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The Jade Sentinels sealed within the desert are actually:
C'tan. They're giant, seemingly omnicidal beings made from living metal.

The final battle will take place in:
The Nether, and it will be reached by going through the nether portal in front of the yogscave. Or in the end, the portal being hidden under the ice in the exact spot where Simon fell in at the beginning (Yogscast, go ahead and steal that idea!)

All the characters with gamertags are real people, possibly the rest of the Yogscast
There are at least 20 people on the cast; there are plenty.
  • In the Battle of the Breach, Israphel and his Dragons were attacked by skeletons. This suggests that they are on opposing sides.
    • Possibly confirmed. Lalna's been said several times to be Fumblemore, including an episode of the Tekkit series.
      • Confirmed; how they changed their names is unknown, but the characters are definitely actors.
      • Either multiple accounts or a server plugin with the /nick command.

Israphel and his minions will be imprisoned in The End
The only way to escape that dimension is to die.
  • Semi Jossed. You can escape The End in the more recent versions. You just gotta kill dragon to do it.

Israphel isn't the true Big Bad
It just seems weird to me that some guy from Terrorvale who was resurrected by a Nether portal would suddenly have control over The Sand, and be the leader of a gigantic horde of monsters, and the God of a large evil cult. Perhaps he was a sorceror or a worlock in life, but even so, the idea is still hard to swallow. Therefore, I believe that there is a Man Behind the Man, who is using Israphel as a herald, a vessal, or a general. Who could be the evil behind this conspiracy? My money is on Karpath. He went off with his son Verrigan to fight the Great Evil, and never returned, having supposedly lost his life. It could also be the Great evil.
  • Possibly Jossed as of episode 24, Israphel can travel through time using Nether Portals.
  • Actually, Verigan was the father who lost his life in the Sand War and Karpath was the son. Karpath disappeared after establishing the Templars, presumably to go start a family. It's believed at this point that Karpath is Peculier's father who went through the portal under Mistral City and sealed it behind him. Karpath might still end up being the big bad though if his time in the Nether corrupted him.
  • As of the latest episode... pretty much confirmed. The sand is actually A prison for something much MUCH worse.

Based on the above entry, there is a Man Behind the Man. However, it is not Karpath
I believe it to be the ultimate evil, the antithesis of good, harmony, and all that is right. The antichrist of Minecraftia and the Brother of Notch himself: The evil HEROBRINE!!
  • I can see where you are going with this but than wouldn't Herobrine be a devil? It is known that notch is worship as a god in their world than you can't take him down.
  • Perhaps Notch isn't omnipotent, but just a powerful entity with Godlike powers. That would make Herobrine his Evil Counterpart. He would just be a powerful Humanoid Abomination.
    • A deity with godlike powers... like Ridge?

Israphel is Israfel
Because it's just awesome. Also, their faces look similar. I wonder when Israphel will reveal his ability to split himself into two entities.
  • Right after (before?) our heroes follow him back in time, thus explaining how he has a grave in Terrorvale and one in Mistral City.
    • Or he could just, I don't know, be screwing with Simon and Lewis. After all, those weren't real graves.
  • I made this connection the first time I heard the name, and didn't actually notice that they were spelled differently until now.

Skylord_Lysander is not actually The Mole
Based on Skylord_Lysander's character and personality, it just doesn't seem like him to betray the heroes. I believe that the real traitor is Skylord_Jasper, and he framed Lysander. It just seems like that, as Jasper is a very secretive individual. This is further supported by the prophecy made by Madame_Nubescu for Lewis: "You will meet a man in blue and a man in red. Do not trust them, for thay are not who they seem to be." Jasper wears red, and Lysander wears blue. This may mean that They will run into Lysander and Jasper, with the two each claiming the other is evil. Lewis, being The Smart Guy, will remember the prophecy, and realize that Jasper is the evil one.
  • Partly-jossed as of episode 24. It seems that the man in red was referring to Jock the pirate, as he has burned down BBQ bay. Hower also possibly-confirmed as Jock admits to burning down Minstral City, which previously was blamed on Lysander. Maybe he was framed after all.
  • The exact phrasing was "You shall be met again by a man in blue and a man in red." The heroes hadn't met Jock by this point so that disqualifies him from the prophecy. Jasper is still the most likely candidate for "man in red." Whether this means he might be a follower of Israphel or the prophecy means something less insidious is still up in the air.
  • Confirmed by episode 27, when he's in the dark about the murders in the Skyhold. Confirmed further episode 30, when Lysander prevented the Cult of Israphel from taking control of the Skyhold.

Israphel isn't an NPC.
He's a player character just like Xephos and Honeydew. Like most people who play Minecraft, he likes building weird shit, and like most people who play SMP, he's a bit of a troll. He'd heard about Herobrine and thought it would be funny to do something similar, but when the NPCs and the overarching storyline appeared, he was just as bemused as Simon and Lewis were. And just like how Simon and Lewis have adopted their heroic roles in the story, he decided to go along with his designated role of villain, and recruited a couple of friends to help him (Creeper Boss and Zombie Boss, anyone?). Unfortunately, his enter key is broken, so he can't talk and explain the situation.
  • Or he just likes to stay silent to freak them out.
  • There are no real NPCs in Shadow of Israphel. It's the rest of the Yogscast with new skins and a server plugin to change their nametags.

The adventure map playthroughs are flashbacks.
There's plenty of precedent for this one, considering Survival Island became the tie-in for the second season, and Professor Griswald made it into the Legend of Verigan. Lewis and Simon were only playing Minecraft for about an ingame week before meeting Old Peculier, and yet are heralded as famous heroes? Doesn't make sense, unless stories have spread of their "past" exploits, exploring strange lands, defeating evil monsters, etc. (Although presumably no one knows about the time when Lewis became the Grim Reaper, since they didn't really leave enough survivors to tell tales.)
  • This means that Griswald isn't going to be the only familiar face, and now that they're in the Nether we'll be seeing the wizard Burgmund with his pigmen buddies.
  • Blast. The last bit is Jossed with the playthrough of The Return. The rest of it still stands, though.
    • Alternativly, they are sidequests.

Israphel can control people with cynicism and the potential for evil in their hearts.
This one is quite long, so be ready to be here a while.

This could lead to many possibilities for people being possessed, and well as a possible explanation for Skylord_Lysander's Face–Heel Turn. Simon will probably be okay due to his childlike innocence, as well as the fact that he is, in some ways, too stupid to be evil. However, Lewis became the Grim Reaper in "The Journey", so he might have the tiniest bit of evil in him.

This may include things like hallucinations of Israphel giving him orders, Simon asking what the hell he is doing and Lewis replying he can't control his character and being unable to log off, occasional lapses in control where Lewis tries to fight off the madness, and Lewis hunting down and trying to kill the other heroes. He will probably be saved from it by Simon or an NPC, fight it off just before making Simon Killed Off for Real, or by being exorcised by Madame_Nubescu, Fumblemore, or Swampy_Bogbeard. If the latter happens, we may see Lewis' character Xephos thrashing around and moving his head in seizure-like jerks. Lewis will then swear revenge on Israphel for what he made him do. He may also be forced to kill a beloved secondary character, such as Knight_Peculier. This will become a Brick Joke, with Israphel trying it again later, only for Lewis to resist easily.

  • Jossed, at least on what happened to Lysander (others like Vitali and Jock, who was the actual one to burn Mistral City is up in the air).
  • If that does happen, however, it won't be Knight_Peculiar, as he was killed off in episode 38 due to falling into lava from an incomplete mine cart track.

Israphel's plan to get rid of Simon and Lewis involves eliminating the respawn system.
Israphel doesn't like the fact that our heroes are functionally immortal. His plan will be to send a minion to sneak over to the checkpoint and surround it with bedrock. This bedrock chamber will be constructed from walls that go all the way from the bottom layer to the top. He will then fill the entire chamber halfway with a sea of lava. This way, if he manages to kill the heroes, they will Respawn in the lava, burn to death within five seconds, respawn again, and burn again, ad infinitum, with no way to escape or die for good.

In the climax of the story, Simon and Lewis will get superpowers.
They will both have massively increased defence, damage and knockback(Things they hit will fly back about 7-10 blocks if nothing is in the way). They will also be able to fly, and move 2-3 times faster than a normal NPC. They will use these abilities to destroy an entire army of mobs over the course of a few minutes, OneHitKOing everything. in sight. They will then engage in an epic final battle against a powered up Israphel in The Nether. In addition, Lewis will gain a ridiculously overpowered phaser, and Simon will gain Beard senses. They will then punch out Herobrine.

The entire quest for the Map Fragments is part of Israphel's Evil Plan
After the heroes begin searching for the Map Fragment which will help them locate and hopefully defeat him, don't you think he would have tried more drastic measures, like, say, sending a Zerg Rush of 10,000 Creepers at them and raining The Sand down from the skies while they were in the temple? I think that the whole Map Fragment jazz is meant to lure Simon and Lewis into a trap, as he seems smart enough to predict that the Map Fragments were a danger to him.

Reverend John's Son is not the real Israphel, and his corpse is the only thing holding Israphel into this world
Reverend John had a vision from Israphel to name his son after him and later on, to get him to be killed. After a few years, John had second thoughts so He built St. Creepers and mourned for his son. When Simon and Lewis came and made their Portal, Israphel came through and found the blasted corpse in the crypt. After instructing Reverend John, He went and made his first appearance. When he disappears, he actually ran down and started construction on his castle. Later, Israphel manipulated the portal so that when Simon and Lewis went through it, they ended up on the island. When Simon and Lewis go to the future, You can see he turned the normal world into the nether after chocking all life from it. This is probably because he can really only survive in netherlike conditions.

There are two Israphels
In both Terrorvale and Mistral City, there was a grave with Israphel's name. One being Reverend John's apparent son. Therefore, there are two Israphels in the game, one being the Big Bad, and the other perhaps not. Old Peculier said that John's son died 5 years ago, yet there was also the time Israphel attacked Isabel, so why should Peculier still be in contact (and perhaps friends) with the father of someone who attack Isabel?

One of the four main heroes is going to be Killed Off for Real
Episode 29 of Shadow of Israphel showed that the Yogscast could pull off real drama and horror. What would be more dramatic if one of our heroes died with a Heroic Sacrifice in the final battle? As it would be very unlikely that Xephos and Honeydew would die being THE main characters, that means either Knight_Peculier or Skylord_Lysander. Both have lost their homes and family to Israphel or his followers. They both have more personal reasons for wanting Israphel stopped for good than possibly any other character we've seen and they're both brave enough that they'd make the sacrifice needed to kill Israphel for good.

The Israphel we see is not the true Israphel
This Israphel is a mere puppet of a corpse, mutated into its current form and controlled by the True Israphel, the Dark Pharaoh Lehparsi. Lehparsi, being sealed off from the outside world by an obsidian barrier, is using Israphel as his avatar.
  • Lehparsi's tomb is located in a sandy area and made of sandstone: a connection to The Sand.
  • Simon and Lewis are attacked by a large number of undead at Lehparsi's tomb, possibly acting as guards to keep the heroes from stopping the evil at its source. A connection to the monster army that Israphel seems to have at his disposal.
  • Lehparsi's Tomb is blocked by obsidian, and is marked by a sign warning against entry. There has to be something important down there.
  • The tomb was possibly sealed by Verigan himself, as several signs were left by him warning against entering. Also the Livestream special "The Legend of Verigan" suggests that Prof. Grizwald may have been the one who originally set the great evil loose in Minecraftia. Some Grizwald's stuff is found at the tomb. This all suggests a strong connection between Lehparsi and Israphel.
  • Leshparsi is Israhpel spelled backwards so there probably is a connection.

Lepharsi is the real Big Bad, and Israphel is his vessel.
The reason behind the similar names is to give Israphel a Sdrawkcab Name / Meaningful Name. Lepharsi needs a vessel in the surface world to control The Sand, because he cannot leave the Nether. This makes Israphel an evil version of The Chosen One, adding more weight to the "Ultimate battle of good vs evil'' idea.

Knight_Peculier is going to perform The Last Dance with Israphel.
In episode 28 of Shadow of Israphel, Lewis and Madame_Nubescu were able to extend Skylord_Baako's life for a few minutes with a rudimentary version of Fumblemore's healing potion with a couple ingredients missing. Knight_Peculier got a much more high quality potion, so his life was extended by, oh, let's say, a month. He realizes this, but is keeping it a secret from the other heroes. He wants to defeat Israphel before he bites it. In the final battle, Knight_Peculier will reveal this to Simon and Lewis, telling them to go on without him. He will then pull a You Shall Not Pass! on Israphel's army, holding them off for a little while before being killed by either them or The Taint, So that Simon and Lewis can go destroy some kind of portal or artifact keeping Israphel alive/in this world.
  • Jossed as of Episode 38(?), sadly.

Simon will use bread as a weapon at some point.
Come on, who DOESN'T think that would be funny?
  • Well, if they add some traits to their dwarfs from Terry Pratchett's Discworld then they could include dwarf battle bread. It would be pretty funny if Honeydew's greatest weapon turns out the be a loaf of dwarf bread.

Honeydew is a dwarf from Dwarf Fortress.
He has quite an impressive beard, his mood occasionally fluctuates wildly, he supposedly loves beer, and has an uncontrolable urge to mine valuble minerals when he sees them. He also has a tendency to die in humorous ways.
  • "Honeydew, Miner cancels Construct Stone Staircase: Interrupted by Israphel."
  • "Honeydew, Miner cancels Construct TNT Bridge: Interrupted by Creeper."

The Zeppelin Mod will be used to make the skyhold fly at one point.
This won't be done until the bugs are worked out. However, just imagine how epic it could be.
  • The only problem is the block limit: You can't have any more than 1024 blocks in your ship, and the Skyhold easily breaks that limit. Furthermore, every block must be connected, otherwise parts will be left behind, not only meaning parts could go missing but certain objects on the inside would stop the fort from moving altogether, and they would have to move it back to the exact place it had been and fix it.

In the final battle, The Cavalry will arrive
In the form of Hannah, Sips, TotalBiscuit, and all of Simon and Lewis' Yogscast buddies. It will include Hannah making a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner, and when TotalBiscuit is questioned about how he vowed to never play minecraft, he will say "I Lied".
  • Yogscast buddies? Almost certainly. Hannah? Possibly. Sips and TotalBiscuit? Doubt that, sorry. Though I do agree with everyone they've met so far joining them, such as Isabel and the pirates, Lysander and the entire Skyhold, etc.
  • I think there will be an open call for fans with non-ridiculous Minecraft names... at least so they can let loose a Rain of Arrows. It would also be cool if Israphel used server commands to render him and his minions to be ignored by mobs, and spawn hordes of Skeletons, Zombies, and a few Ghasts... who would be taken out by the Skylords, flying planes.
  • That would be one epic moment!
  • As of where we are now in the case, we have a lot of people pledging their support. There's Fumblemore, Skylord_Lysander and Skylord_Jasper with the Skyhold and other possibly future skylords, Isabelle_Peculiar with Pirate_Tinman and the other Pirates of BBQ Bay Adephon and the Templars... There's also likely to be Spackard, the other non-zombified dwarves of Stoneholm, the carnies... Plus they could also call for help like Neia and Misconduct did and get a ton of people involved.
    • Not Tinman. He was fired from the Yogscast a few years ago due to some controversy. I don't know much about it, but you can look it up.
  • Adding on to this, GameChap and Bertie might arrive to help as well, with Gamechap wielding the Golden Sword of Justice and Bertie a crud load of TNT and Redstone torches.

Just came to me as I made to edit a WMG. Lewis' character has always been mentioned as being a spaceman in somewhat Medieval times yet no one moves to ask him if he has any spage-age weaponry to aid them in battle. I think that will about to change come the final battle against Israphel and all that (vanilla) Minecraftia can throw at them. There will be a sudden change in perspective (someone else takes up the recording job, and it has been shown that Simon does have a recording device) as Lewis says something like "Hold them off! I have an idea!" And goes off. He's gone for a few episodes and then once everything is bleak, Lewis/Xephos comes in decked out in the best armor and weaponry from the mods he was showcasing during the filler, guns blazing and swords drawn. Israphel gets an Oh, Crap! moment when he gets hit by the Uranium Mod's Nuclear Bomb and he's barely alive as Xephos comes up to him, forces him through the Lunar Portal and traps him on the Moon.

  • As a side-note, the POV has alternated between Honeydew and Xephos for a few episodes now.

OR, Like what a previous WMG said, Lewis could offer up the idea to use space-weaponry, and Israphel might just kidnap him and (from Simon's perspective) they hold a rescue mission to get him back, and it's either they find him locked up and about to be tortured for information, or him wearing the full black Dark Matter Armor and Dark Matter Sword and under some very intense Mind Control which results in a "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight with Simon/Honeydew.

Bruno and Simon will become friends.
I'm not sure when this will happen, but I think that sometime in the future, Israphel or one of his minions will attack the carnival or just Bruno. Simon and Lewis will save the carnival/him and he'll say these words to Simon: "You, strong. Strong in heart. And strong in might. Me sorry. Will us be friends?" And the two will make up and Bruno will never cheat again!
  • Oh, he'll cheat. Just offscreen or won't cheat Simon or something.

Israphel will be defeated by...
Simon digging a hole. It may be a hole that will lead to lava, may be a hole surrounded by obsidian, ect. But Simon will dig a hole and cry out "I AM A DWARF AND I DIGGY DIGGIED HOLE!"

The real hero isn't Simon and Lewis...
It's Knight_Peculier! We're just looking at the story from Simon and Lewis' point-of-view.
  • Heck, this is practically confirmed, in some senses. Not sure they're all out Decoy Protagonists but they're definitely Supporting Protagonists. Whatever hearsay and urban legend exists for Simon and Lewis is mostly made up, while Knight_Peculiar is pretty much prophesised... Then again, they could also be prophesised to stand with him. Either way...
  • Possibly jossed as of episode 38, due to his death.

Lewis realized the connection between Israphel and Lehparsi.
In Part 22 of Shadow of Israphel, Lewis was dead set on taking refuge from the mobs that were spawning by breaking down the seal on the tomb, until Simon's started breaking it down. He started to reconsider and could be heard saying "Oh", as though he figured something out. Lewis knows there's a connection between Israphel and Lehparsi, he just doesn't want to tell Simon... for some reason.
  • Probably because he figures the writers are up to something and doesn't want to ruin the story.

Fumblemore and Swampy will have a big damn heroes moment together
At some point the main characters will be drastically outnumbered and on the brink of death when the brothers arrive at their side and with a mighty shout unleash a bunch of magic (from the Wizardcraft mod). Fumblemore will use the fire spells while Swampy uses the plant and earth spells.

Simon will betray Lewis.
The WMG above the one above this one supports this. Simon isn't elaborating on the connection because he wants Lewis to be clueless!!

Next time the heroes battle Israphel, he will have new Bosses.
Specifically, an Enderman_Boss, and worse, Silverfish_Boss.
  • Will it be Silverfish_Boss or Jeff_Boss?

Israphel IS the Sand God, with the God' form being his original body.
He possessed Reverend John's son, also named Israphel, to use as a host, but is seeking to simply regain his full power to terrorize the land.

Israphel and/or some other character is a time traveler.
There are multiple instances of highly advanced technology that doesn't seem to have been made by dwarves, and Israphel has a grave in at least two locations and a tomb with a Sdrawkcab Name so a time paradox may be happening here.

In the end of everything, everyone who dies will Respawn
Why are Simon and Lewis able to come back after they die, but the NPCs don't? Maybe Israphel has messed with the respawning system of the world, but it hasn't affected our main heroes. So when he is defeated all those who have died will return, hopefully as themselves, and it will be a big happy ending.
  • Or they get a wish or magical powers or something that allows them to bring people back.
  • Xephos said they were blessed by Notch, so potentially Jossed. Or...

Peculiar will meet Herobrine in The Aether.
Many people believe Herobrine to be The Grim Reaper himself. Perhaps Herobrine will allow Peculiar to kill Israphel on one condition: He returns to the Aether with Daisy in tow. Tell me what you think.
  • I don't know if they could use the Aether mod that way, and Herobrine hasn't been mentioned at all...
    • Well, in universe, Notch is the "God" of Minecraftia, and many people believe Herobrine is Notch's dead brother, so if one exists, the other does too. Plus, it would be an outright awesome way to use Herobrine as something other than a digital BEN-esque killer.

Knight Peculiar will return from the dead soon
  • His death was way too anticlimatic for him. I could just see him showing up again soon to save the guys when things go wrong.
    • See my theory above for exactly how I personally think this will be accomplished.
    • That or he returns as a zombie. Or a radioactive zombie.
    • My reasoning: In a recent Custom Map they played, Simon ended up falling into lava but didn't die because there was a secret room underneath. Maybe the same thing happened to KP, and he's just stuck deeper inside the monster now.
      • The initial theory kind of makes sense. I mean, he didn't leave the game after trying to swim in lava, and that kind of bridge dropped ending for a character that's had so much said about him (we KNOW he's relevant even if we're not sure how) seems clumsy. Israphel clearly has a personal beef with his family line and while it's realistic in... well, reality for people not to actually make it to the end of this kind of crisis, it just doesn't seem like a typical narrative for this kind of story, whereas thinking somebody's dead and their coming back to life would. They could be going for a nontraditional narrative by pulling an unexpected plot twist, in which case good on them for trying to subvert our expectations and for playing with the common tropes, but... I don't know. Could go either way at this point, depending on the writers.
      • Actually, I think they may have used that to show that even the bravest of heroes can slip up, causing their death.
      • Could be. In which case, good on them for trying to do something against the usual plotline, it's a good aversion. It's very likely that it was scripted and not a total accident as some assume - Peculier seemed quite eager to get on that particular minecart the second Lewis got out of it, which isn't like the Pecilier actor, who usually only forges ahead when leading the way to something, and the player must had the time to type out the words we're getting seperated in the approximately five seconds between that, and him going headlong into a radioactive lava pool, which suggests it was typed in advance. As Terry Pratchett says, it's sometimes more entertaining if the hero gets the flu and the milkman has to go and save the world, and if you buy the possible theory that KP was the hero while Lewis and Simon were in more of a Supporting Protagonist role -they fully admit they're admirably, but completely blindly, fumbling their way onwards without really knowing what they're doing- this becomes even more relevant. Still the initial theory has some weight, especially if it was an accident.
  • There's also the possibility that he got cloned.
  • He will return as Templar_Peculiar, much more powerful than before. Much like Gandalf.
  • Biggest problem with this theory: you said SOON.

Israphel/ The Sand God or whoever the Bigger Bad is
created/is linked to creepers.- Israphel has the same face as them.- The first hostile mob the guys saw in Minecraft was a creeper. Maybe it was a spy/avatar looking to summon it's master by hanging around players who were brave (stupid) enough to build a nether portal?- Creepers -> gunpowder, gunpowder -> fuel, fuel -> giant mechanical monster thingies?
  • Half-jossed. The creepers came from a meteorite that hit Minecraftia shortly before the Verigan special.
    • Where is that from? I don't remember that part? Maybe the Sentinels/giant robot thingies are from space?
      • In the legend of Verigan special, they reference a meteor that hit the planet. After that, the creepers started appearing.

If The Sands are a prison, Israphel is the guard
  • Pretty self explanitory now that we know that The sand isn't actually evil. It's a prison. Knowing that, it's pretty safe to say that prisons need guards. And the one most connected to the sand, is Israphel. He's there to keep people out and keep people safe.
    • Or he was, but he was corrupted when the sands were because of his connection to them.
      • This is actually pretty likely. Good theory.
      • So once the sand crisis is over he might undergo a Heel–Face Turn ?
      • It's a distinct possibility, yes.

Peculier is also blessed by Notch.
  • It's entirely reasonable that he just doesn't know because he's never died before. Notice how, in Episode 37, he was able to teleport Simon back after the latter died, teleportation being something NPCs can't normally do. Also, he never logged out of Minecraftia, and at Granny_Bacon's funeral, he fell into a pool of lava and came out completely unharmed.

Simon and Lewis will get fed up of the endless complaints and cancel the series.
It will be Laser-Guided Karma and nobody will be surprised, except for the same idiots that caused it.
  • Hopefully Jossed; there's now a weekly schedule for Fridays.
    • Which lasted literally one week...
      • Well, 1.3 was pretty poorly timed. They're probably updating the mods.
      • They did make a trailer for SOI, saying new episodes would be coming next month. However, 1.4.2 was released shortly after...

Someone is a clone
. Based on the discovery of a cloning facility inside the metal being. I'm going to say it was Israphel.

The reason the next episode of SOI is taking so long is because of 1.3's timing.
Cause honestly, I got nothing else.
  • it hoenstly makes sense. Lots of updates all at once have probably messed with their plans somewhere (and honestly I wouldn't blame themfor trying to work in all of those clever little command controls that are going to be introduced soon. This series would've been so much easier for them with it...
    • SOI will return in November, so they say... But 1.4.2 may have wrecked that as well.

Pirate Tinman was orignially part of Israphel's army
If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. In the Bad Future we saw at the beginning of Ep. 25, there was a bunch of evil Tinmen. This implies that there's more than one Tinman out there, but they're all evil. And when Israphel revealed to his army that he was going after Isabel next, Tinman realized who she was and pulled a Heel–Face Turn, found out where she was, and managed to pull of Big Damn Heroes.

The Wither is going to appear as a general in Israphel's army.
Think about it. The Wither is a creature of mass destruction, born from the Nether, that exists only to spread pain, misery, and fear. It also only attacks mobs that aren't dead. What do we see in Israphel's army most often? Zombies, skeletons, and other such things. Thusly, the Wither could be Israphel's right-hand man, staying out of the way of conflict until he is needed.

The 'Sunshine of Israpony' mod spotlight is foreshadowing for the real series.

The Yogscast wants to finish the Tekkit series before they get back to work on SOI.
Believe me, juggling two storied series at the same time is hard enough. Juggling two storied series that require all the right people to be on one Minecraft server at the same time? With different maps for each? The Yogscast probably wants one out of the way so they can do the other one on a more regular basis.

The Yoglabs series will tie in with Shadow of Israphel.
Yoglabs started right off the bat with a cutscene, which isn't what the Yogscast usually do with their other series. There's a lot of scripted scenes, with the little maids taking over Yoglabs and having to redo their combat training. They also introduced an "NPC," Dr. Testificate_MD played by someone else at the Yogscast, just like all the other characters (KP, Fumblemore, etc) in Shadow of Israphel. Simon also asked "is this canon?" at one point, implying that it has story elements, and music from So I played during the Galacticraft episode.

Also, I think Lewis has been acting a little weird in Yoglabs. There's a whole bunch of weird experiments, he's suddenly saying they're evil, storing guns up in case the government ever tried to shut them down, and offhandedly mentioning a whole bunch of alien bacteria and monsters that have infected the place. Also, in the Zombiecraft episode, Simon mentions Duncan at one point and Lewis responds with, "Who's Duncan? He doesn't work for us." It feels like they have something planned with Yoglabs, and I think it's Shadow of Israphel.

  • Potentially Jossed by Voltz Episode 25, where Lewis's comments reveal that Yoglabs is canon within the Voltz universe. It's very unlikely that Voltz will tie in as well, because Sips, Sjin, Ridge, and Duncan have never appeared in Shadow of Israphel.
  • With the portal shown in "Raiders of the Last Archives", this may be either confirmed or jossed, depending on where they end up.
  • Confirmed in a roundabout way this moment in Hannah's Advent Video. Lewis says that everything is in the same universe, and we've really been watching Shadow of Israphel all along.

Spacemen will come into the series at some point.

Dwarves have already been included, so it's logical that Xephos' people would show up at some point.

The real main character of SOI is the unnamed Skylord killed by Vitali.
He was the only one who didn't have a name on his grave because that would be spoilers. Also, his grave was the only one Lewis looked inside out of all the dead Skylords. Coincidence? Maybe. But I think he's going to be really important someday, like a beautiful butterfly emerging from a cocoon. He will save us all. He will save Minecraftia. He will save Shadow of Israphel from hiatus. And it will be glorious.

     Tekkit and YogCraft 

At the end of the Tekkit/YogCraft series, Simon will end the contract between the Yogscast and Sips Co.
This would definitely be a hilarious way to end the series. To top it off, Duncan will kill Sips and Sjin and burn their house down to spite them, effectively ruining Sips Co.

In Tekkit, Lewis will realise working for Sips Co will not work out and leave.
At this point, he could either rejoin Honeydew Industries or strike out on his own.
  • Confirmed. He leaves after Sips dismisses his Boring Yet Practical suggestion and starts beating him with a block of dirt for no reason. Sjin also gets hired again.

The End of the Tekkit Series will be a Dark Horse Victory...
..By Rythian. he says during his prequel that he will get his revenge on both Sjin and Duncan, one member per feuding companies. He's Obstucating Stupidity by hiding all of his valuable items inside an inconspicuous alchemy bag, and when the two companies really begin to butt heads, he will regain his Alchemical Empire and ruin both Honeydew Inc. and Sips Co. for something their employees did to him a while back.
  • Seems the most likely outcome, if it does come to blows. He has Red Matter gear, two wolf buddies, two Iron Golems, an apprentice and a dinosaur.
    • He's anti-technology, so he won't be able to harm Duncan's quantum armour with anything he can make.
      • It is a question of what or who will wear down first: A quantum suit's weakness is that it requires a full charge for all four pieces. They each can store 1 million EU, but the Gem Armor set, the Quantum set's counterpart in Equivalent Exchange (Rythian's mod) is, like all EE items, inherently indestructible though 10% of damage is inflicted. The Quantum set also requires a block that must be placed down in order to recharge (the MFS unit). The Gem Armor set does not require anything, since the power source is already built into the armor (a fully charged Klein Star Omega per piece). A Third is their regenerative abilities: The Quantum suit has its built in while in EE that is taken up by the Life stone. The Life stone, however, uses a Klein Star as fuel at 256 EMC per second, and a Full Charge Klein Star Omega is 51 million EMC.
      • I'm guessing as it currently stands, Rythian's red matter and Zoey's dark matter armour CAN be more easily harmed, though?

Tekkit is somehow connected to SOI, as will be revealed at the end of Tekkit.
They did it with a random Survival Island adventure map playthrough, so they could be doing it with Tekkit. This would also explain why SOI hasn't been updated very often, while Tekkit has been updated pretty much daily. My guess is on Tekkit being All Just a Dream for Lewis and/or Simon.
  • I had the same thought, minus the All Just a Dream bit.
    • Alterntivly, they could go back into So I fully geared up with all the tekkit stuff. Quantum Armor, Gem Armor, Nanosabers, Red Katars the Ring of Arcana and more.
    • My theory? Rythian will finally become insane and desperate enough that he is willing to do ANYTHING to defeat Duncan and/or Sjin. He decides to use his last weapon, his most powerful magic, and summon Israphel to the tekkit world. At that point he will either become Israphel's Dragon or have a Heel–Face Turn and team up with Simon, Lewis, Duncan, Sjin and the mushroom rebels to defeat Israphel once and for all.
      • Well, Rythian at least seems to have cooled off a bit on the whole vengeance thing after that disastrous incident at Blackrock, but the theory still holds to an extent.

The Tekkit server has two Sips Cos...
...a Luddite Sips Co founded over a century ago who's a rival to Honeydew Inc., and a Sips Co more willing to use sorting systems founded circa episode 6 of Sips and Sjin's Tekkit series whose base Rythian and Zoey (and possibly others) keep vandalising. There are also two Sipses and Sjins.
  • Really, the only thing that seems to infer that there's only one set of Sips and Sjin is that the ones on Sips and Sjin's channels occasionally respawn at the "cookie factory" when they should be at the beds in the secret base. The ones on the BlueXephos channel seem far more amiable towards Lewis and co (at least after the head incident), and hostile and abusive to one another, while the ones on YogscastSips and YogscastSjin are close friends who want to nuke everyone else.
    • Ahh, jossed. Despite "Sips and Sjin A" seemingly being constantly at Honeydew Inc. and "Sips and Sjin B" at the secret base over the last few weeks, part 60 of the BlueXephos series confirms them as one and the same.

Rythian will be defeated with Honeydew Inc and Sips Co forming an Enemy Mine and taking him down.
Because that would be awesome.
  • Unless you're a fan who's primarily been following Rythian's series, in which case it would be a major Downer Ending.
  • From OP: Sorry, I forgot about that.
  • Sjin's rivalry with Rythian isn't really Sips Co. I think even at his most hostile, Rythian's admitted Sips has little to do with his war with Sjin and Duncan.

Eventually, Simon and Lewis will need to talk Rythian down.
Because Zoey doesn't seem to be able to appeal to his sense of reason anymore, Duncan's been antagonizing him and Sjin kidnapped his henchmen, these two will try to talk Rythian down. Naturally, they'll screw up somewhere along the way, worsening Rythian's condition and forcing Hannah/Martin/Strippin/someone else to try again.
  • Though unlikely it's also plausible that Zoey might be able to talk both Rythian and Duncan down, since in Rebirth Ep. 4 she shows via the search box that she thinks Duncan is cute, and he certainly seems to respond well to her. The fact that he doesn't know she knows about the nukes under Blackrock Castle makes it more possible that he'll continue to trust her.
  • Jossed. Rythian seems to have mellowed following his trip to the Nether with Ravs and Tee and the "Chickcident".

The possible climax of Rythian's series...

A fanfic idea of mine but still a WMG. (UNMARKED SPOILERS AHEAD)

The Enderdragon escapes into the overworld, wreaks havoc, and, considering the Ascended Fanon that Rythian's part Enderman, and the Enderdragon being the ruler of The End and master of all Endermen, the more Rythian's hate for Duncan and Sjin goes and the more Ax-Crazy he gets, the more that Enderdragon can coerce him to attack Sjin and Duncan in an all-out war. Zoey tries to talk to him, but the control's so strong that the entire server bands together, Enemy Mine style and use all means necessary to get rid of the Enderdragon and freeing Rythian.

Lalna / Livid Coffee? Yeah, we've got a split personality thing going on there.

It's the only way sometimes that I can make the different portrayals of Duncan's character between Yogcraft and the Blackrock Chronicle series make sense. A lot of it can be explained away by general Cold War behaviour resulting from fear (Duncan's afraid of Rythian's war mongering, so and so builds a deterrent under Blackwork, which unintentionally made things worse because Rythian actually wanted to talk and this just convinced him Lalna was a threat, and the cycle of violence would probably have continued if Rythian hadn't had an epiphany.) This is really interesting from a psychological standpoint but still, there are aspects of their behaviour that don't quite add up overall.

However I don't believe it's a strict divide between one personality and the other, at least not anymore. Sometimes it's hard to tell which personality is speaking at any given time. (He jokes about Blackrock Stronghold blowing up in one episode of the Jaffa Factory, while his behaviour in the Tekkit Rebirth series, while (apparently by his own request) villainous, wasn't... insanely unlike his behaviour in the Jaffa Series. This suggests there's some degree of crossover between one personality and the other. I'm not sure if there's an actual medical condition that would account for that. Anyone help me out there?

If you count that one fun Halloween animation they had, you can even guess that the idea is being endorsed. We've seen the guy go full on maniacal evil. This is not the general accepted result of eating Jaffa Cakes. No, not even cloned ones.

It wasn't the Nukes which Caused the balance of reality to shift, it was Rythian.

Rythian's diary suggests that The Blackrock Chronicle is running with the idea that the three nukes set off under Blackrock Stronghold in the previous series caused a massive shift in magic and power (that really occured due to the series shifting to a different series of mods which don't have the same properties as Tekkit.) This is called the One World Theory by Rythian, and it makes as much sense as anything in Minecraft, but then you read further and realise exactly what he did to save Zoeya: apparently using almost all of his power and potential in the process.

Wait, weaving the power of the Void and the End into a single word to keep someone alive? Just one word? Isn't that a bit like compressing an ocean into a beer bottle? There is no way that combining the End and the Void and possibly even the Nether if the Half Blaze Zoeya theory is really Ascended Fanon now, would not have consequences. If you're messing with the void then you're messing with the thing that lies beyond reality itself and the other two are pretty powerful realms. Which means there's only one other possibility. It wasn't the nukes that completely changed the world: It was Rythian using all that magic in one go. I'd be willing to bet, based on what Rythian said about the price for saving her and his willingness to pay it, there are yet more consequences to come.

Teep will die
...and he will be revived, only as a fossilized version of his former self. Why? Well, Rythian's series is big on Mob Motifs (Rythian is an enderman, and Zoey has had associated with blazes in the past), and Teep is their archer, so it would make sense that he would become a skeleton to complete the motif.

The real reason EE 2 is gone
Rythian's magic has always been tied to the Equivalent Exchange mod. The nature of "equivalent exchange" is just that: gaining something by giving up something else of equal value. So, it seems likely that the magic Rythian used to bring Zoey back from the dead must have required a similar sacrifice. But Zoey isn't an object; her worth could only be defined in relative terms. Essentially, he would have to give up something worth as much to him as she was. There was only one thing that fit the bill... his magic.

So, in accordance with the above theory that Rythian caused the shift rather than the nukes, a massive change swept the world, wiping clean the laws of magic and adding new unstable, dangerous magic in the form of thaumic nodes. These nodes are actually the means by which the magic Rythian gave up was sealed away, and all future magic requires tapping into them and siphoning out some of the lost power. Eventually, perhaps, enough will be released that Equivalent Exchange will return. Probably not until EE 3 is finished.

  • Rythian has said in Blackrock Chronicle Rising that the thaumic nodes and the other magic to do with Thaumcraft are an older form of magic that has always been in the world, but were rare around Blackrock Fortress.
  • True, but that doesn't deny the possibility that Rythian still caused the above effect. The change only effected his 'newer' forms of magic, however, leaving the older magic's, things Rythian had nothing to do with and did not care about, relatively untouched.

Rythian didn't just lose his ability to do EE magic...
  • Reading the above WMG and watching their latest Blackrock episode got me thinking. The above WMG sounded strangely familiar to Fullmetal Alchemist. At the end of the manga for that, Ed gives his ability to do Alchemy to the Gate to save Al and give him back his original body. The Black Rock Chronicles isn't a stranger to Shout Outs, Expies and References, and Rythian essentially traded EE Magic for a life. If anyone hasn't watched the final ep of season 2 or the first ep of season 3, when Rythian went through the portal into the twilight forsest, the first thing he said was that he couldn't feel his magic. But even before that, when they were getting to said portal, supposedly magical things were ignoring him and responding to Zoey. What if he didn't just give up his EE magic but his magical talent period, was in essence 'running on fumes' all this time, and has now been Brought Down to Normal?

Kim isn't Strawfingers...

...As the current theory supposes (and Kim and Sjin are literally egging it on). That would be too simple for either of them. Still they really seem to be implying a connection between the two. Maybe that connection isn't identity based, but creator based. Maybe Strawfingers in some way created Kim, or is at the very least manipulating her towards his own ends. After all if a Scarecrow can come to life and start running around Yogcraftia, who's to say he can't create more of his own kind?

  • There is some support for this in Kim's Naïve Newcomer status. Everything can be explained as their being avatars playing Minecraft, and Kim basically just not knowing how to play the game. But if we look at it from a character perspective, it seems odd that Kim didn't know how to do relatively simple things like punching grass to get seeds and not touching red hot lava: things that surely anybody in the Feed the Beast world would know from a young age. Maybe she just hasn't been around that long?
  • Possibly confirmed by the "Sjindig" music video, which has Kim as one of the characters chasing down and attacking Strawfingers.


Lewis and Duncan were memory wiped by Yoglabs
  • The comments by Lewis imply strongly that Voltz is after Yoglabs, and yet Lewis is back to his normal character, instead of the much more villainous darker Lewis from Yoglabs. Possibly Lewis and Maybe Duncan were memory wiped and dropped into the Voltz world to accomplish something, for instance taking over the place for yoglabs. Lewis will ultimately have to choose whether to return to Yoglabs (probably becoming evil in the process), or fight them off.

     Timeline Theories 

SOI is the end of the timeline.

It's not perfect and doesn't account for every series, but it's likely close.

  • Lalnable Hector's mysterious master is actually the Yoglabs incarnation of Lewis, and the whole scheme in Flux Buddies is a science experiment relating to the perfection of cloning and the spread of Flux. It's already known that Lalnable originates from the Yoglabs universe, so this is virtually a given.
  • Lewis is trying to perfect this because Yoglabs has signed a huge deal with Hat Corp to collaborate on creating the ultimate weapons: gargantuan robots capable of destroying entire servers and spawning perfect clone armies. These weapons, the Jade Sentinels, would give Hat Corp an edge over everybody else and feed into Lewis's rapidly declining sanity and lust for power - or maybe even tie in in some way to the mysterious robot threat teased at the end of "Clone Labs". Meanwhile, the Flux / Taint is being used to develop another weapon, a more efficient form of The Corruption to go along with the march of the Sentinels.
  • In trying to pursue Lalnable and Specimen 5, Duncan and Kim will sabotage the initial plans and kick off a disastrous war that pulls everybody together and results in mass carnage, leaving most of the established servers in ruins. Lewis will be presumed dead after falling into the chemical waste within a crumbling Sentinel, Lalnable will be wounded and trapped for eternity inside a malfunctioning cloning chamber within the same Sentinel, and whichever heroes survived the conflict will go off to start settlements elsewhere.
  • In reality, though, Lewis is actually transformed by the waste, whitening his skin, reddening his eyes, and giving him a Creeper-esque frown - thus completing the shift that's been teased ever since the strange sight of Israphel with Lewis's avatar's outfit. Unable to salvage the wrecked Sentinels without a sacrifice to power them, and with the Flux having been shaped into the Sands and in turn into the Taint Of Israphel, Lewis / Israphel will lurk in the shadows for centuries, biding his time to dig up his old schemes. In the mean time, legends of the conflict drive various figures around the heroes' settlements to find Israphel and join his ranks, whether willingly or by being infected with the Taint.
  • Hundreds or thousands of years later, Israphel will be able to jury-rig the Sentinel's wrecked cloning system into developing two final perfect clones of Lewis and Simon, derived from the genetic material leftover from the old war, and deliver them to the site of what was once the Yoglabs entrance (now the shadowy cave where the Nether Portal will later be erected). Knowing how the duo would behave without any memories of the world, Israphel would manipulate and torment them, exploiting their various ventures to work on bringing his plans to fruition and awaken the Sentinels / release the Sands...

Voltz occurs at the end of the Yogscast Minecraft timeline.
I just came up with this out of boredom. Here's the order I suspect it happens in;
Lets Play Minecraft
Shadow of Israphel
Twilight Forest Mod
Tekkit(first series)
Rythian's Tekkit Series(before Rebirth)
Tekkit Series 2/Tekkit Rebirth

Feel free to put your ideas as to why it's in this order, cause I got nothing.

  • Wasn't the Tekkit Rebirth shown to be concurrent with the Honeydew Inc. and Sips Co series? There's one episode where Sjin points out the reveal of the Sips Co skyscraper was ruined by an episode of Tekkit Rebirth where Rythian flew past it. Also, not sure, but I think I read that one of Duncan's episodes shows him building the nuke under Blackrock Castle, which comes into play during Rythian's storyline.
    • Corrected. Thanks for that. In my defense, it's hard to follow so many people at once and maintain a clear idea of what happened when.
      • I've always been of the sentiment that while Tekkit, Yogcraft and perhaps Shadow of Israphel take place in the same universe, the Volts and Yoglabs are part of an alternate reality, possibly together. The tones of each series just seem to work best in my head that way.

Moonquest is the first series in the timeline
the Moonquest song seems to imply that Simon left Kazmodan and met Lewis and Duncan to follow a dream of getting to the moon. That almost confirms this if you take it as accurate. Notably, that is the only apparent meeting between Lewis and Simon outside of the Shadow of Israphel trailer. In Voltz Simon turned up to meet Lewis and Duncan later on, but no matter how you twist the dialogue it's apparent they knew each other already at the time. Perhaps Voltz occurred shortly after Moonquest. To further tie everything together;

Shadow of Israphel happened while Lewis and Simon were stuck in a Mystcraft book
A stable mystcraft world with no book out could, unless you found a star fissure, be indistinguishable from a single self contained world. Duncan was absent (fumblemore doesen't count for obvious reasons), despite being part of the main group from the start. assuming that Galacticraft really is an early arc, the group could have had a Mystcraft accident landing them there.
  • Duncan possibly ended up in the Tekkit world, in which case the trio met up again after the Tekkit war, understandably far more wary about using linking books from then on. The timeline once Tekkit starts is very clear, leading up to everybody working together in the Yogcraft Site B videos. Yoglabs doesn't seem to fit anywhere in here, but given Lewis's differing personality, it seems more of an alternate continuity instead
  • Or alternatively, Duncan ened up in Hexxit before Tekkit. Falling between universes in a dimensional door accident would be hilariously believable, given his track record with them so far.

Galacticraft/Yogscast Complete Timeline.
Because why not? Haven't really watched all the series, but I think I got enough.
  • First, the Tekkit/Yogcraft Stuff happens. Jaffa, Blackrock, Dirt Co., all of it for the backstory. Chaosville also happens as well.
  • Next, we have Moonquest and Sipsco Space Program.
  • Galacticraft with Kim happens somewhat parallel with Sips' kidnapping and Sjintech Space Rescue, being that Sjin knows about _Zips, but the first episode likely takes place before Moonquest, as it is mentioned by Lewis later on in Jaffaquest that the giant taint explosion in Duncan's Castle is what brought them to the world of Galacticraft in the first place.
  • Marsquest coincides with the passing to the Yogscast Complete Modpack, with the rescue of Sips and all that.
  • Sjin's Farm with Lewis starts up sometime after that, as we can see the statue Sips in the start of the series. It starts before Jaffaquest however, as you can see Sjin's Farm as the trio search for the Jaffa Factory.
  • Around this time, Hannah and Nilesy join the server, or possibly awakening from the deep sleep that the taint explosion implicated and their Evicted! series starts. Martyn and Parv's Heroes of the Mine start around this time as well, as does Ridgedog and Bebop Vox's Modded Madness. Generally all the other members of the Yogscast come around this time.
  • Sometime afterwards, Parv leaves Martyn and joins Strife for Blood and Chaos.
  • Finally, towards the end of it all, Sjin and Lewis manage to free Sips from Carbonite through the use of Molten Dirt, and Lewis parts with Sjin, joining with Sips and Turps for Dirtquest.
  • Sjin, on the other hand, decides to join Duncan for Magic Police, at a time where the criminals the scuplted Hannah, Parv, Nilesy, Kim and Rythian have become extremely proficient at their magicks, and so became police to keep them in check.
    • Except the Dirt factory seems to have been happening concurrently with the others. Presumably the Sips statue on the farm is just that; Sjin and Lewis must have thawed him offscreen and put the statue in as a replacement. Also, Sjin joined the magic police with Duncan while the farm is still progressing, and works for them part time with running the farm. Presumably the same is true with Duncan, although it seems possible there's more than one of him, based on the above.

Another Possible Timeline
This timeline includes five separate universes. These are the Jaffa Factory (Tekkit, Voltz, etc), So I, Chaosville, Moonquest, and Time Cops universes. EDITED TO BE CURRENT AS OF OCTOBER 2015
  • First: Tekkit with Duncan. That's right, the original Tekkit server, home to Tekkit: Lemonade and Tekkit: War. This series ended with the Tekkit War, where Duncan and Sjin destroyed the world. Doing so created a number of alternate universes, which we will get to later. These include the five mentioned above.
  • In the Jaffa Factory universe, life continues with the main Tekkit server, Voltz, and Yogscraft. The Chaosville universe begins with Chaosville 1, and Yoglabs is formed in that universe.
  • The next major event to happen is the invention of the Mystcraft books. Yog Labs Simon and Lewis invent a machine that allows them to travel to a dimension of magic. Being from a realm of science, they harness it, and use it along with their machine to invent the books, which they distribute among the other universes, most notably to the Honeydew, Inc. crew, Hat Films, and the Chaosville Magic Police.
  • The Honeydew, Inc. team , Sipsco, and Ridgedog use this power to travel to different dimensions, but the destination changes after the Flux explosion at Duncan's Castle in The Apprentice. Unable to return back to their homeland, they blame each other, separating into the universe that replaced their own: Moonquest. This is when the Moonquest series (Moonquest, Galacticraft, Sips Co. Space Program, etc) form. Unbeknownst to everyone else, a homesick Sjin continued searching desperately for their homeland, and eventually found it, though hundreds of years in the future. He used this return book as a bargaining chip to get the gentlemen to let him join them on Mars in his hunt for Sips. They agree and eventually return to the old Jaffa Factory, eventually leading to Hole Diggers, Deep Space Mine, and Dirt Factory.
  • After the destruction of the Honeydew, Inc. tower, they return to the Moonquest universe, where they meet Hat Films, who are plotting to take over Moonquest. To do this, they send all of the other Yogs members to their home dimension, where they meet even more fellows from other dimensions, which explains the explosion of series on that server.
  • Among the universes to not be touched by Hat Films was the Chaosville universe. Instead, Chaosville came to them, in the form of the Magic Police. After some time, they met the main-universe Duncan, and kidnapped him, as he had been tampering with flux. After their defeat at the hands of Kim and Duncan, the Magic Police retired to an alternate realm, where Time Cops is taking place.
  • After Time Cops, Yoglabs, who had been watching what had been going on, realized after that battle that Duncan had the most potential for magical power out of anyone in the multiverse they had observed. Sometime after Time Cops, they kidnapped him, and experimented on him, the results of which, mixed with the magic-less universe that he had been brought to, caused him to be Lannibal Hector. They then entrapped him until the Hypercubed incident. After the Hypercubed incident, they began to realize that his magical aura was beginning to effect their own universe, and Duncan as well. After Hector escaped confinement, he truly began to change. His skin turned chalk white, he lost his hair, and became Israphel. Wanting revenge, he returned and destroyed the Yoglabs facility, and all of its progress (the "mods"), resulting in Shadows of Israphel.
  • After Knight Peculier's death,Israphel easily defeats Honeydew and Xephos and releases the Sand God Skobels. Taking on the name Skobels, he traveled to the main dimension (YCP/GC/Tekkit etc), and defeats that universe's version of him, Derpules, who'd been looking for a champion after the sad death of his first, Simon. Skobels brings one of the evil Simon clones with him, and that's who the new Simon is in To S.

Here's a timeline theory that accounts for more recent stuff.
  • Firstly you have all of the Tekkit/Yogcraft series (Jaffa Factory, Sipsco, Blackrock, Owl Island, Duncan's Lab, etc.). Voltz also takes place during this time. Eventually, this leads to Site Bee, Feed the World, etc; eventually ending with The Apprentice.
  • Galacticraft (Kim and Duncan) and Moonquest follow next, happening at more less the same time, along with the Sipsco Space Program and Sjintech Space Rescue (it should be noted that Chaosville (or Season 2 of it, at least) takes place around this time as well).
  • Obviously, this is immediately followed by all of the Yogs Complete series (Hole Diggers, Sjin's Farm, Sipsco Factory, Magic Police, Evicted, Flux Buddies, and many, many more), which is itself followed by the Flux Buddies 2.0 server series and all other series in that frame (Druidz, Time Cops, Rule the World, etc).
  • Then, about 1,000 years after this, you have Deep Space Mine.
  • As for Yoglabs, it's place is overarching I believe. It exists at some point prior to Voltz at the earliest, and has continued across all series in the background, and given the hints of it existing in the future (see: Flux Buddies), it's likely to continue as such.
  • So basically the IRL release order with a few liberties taken:
    • Old Tekkit > New Tekkit > Yoglabs (Series Start) > Yogcraft & Voltz > The Apprentice > Galacticraft/Moonquest & Chaosville > Yogs Complete > Flux 2.0 > Yoglabs (Theoretical End Point) > Deep Space Mine

Simon has been possessed by the ghost of Professor Grizwald
This is the reason the Simon continues to become more and more hammy, and sometimes breaks out into the Grizwald voice. Grizwald is able to improve Simon's impressions and comedic ability at the cost of causing him to become slowly more scatterbrained than usual.
  • Remember the fourth note from the Pyramid adventure and the 'funny' bit after they read it? "It appears that I have died! I am writing this note from beyond the grave. If you find this note I'M GOING TO HAUNT YOU, YOU SON OF A BITCH"
  • This might be true in Real Life, because Simon admitted that for a while he completely forgot his own voice and started yelling out orders for food in his Grizwald voice.

Alternatively, Honeydew, the character, is a reincarnation of Grizwald.
Thus explain why Simon is always going into the Grizwald voice. It's Honeydew going back to his past life's voice.

The heroes' first encounter with an Enderman will not go well.
Because really, since when does anything the Yogscast duo do go well? My bet's on Simon being the one to cursor-over the new mob, simply because an Enderman attacking the camera hits a little close to home. And they'll probably see places where the Enderman has griefed the server before they see the Enderman itself.
  • I think it's a foregone conclusion that Simon and Lewis are going to get owned by any new mobs. Though my money is on either one of them getting it first. Their Minecraft videos aren't scripted for the most part and if they do run afoul of an Enderman it won't be a planned event.
    • As of the Minecraft 1.8 leak, they were exploring an abandoned mine housing a total of 3 Endermen. No one was hurt.

Galacticraft will end with everyone stranded on the moon.
Because in reality, none of the guys are competent enough to sort the situation out. Sips and Sjin or rather Zips and Sjin will probably have to rescue them, absorbing them into Sipsco.
  • Quite possibly Jossed. Though Lewis suffocated on his way down, he landed successfully, brought Unlinked Link Books and book stands, and left a rocket behind to get back with. Might still come true; if something terrible happens again.

Lewis has kidnapped Sips.
Sips has been replaced by a clone. Which Girl Scout cookie company has been making a big deal in their series about being the ONLY company legally allowed to make and distribute clones? I couldn't begin to guess why Lewis would do it, but It's not at all out of character for the Yoglabs version of him to pull something like this.
  • There are at least two very good motivations. For one thing, they're both participating in a space race, and Lewis has been known to cheat. Combine that with his evil Yoglabs persona and you have a recipe for disaster. Two, it could just be that Lewis is sick of Sips insulting his company.

Moonquest will last more than a hundred episodes.
So first up, they need to build a new base on the moon which will probably take a few episodes, especially if they do go through with the ham base. And then they need to explore some of those moon dungeons all together, which hopefully they have not forgotten. And then they need to build a new rocket that will get them to Mars.

Now all of this sounds simple, but remember how many times they kept getting distracted by other things to make and took a lot longer to finish. It'll probably be a hundred episodes at least.

  • As of Episode 93, they have landed on Mars! They also found Sips_, the real Sips_, frozen in carbonite. Maybe they'll work doubletime and make Episode 100 the grand opening of Marsbase.

There are two Duncans running around in Jaffa Quest.
In Jaffa Quest 96, the trio stumble across two quarries that were made by Duncan in his series with Kim. However, he claims to not have set them up. Perhaps there are two versions of him, one Lalna and one Livid Coffee.
  • Yoglabs apparently contains a murderous evil clone of him
  • Duncan from team Jaffa denies knowledge, but the Duncan from Kim's series has all the experience from moon/mars/jaffa quest and makes use of it, such as stealing from Baked Bean Fort and telling Kim how he and Lewis messed up their landings. There could be something complicated going on duplicate wise, or more likely Duncan is trying to keep his and Kim's actions secret, for whatever reason.
  • Been more hints since the last update. Lewis and Sjin have a conversation about Duncan seemingly being in multiple place at once in Sjin's Farm, Lewis even claiming to having seen two Duncans.
  • In Hole Diggers, iron spikes (which Duncan used to decorate Panda Labs) are discussed. Duncan claims to not having heard of them before, causing Lewis to correct himself and saying he probably confused him with someone else. He then mentions the cloning labs, and says he removed those memories, but he may remember them one day.
  • Let's not forget the Magic Police series, in which Duncan has yet to make any reference to the Galacticraft/Flux Buddies series, despite Kim being on the list of criminals. There also have been no mentions between Hole Diggers and Magic Police, meaning either those Duncans are the same and keeping it secret, or there may be even more than two...
  • the Duncan of Holediggers made reference to his time in the magic police at one point. the Duncan of Flux Buddies, by contrast, acts as though he isn't with the police and has actually aided Kim against them through helping her make poppets of Sjin. Finally, while absolutely everybody who has appeared in multiple series has so far carried over some of their items for convenience, Duncan rather conspicuously never does this.
  • Not to mention Kim and Duncan's galacticraft started long after team Jaffa set off, since Sjintech had already formed, and yet it showed Kim and Duncan seemingly arriving in the world for the first time after the disaster. Incidentally, this means that the Duncan with Kim is the prime one from the old Tekkit/Yogcraft server.
  • The Duncan in Galacticraft and Magic Police was first seen with Lewis and Simon at the start of moonquest, despite the fact that they would have been on their own right before the incident. Maybe Lewis and Simon thought Duncan had died when his castle exploded, and Lewis tried to clone him. the original Duncan, who actually escaped in his ship with Kim, crashed much later, and is working with Kim while steadily coming into conflict with the others.

The Taint will play a large role in the plot

In the Apprentice, Kim fell into the sphere and now has taint on her, and often goes into a trance, staring at a terrifying-looking node, which bears a resemblance to Taint. Duncan's castle in Jaffa Quest is covered in taint. And on Sjin's Farm, more taint is creeping closer. Think about it. It's all over the Complete server.Sounds like a plot thing to me. The Taint is a possible threat or antagonist to everyone.

  • Pretty much confirmed, at least partially. the latest installment of Kim's series "Flux buddies" is a clear reference to the Flux she's carrying. Duncan keeps talking about trying to fix it or his castle, so it's safe to assume that this might come up. And that's aside from the shear range of Foreshadowing they've been doing with Kim.

Kim is becoming a Red Herring villain to the rest of the series

She is tainted by Flux, which is almost universally seen as bad news.On Sjin's farm Sjin and Lewis have wondered whether they'll have to confront her to stop the taint encroaching on them.She's also on the wanted list for the magic police, again with Sjin, and this time Duncan seems to have agreed she's a threat. that puts her at odds with two out of three of team Jaffa, plus Sjin.

  • Her recent escapades have involved collecting blood from Sjin, Lewis, and Trottimus, which if they found out would only paint her in a worse light to them.
  • The only people she has been seen to interact with positively besides her Duncan is Hannah and Nilesy (and even then they tried to trick each other briefly). Hannah and Nilesy are also wanted by the magic police, and the witches' circle appearing near Sjin's farm was taken as a sign that they were a possible threat as well, so they may also be antagonists to sjin and Lewis.
  • In effect, the server as a whole seems to be coming into conflict, wit h Kim (and possibly Hannah and Nilesy) one one side, Lewis and Sjin on the other, and Duncan somehow on both (although as stated above there are hints that there may be two Duncans. However, despite Kim being seen as a threat to them all, in her series she isn't against any of them except Sjin, and even then she seems to have almost forgiven him sometimes. She is also the only person actively doing anything against Hat films, who seem to be panning to rip off and exploit everyone.
Simon is the bad guy of the combined story of Moonquest, Hole Diggers and Deep Space Mine
  • Think about it! He's always faffing around, being an idiot and generally acting like he doesn't really know what he's doing to cover up his true intentions! And let's not forget that he crashed the first moon landing, blew up the Jaffa Factory with a cleverly hidden explosive and blew up half of the Hole Diggers space base! You could say he did those on accident but he purposefully put cheese in the nuclear reactor when it clearly says not to, he could've put that explosive underneath the launch pad and remember that sign in the Hole Diggers finale? The one that says "Blow up the whole world and kill everyone"? Well, Simon saw it and didn't say anything! That clearly shows he's hiding something!
    • At this point, even if it's not deliberate, Simon may well be covered by Gray's Law: "Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice."
Rythian was the one who released the Taint into the world, and he'll be the Big Bad of the Yogscast Complete story arc
He would have done this to finally exact his revenge on Duncan and Sjin, and considering where the Taint has been sighted (Sjin's farm, Duncan's castle, not to mention Kim herself has been infected with it), it would make sense that Rythian started this mess, and for this purpose.
  • Jossed.


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