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For the Yogscast Minecraft Series, see here.

Simon Lane, several times while playing Portal 2 when GLaDOS berates him.

Hello, and welcome... to the Yogscast.
Lewis Brindley, at the start of every Yogscast video.

Simon: Wow. Pure dumb luck. Unbelievable.
Lewis: That's how we do it here at the Yogscast.
— Minecraft Puzzle Cube #1 - Cubeception

"Eat shit!"
Ross from Hat Films in every round of Murder ever.

Sips, on everything.

"I’m not waiting 27 hours, Trott. I just want to shower with men!"
Ross of Hat Films during an NSFW playthrough of Rinse and Repeat

"It's exactly lethal!"
Turpster on the 2015 Christmas Livestreams

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