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Fridge Horror:

  • When they first meet Granny_Bacon they note how she seems bulkier than other characters. Later, when they are forced to attack her, every hit transforms her into a more zombie-like appearance. Knowing how the game works, this can only mean that her external appearance is really armour that is breaking with each hit. It brings some Unfortunate Implications if you take it the wrong way.
    • This is confirmed at the end of the outtakes special, when the person who play Knight_Peculiar states (in the '/t' chat) that they never get leather armor because it's still designed after Granny_Bacon.
  • The video where Simon's house gets overwhelmed with rabbits after he puts two together and leaves them alone is a Funny Moment. However, when you think about it, all of the rabbits started from the original two, which means that the majority of the rabbits were bred through 1st or 2nd degree incest.


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