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  • Arc Fatigue: Pig Island, in the Tekkit series. It became the main focus of the series for a very long time, and despite being funny, fans steadily grew increasingly annoyed that Simon had apparently completely forgotten the Jaffa Factory, which was supposed to be the main goal of the series. They eventually lampshaded that the plotline went on a bit too long.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • After complaints in Cornerstone that the election process took too long, Sjin eventually implemented a rota to speed things up and ensure that everyone would get a go. Other channels, such as Strippin and Hat Films, notably cut that bit out entirely and told viewers to watch Sjin's videos if they were interested.
    • By far the biggest complaint about Derpulies was the inconsistent editing, which meant that Team Sjipos appeared much more than either Hat Films or Team Flux Buddies. Trials of Skobbels addressed this by having a considerably better division of screentime for all teams, which is one reason why it's considered a Surprisingly Improved Sequel.
  • Broken Base: The series is mostly beloved, but in general the fandom is known to occasionally have rather mixed and vocal opinions on certain things. See below:
    • Episode 25 of Sjin's Feed the World series has left the fans a bit torn on multiple fronts. On one hand you have people torn on Kim becoming Sjin's apprentice; Some think she's an annoyance who doesn't add anything, while others think that she and Sjin would make a cute couple, or that she adds to a plot that sometimes became dull with only one person who has nobody to bounce off of. On the other hand, The Strawfingers plot is starting to evolve into something somewhat reminiscent of the earlier Shadow of Israphel episodes; The fans can't agree whether or not this is a good thing.
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    • Similarly, the new Feed the World episodes with Lewis and Sjin have been a bit divisive. Fans are either happy that Sjin has someone to bounce off regularly, or worried that Strawfingers and the Sjindig will be dropped. (This last part has been confirmed not to be true).
    • Episode 96 of the main channel Galacticraft series has the fandom split to an extent, albeit not as much as the above cases. You're either happy that the Jaffa Factory is getting the spotlight again, or you feel that it distracts from the main purpose of the show.
    • If Episode 96 of Galacticraft wasn't enough, Episode 105 really caused a serious divide. Simon's destruction of the factory via launching a rocket from inside is agreed to be funny due to how stupid it is, but it's caused many people to get seriously angry since they wanted to see the place repaired. The following arc has Simon buy a new plot of land from Hat Films so the guys move location, which has caused a similar divide between those who like the change and those that think it's scripted.
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    • The delay in the release of Blackrock episodes is starting to cause this. There seem to be two groups - people constantly harassing Rythian (and telling him his channel will "die" unless he releases it) and people who accept Rythian's apologies and explanations, and are perfectly happy to wait for the next episode.
    • The animated Israphel videos have caused a broken base in just about every way, to the point that it would be quicker to list how they haven't.
    • Shadow Of Israphel in general. It was, depending on your POV, the best thing since sliced bread that should come back, something interesting that ultimately isn't missed too much but would be nice to conclude, or "the only reason fans came to the channel in the first place", with comments such as "SHADOWOFISRAPHELNOWHURRYUP" popping up annoyingly frequently.
    • Episode 23 of Hole Diggers has Sips join the crew, which caused a few fractures. Most like his witty banter, since it livens things up, but his actual performance in Minecraft is something that is a little more divisive; whereas Lewis, Duncan and Simon are seen as more proactive and competent, Sips is seen as focusing more on comedy or entertainment.
    • Monster Hunters with Simon, Hannah and Kim. A funny, entertaining show that makes a nice change from Hole Diggers, or an annoying distraction? As usual, Kim seems to get a lot of the flack, for some bizarre reason.
    • The finale of Hole Diggers has split some in many respects.
      • There are those that think the series ended at the right time and didn't drag on for too long, as is the consensus with "Site Bee" from Tekkit. Others wanted to see what the crew could create with more time, viewing the series as a little too short.
      • The end of the final episode, where a black hole suddenly gets set off in the middle of the Dwarf Star, was divisive since it appeared to be scripted. Some felt it was funny in spite of this, others felt that it being scripted automatically made it not funny, and a third group found the ending to be a little unimaginative, having seen similar results towards the end of Voltz and JaffaQuest.
    • Sjin's many attempts at griefing in Cornerstone are drawing the ire of fans, due to the series being about working together and building, with Sjin doing the exact opposite. To date, he manages to partially burn down Strippin and Benji's tree house, blows up the Hand Of Truth and nearly burns down the Botanica hut due to nearby lava. Some find this funny, particularly due to Hat Films' trolling (which was more minor, granted) being repaid in kind, but others are getting annoyed.
    • The series launched in July 2015, Trials of Derpulies, has caused an unusual split. While reactions on /r/yogscast were largely positive, r/HatFilms had a more mixed reception, since Hat Films had a limited amount of screentime despite potentially amusing scenarios to show the audience, such as their running off before the resident Mr. Exposition could finish speaking. While showing multiple perspectives on videos uploaded to a single channel is better for views overall, Hatters largely felt cheated. There were also arguments as to whether or not Cornerstone-style edits should be uploaded on the channels of individual participants as well as the main series. Later videos have had a very hit-and-miss reception for both these reasons amongst Hatters.
      • Whereas most non-Hatters were satisfied with Trials of Derpulies at first, the show has become a point of argument among fans of each of the three teams. While Team Sjipos (Sjin, Lewis and Sips) are fairly represented and their fans are happy about this, fans of Hat Films and the Flux Buddies are... less than elated to say the least, to the point that rough graphs of the series show how disproportionate Team Sjipos is represented, Smith and Ross have seemingly criticised the editing on Twitter, Hatters are ditching the show en masse, and fans of the Flux Buddies appear to be unsure whether to keep watching or to leave. Team Sjipos' tendency to delve into heavy Black Comedy doesn't help some supposedly politically correct blogs either. It has managed to win over fans as it continued, however.
      • The news that there would be a second series of Derpulies split the base. While many people were pleased that Simon would be involved and believed that the editing might improve significantly, others felt the project should be left as it is and that new things should be attempted instead. However, the reaction to Trials of Skobbels has been considerably more positive and the divide eased over quickly.
    • The third Flux Buddies series, Flux Baddies, has quickly become one. Fans were initially excited to see from the perspectives of Lalnable Hector and Specimen 5, and a number of plot reveals (such as Lalnable originating from Yoglabs, officially connecting the two universes, and the new world being the abandoned ruins of every old Tekkit base) have shaken the canon up. However, Duncan and Kim essentially stop trying to maintain Kayfabe after a few videos, going on tangents about real life and generally acting giggly and happy as they would in a regular Flux Buddies series. Many have expressed that it significantly drains the threat and mystery of the two characters built up over the years, but the divide comes from whether you find this amusing or an irritating move.
  • Critical Research Failure: Let's just say the fandom doesn't do its research on certain things, such as claiming that this show was the reason the main channel was first created.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Many examples from across all series.
    • The death of Enoch in Shadow of Israphel is disgusting, as is the discovery of all his body parts. This is immediately rendered darkly funny when Simon and Lewis begin picking up the body parts and hitting each other with them.
    • Simon's attempt to build a Santa on top of the Jaffa Factory is already brilliant, simply because it's so badly done. When Simon decides to make a pimp Santa and gives it red shades and a cigar, Duncan says it looks like posthumously exposed paedophile Jimmy Saville. Simon reacts in horror, which adds to the humour.
    • In Episode 21 of Hole Diggers, Duncan asks if the giant statue-building they're making is going to be a giant version of Gary Glitter (exposed paedophile, now released and being charged again). Simon hurriedly shouts "NO" repeatedly.
    • Most of the punishments that Skobbels hands out in his eponymous series are surprisingly dark and just as funny for it.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Fumblemore, namely because he blows stuff up and his Precision F-Strike.
    • Um_Bongo is quite popular too, owing to his somewhat stupid nature and funny desire to escape from his master. To the point that he now appears in several Mod spotlights and update videos.
  • Evil Is Cool:
    • Israphel and Strawfingers both get this for being a badass Knight of Cerebus for their respective series (Shadow of Israphel and Feed the World /Sjin's Farm).
    • Skylord_Vitali is regarded as being one of SOI's creepier villains, and has fans for it.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Simon and Lewis ignoring what everyone else is saying, even while they are answering questions they just asked, is kind of annoying. Then you go back and watch some of their old WoW videos, and you realize that they're used to ignoring quest text and NPC dialogue. They're just acting like they normally would while playing an RPG!
  • Friendly Fandoms: With Minecraft, natch, although other fandoms get on well with them. See below.
    • Fans of Captain Sparklez get along with them well, in part since Lewis and Simon get on with Jordan well and now have similarly-themed channels.
    • In spite of the odd bit of flack, fans of Achievement Hunter's Let's Play Minecraft and this series get on reasonably well and there is a fair degree of overlap.
  • Genius Bonus: Israfel in Islamic mythology is an angel who will blow the trumpet that signals the Last Judgement.
  • Growing the Beard: Trials of Derpulies initially had a divisive reception, but later episodes appear to have a better reaction amongst the fanbase.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: When Lewis and Simon find the Mistral City cemetery in Shadow of Israphel, they see a grave marked TotalBiscuit, who died of cancer a few years after the episode aired.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • "We start off quite simple, but then, as you go, things get more complicated." Spoken by Simon very early on, back when the series was just a simple Let's Play, and now it's become a complicated adventure.
    • In the earlier Minecraft videos, Simon has to delete his Mo' Creatures modded world because the bunnies are breeding like, well, bunnies and overpopulating his world. Come 2014 when rabbits were introduced in the actual game, and the developers actually had to stop this from happening, since the game would lag out if nature took its course.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: A complaint about this series (at least on the main channel) is that it eventually got to the point that Simon and Lewis were just doing adventure maps and precious little else, which put some fans off. This has changed after Simon's hiatus to an extent, with a greater variety of guests.
  • It Was His Sled:
    • The fact that Daisy_Duke and Granny_Bacon get captured, and in Granny_Bacon's case killed is pretty much universally known among the fanbase.
    • The fact that Episode 38 has been out for a while, and the fact that idiots don't use spoilers on forums/make spoilerish comments which get thumbed up, means that most people knew that Knight_Peculier died.
    • Most everyone watching the series regularly is at this point almost inevitably aware that the "NPC's" appearing in the main series as well as the other content are acted out by members of the Yogscast and their friends. Lewis even specifically states at one point that Fumblemore is, in fact, Duncan, a.k.a. Yogscast's Lalna/Livid Coffee, with a comment that everyone knows from Simon.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • The Evil_Honeydew clones, given that they do respect Lewis despite their Axe-Crazy and Mad Bomber tendencies and had no choice in existing the way they did.
    • Sips in the Tekkit series. He's a psychopathic Bad Boss, however, he's apparently very lonely.
  • Memetic Badass: Simon is always portrayed as the most badass of the heroes, with Peculier often being ignored and Lewis made out as a Lovable Coward. Especially in fan art, where Simon's dual wielding diamond weapons and slaughtering mobs while Lewis is in the background. Likely influenced by the camera set-up; Simon essentially has to play the stronger role, since for over a year, Lewis was the sole camera man who couldn't do many "action sequences" in the Israphel series and has to take a clean shot of Simon being a hero. But Lewis does tend to hide in the back when he sees monsters...
  • Memetic Molester:
    • Simon's creeper voice.
    • Suffice it to say that Israphel is not portrayed as having healthy tastes.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Rythian and the fandom seem to have... different opinions about his character. The fandom usually envisages Rythian as a morally ambiguous Anti-Hero who is often as hypocritical as those he is fighting against (example: here), whereas Rythian believes that his character is a fairly traditional hero with Sjin and Duncan as the villains. Although he's since entered into a truce with both of them.
  • Mis-blamed:
    • The delays for SOI are in part due to the original team moving on to other projects, as well as some mods no longer working with newer versions of Minecraft. Attempts to relaunch it apparently haven't ended well after getting multiple teams to work on it, and Lewis at present has no desire to continue.
    • Sjin's Farm didn't reboot simply because Sjin was bored- as it was, he was rather annoyed to have lost all his progress. However, the Heartbleed patch essentially corrupted the FTB world, meaning that he had to.
    • While the editing in Trials of Derpulies is perhaps subpar compared to other series, some fans have blamed the editors for their not including any of Smith's footage. The reality is that his recordings were somehow lost and he wasn't able to retrieve them.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Israphel crossed this either by burning down the Yogcave, or zombifying Granny_Bacon and then setting off TNT under the church where her funeral was taking place. Most of his minions cross it at some stage, to the point it seems to be an entry requirement.
    • Jock_Fireblast burning down part of Barbecue Bay and the whole of Mistral City is a big example.
    • Skylord_Vitali murdering most of his comrades in incredibly gruesome and nightmarish ways also counts.
    • King_Finbar infecting most of his own settlement and turning them into zombies, even the loyal ones.
    • Strawfingers crossed this when it was revealed that he murdered Abel's parents. On that note, the Wizard also qualifies as he sold Strawfingers to Abel's family.
    • In Yoglabs, Gozencrantz and Rildenstern cross the line when they murder Simon's master clone in an effort to take over Yoglabs.
    • As of the "Block Gun Mod" episode of Yoglabs, Lewis crosses the line from Simon's perspective when he orders him to destroy a village full of real, innocent Testificates (that for once weren't part of a simulation), causing him to rebel and Mercy Kill most of the commandos (when he was trying to free them), destroy equipment and get himself killed in the process. However, due to the cloning system he doesn't remember this.
  • Nightmare Retardant:
    • It's hard to take maps such as Calmere Nightmare seriously when Simon and Lewis keep laughing over mis-spellings in the notes and Simon's "creepy" over the top Grizwald voice. Taken Up to Eleven in "The Infected", which has very bad level design and an Anticlimax Boss.
    • Episode 38: They find the bloody remains of Enoch after reading a series of increasingly scary notes. Simon is so disgusted he "barfs" out a ton of porkchops...and then Lewis starts complaining about Simon having more porkchops than him. And then they pick up the guy's remains, including his arms and legs and start hitting each other with them. And then there's the whole fiasco with the minecart...which leads to a Mood Whiplash Downer Ending.
    • Some of the more dire situations (mobs rushing them en masse) are made slightly less creepy by the slightly hammy reactions of the crew.
  • Paranoia Fuel: So, who actually built those Stonehenges and that pyramid trial when Simon and Lewis weren't looking?
  • Seasonal Rot:
    • After a very well-received Jaffa Factory series, Site Bee was met with a not-quite-as-warm reception, due to a perception that the participants weren't as enthusiastic and the mods weren't as interesting, as well as there being no real reason to continue from what had been a fairly good finale. While the series was still fairly good in its own right, it just didn't hold up as well.
    • The general opinion of the last few episodes of Cornerstone is that they don't hold up quite as well, with views on most channels apart from Strippin's and Hat Films' dropping noticeably. Sjin himself admitted that he felt the show had run its course.
  • So Bad, It's Good:
    • Their feeling about the adventure map "The Swarm".
    • It's taken Up to Eleven in "The Infected", in which the grammar is even worse and the climax is just laughable.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: The general consensus is that Trials of Skobbels takes the premise of Trials of Derpulies and improves upon it significantly, with better editing, more equal screentime for the three teams, Simon's return and Skobbels, who is seen as more interesting thanks to Angor's voice work.
  • Tough Act to Follow:
    • Shadow of Israphel is generally held up to be one of their best works, and Yoglabs, while very much liked, often has to deal with "this isn't SOI" complaints.
    • The Jaffa Factory series is often considered to be one of the best works that the Yogscast have ever done. As a result, Site Bee (while still a fairly good show in its own right) is not held in as high regard.
    • While Cornerstone had its flaws it was generally agreed to be a good return to form, particularly among fans of Hat Films who tuned in the most consistently. While the format later caused problems in terms of overall declining views, it was seen as good for allowing everyone to watch who they wanted to. Derpulies has faced intense criticism for not following the same viewpoint format, or at least allowing teams to upload their own footage on their respective channels.
  • "Weird Al" Effect:
    • "That's a very nice X you have there" didn't actually come from them, but rather from somebody else. Nevertheless, it's been adopted by the fandom as one of their personal favourite memes.
    • Similarly, "HONEYDEWYEAYEA" is a parody of a parody of a real song, but there's no link to either the original parody or the song it was based off. Mercifully, Google helped with this a bit.
    • Overlapping with the Yogscast as a whole, Sjin's saying "What an asshole" in a whiny voice is not his idea. It's taken from an infamous episode (#59, to be exact) of a Polaris podcast once known as The Gaming Station, now simply known as the Co-Optional Podcast.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • In the Tekkit series, Duncan decides to force Rythian to give up his plans of revenge by planting three nukes protected by a forcefield underneath Rythian's castle. A perfect plan, considering that nothing can breach a forcefield... except for the various magical weapons that Rythian carries around.
    • Later, Duncan traps Rythian in a forcefield powered by a solar panel...which is located inside the forcefield. Rythian simply uses some spare dirt to block it to free himself.
    • Duncan isn't exactly known for his brilliant tactical planning. At one point, he builds a fully-functioning railgun that fires TNT, capable of adjusting its range and firing direction to eliminate any target he aims it towards... so long as the enemy has the courtesy to attack the front of the castle, where the railgun is actually installed. Any flank attacks, and he's screwed.
    • Sjin and a red matter bomb in Voltz, just for the purposes of mining copper. He and Sips also did not learn their lesson because they immediately followed right after the red matter explosion, and are in the process of building another red matter bomb.
  • Win Back the Crowd: It's generally agreed by many that the new Cornerstone series, which introduces mass collaboration and everyone working together and tasks being delegated out, is a good series, partly due to it stirring up old memories of the Tekkit series, where collabs were frequent enough. The effects have been fairly positive for individual members, too- Strippin has gotten a fair amount of love for his good chemistry with Hat Films.
  • The Woobie:
    • Old/Knight_Peculier may just be the poster boy for this trope. Especially so in Episode 35... Man, oh man...
    • Isabel might also count.
    • Prof_Webley, who was held captive in a cloning facility for months and was barely alive when the duo rescued him. He also gets hurt by a creeper. In episode 41, his shelter is blown up twice, forcing him to retreat into the robot head—his prison—for safety.
    • Sjin in the Tekkit series. He is constantly harassed by Sips, his employer, and then he is eventually fired from the group by Sips in favour of Lewis. He then begs for a job at Honeydew Industries, during which he is beaten, insulted, and fired on his first day at work.
    • Lewis gets a lot of crap around the same time too. Simon eventually goes mad with power and starting kicking him around, ruining his work efforts and eventually causing him to quit Honeydew Industries. He only applied for a part time job at Sips Co because it was the only feasible action left; getting Sjin fired and becoming his replacement was entirely accidental.
    • The world seems to be out to screw Zoey as much as possible in Rythian's series. Thus far, she had been separated from Rythian for quite a while under unfortunate terms, was continually humiliated by a king of a race she adores, had temporarily been effectively backstabbed by Teep, and, to top it all off, almost died from a nuke she was confident she could defuse. Despite this, she remains quite optimistic.
    • Abel only appears for a few minutes as a Posthumous Character (seemingly) but easily qualifies for this. He grew up on a farm where he had no way to escape the boredom or poverty his family endured because he wanted to make sure they'd survive. Then the Wizard (not Fumblemore) sells him Strawfingers, and as a result his parents are murdered by the time he returns home.


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