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Tear Jerker / Yogscast

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  • Rythian... just... Give Rythian a game with empathic characters, and he will always go out of his way to help them, meaning his reactions to their pain just make it all the more emotional. His reaction to the end of Thomas Was Alone, for example. "Into the Sky," indeed.
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  • Rythian again in the entire scene from the ending of BioShock Infinite wherein he really, really does not want to hand over that baby. And then the Wham Line for the next scene...
    Rythian: No, the girl... my girl... You're my girl.
  • Kim's reaction to Joel being stabbed in The Last of Us, an event which immediately cuts to a completely different scene leaving her with no idea whether he's alive or dead. In her own words:
  • Hannah's reaction to the ending of Beyond: Two Souls. After complaining for a while that she's gonna break down and cry, she finally does, and can hardly speak.
  • People saying their goodbyes to Strippin as he leaves for the USA.
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  • The last Rufus Blog, from Panda. For those who get emotional about animals and would rather not follow the link Panda's beloved Shar-Pei dog Rufus's Treats videos became a popular feature on the channel for no reason other than it was adorable. Unfortunately, Rufus's kidneys failed in 2013. Panda brought him home for one last video the night before, so people could say goodbye. Many tears were shed.
  • This vlog from Strippin. With everything piling up, it's almost impossible not to feel sorry for him.
  • While ultimately Simon recovered, the video from Lewis in which he explains that Simon's in hospital and not in a good way is fairly sad. You can tell at points that he looks like he's about to cry.
  • Strippin's eventual return to the UK. You can tell he's devastated to be away from Dodger and the cats.
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  • While Lewis and TotalBiscuit have fallen out, Lewis seemed genuinely upset to hear that TB had terminal cancer.
  • The departure of Strippin from the Yogscast. On the plus side, he is still on good terms with the group.
  • The Yogscast being forced to lay off Minty, Teutron, Collin and other staff members due to financial difficulties.
    • Then, due to outsider drama, Minty and Teutron have been banned from coming back for streams.
  • Dave and Panda quitting as well.
  • Turps and Sjin being let go due to sexual misconduct.

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