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    Shadow of Israphel 
  • The entire Shadow of Israphel series! What started off as a simple Let's Play, began growing into something totally epic... purely by accident! While it is evident that some of it was planned, if you read this interview, you'll discover that it was originally just a server meant for them, but soon other people, (Daisy, John, Peculier, Israphel, etc) began signing on... and it just went uphill from there! It is mind-boggling how something so epic could possibly happen by accident.
  • In episode 19 of their Shadow of Israphel series, Simon swims over to Grimjaw's ship and burns it down.
  • Simon and Lewis, all alone, fighting off huge swarms of zombies, spiders, skeletons, and the occasional Creeper while inside a strange temple. Along with mood-fitting music, rain, lightning, and a sealed entrance that quarantines a beast of sorts called Lehparsi.
  • The entirety of the Visions episode's opening. Why is it awesome? IT'S ONE HELL OF AN OPENING.
  • Pretty much any time Simon and Lewis are alone (with the exception of enemies and occasionally an NPC), dealing with huge problems. Examples include attempting to save Daisy_Duke from Israphel, escaping from Mistral City with the Holy Record, and the huge fight at the wall against Israphel, Creeper_Boss, Zombie_Boss, and a Zerg Rush of aggressive spiders.
  • While trying to fix the wall keeping the sand inside the desert, dealing with Israphel and his lackeys, as well as constant spiders]], Lewis shoots an arrow right at Israphel and drives him away for a brief period, allowing Lewis, Simon, and Peculier to acquire the upper hand. It doesn't last long and could go unnoticed, but still.
  • Right after this, Lewis sheds his Blue Oni exterior for a fierce, bright crimson, charging after Israphel into the desert, and coming within 2 blocks of eviscerating him with a diamond sword, before he eventually gets away.
  • While the carnival is packing up, Simon and Lewis come across Strongman_Bruno, who previously cheated the former out of a strength contest. Simon gets his revenge by killing Bruno by trapping him in a tree, using a combination of a sapling and bone meal.
  • "Lewis, we are going to save the world."
    • The extra exclusive song by Daniel Yount based on this phrase is also pretty damned epic.
  • In Part 24 of Shadow of Israphel, Simon and Lewis hunted down and attacked Jock Fireblast on BBQ Bay while the place was burning down. They managed to kill him and remain alive.
    • Apparently, Simon didn't even let him escape in the original- he killed Jock straight away by arrowing him to death. Unfortunately, as Lewis was left behind at the time, we'll never know if it's really true.
  • Lewis gets another one for finishing off Vitali with a stake through the heart.
    • Simon got one for giving him the stake.
  • Old_Peculier becoming Knight_Peculier.
  • Simon figuring out that the broken TVs are pumpkins and they must put them on their heads.
  • Moira_Magmabloom got one for killing Finbar's henchman, Kormag_Darkforge.
  • Knight_Peculier killing King Finbar.
    • To explain: Finbar is taunting the heroes about how they've failed and the world will fall into shadow soon. (3 days) Peculier isn't having ANY of that and demands to know where his mother and Daisy are. Finbar then makes the BIG mistake of telling Peculier that his love is going to be fed to the Sand God, causing Peculier to go absolutely BERSERK and kill Finbar in a fit of rage! And that settles it: Don't you EVER make any sort of threat to Daisy's safety!!! Also this doubles as a Heartwarming Moment since it proves and shows how much Peculier loves Daisy...
    • Simon and Lewis cheering him up afterwards.
  • Knight_Peculier's flashback in episode 35, half of which is a play-by-play synopsis of the show since Season 1 and Terrorvale (in faux retro textures to boot!), completely in Peculier's perspective. It also goes to show just what kind of character development Peculier went through to get to where he is now, every step of the way being supported by his friends and comrades, the Yogscast!
  • In episode 37, they casually destroy hot air balloons carrying Israphel's minions, then take them for themselves.
  • The chase given to the evil clones of Simon, which ends when Lewis decides to be strategic and get one of them killed by outwitting them.
  • In episode 40, after a long period of being stuck underground, the duo finally break through to the outside, along with Prof_Webley. To top it off, rain falls in the desert.
    • The final lines of that episode are so simple, yet at the same time, so awesome:
    Simon: How are we gonna find a healer [for Webley]?
  • In episode 42, the guys arrive at the oasis of the healing herb to find that it's completely dead, and Swampy Bogbeard has been there trying to revive it. With the heroes there to keep the monsters off of him, Swampy goes into a meditative trance and completely reforms the oasis into the vibrant life-filled place it once was in a gradual and beautiful process.
  • Diggy Diggy Hole.

    Adventure maps 
  • In part 4 of the Gloria map, Lewis kills about fifteen zombies pretty much singlehandedly.
    • He tops this in episode 3 of The Swarm, where he kills at least forty monsters on his own.
  • Lewis and Simon in the Zombie Apocalypse map are pretty awesome, managing to go through hordes of monsters more or less single handedly.
    • On that note, the map itself is done entirely in vanilla Minecraft with a few command blocks and a good texture pack.
  • The Herobrine's Return map was freaking amazing in of itself, but the fact that instead of Simon doing the voices, Lewis actually did most of them. Special note should be made to his "Death Metal Voice."
  • The Lost Potato map features a pig called Porkins by the two. Porkins is set on fire by lava, and is thrown off a cliff and is still alive.

    Mod spotlights 
  • The TV Mod spotlight. Simon is an epic troll.
    Simon: I was never here!
  • The Weeping Angels mod. An Angel gets into the house Simon is hiding in. He tricks it into a hole and buries it alive. Steven Moffat would be proud.
  • The Battlegear mod, which sees Lewis going all Leeroy Jenkins on a group of zombies, then methodically picking off the rest. At least 20 zombies lie dead, while he actually survives the battle. Single-handedly
    • Bonus points; the battle was in fact from a previous adventure map, and had taken him and Simon working together several attempts to manage
  • The helicopter mod has Simon completely owning Lewis the first time they try the helicopters.

    PvP maps (The Walls, Survival Games, Crown Conquest, etc.) 
  • In the Survival Games map, Sjin manages to seem like a total badass to all the other competitors—despite having lost his partner and really spending most of the time running from random mobs.
  • The usually incomptent Simon and Lewis own at The Walls, especially the simple TNT trap that gets the fully armed Hanna and Duncan. This is then followed by them cornering Sips and Sjin and utterly kicking the crap out of them with arrows and an iron sword.
    • What makes the TNT trap even better is that Lewis dismantled the trap created originally by Sips and Sjin, and used it against Duncan and Hannah. What makes their rush against Sips and Sjin even better is the fact that Sjin had ultimately expected for them to come in with swords, not with bows, thus rendering their arrow trap useless.
    • Duncan and Hannah later get one when they rush Gamechap and Bertie. Curb-Stomp Battle is putting it politely.
  • In round one of Crown Conquest, Lewis has a LITERAL Awesome Moment of Crowning, as he manages to defeat Duncan and Hybridpanda 45 with no weapons whilst they have a wizard's staff and a voodoo doll respectively. Lewis then proceeds to use said voodoo doll on another player and grab one of the crowns. By the end of the round, Lewis is the only player to not have his crown stolen, is one of three players remaining (out of the original 26) and is the first to reach the final mountain. CMOA indeed.
    • GameChap gets one for being the second player to earn a crown.
      • Hey, give him more credit, he was able to win by waiting out with almost no items. Then when he finally moved he had to sneak through the sewers and made it through several mobs while only having ninja stars and a zombie leg as weapons.
      • More credit to Gamechap saving himself from starvation by doing some long-distance fishing.
    • The victory podium's design makes things look more awesome. Anyone arriving there carrying a crown is slow and fireproof, and just walked through lava. When they emerge onto the platform, they are slow and on fire, making the whole thing look like an unflinching walk.
    • Even though Hannah doesn't get a crown, she was able to kill several players before finally dying, including the map's creator.
    • Rythian's partner Zoey earns herself an incredible CMOA in Round 2. Despite several other players remaining alive at sunset, she's the only one to actually go for a crown. All of the others, including Captain Sparklez himself, opt instead to camp on the mountain and kill her on the way up. With the odds stacked against her, what does Zoey do? She dives into the lava-fall and swims up the entire mountain from base to peak, bypassing everyone. Her obvious happiness when she succeeds brings the whole thing into Heartwarming Moment territory, as well.
    • The HAT Films guys ambushing and pulling a Zerg Rush on Lewis in round 3.
    • Sjin and Sips manage to win in episode 3, even though Sjin created the map (Ridgedog put the traps, mind you) not because they knew of any sort of tactic - simply because they switched the crowns from head to head in order to allow one to fight and the other to hold the crown. The tactic was so effective, they would be both with crowns if one of them hadn't despawned. Teamwork at its best.
  • The Walls Part 2 has a couple for Simon and Lewis. Firstly, they demolish Sips and later Sjin after their attempt to Leeroy Jenkins backfires horribly. Lewis then gets another moment when he kills Hannah with a lava bucket, then eventually duels with Duncan and beats him to death with a sword.
    • Some credit has to be given to Duncan here. With some effective archery (admittedly with a firecharged bow) and skilled swordsmanship he was able to hold his own against both of them for about a minute, almost killing Simon if not for Lewis' intervention.
    • Martyn and Toby eventually fighting Lewis and Simon is a CMOA largely for them, with Martyn taking out Simon, Lewis taking out Martyn and then Toby winning the game for their team.
  • "Terminator". The entire thing is an episode of awesome for Duncan, who eliminates every survivor on the map and legitimately wins before one of the dead players cheats and causes the map to technically acknowledge him as the loser. Mention must go to his strategy to stop the others winning- rather than pursue the others and risk leaving the levers undefended, he goes to the last one and camps there, easily dispatching Lewis and Turps in spite of their efforts to distract him.
  • "Skyblock Wars" part 1 is one for Hybridpanda of all people, as he wins.
  • "Skyblock Wars" part 2. Duncan and Turps win handily, letting some of the others kill themselves through their stupidity, then sniping Lewis off a bridge he was building and hunting down Sips before killing him.
    • While he still loses, Sips gets a moment where he does Rythian in by knocking him into a large group of monsters.
  • "Race for the Wool" Version 2. Lewis, Sips, Sjin and Duncan all do pretty well in their first, though Sjin gets a moment where he becomes a One-Man Army with a bow and starts shooting down several of the other team before he himself is killed. After he loses his bow, Sips goes all Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass and does the exact same.
  • Tunnel vision has it's moments. Hat Films rack up a huge number of kills against the Yogscast team at the start. Sips and later Sjin become pretty badass snipers, and rack up a huge number of kills. Finally we have the ascent to the moon monument at the end, with the entire Yogscast team humming the Jurassic park theme and Hat Films attempt to finish them off by taking out the monument with TNT.
  • In the Calamity battle against Hat Films, after Duncan loses his power bow, while Hat Films starts to gain ground against the yogscast team, Lewis finds a tunnel under the islands. With everyone else fighting the long way round, he opts to instead bridge into the Hat Films base, attacking them from behind and activates their machine. The team then maanages to hold the machine room, stopping Hat Films aborting it. And then this left their own machine unguarded, resulting in both machines powering up at the same time. After panicking for a moment, Yogscast find they have a head start, and stay put, winning the game by just over a second.
  • Team HAT films in Race for the Wool Tangled come back from two blocks down, getting all three wool in the time it take the Yogscast team to find the last one.
    • Special mention actually goes to Strippin, who had never played before, and yet ranks up enough kills to single-handedly stop team Yogs from getting at the wool.
    • Sips, meanwhile, once again reveals his hidden badass side, taking out hordes of mobs from a position of weakness, and also coming up with a water elevator shortcut to get Team Hat past the third dungeon quickly. He is also the final survivor of the three man team running the wool back to the monument at the end.

    Sunshine of Israpony 
  • In the My Little Pony mod, the way they fix up an entire town. first by cleaning up all the oil they spilt then turning the desert back into a forest area, complete with naturally grown flowers, saplings, and grass.

    Jaffa Factory 
  • The giant pig that Simon builds over Pig Island. Can't be denied- the arc may have gone on for a while, but Simon's building was unusually good.
    • And then the giant pixel-Honeydew (the one that used to be the Bluexephos channel icon) that Duncan builds to serve as the sign for Honeydew inc, which is near flawless in appearance.
  • After Lewis and Duncan get tired of waiting for Simon to come back from Pig Island, they go pay the island a visit in the most dramatic fashion possible: Flying there using their flying rings while in full Nano Armour, and landing on top of Simon's porkchop stand.
  • Episode 82. After mucking about for so long, the lads finally have their first Jaffa, and Sips is first to consume.
  • Episode 92 has the factory beginning proper production.

    Duncan's Laboratory 
  • The Wither of all things manages to get one of these. The Wither managed to turn what was supposed to be a straight up Curb-Stomp Battle into a Curb Stomp Cushion by actually damaging Duncan, whose Power Armor had made him completely invincible up to that point. After the battle Duncan is left wondering how anyone can fight it and win in Vanilla Minecraft.
  • The fact that Duncan now has a spaceship that flies freely, can move aura nodes, and also effectively functions as a Vis powered mobile quarry, is a pretty awesome achievement in it's own right. The fact that he achieved flight just using Redpower's simple movement frames (which supposedly need a fixed point to set up the frame motor) just adds to this

     Dirt Factory (Sips and Sjin's series) 
  • In the original series, their secret base was pretty impressive, and their original compound was nothing to sniff at either.
  • The "Instant roof" Sjin builds over platform Heisenberg. He was out of view for less than a minute, and was nevertheless finished when Sips looked back. Even he was impressed. Doubles as a moment of Funny.
  • Their new base deserves mention.

    The Blackrock Chronicle 
  • Operation Dino Day. Zoey rescues Teep while Rythian distracts Sjin.
  • Teep invading the base of the red mushrooms and blowing up Prince Egbert with ''an arrow''.
  • Then in episode 4 of Rebirth: Rythian, who had not shown any understanding of science before this moment, revealed that he knew more about science than the show let on and quickly neutralized the force field holding him captive.
  • Off Screen Moment Of Awesome for Zoeya in episode one of Blackrock Chronicle - Rising. Rythian's diary entries reveal that within days of losing her arm Zoeya is building herself a new one by attaching wires and metal plates to her nervous system.
    • Prior to that, Rythian gets an awesome moment via serious Character Development. It's implied that he's going to be in a blind rage at Duncan for contributing to the Stronghold's destruction and Zoeya's near death. Indeed it starts out looking that way with him teleporting Duncan into a box full of TNT in the crater of Blackrock Stronghold... Except rather than just killing him outright? He asks for a truce. And he gets it.
  • They are the second group of the Yogscast to take on a Hydra in the Twilight Forest... and defeat it faster than any of the other players thus far, primarily with swords.

    Sjin's Farm 
  • This series in general really shows how good Sjin is as a Minecraft player. In the first episode he's setting off with not much apart from a boat and crafting table. By episode 50 he's got a mansion, dozens of buildings, grand orchards, a plane and an apprentice, leaving him with quite possibly the biggest base of operations in the server's history.
  • Sjin saving Kim from Strawfingers.
  • Sjin versus Strawfingers in the Twilight Forest. The fight initially starts in the latter's favour, but then Sjin decides to charge him- at which point Jake the dog reappears randomly and starts mauling his foe, allowing Sjin to get the killing blow. His death probably won't stick, but damn.
  • Sjin's rematch against the Lich. It initially goes badly as Sjin realises that the Lich is immune to his guns, but eventually deflects the Lich's energy blasts back at his shields, takes them down and starts shooting him to pieces. The only reason he dies is because the game crashes and therefore it's not his fault at all. He eventually returns to finish the job, hacking the Lich to pieces.
  • In episode #62, Sjin takes on the Hydra boss, and manages, through determination, to eventually bring it down. This is in part owing to him killing the Hydra by causing it to decapitate itself so often that its own heads start doing damage to themselves.

  • Lewis and Simon breaking out the gun mods and breaking into the shut down Yoglabs.
  • Dr. Testificate solidifying his status as a Badass Bookworm.
  • The Space program finally succeeds with Simon and Lewis flying to other planets.
  • Nyan Tornado And everything that happens in it. The Nyan pig launcher also counts as a Funny Moment.
  • The simulation map that Simon and Lewis test their power armour in during the Iron Dwarf video is just awesome to behold. What it is exactly is of course up for debate.
  • The unveiling and activation of the Stargate in "Raiders of the Lost Archives."
    • The following episode has them fighting off a giant bug invasion.
  • Mechs Vs Mobzilla upstages everything so far. Lewis and Simon once again fight off a bug invasion, this time in a testificate town, and using Giant mecha. And then Kaiju start turning up...
    • Mobzilla at the end stands out for being a Curb Stomp Cushion after Lewis and Simon were wiping out everything with little effort. Not only that, but it becomes a serious threat, destroying Lewis's Titan, and then proving resistant to just about everything they tried to do to it, escaping to top everything off. And for added points, even compared to the Kaiju and the Mecha, it is utterly huge.
  • Soul Absorbers and Clone Lab. Two Yoglab employees betray Lewis and Simon and plan to make death permanent. Simon is killed, permanently, but is able to be replaced by a clone—at the cost of his own memories. All Simon from now on are clones of the selfless clone.
    • The episodes are definitely Awesome moments for Lewis and Simon (and all the others who went into the creative process) IRL. Major props to the Yogscast for creating and pulling off something so amazing.
  • The guys demonstrating the Metaworlds mod, even if it didn't quite work out as hoped.

  • Voltz Special - The Bomb. Sips and Sjin set off a Red Matter Explosive, not knowing it could destroy the whole world. Several deaths later, Ridgedog notices, but keeps being killed and then losing his connection before he can do anything about it. He then calls for Duncan's help, explaining that the only thing that can cancel out Red Matter is Antimatter, and that left unchecked it would eat the entire server. Duncan and Lewis enter creative mode - the situation making it come off as a Let's Get Dangerous! moment - and fly down on Sips' rapidly collapsing mountain to set off the antimatter explosive... which, although cancelling out the red matter explosive reaction, also destroys most of the mountain Sips and Sjin were living in. So Duncan demonstrates Rejuvenation missiles, which restore chunks to the state they were first loaded in.
    • This becomes a CMOF when Lewis and Ridge unknowingly return the tunnel base Sips and Sjin dug into the mountain to its original solid state, with them still inside it.
    • Oh, actually the Red Matter Wormhole is still out there. The Anti-Matter didn't blow up close enough to destroy it, so it just sent it flying into the unloaded chunks. As long as no idiot goes out into the unloaded chunks it will remain dormant... which means Simon, Sips, or Sjin will probably wake it up when Voltz updates so it can end the world.note 
    • Not to mention that the bomb is basicly a swirling black hole of doom that is impossible to get in sight of outside of creative mode, and even in their fully powered state it came across as a serious threat and Duncan and Lewis needed several goes to get at it. Them flying around the inside of a hollowed out mountain trying to find a spot that will last long enough to set the bomb is pretty much a second moment of awesome in it's own right. Especially with all the roaring sucking sounds from the Red matter vortex, and the utterly huge explosions when the antimatter finally goes off.
  • Voltz 23: After constructing a missile defense system, Lewis and Simon start scouting out Ridgedog's base. They're interrupted when Ridge suddenly appears on the roof of his base, and presses the red button. Lewis and Simon watch his missile blast off, and then get rather frantic as it turns out the missile defense system at their base is apparently not working. The last second of the episode is Duncan looking up at the missile falling on him as Lewis shouts at him to trigger the launcher manually, Simon screaming Duncan's name, and the screen going black. Easily the most tense moment of the entire series, made more so by the fact that everything after Ridgedog arrives is accompanied by awesome music, and instead of the usual ending theme, they continue that music.
    • The opening of the next episode is almost entirely Ridge curbstomping them. His first missile turned out to only be a chemical missile, so instead of blowing up the base poisoned and blinded Duncan. Ridge subsequently blew Simon up somehow, and then fired an Ender missile at their base. Duncan was teleported to the end and subsequently fell into the void, taking their antimatter missile and his second complete powersuit with him, and the base became so heavily infested with Endermen that it took Simon and Lewis several attempts to get it back under control. With just two missiles he set them back more than five episodes of work, and came close to completely destroying them. Pretty impressive.
  • Once the base is restored, Simon, Lewis, and Duncan decide to launch a counterattack with steel swords. Against his missiles and what turns out to be a railgun. This moment itself is pretty awesome, but it gets better. Lewis and Duncan get killed pretty quick, but Simon manages to get int the gun's blind spot, smashes the platform Ridge was standing on, and then kills him with a bucket of lava. all with just half a heart remaining.
  • Lewis, deciding this is a serious emergency, reveals he had buried a chest of emergency supplies under the fusion reactor, which contained everything they'd need to rebuild and counterattack in this situation.
  • Episode 25: Retribution has Ridge's biggest attempt to get rid of Lewis, Simon and Duncan. It all started with a sign in the lowest point in his base.
    "I would miss you if you died. Behind you. -Ridge."
    Lewis: Behind us? What does he mean, behind us?
    "Tee hee"
    @: Intruders detected! Base self destruct system initiated.
    Simon: "Self destruct?! Oh god!"
    @: Prepare to die, suckas!
    Duncan: We didn't have time to salvage everything!
    Lewis: Just get out of there! Get out of the base!
    • While Lewis and Simon escape with plenty of time left, Duncan narrowly escapes - the explosion blows him into the sea nearby.
    • The fact that While Lewis and Simon fled for their lives imediately, Duncan decided that they needed to get something out of this, and collected several chests worth of missiles before leaving. particularly cool since he didn't have time to open the chests, so he just blew them to bits with his rocket launcher and scooped up what fell out.
    • And for added awesome, the whole sequence is set to the awesome music from the cliffhanger conclusion of Voltz 23.
      • It immediately becomes funny when Ridge rejoins just in time to see his base explode, saying "back from afk" and immediately after, "what the f**k"


Main Channel

  • Episode 12. Simon, Lewis and Duncan finally build an airship and take off as a Power Trio, starting to explore the sky islands.
    • The design of the airship itself. Simon's bad building skills were played for laughs a lot in Tekkit, but here he breaks the trend and produces a pretty cool air-boat that just seems to suit the yogscast perfectly. Later, his Moonbase continues this trend.
  • All three of the rocket takeoffs were moments of awesome, although they all became funny moments instead upon landing.
  • Lewis successfully landing his rocket, although this is very quickly undermined by him suffocating as he forgot his oxygen gear.
  • The guys eventually establishing a book connection between the moon and the Overworld, winning the space race.
  • "Moonquest: An Epic Journey". Not only is it an awesome song, but Sparkles* composed and performed the entire thing singlehandedly.
  • Sjin and Simon making it to Mars and establishing a book connection, rescuing Sips the next episode.
  • Simon, Lewis and Duncan returning to the Jaffa Factory and vowing to rebuild it.
  • After Duncan announces that he's found Clucky, Simon launches into a screaming fit about how the guys never get anything done. In rapid succession, he shoots down Duncan going to the Nether and going to Site Bee, angrily ordering Lewis to forget it. Both Duncan and Lewis are instantly cowed.

Sips and Sjin's series

  • _Zips kicks off the second series by blowing up Slime Island.
  • Sjin is completely undeterred by the incident, vowing to create a new compound and save Sips.

Kim and Duncan's series

  • On Duncan's lead, the first thing the pair do after gearing up is climb all the way up the incredibly high crags biome on foot, cutting a staircase all the way. and then once they get over the top Duncan decides against climbing down the other side, in favor of building a diving board and taking a running jump off the cliffs!. There was a river below, and he had slept to set his spawn point, but still, that took some nerve.
    • Kim arguably one upped him; she followed him down after picking up both beds. She didn't have a second chance to fall back on when she jumped.
  • The hang gliders Kim made on a whim led to all kinds of awesomeness. The best would be episode 35, when, after gliding all the way to the Baked Bean Fort to get some essential supplies, they decide to use Duncan's slime island as the launch for the journey home. The nerdpole they make goes right up to world height, and they subsequently glide all the way back to their home in a single jump. The sheer celebration when they manage to land on their roof just sells the entire moment.
  • And two episodes later they top it yet again. With their rocket ready and fully fueled, Duncan suggests that Kim takes up the link book. She succeeds on her first attempt, becoming the fourth Yogscast member to travel by rocket, and the first to pull off a perfect landing on the moon. Her sheer delight when she touches down sends also makes this a heartwarming moment.
    • Notably, Duncan used team Jaffa's approach; send up one rocket with a Linking Book. Unlike team Jaffa though, they executed it flawlessly, and after just one launch now have a permanent moon link.


  • While Ridge has stopped playing, he arguably has the most impressive base out of everyone to date, with multiple farms, animal pens and science facilities, all in one small area.

    Yogscast Complete Pack 

Evicted (Hannah and Nilesy)

  • The thunderstorm created by their first use of circle magic.
  • In episode 30, the duo stumble across a sealed room full of Blazes in the Nether. Despite Hannah's wariness, they decide to attack, and Nilesy subsequently tears through all five more or less single handed, coming out with barely a scratch.
    • Several episodes later it's revealed Nilesy's haste-enchanted armor allows him to run on water.

Flux Buddies (Duncan and Kim)

  • Kim and Duncan's method of flight, combining Jetpacks and hang gliders, is a joint awesome achievement for the duo. They came up with it between them, with Kim making the gliders in Galacticraft, and Duncan having the idea to boost them with the jetpacks later on. The result is easily the fastest method of travel yet seen on the server, as well as allowing for decent manouverability in the air when needed, and to top it off makes far more efficient use of hydrogen than a jet pack alone ever could.
  • Episode 20, a Brick Joke from The Apprentice lands - while exploring the moon in their buggy, Kim finds her old tower and the portal gun that sent it there. Cue epic music and much Squeeing.
  • Kim's great blood heist overlaps with a funny moment. In short, she decides to collect Taglocks for Poppets, and breaks into Sjin's farm and Hat Film's base to steal them. She gets several copies of Sjin and Trot from their beds, but then, upon running into Lewis, somehow manages to distract him and tag him from behind in person!. The funniest bit is that she literally did it just by typing "What's that over there" prompting Lewis to look around.
    Lewis: What was that pinging sound?
  • Duncan's holiday to Disneyland. Kim is left running Panda Labs herself, and just about everything she does while he's away is awesome.
    • Kim's attempt at a peace treaty with HAT films. It went about as well as anybody expected it to, but while she was still trying to be friendly Kim managed to get their coordinates without being noticed, just in case it came to missiles. Then when things turned heated she went straight for their force field generator, and when Trot tried to stop her she utterly curbstomped him with a rocket launcher. Finally, she defended Duncan's missile silo from all three Hatters, taking them out without much difficulty, and chases them off while declaring nuclear war. She's certainly come a long way from being an apprentice.
    Kim: Dear Duncan. Whole you were on holiday in Disney land, I did something bloody spectacular.
    • And the very next episode she upstages herself by killing death singlehandedly. She didn't intend to fight when she summoned him, so she didn't have half her weapons ready to use, or any potions. So she just hacked at him with her sword for two days until she won. By the time Duncan gets back, she's already made herself better weapons to make the rematch go quicker and smoother.
  • The war against HAT films at the conclusion of the series is a long chain of awesome moments, for both sides. Kim and Duncan's various preparations give them a serious edge and they consistently seem to take the upper hand, culminating in Kim Becoming Death in the final showdown. However, the Hatters also come out swinging by completely destroying Panda Labs with a few decisive attacks. Basically, the entire sequence involves both sides cutting loose and fighting with their full potential, and it makes for an epic finale.

Magic Police (Duncan and Sjin)

  • Episodes 29 to 31 have Duncan and Sjin trying to fight an air guardian, which proves to be harder than they anticipated. After they defeat it, they imediately go back for round two and summon another one.
  • Episode 32, after all the difficulty they had with the first one, reveals that Sjin has been farming them on his own offscreen, and beat nearly twenty of them single handedly.
  • Not long after we see their efforts to fight a water guardian. After nearly drowning a few times due to it's gimmick, they get a clean shot at it resulting in a Curbstomp Battle. And despite all their panicking, looking closely at the damage indicators during the battle seems to suggest Sjin and Duncan weren't in nearly as much trouble as they thought at the start.
    • Again, Sjin slaughters a huge number of them off screen later.

Holediggers Inc(Lewis, Simon, and Duncan)

  • The group finds out that the portal to the deep dark requires four unstable ingots to make. An ingot will explode ten seconds after being crafted, and, worse, there is no way to automate this process. On Simon's first attempt to craft it he blows up almost immediately due to closing his crafting window. Him and Duncan both fail repeatedly, and then Lewis blows himself up as well, prompting them to rethink their strategy. While the others are trying to come up with a loophole, Lewis psyches up and succeeds on his second attempt, crafting the portal with just over a second to spare.
  • Episode 48 has two awesome moments:
    • One is Simon, of all people, building a fully functional and extremely powerful yellorium-powered nuclear reactor for the space station, and getting everything right on his first attempt.
    • The second is the ME wireless system Lewis builds for the computer, with access terminals for the entire group and access points both on Earth and on the space station. It seems kinda nifty at a glance, before you remember that the computer system is ridiculously powerful, intelligent, and crammed to the brim with almost everything they have mined and hoarded over the course of the series. And then Duncan hammers it home:
  • By the end of Episode 49, the Dwarf Star is a fully armed and operational mining station, beaming a constant stream of materials from the planet below with its mining laser. The crew is getting minerals they'd never seen before. The crew is getting minerals from other dimensions. Combined with the above, Simon, Lewis and Duncan have the resources of an entire world at their fingertips. The only questions are what they're going to do with all of it... and where exactly on the planet their laser is drilling.
    • Later they find out that the mining laser actually destroyed Duncan's Golf Course and Hotel, even destroying Bedrock and exposing the void. Doubles at both a CMOA and Nightmare Fuel since the laser is moving toward their base slowly and the fact they made a laser so powerful it could destroy bedrock.

  • The general progress of the team. Despite their numerous disputes and constant arguing, they have managed to successfully create a fantastically large island base on top of all their secret bases elsewhere.
  • By Week 9, Strippin and Benji have built a tree base out of redwood. The base is impressively designed itself, but the best part is that they planted so many trees that they essentially created a huge forest which the others had assumed was always there. Even Hat Films, who spend most of their time being sarcastic and abrasive towards Strippin, are genuinely impressed.
    • This makes it more of a Tearjerker when its destroyed by Sjin, as mentioned below.
  • Week 14 has a duel between Strippin and Sjin after they have a dispute, in the recently-built arena. Strippin wins.
  • The way Strippin and Benji's tree house base is destroyed by Sjin, with only two lava buckets, on leaves that don't burn.
  • Everyone freaks out that they din't have enough generators. Or Iron. Or Gold. Cue Kim and Duncan actually getting shit done and providing for everyone else. Including Kim finding several bee hives for Hannah.

    Trials of Derpulies 
  • After twenty episodes of trolling each other, Teams Sjipos, Flux Buddies, and Hat Films all work together magnificently in the finale to bring down Derpulies himself after he reveals his plan for world domination. They win. Can also double as the most Heartwarming Moment.


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