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  • Trivia specific to Area 11
  • Trivia specific to Hat Films.
  • Trivia specific to Zoey Proasheck
  • Trivia specific to Sips
  • Trivia from the Minecraft series

  • Approval of God:
  • Artist Disillusionment:
    • Hannah Rutherford has admitted to being fed up of Tumblr, in part due to fans that deem her content problematic without watching it and in part due to some incredibly warped fanfiction which she understandably wasn't amused by, as well as false accusations of sponsored content not being declared. She has seriously contemplated leaving the site a few times. She's also strongly discouraged people rushing the Yogs in public, after seeing a well-meaning but naive post for a group of Yognaughts that were planning to rush Zoey and Fiona at an LGBT+ pride parade, which would have seriously worsened Zoey's anxiety.
    • DaveChaos has similarly expressed his disdain with Tumblr, and went as far as quitting.
    • Conversely to Dave and Hannah, Simon has openly mocked the official Yogscast subreddit after a very popular post called him out, for referring to TotalBiscuit as a "crying pissbabby" [sic]. Suffice it to say that this didn't help matters.
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    • While Kim usually is supportive of the fandom and of Tumblr, she was quite understandably pissed off when someone uploaded NSFW art of her to the main tag, where she and various other fans could see it, and then apparently went on to abuse anyone that politely requested it be taken down. She's also stopped reading comments on YouTube due to a Vocal Minority of sexists, racists and people outright trying to hound her off the internet.
    • As a result of the Pixels disaster, Hannah has expressed her annoyance with fans assuming that the Yogscast were responsible, despite explaining at length what happened. One can scarcely blame her. She was also unhappy when a highly critical blog took a quote out of context and used it to insult someone else.
  • Awesome, Dear Boy: Hannah's gone on record to admit that irrespective of the Flux Buddies and her getting very little screentime for Trials of Derpulies, she's just happy to be playing Minecraft on the main channel with friends.
  • Big Name Fan:
  • Colbert Bump: They gave a small one to Garry's Mod thanks to its inclusion in their 2013 Christmas Humble Bundle.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • The Yogscast, in particular Lewis, do not seem terribly fond of the time that Gamechap and Bertie were members, having publicly mocked them many times in livestreams, as well as on social media.
    • Strippin publicly apologised for his Divergent-themed video, outright calling the video shit and saying he only uploaded it because he desperately needed the money to pay the rent and support future content. The video has since been pulled from his channel but is still available on the Yogscast website.
    • Hannah was openly critical of Ridgedog and Bebop's Christmas 2014 stream, which had Ridge get drunk and leave an hour in, resulting in Bebop failing to get things back on track and by far the lowest amount of money raised for charity.
    • Lewis admitted that he was embarrassed after a livestream in which he got horribly drunk and had to leave fairly early on.
  • Defictionalization: It was a running joke for a while that the Yogscast were based in an office called Yog Towers. They've since gotten an actual office, which they've taken to calling Yog Towers.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • Most of the charity songs released for 2012 and 2013 were lost as a result of copyright claims. Some, such as "Fairytale of Sipsco", have since returned, but others have been lost at least as individual songs (while still being available on any album reuploads).
    • Maker's policy of blocking entire videos because of copyrighted material, particularly content in games that the group play, has hit everyone to an extent, but Hannah has gotten it worst of all due to the games she covers, including but not limited to Life Is Strange and L.A. Noire. Despite Hannah saying that she is happy to keep up the videos in question and just lose revenue, Maker have refused and forced her to privatise multiple videos.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • A lot due to infinite cases of Alcohol-Induced Idiocy.
      • Duncan picked up the nickname Druncan (also spelled Drunkan) during the 2012 livestream.
      • Nearly everyone has a 'gin rage' related nickname actually. Sparkles* admitted to being called Drinkles (owing to him coming in to part of the livestream extremely drunk) and during the 27th Dec livestream, they thought up Brewis Ginly for Lewis. Strippin is Sippin, Simon is Honeybrew, Sjin is Tsjipsy, Zoey has her fake last name changed to Drunkasheck, Martyn becomes Martyni (even though that isn't what he drinks) and so on.
    • Lesser-known channels (that is to say fewer subscribers, lower view count, fewer appearances on other network channels and so on) from the network are often called the "Underyogs" by their collective fandoms. This typically covers Nilesy, Zoey, PyrionFlax, Will Strife and Zylus, but can also include Strippin note , Martyn note , Turps note  and Parv note .
  • Fandom Nickname: Fans of the Yogs are called "Yognau(gh)ts", although the spelling of the term varies. It depends on whether you prefer Simon or Lewis.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • Some videos have been pulled by the group over the years, so you'll be lucky to find fan reuploads or even clips from missing videos.
    • After the crackdown on parodies, fans have been forced to reupload some copies. Having said that, some songs have been lost forever, notably Hat Films' "It's the Most Wonderful Stream of the Year".
  • Missing Episode:
    • The very first video that Lewis and Simon made has been pulled as of 2015, although the reasons for this are unclear.
    • Most of the musical parodies on both the main channel and on other channels have been pulled, due to record labels abusing DMCA and YouTube's poor copyright system. Some are still up but they are in the minority as of the time of writing.
  • Money, Dear Boy:
    • Hannah has this attitude with regard to sponsored content, pointing out that it is at times fun but also necessary to make ends meet.
    • Strippin was asked to make a video about Divergent. He agreed and initially had fun, but later expressed concerns with the finished product, only uploading it because the sum was enough to cover two months of rent. The video has been pulled from his channel.
  • Old Shame: Lewis has publicly voiced his disapproval of the Yogscast's prior involvement with GameChap, openly bashing them in the 2014 livestreams.
  • Promoted Fanboy:
    • Despite being a general gaming channel, the Yogscast (or at least Lewis and Simon) are almost universally known as the Minecraft channel note : Notch, the creator of Minecraft, frequently tweets about the Yogscast's Minecraft videos, and at GamesCon 2011 they officially represented Minecraft. Simon even got to wear Notch's hat! They've also gotten to play competitive Team Fortress 2 matches with Notch for charity.
    • On the reverse side of it, Rythian, Strippin, In The Little Wood and William Strife were all fans of the Yogscast before joining.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor:
    • Tinman, one-time website manager, was fired for redirecting ad banners and revenue, embezzling somewhere between $18,000-$21,000.
    • Peva, a web designer who had designed many of the websites for the group, was eventually fired after a falling out with some members of the Yogscast.
    • GameChap and Bertie eventually severed ties with the Yogscast after they insulted several Yognaughts on the Yogscast subreddit in response to some relatively mild criticism. Unlike Tinman and Peva, they were able to keep a web presence, but further scandals related to their stealing material (or at least failing to properly credit the creators) and over-reliance on a very narrow swathe of games (Minecraft, and occasionally the odd Simulator or two) caused their subscriber growth to stagnate and their view count to drop considerably. On top of that, their Orwellian Editor habits caused them to ban any critics, in turn driving away several fans and moderators from both forums and channel, only making the decline worse. To make matters even worse, the channel then resorted to several years of the laziest clickbait of all - post vaguely sexual content in the thumbnails and titles and hope a confused demographic thinks with their body and clicks it, and when this failed, the channel began entering a seemingly-terminal decline. Only the release of Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS-related videos managed to arrest their channel’s descent into all-out abandonment.
    • On the flipside of it, TotalBiscuit officially ended his working relationship with the Yogscast after Simon Lane insulted him by calling him a "crying pissbabby" [sic]... over a comic book, no less. He still worked and communicated with other members such as Strippin, Sips and PyrionFlax, however.
    • Teutron and Minty were initially let go due to the company running into financial difficulty, but did so on good terms. Things soured, however, after the two waded into the debate about Sjin and accusations against him, with Lewis openly declaring that he was through with them both.
    • Turps voluntarily stepped down as CEO following a series of sexual harassment allegations against him, and made a public statement admitting his guilt and apologizing, saying that it was only fair that he be held to the same standard of behaviour as everyone else.
      • Almost two weeks earlier, Matthew "Caff" Meredith, one of the more recent Yogscast members at the time, was outright fired for far more serious allegations. Shortly after, his main article on the Yogscast Wiki was deleted.
      • Sjin's own very allegations against him stretching back years eventually lead to him choosing to leave the Yogscast willingly a short while after Turps' departure.
    • Editor ThatMadCat ultimately was removed from the Yogscast after initially refusing to omit Turps, Caff and Sjin (the last of whom he continued to publicly support even after his ousting from the group); though he would eventually agree, the fuss caused led to fans digging through his Discord and making complaints to the company directly about their findings, which caused Lewis to announce his firing. Happily, longtime fan editors Xenophyte and Drakon Aston were available to take his place.
  • Schedule Slip: In regards to Simon and Lewis' Magicka co-op with TotalBiscuit; the three had increasingly busy schedules starting after Part 8, and Part 14, a 40+ minute episode, had audio issues that TotalBiscuit still hadn't edited out yet when it was finally released two months after recording.
  • Series Hiatus: Due to Simon falling ill and being hospitalised in March 2015, various shows that would normally involve him were put on hold.
  • Trolling Creator: Sjin had a bad habit of constantly feeding Yognaughts misinformation for shits and giggles, to the point that Crying Wolf was in full effect whenever he told the truth (such as Cornerstone ending and Simon coming back from hiatus).
  • Unperson: Happened to Caff following his removal, with multiple videos featuring him being either made private or simply deleted. Interestingly, this has happened to neither Turps nor Sjin - possibly because their depatures were arguably voluntary - but when they are brought up in conversation by some current Yogs they are now being referred to as [Redacted].
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Duncan and Sjin managed to sneak into Sherlock as extras, but the scene they were in was cut out.
    • The gang did have a game in development called Yogventures, but production eventually fell through.
    • Zylus was initially offered the chance to sign up as a Yogscast member much earlier, but turned it down as he felt too young. He eventually accepted when he was older.
    • TotalBiscuit offered to host one of the "Dwarven Dairy Drive" livestreams, but claimed that there was no reply.
    • Hannah and Duncan were initially going to do a playthrough of Grand Theft Auto V for PC, but the numerous delays caused them to both lose interest. While they have both since made content for it, it's not a playthrough in the way they used to do it.
    • In The Little Wood mentioned the possibility of playing Cards Against Humanity as part of the 2013 charity livestreams, but this was later ruled out on grounds of taste. Longtime friend Daltos later did an unofficial Yogscast CAH stream, but with no actual members joining him. Lewis, Zoey and Sjin would go on to play the game for real in the 2015 livestreams.
    • Sparkles* mentioned in his 2015 AMA that the group could easily have chosen to be based in Reading, but chose to move to Bristol since Turps, Sjin and Duncan lived (near) there, and also because Hannah, Lewis and Simon were a little sick of living in Reading.
    • The group were approached by the creators of the film Pixels to do some sponsored content to promote the film, but declined. This didn't, however, stop a god-awful attempt at pandering to them that doesn't even get the group's pronunciation right, which Turps publicly mocked as terrible.
  • The Wiki Rule: Here. The Wiki is just as informal as TV Tropes, fittingly enough.
  • Why the Fandom Can't Have Nice Things:
    • The comments on Rythian's channel, as well as the BlueXephos channel, were turned off in mid-2013 due to a host of people trying to scam Yognauts out of money, plus unnecessary spam. They were eventually turned back on.
    • Kim Richards has admitted that due to increasing levels of irrational hatred and harassment, she has stopped reading the comments section as much as she used to. Given the growing number of racist comments and a small but annoyingly vocal group of fans calling for her to be fired from her job because they don't like her, one can hardly blame her.
    • DaveChaos left his Tumblr inactive and deleted most of the posts because he was routinely being harassed by fans. Kirin Dave, a longtime friend of the Yogscast, also did the same thing, and Hannah has seriously contemplated doing the same.


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