraft that transformed into Optimus Prime.
  • Episode 46 opens with Simon getting jumped by creepers. Some gags just never get old.
    • And then later in the episode, Lewis defending his wall of machinery against Duncan.
    Lewis: We're doing the wall! The awesome! Don't mess with the wall!
  • In Episode 48, Simon finds himself summoned by a mysterious voice to a cavern underneath their workshop. Going down, he finds a giant Sjin-shaped talking head. Obviously voiced by a intentionally poorly-disguised Sjin . Simon can't keep his composure for long.
  • Lewis's unexpected snarkiness in episode 50 when he and Duncan look over at Pig Island, where Sips, Sjin, and Simon are working:
    Lewis: Yeah, I see three frames and three idiots.
  • Episode 52 is Duncan vs Head. Lewis and Duncan find the giant Sjin head under the bed and crack up. Then they start mucking about with it, laughing all the way. As for the encounter with the head, Duncan mines his way through the head's mustache despite it telling him to stop , leading to Duncan, Simon, and Lewis all cracking up more when they find Sjin operating it. Sips comes in later, and he can't stop himself from laughing either.
  • When the combustion engines blow up the Honeydew Inc. basement floor, Lewis remarks how the result is a "lame jumping puzzle". Duncan then chimes in how it's even more lame for him, since he can fly. It's funnier seen than explained.
  • Simon taking control of the giant Sjin head to get revenge on Sips by forcing him to give the gold armor back and work with the crew of Jaffa Factory.
  • In episode 57, Duncan, Honeydew Inc.'s resident Smart Guy, doesn't know how to read a clock in Minecraft.
  • In Episode 58, A tangent from Sips winds up causing Simon revealing an Accidental Innuendo that Lewis cut earlier; "Come into my pig." This causes everyone present to burst into hilarious laughter.
  • Five minutes into episode 63, you understand why the episode's titled "Good Gyrations".
    • Also from earlier that episode:
    Simon: Terra wart. It looks—um, I'm going to be honest, what do you think Sips? Would you eat this? In my hand?
    Sips: Um, I mean—if someone was holding a gun to my head? (beat) No. No, I probably still wouldn't eat it. I would just say, "Just pull the trigger. Get it over with."
  • Episode 65; Lewis, Sjin, and Duncan go over the various things they'd need for their cake assembly. Then, after that...
    Lewis: So where do we start?
    Sjin and Duncan: Uhh...
  • Sjin and Simon building a hot tub in the factory's penthouse leads to several moments of hilarity. First they need to build down into the floor below, which Lewis complains is where the computer systems are supposed to go. This gives Simon the idea of using the computer servers to heat the tub. When they actually get to filling the tub with water and lava, they fill it from beneath. Finally, Simon starts laying down a series of ridiculously strict rules, ultimately leading to nobody being allowed in the hot tub.
  • Episode 68: While makings plans for what to do this episode, the group splits into the standard Lewis/Sjin and Duncan/Simon. However, this leaves Sips out, after which Lewis suggests they fight over him. They do, except they're fighting to not have Sips join their group, and go with the other group instead.
  • The ending of episode 76. The guys spend about two minutes laughing themselves silly over Simon building a belt on a Santa statue, below the Santa's butt. Lewis sounds like he's crying with laughter.
    • Earlier in the same episode, Sjin asks Sips where he left the saw, but, being English, his pronunciation of the word "saw" sounds a lot like "sore." And suddenly everyone's making jokes about Sips having some sort of STD. Gets a callback later on when Duncan suggests that "topical magma cream" might cure the sore.
  • Simon's completed Santa must be seen to be believed.
    Duncan: It looks like Jimmy Savile.
    Simon: NOOOOOOO, OH GOD!
  • Episode 79; the guys are talking about Skyrim...
    Simon: Oh, don't even! Don't even! Do! Not! Even!
    Sjin: Until I-
    Simon: No!
    Simon: Nuh-oh. Okay. That's better.
    Sjin: Now I've got a...
    Simon: I wondered where you were going with that...but that's fine. Oh, I would've been so angry...
    Simon: NO!
    (everyone laughs)
    Simon: (calmly) Screw you. Screw you.
  • Lewis, Sips, and Sjin finally make some jaffa cakes after 82 episodes of preparation. Sips ends up eating the first one.
  • Episode 92 has a noticeable delay between cake production and jaffa production, causing Simon to briefly panic. He's also trolled with lightning. And then there's the prison they build for a hapless cow...
  • Episode 104: It starts raining in the jungle Sjin and Duncan are in, so they sing..."Under the Sea".
  • In episode 108 Lewis has Sjin helping him build a Gene pool. once finished, he demonstrates it's ability to liquify bees, and Sjin starts to become somewhat distressed. in episode 109 Lewis manages to convince him it's neccessary due to their bee overload, and he is somewhat reassured. Lewis then wonders whether or not you could hear the bees scream if you listen carefully, causing Sjin to immediately go back to disagreeing with the whole thing.
    • And then Lewis proceeded to call himself Bee Hitler.

    The Blackrock Chronicle 
  • Zoey gets Rythian drunk stating she has no ulterior motive for doing so. That is all.
  • The frantic dash to rescue Gilbert the Snow Golem after Teep pushes him into water is equal parts hilarious and adorable (especially when Rythian pats the Snow Golem on the head.)
  • Then the Great Mushroom War of 2012 happened.
    • Less than five minutes later Zoeya scares the living daylights out of Rythian by talking about "their baby". Which she named after the sword. Baby Jim of course turns out to be the Volcano they found in a much earlier episode. The moment she mentions it, a battle theme starts.
    Zoeya: It's okay I left him alone in the woods.
  • This:
    Zoeya: I'm at the slide. I never got to properly test out the slide. I'm now going down the slide. I am approximately halfway down the slide. I'm now at the end of the slide... That was amazing, that was the best thing I have ever done.
  • Rythian stumbles upon a pool filled with squids in the basement of the Crooked Caber. When Ravs reveals that the squids' ink is his beer's secret ingredient, Rythian briefly has an I Ate WHAT?! moment, but he quickly loses interest, stating that he doesn't care, because it still tastes good.
    • Gets a Call-Back in episode four of Rising - soon after Rythian, Zoey and Tee arrive at the Crooked Caber, Rythian asks if Ravs still makes the "squid ju- uh, not squid juice", staring at Zoey (who is walking outside), because she has no idea what Rav's ingredients are.
  • The chicken invasion of Rav's bar.
  • Also from #4 - Ravs gives Tee sugar cubes. Not long later, Zoey asks loudly who gave him sugar, and they all turn to see Tee spinning around wildly, throwing his head backwards and forwards. It needs to be seen for the full effect.
  • Rythian lists off the increasingly long list of Zoey's professions, including hacker, programmer and "mushroom talker." Zoey then declares she's added 'doctor' to the list and unveils the tools she's made to help her with this: a makeshift TARDIS (that teleports the occupants to doors, somehow) and the Eleventh Doctor's sonic screwdriver, which she says only works if she goes "woo woo woo" while using it.
    • Also, she tried using solar power and Wi-Fi to power the TARDIS-teleport thing. Then Tee powers it by playing one-dino Lever Game with a lever connected to it that makes the door rapidly open and close. Zoey proclaims that it's kinetically powered and that she never thought the Lever Game would have a practical use.
    • Rythian walks in shortly after and comments that "it looked bigger on the outside." Guess what the episode is called.
  • And when they use the machine to return to their base the episode ends on them all vanishing, happy having found Fishton. Episode 6 literally opens with Rythian standing in the Obsidian strewn ruins of Sick Bay's basketball court wondering what happened. When he finally finds Zoey again she has already upgraded her cyborg limb into a plasma-throwing power gauntlet that is apparently powered by chocolate milk, after a long misadventure with the exploding machine. Rythian is utterly confused and loses it
    Rythian: What the hell happened?! I was gone for like five minutes, and you come back here and you've got.. shooting- things and.. everything is exploded and.. Chocolate Milk?!
    Zoey: Time machine.
    Rythian: Oh god.
  • Zoeya has encased Ringo the sheep's pen in metal because she's getting tingly feelings when she's around either him... or Rythian. She assumes that with Ringo at least, it's probably the radiation.

    Voltz (YogscastLalna and BlueXephos channels) 

  • Duncan accidentally types "cent" in the chat. Sips replies "fidy?", even though at that point the two groups had never met and Sips and Sjin were probably supposed to be keeping it a "secret" that they were there.
  • Lewis and Duncan need leather. Their options; Scour the world for a cow and build a farm, cheat and load a stack in, or raid Sips and Sjin's headquarters. Duncan chooses the latter. And once they're done raiding they leave a Shadow of Israphel style exploding back door.
  • Episode nine ends with them firing up the nuclear reactor, cheering as the power starts to flow, and the ending theme tune plays triumphantly as it fades to black... Boom. cut to the extended ending, with them trying to salvage their destroyed nuclear reactor, and arguing over who's fault the explosion was.
  • When Simon shows up in Episode 10, he ends up becoming the Only Sane Man in comparison to Lewis and Duncan's trigger-happy Mad Scientist ways. He also is given the job of cow/sheep farmer despite the fact that he technically knows the most about nuclear physics out of all of them irl.
  • Duncan makes himself a full set of powered armor and walks in on Lewis. Nothing happens for about a second, and then Lewis literally jumps back a pace in game, as though in shock.
  • Voltz Special - The Bomb. A demolition test by Sips and Sjin goes horribly, horribly, horribly wrong. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Duncan's reaction to mining obsidian and then immediately jumping into the lava filled hole.
    Server: LividCoffee tried to swim in lava
    Lewis: Oh, Duncan!
    Simon: Wooooow. That wasn't good.
    Duncan: It- it killed the ground too quickly!
    Simon: It killed the ground too quickly?
    • "hey come check out our cool bunker, guys. I promise there's no crazy wormhole thing under our base continuously killing us"
    • Sips (in chat to Ridge): it was boddypen
    • "Sjin, I think this thing's going to just devour the whole server, and then you're going to get kicked out of the Yogscast. (beat) So um, GG."
      • And later, after Ridgedog informs everyone that the blackhole is going to eat the world:
      Sjin: Oh shit. Oh no. Why? Whyyy?
      Sips: It's cos, Sjin, quite simply, it's because you are dumb as shit. That's why.
    • Lewis's utterly priceless reaction upon finally seeing what they'd unleashed.
    • A more subtly funny moment happens right after: What is Lewis' first instinct upon seeing a giant swirling vortex threatening to eat the world? Spam torches everywhere, of course!
    • Through it all, Simon's still working on his farm. "God, I've got like an orgy going on between sheep and cows, the world's ending. The world's ending, this is how I wanted to spend my last hours."
    • Sips and Sjin's defense in the face of what they'd unleashed was that they just wanted some copper.
    • Lewis and Duncan charge in to try and set off an antimatter bomb to cancel out the red matter vortex. Lewis eventually succeeds, repelling the vortex to disappear into the distance. The day is saved. Sips and Sjin survey the damage and complain about how all the paintings have been sucked off their walls. Then Duncan makes an announcement.
    Duncan: Okay, I've set [a bomb] off.
    Lewis: Stop it Duncan, stop setting things off! Don't set anything else off!
    Duncan: [The vortex]'s gone off now?
    Lewis: It stopped, I stopped it.
    Duncan: Well I've already set this off! How do you stop it?
    Lewis: I, st- (cut off by howling whistling noise)
    Simon: What?
    Lewis: Duncan! What are you s-
    Sips_ hit the ground too hard
    Lewis: Um.
    several seconds of shocked cackling
    • Most of the base was actually spared, Sips just happened to be standing on the bit that wasn't. Ironically, the area most damaged by the fiasco was the Shipping & Receiving station, where they used "Sipsco deliveries" as an excuse to cheat. In short, the bomb destroyed their supply of spawned items.
    • Ridgedog begins using Rejuvenation Missiles to fix the damage, restoring targeted areas to how they were at the world's start. Duncan follows his lead, but hits Sips and Sjin's base while they're inside it, restoring the mountain that used to be there. Lewis, Duncan and Simon see their death notification and crack up.
    • The best part is that even after all this, the vortex was never truly destroyed, but only got kicked into an unloaded chunk. It's still out there, waiting for someone to uncover it, so it can resume devouring the world. Sips and Sjin have already planned on heading that way to find a place to build their new secret base, because Who Would Be Stupid Enough? to follow a world-eating wormhole?
  • Not quite as funny, but in the first nine episodes, Lewis and Duncan had an iron golem that had apparently been left by their bunker's previous Russian owners, who they dubbed Comrade. Early on, they accidentally trapped him in the basement level, where he was utterly useless from then on, and quickly forgotten. In episode 14, while Duncan returns to the bunker to sort out the nether portal, Comrade suddenly emerges from behind it and curb-stomps a few spiders that got too close. Neither Lewis nor Duncan had a clue how he got out of the bunker.
  • At the end of episode 17, they test start the fusion reactor, with an appropriate amount of ceremony as Lewis puts in the deuterium cell. After about a second of running, they suddenly notice the reactor has vanished and everything under it is on fire...
    • Duncan builds a plasma cannon, goes mad with power, and lays waste to everything outside the bunker. Including Simon, who he then chews out for not dodging the blast.
  • And in 18, upon getting it working, Simon accidentally lets a creeper in and it blows up the now intact reactor.
    Simon: Look, it's-
    Lewis attacks Simon with a paxel
    • Duncan trolling the others by firing off a harmless but loud explosion whenever they're working on delicate equipment.
  • Duncan finds a patch of mycillium outside, and said he thought it was contained underground. the rest of the episode sees Lewis turn more than a little frantic. And then Duncan finds a whole tunnel of the stuff
    • And then it's revealed on Sips and Sjin's voltz that It was them and Ridge that opened it up to spread to troll them.
  • In Part 19, Lewis tells Simon and Duncan to get back into the bunker, and to not lead any Creepers into the bunker while they were at it. Immediately Simon spots a Creeper, and silently and intentionally lures the Creeper into the bunker with him. Hilarity ensues.
  • The test firing of the thermobarric missile in episode 20 completely destroys the hill where the peace treaty was kept. Apparently they were all expecting just to set the area on fire but not harm it, and we subsequently get his gem;
    • Later they're discussing what other missiles they could use and what to shoot at, and Simon and Lewis bring up the various things banned by the peace treaty. Duncan then points out that it doesn't exactly apply because the treaty and all proof that it was signed had just been blown up...
  • Part 21, antimatter, antigravity missiles, and Simon's Floating Farm.
  • Part 24, After the tense build up of the missile falling on Duncan it turns out to be a chemical missile so Duncan is just poisoned. Meanwhile, Simon explodes for no apparent reason Later on, the group retaliate with a nuke, which with the music they set it to comes off as a crowning moment of awesome. With the music still playing in the background, the missile comes down so far from the tree fort that it is entirely unaffected, instead and blows up a random stretch of sea nearby
    • After the first missile, Ridge launches an Ender Missile with transports Duncan to The End... where he promptly dies in the void, losing his super advanced power suit again.
  • Ridgedog's Boss Banter between episodes 23 and 24 is pretty funny. Especially after he gets defeated by Simon. We don't see exactly what happened to him, but his Big "NO!" is followed shortly afterwards by "Where in the hell am I?". Then, after the nuke hits there's an unexplained message about a self destruct sequence. Ridge's reaction;
    Ridgedog: Oh dear.
  • Epsiode 25 starts off with a cut, presumably so Ridge can stop his self destruct from going off prematurely. Ridge had to step away for a bit, and Lewis decided to start recording before he got back. By the time Ridge gets back on, his entire base is just one giant hole in the ground.
    Ridgedog: wat.
    • As Ridge's self-destruct sequence activates, Simon panics and runs through a side door. Which leads to the chamber where the active explosives are sitting.
    Simon: I'm guessing this isn't the safest place to be.
    • And then Duncan walks into the same chamber.
    • Lewis starts yelling at them to flee, and Simon runs in blind panic. Duncan, on the other hand, complains they haven't had time to salvage anything
    • And when he stops to salvage some missiles, he doesn't waste time opening the chests; he shoots them to blow them open
    • Duncan and Simon stumble upon a small set of prison cells, with levers that spawn animals. Simon keeps spamming the wolf lever, causing Duncan to have to break the cell open so they don't all get crushed. Simon keeps spamming it, so Duncan fires his bazooka at them. One survives. Although it's poisoned.
    Simon: One survived?
    Duncan: Well, it just died.

    Galacticraft: MoonQuest/ MarsQuest/ JaffaQuest 

BlueXephos series

  • Episode 1: Simon is startled by a spider and screams so loud he sets off a car alarm outside.
  • All through episode 2 Lewis and Simon are poking fun at Duncan, who due to equal parts misunderstanding and poor directions has gotten lost.
    • Made even funnier when you realise that Lewis is getting a little annoyed at Duncan not following "simple directions" he's given him, while not even knowing where he is when he gives them.
  • Duncan complains of being hungry, then immediately walks in the opposite direction from Simon as he tries to give him baked potatoes.
    • The reason he was walking away? He spotted some carrots ready to be pulled from the ground in the village, and only acknowledges Simon once he gets to them.
  • This exchange between Lewis and Duncan about the directions.
    Lewis: How did he get lost again? Duncan, did you never get your map-reading badge in the scouts?
    Duncan: I did, and I learned that when I'm told to go west I go west, not south!
  • Simon putting chests all over their base.
  • In episode 9, Simon saying he's never seen so many zombies in his life. Not even a minute later, Duncan is frantically fighting of a horde of zombies and nearly dying.
    Duncan: Why is there so many?! *turns around, sees four more zombies* OH MY GOD??!
    Simon: Do you need help?
    Duncan: Holy shit- OH GOD THERE'S ANOTHER ONE.
  • Episode 17 ends just as Simon accidentally punches through the roof of the baked bean fort's main room, and falls.
  • Episode 19 has the longsword incident, and Simon accidentally saying "Baked Bean Fart" instead of "Baked Bean Fort."
    Lewis: Do you think we ought to, um-
    Simon: Kiss?
    Lewis: -start hollowing out the *continues talking*
    Simon: What? U-uh, yeah. Yeah.
  • The increasingly ridiculous hats they find.
  • In Episode 24, Duncan falls into the Sludgeland quarry and dies. When they go back to try to retrieve his stuff, they find that the quarry has started picking it up.
  • In episode 36, awesome music plays as Duncan assembles the rocket. When Duncan realises holding the rocket in his hand means that his character holds it above his head, the music stops and he bursts out in hysterical laughter.
  • They livestream Moonquest on the 15th day of the 2013 Christmas streams. A string of increasingly epic fails ensues, from Lewis having connection problems to not knowing that the rocket ship doesn't run on coal to them repeatedly getting stuck in hostile worlds through the Mystcraft mod while searching for oil, all culminating in Simon failing to press space when prompted to slow down his rocket and crashing on the moon.
    • It wasn't Lewis having connection problems, strictly speaking. There may have been some of that, but the server was simultaneously being pummeled with fan-kids trying to join (because they had accidentally leaked the server IP), and at the same time, an actual intentional D Do S attack because some guy caught the IP leak and went to a 'hacker' (read: script kiddie) forum, posted the IP, and said "It's the Yogscast, they think they're funny but they're not, have at 'em".
  • The adventures in Lovely Oil Land, a fire world.
  • Simon entering a rift to the regular world and not realizing it at first.
  • The mutant skeleton derailing everything until they manage to kill it.
  • Sludgepit 2 is a snowy fire word with meteor showers. Simon gets hit by one.
    • Duncan and Simon freaking out over the first meteor ponderously drifting past really sells it. Not to mention that they go from smiling at the snow to absolute panic, fleeing falling meteors and desperately trying to escape while on fire, all in the space of less than thirty seconds.
  • During the live session of Moonquest, Simon discovers a massive oil spring, but realises that he can't take any back as he doesn't have a bucket. Lewis randomly starts raging at him with no warning.
    Lewis: Just get the oil. Get a bucket.
    Simon: I ca-
    Simon: *cracking up*
    • In the Episode 46, Duncan gets trapped in Obsidian Pernis Land while mining for supplies to rescue Simon. Lewis goes in to rescue him, only to immediately notice that there is oil not ten yards from the spawn. Duncan and Lewis's exchange is priceless.
    Lewis: What's going on in pernis land? Is the sun coming up?
    Duncan: Yeah.
    Lewis: ...Is that oil in pernis land?
    Duncan: Yeah.
    Simon: Pernis oil.
    Lewis: There was oil in pernis land THE WHOLE TIME?!
    Duncan: Yeah.
  • Episode 45: They finally get the rocket fueled and ready, the epic fanfare begins as the others wave off Simon as he leaves for the moon, the launch is successful, Simon gets to space and heads to the moon, and then He doesn't read the controls for the lunar lander in time and crashes into the moon, blowing himself up. You can practically hear the broken despair in Duncan's voice as he sees Simon's death notice.
  • "My face is covered in pants."
  • Episode 52: With Simon rapidly running out of oxygen due to an oddly not-working collection rig, Duncan is launched off on a rescue mission to make use of the the Mystcraft mod to allow them to teleport back to base, in a fairly well-thought out plan. Turns out he can't work the lander either, and crashes just as Simon did before, leaving him stranded on the moon as well.
    • The really bad part is that fans think Duncan might have made it if he had kept holding down the spacebar instead of pressing it repeatedly like Lewis told him to.
  • Episode 54 features the most screechy, horrific version of The Who's Baba O'Riley ever, courtesy of Simon.
  • Episode 55: Laser Turret. The banter between Simon and Lewis is pretty good itself, but the main focus of the episode has Lewis trying to set up the eponymous defence system. It doesn't work properly, ignoring a zombie that was nearby and outright vapourising Simon. The reaction is priceless.
    • 'Why did it shoot ME!?"
    Simon: (in between breaths of barely concealed anger) Lewis, be honest here. Did you program it to shoot me?
    • It later turns out that Lewis forgot to add Simon to a whitelist. All the while, Duncan is still trapped on the moon.
    Simon: (Angrish)
    • " Fuck you, Lewis! The Yogscast is over!"
  • The editor has started adding comments in the chatbar.
  • Episode 58: Lewis models his new armor, so runway music and lights are edited in.
    • Simon runs away because he doesn't want to build the rocket and tries to get Lewis to do it instead.
    Simon: It's not
    • Lewis figures out they had probably enough materials to build another rocket the entire time, which he would have figured out a lot sooner if he hadn't been messing about with nail guns and turrets and armor with motors in the crotch.
  • Episode 59:
    Duncan: (While Simon is filling oxygen tanks for Lewis) Put helium in it so he talks funny.
    Simon: He already talks funny.
    • The good news: They finally landed the rocket properly. The bad news: Lewis forgot to equip the oxygen tanks before leaving so he suffocates and dies right as his rocket lands.
  • Episode 60: The boys finally succeed in using the books to create a reliable link between the normal world and the moon, and soon decide to create a more ambitious moonbase. While looking through materials to use to plan the layout, they discover that they can make blocks of ham out of porkchops, and Lewis and Simon immediately settle on hambone blocks as a final building material, Duncan objecting in vain.
  • Simon explaining his thought process. "Well, moon is dark. Moon need light. Me make light. *laughing* That's my dwarf processing. *in a silly voice* Me light. Light, Nether. Glowy rock. Me bring glowy rock to moon!"
    • And then the list Simon makes detailing how they are going to get materials for their Hambase, which gets progressively more incoherent.
  • Simon: "Is it like marking our territory, except with crash sites instead of pissing?"
  • Episode 72: They finally get out of the portal! And completely forgot that going one space in the Nether is equivalent to traveling 8 blocks in the overworld. End Result? Their x-coordinates are in the 4700s and the y-coordinates are almost 1500.
    • And then they all try to get home without getting (even more) lost.
  • After the update, the world their base is in isn't the overworld anymore. So when Lewis and Duncan go to the nether and then try going back, they end up in a completely different world. Lewis' reaction is great.
  • Everyone exploring a crevasse in the new overworld and digging up a bunch of random ores, including many new to the modpack that they don't even know what they are or if they're useful.
  • Sjin arrives at Baked Bean Fort to join up with them. Shortly after he does, Simon punches him into a forge and causes him to die, complete with glitched death message.
  • Simon constantly breaking the airlock for their new base, much to Lewis' frustration.
  • The Shapeshifter mod causes much chaos as Duncan disguises himself as a spider, causing Simon to almost kill him. Later, they discover Sips frozen in carbonite and "free" him by destroying him and picking him up. Immediately after this, Sjin tries betraying the group and gets murdered instantly. Then Duncan kills Simon because he was disguised as a villager. Then the group recover the coordinates for the Jaffa Factory.
  • Duncan's bad luck with the magic portals, which continues when Lewis punches him and causes him to go through one. Duncan's scream of frustration is priceless.
  • Everyone arguing about how the witch should sound, while Duncan points out continuity errors.
  • In Episode 100, Duncan encounters a Nitro Creeper and tries to kill it, dying instantly. He contests the death and claims it's utter bullshit, swearing that he killed it. A replay shows that he didn't. He got it down to 2 health points... at which point it exploded.
  • Episode 101 has Lewis clearing out the overgrown forest around the base. He starts cutting one tree down, only for it to suddenly reveal itself to be an ent and nearly beat him to death, with only his armor saving him. He calls to Simon for help, while Simon just watches and makes a half arsed effort to get the killing blow and gain the Ent form for himself.
    • While Lewis is showing off the Ent form to Simon, a large bee suddenly swoops into the factory. Simon and Lewis turn on it with their swords and stab it to death. Only for the death message to reveal that it was in fact Duncan in a transformation of his own.
    • Duncan dying every single time he goes to the Nether. Every single time.
  • Simon repairing the factory walls with baked beans.
  • In Episode 105, the group prepares to launch fireworks to celebrate their interactive "moonsperience". At the end, the fireworks are launched without issue, and Simon climbs into their very first rocket as a ride. Said rocket is indoors. It doesn't have fuel, so everyone thinks it will be safe. It initiates the launching sequence with 7% fuel left, crashes into the ceiling and explodes on the floor, blowing up the entire factory, crashing the game, and killing everyone.
  • The entire discussion Simon has with Hat Films regarding a new plot of land, particularly when they try to scam Simon and he can still hear them.

Kim and Duncan

  • Shortly after crash-landing in Episode 1, Sjin and Duncan have a friendly exchange of words. Kim, on the other hand, is less than pleased to hear from him. Duncan notes that she's surprisingly angry in that recording, causing her to explode at him for being so calm, given the bizarre turn of events.
  • The biome with the two-block tall ferns in episode 2 first cause Kim and Duncan to lose sight of each other, and later obscure Duncan's vision so much he falls in a ravine.
  • In Episode 4, Kim states that if they made a statue of Sips to launch a rocket out of, it would come out of his ass. A graphic illustrating this pops up.
    • The idea was so funny that there was a highly upvoted thread on Reddit suggesting that Sjin make his next Let's Build a "Sips Bum Rocket Launcher".
  • Duncan building complex expensive machinery and then completely forgetting why he built it.
  • Referring to their basement, where the smeltery is located, as the sex dungeon.
  • Episode 11 has Kim and Duncan trying to fix a staircase. As the title of the episode indicates, it takes them a few times.
  • In Episode 26, they find Sjin's base and decide to troll him by leaving statues everywhere.
    • Duncan tells Kim a few episodes later that Sjin couldn't think of how to work the statues into an episode, so he just deleted it. Their reaction is an equal mix of anger and sadness.
  • A brief moment during Kim's launch into space when the rocket shooting into space accidentally sets Tiddles the cat on fire, cause them both to panic.
  • After establishing the moon base, they use a nether portal to break out of their age into the overworld. The entire video is quite funny, but there are two highlights
    • First, on arrival Duncan immediately tries to hang-glide through a hole in a nearby mountain. That turned out to be an unloaded chunk.
    • When they do get into flight, they immediately find Duncan's old castle, now completely overrun by flux and ruined. Kim lands on it and comments that she likes the new purple color scheme of the place, and suggests moving back in. Meanwhile, Duncan is promptly infected by taint, swarmed by tainted mobs, and then killed, all the while yelling about how dangerous the castle is right now. Kim subsequently gliding off entirely oblivious to any threats sells the moment.

Sipsco series/Sjintech Space Rescue

  • The first episode which is filled to the brim with Epic Fail moments. The worst, however, would be their efforts to build a base, which go horribly wrong after a large group of mobs rush them and pursue them into a cave, brutally murdering Sjin and then glitching through the door and killing Sips.
  • _Zips is introduced in all his finery, trying to nerdpole to the moon with gravel. Sjin tells him to get down, and he jumps directly off the stack, falling to his death. Sjin goes hysterical with laughter as a result.
  • The opening of Series 2 has _Zips blow up Slime Island, claiming that Sjin is not the real "Zi-jin". Which raises even further questions, such as whether or not Zijin is another clone as well!
  • Sjin has way too much fun picking and arranging flowers around his house.

    Yogscast Complete Pack 

Hole Diggers Inc (main channel)

  • Simon insisting on Lovely Island being better than Craggy Island even though he kept dying there.
  • Their first goal, owing to their name? Do what Dwarves to best and dig deeply and greedily. Coincidentally, there's an item that lets you teleport to something called "The Deep Dark", which Simon excitedly begins working towards.
  • Simon's impression of Barry Scott.
  • Duncan's attempt to make a golf course cause the server to constantly lag.
  • In "Come O Diggers", Duncan forgets to pay attention to Simon's mission briefing, causing Lewis and Simon to be somewhat frustrated.
    • Duncan keeps arguing that the golf course needs to be a priority, while Lewis and Simon think it needs to be delayed. This results in Duncan stubbornly insisting on keeping it on the list, putting several signs on that Simon trashes anyway, which causes him to later freak out when a golf buggy is not on the list.
    Simon: I'm not taking any of your shit, Jones.
    Lewis: So, we can make a golf buggy as well, Duncan. Out of...
    Duncan and Lewis: A moon buggy!
    Lewis: We don't have...
    Simon: Hang on, hang on! We don't have... hang on! (hushes the others)
    Lewis: What?
    Lewis: (laughing) Oh, I'm sorry, okay, good. Come with me, so Simon, you know our goal is to...
    Simon: (without warning, kills Duncan with the Atomic Disasembler in a single hit)
    Duncan: OH GOD!
    Lewis: (clearly surprised) WOW!
  • In Episode 19, titled "Duncan Can't Breathe," Duncan begins to run out of air on the Moon. His absolute panic at his slowly depleting oxygen is hilarious, and his voice gets increasingly hysterical as it gets lower.
    • Even further, when Duncan only has about 30 seconds of air left, Lewis physically runs into Duncan's office to try and find a solution.
  • Episode 20, when Lewis and Duncan are preparing to launch a pair of rockets and return to Earth.
    Lewis: I don't want to ride the 66% fueled, full one.
    Duncan: Now look, leaving Earth takes the most fuel, getting back there is basically fuel-free.
    Lewis: (beat) You sure?
    Duncan: Yeah, I play Kerbal Space Program. Getting out of the atmosphere, that's where all the fuel goes.
    Simon: The worry is, I've seen you play Kerbal Space Program. And, um...
    Duncan: Hey, I'm good at it, man.
    Simon: Yeah, but, how many little Kerbals lost their lives?
    Simon: Hundreds?
    Duncan: Hundreds. You ready to go, Lewis?
    Lewis: Uh...
  • In Episode 21, titled "Sparkle Farts", Duncan randomly seems to fart sparkles for whatever reason.
  • In Episode 23, titled "Dirty Business", Sips arrives on the island and begins being a jerk to the guys. Simon eventually has enough and launches into a massive rant about Sips, imitating him all the while.
  • A lot of Episode 33.
    Lewis: Don't jump in it yet. (as Simon jumps in it) Okay, uh... (rocket starts to shake) SIMON! What is wrong with you?! Can you not wait ten fucking seconds for us to-
    Lewis: I've only got sludge, I've only got sludge, I haven't enough oil-
    Simon: It's got 26% fuel in, it's fine. I'll see ya later, shitlords. (takes off)
    Lewis: Bye!
    Simon: Bye! My planet needs me!
    Lewis: ...Did that actually work? Fuck-ing hell. Wow. (Simon flies sideways) Where are you going, it's not that way!
    Simon: I'm going to button moon.
    Lewis: Space is up, not right!
    Simon: Shit, okay. Sorry!
    Lewis: For god's sakes... I think he's coming to you, Duncan, you'd better give him an oxygen tank as soon as he arrives there, otherwise he's gonna suffocate to death.
    Simon: Alright, get ready for me, Duncan, roll out the red carpet, son! Daddy's coming home!
    Duncan: Uh...
    Simon: Get me pipe and slippers ready! (beat) Was that a bit creepy?
    Duncan: Little bit.
    Simon: (engines stop, gravity ensues) Ohhh fuck.
    Duncan: What?
    Lewis: 's happened?
    Simon: I've run out of fuel! (BOOM)
    (several seconds of Simon laughing hysterically)
    Lewis: (also laughing) Well, I don't want to say "I told you so," but, I told you so. Why did you go right instead of going straight up?! You knew you didn't have a lot of fuel! We are the worst, like, we are the worst fucking players at this game.
    Lewis: We'll cut that.
    Simon: What'd'you mean "we'll cut that?" Fuck you! That was fantastic!
    Lewis: That was the worst advert-
    Duncan: (snickering) buy a new rocket.
  • Episode 36 Duncan and Simon are talking about how someone's using an ender chest with the same code as them and Duncan, in his haste to check to see what code Simon's has, runs right into the electric fence, dying instantly. Lewis immediately regrets adding them back in the prior Extras section.
  • In Episode 37, Simon and Lewis give Duncan a What the Hell, Hero? moment after he kills a Light Mage.
    • Duncan runs repeatedly into the electric fence, and when he blasts off he barely misses Simon's redstone torus.
  • Lewis and the caterpillar in his broccoli story.
  • Duncan's... erm, trouble with his clones in episode 61.

Sjin's Farm (Lewis and Sjin)

  • In the new Sjin''s farm series, Sjin's reaction to the cucumber seeds.
  • In "The House on the Hill", once Lewis puts down a piggybank, Sjin makes a few Bestiality Is Depraved jokes about putting a (literal) seed in it and shouting "Say My Name" note , with deliberate innuendo. Lewis immediately reacts in disgust.
  • Sjin randomly rides the horse into the crevasse in the barley field, seriously hurting it and later abandoning it.
  • In Episode 11- "Sprinkler City", Sjin asks Lewis about whether or not there's been a bear pope, leading Lewis and Sjin to snark at the Catholic Church and suggest it would be major reform.
    Sjin: So I was thinking the other day, Lewis, erm, what do you think would happen if-
    Sjin: Well, I try not to too much, because it can lead to disastrous things. But, what do you think would happen if, er, one day, a bear wandered into the Vatican and somehow became Pope?
    Sjin: (faking surprise) Did it really?
    Lewis: Yeah. it actually happened.
    Sjin: What did they do?
    Lewis: He was Pope. He was a really good Pope. He was Pope for like, 55 years, got really old. He put some really good, progressive policies in place, you know, that made sure the Catholic Church was looked after.
    Sjin: That's surprisingly responsible for a wild bear.
    Lewis: Well, I mean, he did put some weird ones in. He... he did eat several of the cardinals.
    Sjin: (chuckling) I would call that reform!
    Lewis: (joins in with the laughter) Yeah, reform. I think that's the term.
    Sjin:: Yeah. He was known for his strict regime, reform, and love of honey.
    • From the same episode, they name the first sprinkler field "Peter Sprinklage".
    • Even better, Lewis' improvised story causes someone on Reddit to claim that there actually was one, making an equally outlandish story about a Ukrainian bear pope that actually did go berserk and had to be put down.

Flux Buddies (Duncan and Kim)

  • In episode 39, aptly named 'Blood Heist', Kim decides to go out and see whose blood she can steal, since she knows Hat Films and Sjin are recording something together and probably distracted.
    • First she manages her way into Hat Films' base, but as they only have one bed she only gets the DNA of Trott. (Unknowingly to her, Ross had respawned in the base after dying and saw her snooping around, but decided to leave her alone.)
    • Later, she visits Sjin's Farm, where she can see everyone running around. Despite her attempts to be stealthy, Lewis spots her rather quickly and confronts her via chat. After a quick exchange where she claims to want to borrow sugarcane, he tells her goodbye. She then quickly types 'Hey Xephos! What's that over there?' and Lewis actually turns around and Kim taglocks him while his back is turned. Her mischievous laughter while she flies away is hilarious. Made better by A) you can't point your finger in Minecraft, and B) Lewis heard the dinging sound of her taglocking him, but had no idea what it was.
  • In episode 65, Kim finds a journal signed by Lalnable Hector. As she reads it, the in-game weather actually gives dramatic thunder.

Dirt Quest (Sips, Lewis and Turps)

  • Just the fact that it takes a stupidly long time for them to get anything done.

Magic Police (Duncan and Sjin)

  • In the first episode, Sjin tries making a Harry Potter joke- and immediately mistakes "Crucio" for "Crucify", causing Duncan to just burst out laughing and splutter helplessly.
  • Their problems with wheat and doors in episode 12.
  • Nilesy snuck onto their property at one point and pretended to be a statue. They never noticed.

Evicted (Nilesy and Hannah)

  • The duo's utmost surprise when the pirates embark onto boats and start shooting at them.
  • In "Terrible Taint" Nilesy is attacked by a swarm, and just stands there, talking about being tainted, seemingly oblivious to his health ticking away until it abruptly kills him.

Blood and Chaos (Parv and Will)

Cheat Police

  • Sips and Sjin reunite at last for a new series in which they hunt down and punish those who have been cheating on the server. They are currently building their base...while in creative mode. (Kim, Hannah and Simon were on at the same time working on their new series, and actually call them out in chat).

Monster Hunters

  • Simon recruits his best men to help him fight monsters in the Twilight Forest. By which he means Hannah and Kim.
  • Their efforts to come up with a Portmanteau team name.
  • Simon is building their base out of netherrack. Kim thinks it's creepy as hell.
  • By the end of Episode 1, the three are excited towards fighting and killing the monsters. The preview for Episode 2? Them getting killed by leaves.

    Hexxit with Duncan 
  • Duncan has a recurring habit of entering dimensional doors, getting lost, and having to commit suicide to escape.
  • Hexxit Live #1 begins with Duncan, Sjin and Lewis spawning into a new world. Within moments, Sjin has started attacking a bear, which proceeds to start attacking him back. Two more appear and utterly slaughter Duncan, who wasn't doing anything to them.
    • Sjin tries his luck with a Dimensional Door- and goes into an area filled with TNT. The shock and horror in his voice, combined with Duncan laughing his head off, is priceless. This gets him stuck in limbo, and when he finally breaks free he spawns in the middle of the sea.
    • Captain Pigwash.
  • Hexxit Live #2. Duncan has really bad luck with lava this episode. He starts by climbing a ladder, at which point he gets surrounded by it on all sides and burns to death. The next incident ends with him digging straight into a pool of it.
  • The fact that Lewis was quite possibly drunk for the majority of the stream led to quite a few moments of hilarity, namely when he gets bored and blatantly starts cheating, in the process dropping a meteor on Sjin's house.

     Other Series 
Yogcraft: Nilesy and Hannah
  • Nilesy is so adorably distracted by taming his first Minecraft cat that he walks backwards right into a chasm. The cat immediately follows.
  • Hannah later says the following sentence: "I've made an illegal moonshine factory."

Sipsco YogscastSips and YogscastSjin channels:

  • Episode 4: typical banter.
    Sips: Is Hufflepuff a that like a Pokémon thing?
    Sjin: It's from The Lord of the Rings.
    Sips: Oh yeah, uh, is that the guy that killed Gandalf in the cave?
    Sjin: Yeah. *giggles* It's the Hufflepuff. The Hufflepuff is a giant demon with like a fiery whip, and flames.
  • Episode 6 starts with Sips deciding they need a roof. he turns away to drop off his stuff in the chest, demands to know what Sjin's done to help, and then turns back to find Sjin standing quite casually under an "instant roof" that he'd made in the instant Sips wasn't looking. Sip's sudden surprised turn from dismissive to impressed really sells it.

  • In Sjin and Duncan's Skyblock series, after a certain amount of arguing they decide they need to name their house. They agree to simultaneously put two signs up above the door with "the nicest words (they) can think of", with Duncan writing the first word and Sjin the second. They end up with Pillow Blowjobs, causing Sjin to hurriedly change his sign to Clouds.
    Duncan: You know we'll be two men living in this house.
    • Skyblock 25 Duncan sets off a creeper on the bridge, but assures Sjin he's fine. Hilarity ensues the instant Sjin looks away.
    • In Skyblock 31, Duncan essentially brings the series to a premature end by hitting Sjin with a fishing rod and knocking him overboard with their key supplies.
    Duncan: What happened?
    Sjin: (unusually annoyed) You bloody fished me off!

  • In Sjin and Duncan's Gravity-themed map, they start the first episode with a discussion about how Gravity should have had the stars going into space purely to smoke weed so the FBI couldn't arrest them for it. The premise is so ridiculous, with Artistic License – Physics in full effect, that it's hilarious. A fan animated the discussion for good measure.
  • Sjin and Duncan troll everyone in Episode #7 by teasing about how SOI may or may not be coming back that very evening. The uproar forced Lewis to promptly clarify that they were trolling, with a frustrated tweet.
  • The amount of Epic Fail moments that Sjin and Duncan have from dying repeatedly.

Kim's "The Apprentice"

  • Kim just finishes her portal gun, squees over it, and out of sheer curiosity, she shoots up towards the moon expecting nothing to happen, despite Duncan's warning. Anyone who's played Portal2 knows what happens next, and the mod maker put consideration into that. The portal winds up sucking up Kim and Duncan, killing the both of them. After they're done laughing, Kim accidentally opens another portal, which is still linked to the moon, inside her tower. It kills Kim twice, and then devours almost the entire first two floors of her tower, including the chest full of material mined from the quarry.
    • Even better, during the madness Hybrid Panda logs onto the server and almost immediately logs off.
  • Kim mentions hearing weird voices whispering to her while she's sleeping...Duncan's immediate response? "Oh, that's just me." And he watches her and throws popcorn because it's funny.

Chaosville with Duncan and Sjin:

  • Episode 4 of Chaosville sees Duncan surprised by a spider, a skeleton, and two Mana creepers. The last two, rather than exploding, dissolve into huge blue vortexes that last just long enough for Duncan to get Sjin. Neither of them have any idea what's going on, and it is priceless.
    • In a later episode, Sjin tries to start up a random "lego talk" conversation like the ones he has with Sips, but Duncan can't keep a straight face during it.
  • Episode 17 has the pair making the long journey bakc home, when Sjin brings up the fact that some of his IKEA furniture will apparently be delayed, although owing to the Swedish translation he's not sure as to what will be. Duncan searches online and finds out it's the sofa, much to Sjin's irritation.

Solutions in Chaos with Will and Parv

  • Will grossly underestimates Parv's intelligence with relatively huge consequences. Twice.
  • The debacle that is their trip to the Twilight Forest where Will dies on repeat.

Yogspack Complete with Ridgedog

  • Ridgedog really needs a mirror.
    • Almost as funny is the fact that this game pack set up apparently includes mirrors at all.
      • "Magic Mirror", if it's the one I'm thinking of, is a teleport back to 'the last place you saw sky'. Mirror from Mariculture is for putting on and taking off (usually magical) jewelery.

Blast Off! with Lewis, Duncan and Sjin

  • This is a hard modpack. So hard, in fact that the first episode of the series that didn't end in a full series restart was Episode 3.
  • Episode 47: Duncan has a wife and three children, and has become the king of a bunch of villagers they found in the nether. Then he execute a guard for treason, because it was standing in the doorway.
    • Then he wears the guard's head, and gets attacked by one of the other villagers. His response? Slaughter half the guards. This proves unwise, as it results in all three of his children turning on him and killing him.
      • Oh, and after he's done that, the first thing he does is gives his wife a load of gold so she wont be mad at him for killing their kids, and then proceeds to have another one. Who tries to kill Duncan in the next episode.

  • Strippin gets handed a hang glider off the Hat Films boys, and is having a grand old time. Then Trott tells him he'll go faster if he scrolls his mouse wheel.
  • Hat Films demanding/stealing all the gold - first for the Mile High Club, then for the Hand of Truth, then for the ceiling over the Hand of Truth.
    • Speaking of the Hand of Truth, them making up their own sham religion around it and roping everyone else into it.
    • Everyone's reactions when they demand a gold tax. And the farmers/wizards club stealing gold bricks from the Mile High Club to pay their taxes with.
    • They later make a hymn for the Hand of Truth, then, to make it more "modern", start chanting "Hand of Truth" repeatedly to the tune of the Imperial March, ending with the line "It's not a cult, not a cult!"
  • Sjin and Rythian running around picking flowers.
  • One week Sips comes on. He immediately tries to get everyone on board with building a sex dungeon.
    • A diamond plated sex dungeon.
      • Duncan and Kim reject it because - as Kim says in their own videos - they've "Been there, done that."
  • Duncan coming across the Rail Bros secret base entirely by accident.

    Trials Trilogy 

Trials of Derpulies with Lewis, Sips, Sjin (Team Sjipos), Hannah, Duncan, Kim (Team Flux Buddies), Trott, Ross & Smith (Team Hat Films)

  • Skobbels' player model is very off-putting, yet equally hilarious to look at. It's the very first thing Team Sjipos notes when the video starts.
  • In episode 1, Sips finds a french horn and gets a major kick alongside Sjin out of the music it makesnote . Lewis is understandably annoyed. This continues for the entirety of the series as a Running Gag:
    • Almost Once an Episode Sips will either go to other teams and annoy them with his "music", get into a "musical duel" with someone, or try to prank other teams.
  • Team Flux ultimately decides to build their base in a cave, as a giant mouth on a face opening up. It looks as hilarious as it sounds.
  • Helperbot is employed to help repair Sjipos' base after the rebellion against Derpulies. When Hat Films begins making a sign alongside their statue, Helperbot decides to make his own sign. This being Helperbot, it just reads "Beep".
  • For some reason, Sjipos decides to integrate Hulk Hogan into their imagery.
    • Even funnier when they admit that they recorded this before the Hulk Hogan controversy.
  • Hat Films spends the the entirety of the series working on a massive wheat farm in order to complete the wheat challenge, to the detriment of many contests.
  • It's particularly funny whenever massive Lucky Blocks weapons are whipped out and instantly kill someone. Bonus points when it's Sips and Sjin trolling people with it.
  • Duncan manages to craft his own gear thanks to Team Flux's proximity to being underground; as a result, he's able to enjoy the benefits of both the Hoverboard and the Lucky Blocks weaponry.
  • Many people get put in the shame chamber. By many, we mean mostly Team Sjipos.
  • During the statue building contest, Hat Films decides to sabotage all the other teams by placing lava over them. They succeed, and when getting the Flux Buddies' statue, Sips happens to be there pestering them with his french horn, causing them to immediately kill him.
  • Derpulies' response to Hat Films' success in farming enough wheat for the challenge:
    Derpulies: Holy shit. Protect it. Bring it during the next summons.

Trials of Skobbels with Lewis, Simon Who's later moved to Team Flux), Sips, Sjin (Team Sjiposdew), Hannah (later replaced by Simon), Duncan, Kim (Team Flux Buddies), Trott, Ross, and Smith (Team Hat Films):

  • Skobbels receives a number of changes after deposing Derpulies:
    • He wears a crown of power, a royal coat, and flies, all while still looking like the same hilariously frightening goblin.
    • He's Suddenly Speaking. His voice is provided by Tom, who possesses a deep, booming one to contrast his appearance.
  • Skobbels claims that in order to give aid to the weak, pathetic Team Sjipos, he's summoning the "most powerful being in the universe!" Cue Simon falling to his death right underneath Skobbels.
  • Sjin immediately decides to start cheesing other participants when they race to Skobbels' castle, knocking Duncan and Smith off into the void. He claims victory, only for Smith to accidently get ahold of the victory coin and toss it off the edge of the island.
    Skobbels: <In his big, booming, dramatic voice> You are all JEEEEEERKS!
  • Simon's beatboxing skills are demonstrated, drastically improving the rap that Team Sjipos made under Derpulies.
  • Skobbels' favorite food... is EGGS! Delicious eggs!
  • Trott tries to teach Smith how to build a fence gate.
  • Duncan decides to take potshots at Helper Bot. Skobbels responds with a friendly visit and some magic bolts.
  • Hat Films opts to bribe Helperbot into helping them by (allegedly) sticking 20 Quid up his butt. Judging by Helperbot's slightly more excited beeps, it worked.
  • Sjin decides to haggle with Skobbels for a bow to make a dispenser with. Since Sips wins the offer for Sjin, Skobbels makes Sips an offer: the bow, or a French Horn. Lewis is very horrified at the prospect. Luckily for him and Sjin, Sips takes the bow.
    • Later on, Sips commissions Skobbels for more arrows to snipe Trott with, offering 60 hay bales in the hopes of getting a nice, hefty supply. After Skobbels rejects this in spectacularly dramatic fashion, he offers 61 Porkchops. Skobbels is humbled, to a degree:
    Skobbels: Uhhhh... yeahalright, yeahalright, that sounds good. ... You may have... 5 ARROWS!
  • Team Sjipos decides to remake the Flux Buddies' face-entrance into Hulk Hogan's face, with a speech bubble reading "Sorry."
  • When Lewis starts breaking the eggs Sjin set up an automatic harvester for, Sjin reacts poorly.
  • Have a book. Have a book. Have a book.
  • This gem:
    Skobbels: You will have a mere 45 of your human minutes to decide.
    Lewis: Uhh, decide what?
    Skobbels: Uh, what-what your next performance is going to be.
    Kim and Ross: <Bursts into laughter>
  • Afterwards, Lewis immediately mistakenly calls Skobbels Derpulies, which prompts poor old Skobbels to get things mixed up!
    Skobbels: Thank you for attending Derpulies' castle- I MEAN SKOBBELS' CASTLE!

Whale Lords with Simon, Lewis, Duncan, Sips, and Sjin:

    Other Minecraft things 


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