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Lewis is just a funny voice made up by Simon
Lewis never existed. Neither does Hannah, Lalna, or anyone else. The Yogscast is a one man project of Simon, a Man of a Thousand Voices, and his imagination. And what happens when they film a video? Why, that's Simon using his telekinesis to levitate that camera recording him. Because his imagination is just that strong, real life or not.
  • Maybe Simon writes all the comments on Youtube. Maybe there is no Totalbiscuit either; he's another one of Simon's voices. Maybe Simon does everyone on Youtube's voices. Maybe... maybe Simon writes all of the articles on This Very Wiki. Maybe he writes everything on the internet.
Maybe I'm the only person who's not Simon.OR MAYBE YOU'RE THE ONLY PERSON WHO'S NOT SIMON.
  • Jossed by various vids from when Simon and Lewis recorded in the same flat - you can sometimes (particularly when he yells/screams/AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH's) hear Simon's voice in the next room before you hear it over Ventrilo. Also, when recording in a studio in PvP maps at Yog Towers (Crown Conquest, Race for the Wool) in videos where you don't hear Simon's Vent channel, you can hear Simon screaming in the background. Not to mention the fact that we've now seen Lewis and Hannah (and Simon), at least, in real life.
    • Haven't we seen various various convention and interview videos with Lewis and Simon clearly in the same room?
    • Also, we have many Fun Friday and Trucking Tuesday videos, and even a few Minecraft videos like The Staircase where Lewis and Simon are sitting next to each other in facecam.

Kim is Peri Brown from Doctor Who
Listen to that inconsistent accent and tell me she isn't.

Zoey will one day meet Yahtzee
  • In one of her 2013 videos, she expressed a desire to visit Australia (where Yahtzee lives) and, lets face it, seeing two people who live at the opposite ends of the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism meet would be awesome.

Sips is the Ninth Doctor
They both say 'Fantastic' as their catchphrase.

The allegations against Sjin and Ridgedog will cause further problems for the network down the line.
Thus far little appears to be the problem, even with Sjin being listed on a supposed abuse masterpost, but at some point the network will come under intense criticism. This is not a post in favour of, or against, either the accusers or the accused.
  • Seemingly Jossed with Ridge, who has left the network; the worst thing that happened was a post or ten on Tumblr that said "glad you're gone".


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