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Headscratchers / Yandere High School

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  • How are Taurtis and Grian still friends with Sam? Sam raided Taurtis' dead girlfriend's grave, stabbed his best friend in the stomach over a girl, forced Grian to replace said best friend, and so many other things.
    • Taurtis is easily persuaded to change sides, so Sam presumably keeps him around through sheer force of will and mutual self-delusion. Grian is likely kept on through a mixture of fear and friendship, then later, Sanity Slippage.
  • If Sam and Taurtis went to the same school as they did in YHS, then how do they not remember certain characters like Gareth and his wife Jane?
  • Is Silly Okami Artist's daughter? Silly shows up after Okami and Rowan got together, but she doesn't appear before it either.
    • Yes.
  • How did everything reset in Tokyo Soul season 2? Where did the old characters go?
    • The series has canonical alternate universes. It could be one of them.

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