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For examples related to the Yogscast outside of Minecraft, go here.

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    Shadow of Israphel 
  • In general anytime the guys come across a new person and become friends can be one of these. Even in the darkest of situations they can still find the light of friendship.
  • The end of part 9, Shadow of Israphel: The Abandoned Mine. Might be a Tearjerker as well, but it's pretty damn inspiring.
    "My armor and blade are here. It falls to you, and those that stand with you, to save the world. K. Peculiar. Fight well, my son. And know... that I love you."
  • In Part 16, when Templar_Adaephon is discussing which sage they should go to for help hunting down map fragments, Lewis suggests Fumblemore, only for the templar to laughingly dismiss the "mad idiot." Simon indignantly points out that Fumblemore saved Peculiar's life, and Adaephon quickly apologizes.
  • During Granny_Bacon's funeral, Simon is absolutely heartbroken. Lewis feels sorry for his old pal, and gives him a hug. He later continues to help him get through the whole ordeal.
  • In Part 31, the duo are told of a prisoner being kept at Stoneholm, and end up taking their time to save him, discussing how they'll save the day and get help from whoever they save. As soon as they learn the prisoner is Knight_Peculier, they stop joking around and rush right in, with Lewis immediately shooting the guard to save him.
  • In part 34, the duo cheer up a despondent Knight_Peculier.
    Honeydew: You're the best knight I've ever met! If anyone can do it, you can!
  • In part 35, heartwarming was in every corner when Knight Peculiar's flashback showed him about to take poison when Xephos and Honeydew arrived, and the music Take a Chance started up. Then with their help, he regained the strength and will to fight Israphel. They saved his life over and over, and now, he needs their help once again for the final battle.
  • The way Peculier cares for and loves Daisy is extremely touching.
  • After Knight Peculier's death in episode 38, Lewis immediately runs back onto a pitch black, monster infested railway track in desperation to see if he can see anything, and almost gets himself blown up by a creeper for his trouble, though they'd already promised they'd go on without him if anything happened. Their entire reaction is both this and heart breaking.
    • It's going to be in the back of everyone's heads pretty much every time the series includes a minecart ride from now on, too. Simon gets annoyed with Lewis for bringing Knight Peculier's death up in their next adventure map ("Sad face!"). It's clear they both still miss the guy.
  • Episode 39 opens with a toast to the fallen Knight_Peculier.
    • The Evil_Honeydew clones show that they still respect Lewis despite their Axe-Crazy tendencies.
  • In Episode 40, their determination to help Prof_Webley escape.
    • Episode 41 continues this with them building him a shelter. When it's destroyed, they're genuinely saddened.
  • In Episode 41, the duo come across a pool of green lava with a minecart track over it, not unlike where Knight_Peculier died, and are legitimately heartbroken by the sight of it.
  • Episode 42 has Shiplord_Hubert sailing around joyfully in the restored oasis.
  • The Valentine's Day animation is both this and unexpected Tear Jerker.

    Adventure maps 
  • In part four of their playthrough of the custom map "The Tree of Life", the duo must go through the Temple of Trials, and when they must walk through a surface of flaming netherrack, with no way of knowing if there is water on the other side to save them, they decide to comfort and motivate each other by holding hands.
  • Simon and Lewis sharing the gold spot in the Yog-olympics.
  • In Day 7 of the Advent Calender, Simon and Lewis accidentally set the Christmas Wreath on fire, causing Peculier to become horrified! Not just because the hard work that went into the wreath is being destroyed... but also because he was planning on giving the wreath to his sister, Isabel!
  • Day 24 of their video advent calendar. Endermen are people too!
  • Israphel gets them a present! TNT and snowballs!
  • The ending to the Monarch of Madness map, suprisingly, when they escape Hell and come out on the surface in a sunny forest, where they decide to start over. First they need to build a house...
  • Simon and Lewis are utterly determined to save 'Porkins' the pig in The Lost Potato adventure map.
  • Simon and Lewis go through a nostalgic celebration of 10 years of the Yogscast by going through a crappy adventure map like in the old days. There's even the old intro music, and a callback to Granny Bacon when Simon picks up another old woman to get through the map. At the end, they build a crappy golden ore house together and have a birthday cake (with plenty of TNT cheated in as well).

    Mod spotlights 
  • This rather adorable moment during the otherwise hilarious Pincushion mod test.
    Simon: Do you have any last words that you would like to say to the world?
    Lewis: Tell Hannah that I love her.

  • Soul Absorbers and Clone Lab. Two Yoglab employees betray Lewis and Simon and plan to make death permanent. Simon is killed, permanently, but is able to be replaced by a clone—at the cost of his own memories. All Simon from now on are clones of the selfless clone.
    • The conversation that Lewis and Simon have just before the end of Clone Lab bounces constantly between this and Tear Jerker. Lewis saying that he'll miss Simon (he even says "I love you" at one point) and Simon promising that deep down he'll always remember Lewis (complete with Star Trek reference are both touching and hearbreaking.
  • How quickly Simon warms up to his zombie minions in Cooking With Simon after they save his life from monsters.

    Crown Conquest 
  • The name of the flagship in the Crown Conquest map? Peculier's Revenge.

     Jaffa Factory (BlueXephos channel) 
  • During the Tekkit demonstration series, a series of events leads to Lewis quitting Honeydew Inc and applying for a job at the rival company, Sips Co, and Sjin temporarily taking over his job back at Honeydew Inc... Which he does very badly. He is grouchily shooed away by Honeydew with the following:
    Honeydew: And if you see Lewis... Tell him I miss him.
    • Slight Tear Jerker as well. In the corner of Simon's screen right before he says that you can see Lewis (wearing the Iron Armor Sips Co uniform) appear and start to cut down trees. By then Lewis is on a different Voice Call and cannot hear Simon even though they were in the same area.
  • Lewis being accepted back into Honeydew Incorporated after ages of Sips Co abusing him. Though it does dive into Funny Moments territory when it turns out that he isn't telling them he stole their stuff.
    • Later in the episode when they confront Sips to get Lewis' sword, and after he hits them a few times with dirt, he happily give the sword back. Then they have a friendly dirt brawl. Seeing these companies having fun after the drama in the previous episodes is nice to watch...until it's subverted when they return back to Honeydew Inc. to realize Sips Co. has stolen back their alarm.
  • Sips finally admitting he's useless without Sjin, followed by rehiring him & giving him 50% of Sips Co.
  • Lewis and Sjin becoming friends when the latter helps the former out with gathering oil and fuel for Honeydew Inc.
  • The latter half of of episode 41 basically involves them blowing stuff up just for the fun of it (and maybe a few diamonds). In the end Lewis reveals the entire point was actually because he was worried about Simon not acting like himself lately, and figured the best way to cheer him up was to take him out to do the thing Simon enjoys the most.
  • Everyone working together to build the Jaffa factory.

    The Blackrock Chronicle (Rythian, Zoey & Tee) 
  • Rythian's ''Tekkit Rebirth Episode 5'' has him confessing his love to Zoey via computer, but the computer explodes before it relays the message.
  • Gilbert saves Zoey and Teep via a Heroic Sacrifice.
    Zoeya: Thank you for letting me see you smile! I knew I would one day...
  • Several of the diary entries in Blackrock Chronicle Rising #1 have heartwarming moments, when they're not being scary or sad.
  • Also, this.
    Rythian: I did what I could to save you. And the cost was higher than I thought it would be. But I would pay any price to keep you safe.
  • Zoeya is clearly having trouble with dealing with everything she's been through lately and is freaking out about normally mundane things, resulting in this line:
    Zoeya: Why's it not purple? I want it to be purple, I like purple, purple's safe.
    • And Rythian's response to this? He takes her to go find the missing Fishton, even though it means going back to Blackrock Ruins.
  • Rythian and Zoey find themselves at the Crooked Caber, and meet Ravs for the first time in a while. He's initially convinced he's just imagining them again, but Rythian manages to cheer him up by answering his query of if he's just drunk by saying that as long as he's known him he's been hammered, and soon they're back to how they were during season two, laughing and joking over drinks.
    • Rythian calls Ravs his best friend, which fits when you consider Ravs was the only person Rythian talked to while separated from Zoeya and Teep in season two. He basically ended up spilling his guts to Ravs about how stressed out he was after Zoeya left. (Oh, he also finally pays his Bar Tab.)
  • Rythian is clearly trying his hardest to simulate a hug within the limited constraints of Minecraft Avatars here.

    Feed The World/YogCraft (Sjin's channel) 

  • Rythian and Sjin broker peace with a surprising amount of friendliness.
  • Sjin rescuing Kim from the Nether and taking her as his apprentice.
    • There's also something oddly sweet about him teaching her how to make her first house. Like all players, her first go at making a habitation is... less than ideal, but the occasional joke aside, Sjin is constantly encouraging. This is sweet because Sjin is quite the fussy architectural designer in Minecraft so for him this is an even bigger display of patience than it would be for anyone else.
  • Kim using her newfound skills to make Sjin a bow, fix his window (badly), and leave him a present before she goes off on further explorations.

    Trials of Derpulies/Trials of Skobbels 
  • Hannah Rutherford's gone on record to say that while the editing for Derpulies displeased her, she thought it was totally worth it if she could play with Duncan and Kim.
  • The ending to Skobbels, which sees Skobbels take Team Sjipos and Team Fluxydew to a tropical island, where they party as the series ends. In contrast to Derpulies, who went evil, it shows that for all his rampant murder and bombastic nature Skobbels has some compassion after all.

  • This fanvideo is kind of adorable, as well as being pretty damned funny.
  • Simon's reaction to anything cute in Minecraft.
  • The Minecraft Christmas song and animation becomes one of these. It starts as a Tear Jerker story about an unemployed, broke man alone at Christmas because his parents don't like him and none of his friends invited him to their parties. Then, on Christmas Day, he gets a text from his dad saying 'Merry Christmas', his internet is back and he finds out that all of his friends had been waiting for him on the server.
    • On a related note, the A Fairytale of Sipsco song and machinima. It starts with a lonely Sips alone in his house before encountering Sjin and teaming up with him. Then when things go wrong and progress slows dramatically, Lewis, Simon and Duncan come to their aid and help revolutionise their factory so they can ship their dirt out on Christmas Day.
  • The Reverse World animation, and it's Lighter and Softer version of all the Hostile Minecraft Mobs, including a Creeper child who gives Honeydew a cookie, and Skeletons happily playing volleyball.
  • What does Sjin do when he hears that Sips has ended up on the moon and Zips blows up his base? Get to work on a new compound to save Sips.
  • Moonquest: A Epic Journey. To Sum it up, a fictional backstory for Moonquest, Honeydew wants to get to the moon, to explore new worlds, his kind laughs at him, so he leaves that life behind and tries himself, it goes as well as you expect But there he meets Xephos and Lalna, who befriend him and help him achieve his dream, the team are shown doing the things they do best throughout the series and it's a rather nice little video.
  • In Kim and Duncan's galacticraft series, everything surrounding their attempt to get to the moon has shades of this; first Duncan lets Kim fly the rocket, and does everything he can to reassure her that she can succeed and get her ready. And then, even more heartwarming, is Kim's reaction when she succeeds in landing perfectly. Lewis even types in from whatever he's doing to congratulate her.
    Kim: I'M NOT DEAD!
    • A minor example from the same episode; Duncan gives Kim his own chestplate because she didn't have one.
  • In Whale Lords Episode 27, Lewis, having just burst out into laughter from seeing Simon goof around with signs, immediately says how much he's missed him in Minecraft. It would seem that he was just as, if not more, concerned about the guy's absence than the Yognaughts.
  • It's jokey, but Parv's complete excitement at seeing Strife again after their separation at the end of Solutions in Chaos, along with his eagerness to show Will everything he's learned and drag him off on another adventure... albeit an adventure involving possibly dangerous Blood Magic...
    • Added to this is the fact that Strife goes along with it, in spite of his major misgivings regarding Blood Magic (and magic in general). He agrees to go on a ridiculously long journey to track down something he isn't interested in and thinks is a seriously bad idea, and the only possible explanation for it is he's looking out for Parv. You don't even realise how difficult it must be for him until he goes into a full on Freak Out! about it in episode three.
    • ...And then comes back, claiming he had to make sure Parv hadn't killed himself yet. Will then proceeds to be gruff and grouchy while fixing up the place, improving Parv's equipment, filling in holes, leaving him gifts and planting flowers outside his base.
  • Zoey's started playing Minecraft with her IRL girlfriend Fiona. It is superbly adorable.


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