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Nightmare Fuel / Yogscast Minecraft Series

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    Shadow of Israphel 

  • Israphel in general. A...something...with an unnaturally vengeful desire to kill all the Antiochs, who kidnaps kids and corrupts anything and anyone.
  • Poor Granny_Bacon being transformed into a zombie by Israphel, and ruthlessly attacking Simon and Lewis while doing The Slow Walk. As if that isn't enough, she becomes more bloody and zombie-like the more damage she takes, until she is entirely green and skinny, with exposed flesh, bones, and a chilling snarl.
  • The area under the tree in Shadow of Israphel Episode 29 where Vitali hid the remains of his victims.
    • The descriptions of how he killed the individual Skylords is genuinely terrifying, and is a rare moment where no comedy is inserted. Also the fact that's he's a freakin' vampire.
  • The possible Bad Future seen in Shadow of Israphel episode 25.
  • Israphel's wiki page on the the Yogwiki has this lovely profile pic.
  • Rory Rockhammer's flaming transformation into a zombie-thing controlled by Israphel.
  • Episode 34. The world is ending in 3 days, 7 hours.
  • Episode 35. Discovering that Knight Peculier was this damned close to killing himself and Xephos and Honeydew when they first met. Especially horrific when you think back to how amused Simon and Lewis were to have discovered a village with the archetypical RPG Barkeeper.
    • You remember when Simon and Lewis were suspicious of the milk he gave them at first? They were almost right.
    • The group finding an entire town buried and suffocated under the sands.
  • In Episode 36, the last letter cutscene shows a black hand, rising from the sands, and then a wave of sand covering Terrorvale.
    • And we soon, unfortunately, find out what said hand contains. See entry below.
  • In Episode 37, Honeydew dies twice. Something about one of the heroes failing so close to the end is pretty unsettling.
  • Episode 38. The apocalyptic log given by Enoch, ending with a giant fucking bloodstain. And Israphel won't stop scaring the shit out of you.
    • Enoch going insane and killing the remainder of his party. He kills the first by stabbing them in their sleep, then pushes Scribe_Anno into a radioactive stream.
      • The part right before the bloodstain with Israphel and the audio distortion DID NOT HELP.
      • "Bones...So itchy...Only solution...Is removal...." Dear NOTCH.
    • Peculier's death.
      • Making it even worse is the source of the death. Radioactive lava.
    • "The Sentinels are active".
    • Which makes you wonder. What the HELL are the Sentinels?!
      • According to the episode, the giant hand was buried underneath the sand and was only starting to regenerate AFTER the sand was cleared out of it. Does this mean that Minecraftia has two horrible unnatural abominations (The sand and the black metal/Sentinals) and one is only slightly better than the others!?
    • The giant metal hand growing back by itself.
  • Some of the music used is pretty unnerving, such as "Kingdom of Lies."
    • "Off The Deep End" isn't any better.
  • Episode 39 is much more comical in comparison to the previous one, but there are still quite a few notable moments:
    • The exploration of the lair eventually reveals the sound of a very disturbing heartbeat.
    • The duo stumble across a cloning facility; as usual the experiment is revealed to have gone wrong, with all future clones going insane, losing most higher brain function and then going Axe-Crazy.
    • To make matters worse, Simon clones himself, which causes him to be trapped and frozen alive for a minute or two.
    • The Evil_Honeydew twin clones are funny, but the pair are basically a demonstration of what Simon would be like if he was evil. The pair take Mad Bomber to the extreme, have very twisted and deranged speech patterns and nearly destroy entire sections of the relic twice. And while one was taken down, the other is still wandering free.

    Mod Spotlights/YogLabs 
  • While the Weeping Angels mod eventually turned to hilarity, the Angels' initial pursuit of Simon was pretty creepy.
    Simon: Hello, Lewis! I've made a Minecraft video!
    Lewis: Hello!
    Simon: Do you know what it's about?
    Lewis: Oh... What's that, over there?
    Simon: Did you see that?
    Lewis: What's that over there...
  • The Helicopter mod spotlight has an earlier segment where Lewis is set up for execution. Thanks to the Pincushion mod, he has tons of arrows sticking out of him that don't disappear.
  • Lewis seems to have turned evil in their Yoglabs series, and offhandedly mentions doing horrible things like chopping up dragons for food and shooting Testificate_MD since the doctor wouldn't let him renew his combat license. Then there's Dr. Srivaramen, who's covered in blood the entire time and has a giant pet mutant zombie named Bort, who he treats like a dog as he asks if it wants any Testificate children to eat.
    • In earlier Yoglabs episodes, Lewis was often in Suspiciously Specific Denial, claiming that they 'aren't evil or anything', until the Fuerellos' Guns Mod, where he makes Simon join him as he massacres several government agents within Yoglabs who had shut it down, then fully admits that Yoglabs is evil. And he does it in such a nonchalant way it's creepy.
  • The basilisk attack in "Girlfriend Island". They just suddenly turn up and start killing everything, yet Lewis and Simon have captured them and are bringing them back to the main lab for cloning.
  • The Soul Absorbers and Clone Lab Wham Episodes:
    • Two Yoglab employees betray Lewis and Simon and plan to make their deaths permanent. Our heroes try to stop them, but the real Simon is killed, forcing the clone we've been following to sacrifice himself and his memories to replace him, allowing respawning to continue.
      • Simon's death is genuinely disturbing, in that he screams and screams and screams, and his corpse doesn't evaporate but continues to lie on the floor.
      Simon: ...That was the most horrifying thing I've ever seen.
    • This revelation makes a lot of Simon's mishaps much Harsher in Hindsight. Every clone of his that died is gone. They're all the same hilarious, fun-loving, hole-digging, Jaffa-munching guy we know and love. And there is no shortage of ways they've died.
    • The very end of that episode as well, starting from Simon's "Hang that a ro—?". It then zooms in on the robot in question, which has the sign "Nothing Lives Forever" on it. As if we weren't worried enough for Simon before... (and worried about how evil Lewis has been acting)
    • 'Lalnibal Hector' deserves a mention as well. A bad clone of Lalna, who's killed more testificates than Simon, and is now locked up in Yoglabs. According to Lewis, he escaped once. If this is a bad clone of someone who already likes exploding things with nukes, who knows how evil Lalnibal Hector really can be?
      • Not much better is the fan-theory that there's nothing wrong with "Lalnable Hector" at all, and that Lewis is keeping him imprisoned in order to (ab)use Duncan's inherent creativity. After all, we only have Lewis' word that he's evil, and Lewis is hardly a paragon of virtue himself.
  • In the aptly-named Midas Touch episode, Lewis and Simon have been using replacers, which replaces any block of material with another material. Out of curiosity, Simon replaces the floor with bacteria.... which spreads and devours the world before being stopped.
  • In these episodes of YogLabs, Lewis is about to remove the hard drive containing the data for the YogDonalds Simon is in (long story). Simon glances upwards and sees Israphel himself glaring down at him right before the hard drive is removed. When Simon's screen returns to normal, Israphel is gone.
    • Two more points from those episodes. One: Lewis completely controls Simon's brain functions. We see multiple times that he has a control panel that simply hacks Simon's brain which he has demonstrated can mentally change Simon's age backwards, at least. We also see and hear of him programming in false memories and giving multiple Simon clones the same exact belief that they are the real Simon. Now, while we know Lewis is Simon's friend and he wouldn't use this technology for irresponsible purposes... although he is hovering close to the Moral Event Horizon... the fact remains that Lewis could simply tell Simon to stop breathing. Two: that vision of Israphel that Simon saw? He wasn't wearing his usual dark robe/cloak. He's wearing Lewis' clothing.
    • Lewis is eerily calm about the fact that he can trap Simon within a hard drive.
    • Now that you think about it, the fact doesn't act like he does in the labs could kinda point to him actually being Israphel in disguise which could explain everything above. Hmmmm, maybe that explains why is calm at even the scariest times. And even if Simon were to eventually catch on, there's nothing stopping Israphel wiping his memory, killing him by stopping his heart, torturing him and other malicious things. With Simon unable to do anything about it. If Israphel hasn't crossed the Moral Event Horizon yet, he has now or soon will.
    • And there's the simple fact that Simon has been the guinea pig for many experiments over Yoglab's run. Which just adds to the Fridge Horror.
  • The episode "Block Gun Mod" has Lewis seemingly cross the Moral Event Horizon by trying to order Simon to destroy a real, non-simulated Testificate village with TNT-firing weaponry. This is an act so horrendous that Simon tries rebelling against Lewis, angrily destroying what appears to be their base, then trying to free some trapped commandos, only to kill most of them and himself in the effort. To top this off, Simon's twenty-ninth clone doesn't remember just what happened.
  • Cooking With Simon seems pretty cute at first...until you find out what thy were actually making. And remember that Simon ate one of the sandwiches.
  • Everything about the Teletubbies episode. For one thing, the episode starts with one of the Simon clones waking up in his own grave outside of Yoglabs (and a Freeze-Frame Bonus reveals that this particular one is Simon Clone #8937; remember, seven episodes ago they were on clone number 29). Then Lewis heavily implies that Yoglabs has bought the right to Teletubbies, and is using it to transmit subliminal brainwashing to children around the world, as part of yet another vaguely defined evil scheme. THEN, we have Lewis becoming increasingly angry as Simon fails to eat the custard, ultimately leading to him being accidentally killed with a flamethrower and another clone being produced. AND THEN we find out that Lewis has created massive holding pens filled with Tubby clones, and implies that there are similar pens all over the facility. AND FUCKING THEN Simon accidentally gives them meat, causing them to become bloodthirsty monsters and overrun the entire facility. The worst part, though is the very ending, which shows exactly how far off the deep end Lewis has gone: he tricks Simon into activating the Yoglabs self-destruct mechanism in order to purge the Tubbies, then jumps into the escape pod. The one-person escape pod. The last shot of the episode is Lewis half-heartedly telling Simon "You'll be fine" while Simon bangs on the escape pod door and desperately begs Lewis to help him...followed by the sound of a massive explosion and a smash to black.

     Other Main Series 
  • The aftermath of the Tekkit War, which has the entire server in ruins.
  • In the Tekkit Chronicles, Sjin kidnaps Teep (who is a mute dinosaur) and threatens to eat him. Coupled with the fact that he is the TRUE ruler of Sips Co, Sjin may be the Big Bad of Tekkit...
    • In the fourth episode of Rythian's Rebirth series, he talks about killing Duncan in a gruesome fashion, while maintaining his usual speech pattern.
    • The end of Rythian's Tekkit: Season 2, Episode 17. Imagine this: There's a nuke of deadly power beneath your home. You've reassured your friends that you can deal with it, but you know inside yourself that you don't know enough. You send them far away so they won't get hurt if you fail. You reassure yourself that you can do it. You cut the wrong wire. The bomb starts to beep, increasing in frequency. In your last seconds you cry out for your friends, but they're not there. There's no one to hear you, or to rescue you from the inevitable. The nuke explodes, and it's all your fault.
      • Or this: After a huge fight and a long time apart, you've finally reunited with the person you love. The two of you have talked through your issues, and things seem to be finally looking up. They announce they're going to defuse the deadly nuke and save your home, and assign you to protect all of your other friends. They assure you that they'll be fine and they have everything under control. After repeatedly offering to stay with them you reluctantly agree to leave, making them promise to be careful. Worried, you're in the process of shepherding all your other friends out of the danger zone when suddenly you hear an Earth-Shattering Kaboom behind you...
  • The 12th part of the Voltz series is mostly hilarious, following the events that transpire after Sips and Sjin set off a Red Matter bomb that creates a black hole. But when helping them, Ridgedog says something extremely desperate.
    Ridgedog: I can't stay connected long enough to fix this. Duncan I need help. Antimatter explosives as fast as you please. This will eat the world.
    • When the thing first went off, Sips was almost on top of it, and was killed instantly. Sjin, on the other hand, was in the tunnel a certain distance away, and got caught first on the edge of the floor, then on a wall he built, as he was dragged in. Since he couldn't escape the gravity, he was stuck, completely helpless, for a long while with his only protection slowly being eaten before it finally caught up with him.
    • Another thing that was rather freaky was how, after the explosion, a number of odd things began to happen. In addition to the obvious issue of the wormhole, its pull was so strong that Sjin and Sips both randomly died a few times just walking around outside of their base due to getting pulled into the ground. There was also a point where for some strange reason, Sjin became invisible.
    • Remember what Ridgedog said shortly after Duncan's anti-matter bomb blew up the underground? 'Ok it's in unloaded chunks. We're safe for now'. That means that any time they go to a new chunk, they run the risk of re-loading the red matter explosion.
    • The explosion itself is horrific, as it can consume the entire world and at first Simon, Lewis, and Duncan were oblivious to it and assumed it was something less lethal.
    • Sips_' Suspiciously Specific Denial when contacting Ridge for help.
    Sips_: There may or may not be a giant wormhole under our base that keeps killing us.
    • The sheer amount of devastation after all was said and done. It was a hole that went down to the bedrock that was about the relative size of a couple of city blocks!
    • As revealed in a later video, Duncan missed some spots with the rejuvenation missiles.
    • It was so bad, Simon decided to create a treaty banning all Red Matter and Dark Matter bombs. Keep in mind this is the man who ordinarily loves Stuff Blowing Up solutions...
    • Proving that Sips and Sjin A) learned nothing from the experience and B) are both insane, they set off after the wormhole immediately after the treaty was signed. When they couldn't follow it further due to an ocean, they set up a base and have begun working towards building another Red Matter explosive.
      • Luckily, they've stopped.
  • The second missile Ridge fires in episode 24 of Voltz not only sends Duncan (who was directly hit by it) to the End, but also fills the entire base with Endermen.
    • Horror of the normal and fridge variety inside Ridge's base as well The trophy gallery of Yognaut's heads, and the cages full of animals for experiments are bad enough. And then Lewis also refers to it as the Yoglabs "Black site" stating that it's completely amoral and evil, and he thinks his memories of it were erased so he wouldn't stop them. Considering how close to the Moral Event Horizon Lewis seems to have come in his Yoglabs persona, it says a lot that this place is far worse...
  • The entire second half of video 25 for Voltz feels like a segment from Fallout, with Simon, Lewis and Duncan climbing through Ridge's heavily irradiated (from the Nuke they used to crack the base open)facility. In between dodging sentry guns and looking for salvage, the group find evidence of horrific experiments that Ridge has been undertaking...
  • In Episode 38 of Moonquest, they turn up in a land called Sludgepit 2... which turns out to be a nice, snowy world... with meteors and flowers that randomly make them catch on fire. Earlier, a mutant skeleton goes on a rampage and kills Simon with pretty much no warning.
  • On one of the Christmas livestreams, Kim, Duncan and Simon are messing around in the old Tekkit world. Simon is going through the eggs added by the various mods. Simon spawns a naga. It starts destroying the area. Simon spawns some more. And some more. Bad things happen. Duncan tries setting off a nuke, and it still doesn't kill them. Simon basically unleashed a plague upon the world.
    • And as of the Apprentice episode 10, the Naga Plague has reached Duncan's castle, and got inside one of his towers, and he still has no idea how to stop them
  • Kim's Flux accident in the Apprentice is a downplayed example. All she did was fall into the nuclear sphere by accident, and now something is causing her to act increasingly strangely, she keeps going into an odd trance and talking about how pretty the ViZ node is (at this point it's a swirling vortex of purple and black that even Duncan called terrifying). And what's more, the purple taint on her arms is also in one of her eyes, and is still growing.
    • And now, as of Flux Buddies episode 93, her Flux has spread even further, and Duncan is also fluxed.
    • That, coupled with the fact that the flux is a full-blown Eldritch Location, means that Duncan and Kim might be becoming something...else
  • The destruction of the Jaffa Factory in Jaffa Quest 105 can be seen as this in-universe, considering they didn't know the ship still had fuel and not even Duncan knew the amount of devastation that could be caused.
  • In-universe, both Simon and Duncan were stranded on the moon for part of Moon Quest, with only their comrades' voices for company. In Duncan's case, rescuing him was second priority to a laser sentry.
  • Their goal in Hole Diggers is to follow Simon's Dwarven instinct and dig deeply and greedily and wind up in a dimension called the Deep Dark. The Deep Dark is a dimension that starts you off in a small box and if you dig down, empties out into a freakishly massive cavern. As if that wasn't enough, being in unfiltered darkness slowly kills you. Simon's unaware of this fact until he dies and the world message reads "Honeydew was consumed by the darkness", which elicited a Big "OMG!" from Simon and Duncan. Just to make it even better, there are randomly spawning holes in the world that go right into the void, thankfully Simon has a jetpack.
  • Over on Duncan's and Kim's end of things, they finally manage to break into Duncan's fluxed ruin of a former castle and rummage through the things that were stored there. However, Kim discovers a underground laboratory that even Duncan didn't know about, where testificates were being locked up. Closer investigation by Kim reveals a experiment log revealing that the testificates were part of an experiment to convert their brainwaves into energy. And the person who signed it? Lalnabal Hector.
  • Part 62 of Hole Diggers is the finale and they go out with a bang... A really, really big bang! To elaborate: A black hole is created when Simon attempts to override their nuclear reactor that they believe has been hacked by someone. This lasts for about two minutes of crazy spinning, frightening visuals and sound effects and everyone freaking out before it stops and everything calms down.
    • Then there's the revelation that their mining lasers have been creating a HUGE hole in the world that actually made it past bedrock and is steadily heading towards their base!
    • A minor one that no one seemed to notice but when Simon is looking at the notice board after the above mentioned discovery, there's a small sign on the back that he doesn't seem to notice. And it says, "Blow up the whole world and kill everyone."
      • I think he noticed and just didn't say anything. But why...
      • And then there's the notion: Who is Ax-Crazy enough to put that on the notice board?
  • Over the course of Duncan and Kim's Flux Buddies series, poor Kim has been slowly overtaken by Flux. Eventually, the Flux has covered at least her arms and half her head, and her eye has grown bigger and turned dark purple. She describes it as being slightly sticky and gross. Oh, and she's hearing voices.
    • Duncan is now infected with the Flux. And he's hearing voices as well. Though, by his own admission, it's not clear how much of the voices are the Flux or his own mind.
    • Kim's infection has now spread to both her eyes, and in episode 83 of season 2 ran off into a Taint-controlled area for a short duration while singing "Twinkle, twinkle little star". It now seems it's only a matter of time before she is fully infected.
  • Also, it seems, considering episode 80, that the two have ran into Duncan's Axe-Crazy clone, Lalnable Hector, again. This time he's making clones of Kim, now. And after a bunch of rejects crawling with Body Horror, it seems he has succeeded.
    • There may also be a chance that Kim's clone may have replaced Kim and is now acting as The Mole, considering her very suspicious behaviour in ep 84, which includes asking Duncan about his plans on defending their HQ.
  • In Whale Lords, the team goes into an old dwarves city and find out that everyone is dead because of some horror, the Lord of torment, and at the end of the episode he is STILL AROUND, though they kill him later he could still come back
    • And the team is made up of Villain Protagonists excluding Lewis, they have embraced this fully during the time they spend in the whale. Duncan kidnaps a bacteria child (albeit for a good reason as he was working in the poo mines) and later mercy kills him when he's stuck in the floor, then the team steals potatoes from the capitalist side of the wall made by bacteria for the communists and kill the major, then they are perfectly fine with committing genocide of the capitalists to get the wall down so their whale will fly again and only Lewis and their new friend Ernest have a problem with this. At the end Simons TNT obsession seems to be coming back with Lewis explicitly saying to him "Your insane!"
    • In one episode we have a crypt full of the eyes of Giants, with each one saying the age and what they did. It's not just the fact that this guy has a crypt full of giants eyes that is nightmare's how similar it is to the SOI episode with the vampire sky lord
  • In Project Ozone, Lewis' mental state suffers considerably during certain sections. During the first bout, in Episodes 93-94 this leads to him mining their entire base in a desperate bid to stop mobs from spawning and killing their special material cows with a chance cube before Duncan kills him, crashes the server and rolls back everything. While it is later lower in intensity, he often admits through the series that it drives him mad, and questions his reasons for building the Lag Factory, claiming it's mostly insanity. Further down the line, he goes out into the wilderness and plays around with chance cubes for a good while, despite the massive danger he knows they pose. Coupled with the latest couple of episodes of him blowing up the base and the outbursts at Sjin incompetence, this might get to the point of worrying about his mental health. Arguably, Duncan's response to Lewis' actions in Episode 94 is also insane, as he angrily procedes to shamsh all the chance cubes before murdering Lewis, all while angritly shouting, before falling to a sudden silence before killing Lewis.

    Trials of Skobbels 
  • Towards the end of the series, one of the challenges is to retrieve a golden coin from a giant glass cage... filled to the brim with giant mantises that are capable of a One-Hit Kill. Sjin, Lewis and Smith repeatedly die trying to get the damn thing and don't even bother trying to clear out the rest of the loot.
  • The ultimate fate of Hat Films. Skobbels takes Team Sjipos and Team Fluxydew to a wonderful tropical island, but leaves them in his realm... which is burning down due to three giant trees being grown and then set alight.

    Adventure Maps and Other 

  • Despite a history of making light of horror maps, even Simon and Lewis couldn't make Wintertide less horrifying. Possibly helped by the fact that they genuinely didn't know what they were in for and expected another kooky Christmas themed map instead of... that thing.
    • Although the creepy notes are... not so creepy considering Simon 1) read them out in his Griswold voice and 2) it was supposed to be a little girl. Actually, if he had used the appropriate voice it likely would ha Simon's little girl voice can be god damn terrifying.
  • The Jackal and the Cave is one heck of a scary adventure map! Kinda sucks it was a one parter though.
  • The creepy voices they used to read the notes in Monarch of Madness. Doesn't start until the "madness" is evident, but when it does...
    • Whenever they do creepy voices in general, and the music inserted doesn't help...
  • Chronotide is turning out to be this. The worst was episode 3. We'd allready seen a villager vanish without a trace, but once they both see them, things become very tense. And after two power cores going without too big a hitch, nobody expected the blood curdling scream as twelve Blazes suddenly fall from the ceiling. After the long build up of tension, that was genuinely terrifying to the extreme.
    • The main villain's voice was freaky as well.
  • The Staircase, minus the silly ending.
  • In the Herobrine's Mansion series, Simon's voice for the Wither is rather high-pitched and wavery. Funny... Until you realize that IT'S THE SAME VOICE USED FOR ENOCH IN SHADOW OF ISRAPHEL.


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