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The Legendary Dragons will be revealed to have similar personalities to their wielders.
Timaeus will be a narcissistic douche like Yami Yugi, Critias will be a arrogant pompous with a dragon fetish like Kaiba, and Hermos will be an idiotic goof like Joey.
Tristan is a Reincarnation of Adric
It explains the destroying the dinosaurs and travelling with the Doctor.
Hank Ishtar bullied/abused/tormented Marik for being gay.
Hence his extreme denial that he's gay.
  • This is especially likely considering that Hank seemed to be raising his children in an extremely traditional environment modeled after Ancient Egypt (Marik implied that one of the reasons he picked up that yaoi comic book in the first place was because he was never given any reading material other than his "scriptures"). It should be fairly obvious why gay rights and outdated conservative Egyptian values don't play nice with each other.
Florence will become a Yandere for Marik
When Florence finally reappears in the finale season, Marik will break up with him and Florence will go batshit insane. Also, just pick one scene from Season five where Bakura doesn't act as though he's a demented psychopath and making creepy faces. Perfect for a Yandere-type character.
By way of the Actor rule, everybody in the universe is Little Kuriboh
I fully explained it in the Grand Unifying Guesses page (under Actor Rule). The extension is that LK is 4Kids Entertainment (as stated in Crapsule Monsters episode 1 and lately in Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged 36 and 41), which makes him Al Kahn and every employee working under him, including Media Blasters and their VAs. Therefore he is also Rachael Lillis, who was Jessie in Pokémon. Jessie is Faye Valentine through way of Megumi Hayashibara. Faye is also Wendee Lee as well. And since Wendee Lee is Haruhi Suzumiya... according to WMG, she is God, a Time Lord, and Shinji Ikari. And according to Instrumentality, Shinji is everybody! Therefore, Little Kuriboh is the instigator of Instrumentality!
  • An alternate route between LK and Megumi Hayashibara is LK -> Mokuba -> Tara Jayne -> Ash's Bulbasaur -> Megumi.
  • Instrumentality is everyone except Shinji, Asuka and maybe everyone who doesn't want to be.

Marik owns a Death Note
He's able to find so many people named "Steve" because he traded half of his lifespan for the shinigami eyes. Of course, its utility is limited, since he doesn't want to kill you, just destroy you a little bit.
  • Alternatively, he makes his henchmen change their name to Steve.
  • Even better, he could be a shinigami. Would that mean all the millennium people are? It makes so much sense!
    • "September 19, 1996: Ushio Urameshi dies in a fight over a pile of leaves, which he believes to be money. November 5, 1996: Goro Inogashira dies in a game nitroglycerin grill hockey. February 12, 1997: Seto Kaiba dies of a fatal heart attack after losing to a highly improbable series of card draws while playing Magic and Wizards." But since he's a Millenium Item holder, and therefore equivalent to a Death Note user...
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  • Makes sense. Kakashi in Naruto: The Abridged Series does own a Death Note which he keeps an Icha Icha cover on; we see him writing in it early on ("Sakura...hit by truck..."). The fact that it doesn't actually work can be explained by the Abridged Series' taking place in a Crapsack World.
  • episode 42 "I AM KIRA".
    • Marik. Take the M off and Spell it backwards.

The ocean really can talk.
Mako is in a homosexual relationship with Hapi, the god of the Nile. He wants to marry Hapi so he, too, can be a god.
  • Confirmed in episode 33. Yes. Canon just confirmed a WMG. Be Afraid
    • Talking part is confirmed, but the relationship seems heterosexual. To the extent a relationship with a large body of water can be, one supposes.
      • Mako did, in fact, refer to the ocean as "she" and "ex-wife."
      • But wasn't Hapi a hermaphrodite?

The Ocean's name is Steve
Combining the above tropes, Mako is in a homosexual relationship with Steve, God of the Ocean; unfortunately, Steve will soon be taken over by Marik and become his greatest minion ever.
  • Alternately, Mako is in a heterosexual relationship with Steve, goddess of the ocean. Remember that in one of the Evil Councils of Doom, Pegasus says he knows a few girls named Steve, and he lives on the island where we first see Mako.

Zorc and Pals will end up Screwed by the Network
Well, it's got a cult following, but is desperate for ratings. The Yaoi Fangirls are probably the only thing keeping it afloat as it is.
  • Well, Episode 37 seems to confirm this when Zorc destroyed the studio audience. Bakura, after the attack, states: "God, we are so canceled".
  • Confirmed in the season two finale: Zorc is now on The Suite Life of Zorc and Cody.

Come on, there's so much evidence for almost everyone being straight, but evidence for almost everyone being gay. There's not much evidence for this theory, but no evidence against it.
  • Yes. Everything from Téa jealous of Mai's...assets to the Neko Porno...

The Abridged Series is the canon version of Yu-Gi-Oh
  • LittleKuriboh created Yu-Gi-Oh, but Konami stole the idea with their time machine. The same time machine they used to predict the upcoming Manhattan Incident.
  • This would explain why everyone references it as cannon. This would also explain 4Kids's Youtube channel.

The Millennium Rod is actually completely powerless
Marik just happens to be sexually irresistible to guys named Steve. Or girls named Steve.
  • Oh come on, Marik is sexually irresistible to everyone.
    • Especially guys and girls named Steve.

Marik's middle name (Sebastian) is a Chekhov's Gun
In the same way that the Millenium Rod only works on people with Steve in their name, his middle name will make him vulnerable to something. Alternatively, maybe the Millennium Rod only works for people with Sebastian in their name.
  • Alternatively, Marik is Jack the Ripper.
  • The real series has Yami Marik wanting the Rod to show him a vision it showed other characters, but it refused to. Maybe when Abridged gets to that part...

Bandit Keith is Michael Bay
Because in his movies, America always saves the America.
  • Can't be. There's only one explosive in his deck.

Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series will be canceled after Season Two
This announcement brought to you by 4Kids TV. DOWN WITH DISNEY. ALL HAIL 4KIDS!
  • I predict that that prediction is simply misdirection in a vain attempt to generate hype.
  • Isn't the third season the one where the Big Five trap them in a virtual world, or something along those lines? Could be foreshadowing of the next plot point—that the Big Five tries to cancel the show by removing the main characters.
    • Confirmed, interestingly enough; this is pretty much exactly the scenario that the Season Two finale sets up.

Croquet is gay
Bakura's gaydar points to Pegasus' castle, and then we cut to a shot of Pegasus and Croquet. Pegasus certainly seems gay, but it later turns out that he's actually hetero and just acts gay. The gaydar had to be pointing at something, and Croquet is the obvious choice.
  • Wasn't that confirmed? Aside from Word of God IIRC, he had that phone call where Croquet is refusing to get back together with his ex?
  • It could be that he turned straight and was no longer interested in his ex.
    • Sexuality, though at times incredibly fluid, does not work that way. Well, if LK wanted it to, it could in the abridged universe, but it doesn't in Real Life.

Kemo and Wakka are related
  • Just look at the hair, speaks for itself.

Kemo and Tristan are indeed related
  • Kemo (ATTENTION DUELISTS guy) tells Tristan "My hair is your father". Given that their hair is very similar (one points up, the other points forward), this is at least somewhat plausible. Which leads me to my next WMG...

Kemo's hair is a parasitic alien creature
  • It lives in his brain, as a Yeerk does, and has control over the host, but does so indirectly: It tells Kemo to do something, and he performs the requested action while informing everyone in the vicinity of what his hair is telling him to do (Abduct a small child, defy gravity, cry...).
    • And in regard to the previous WMG, the hair reproduced, infecting Tristan. Why he refers to the commanding entity as his voice rather than his hair may be explained by his Ditz status.
      • also in one of the abridged movies, the one without Anubis, he is searching for his hair and working for Kaiba, for reasons he isn't sure about
  • What about Mai's breasts?

Kaiba will eventually say "Screw the Fourth Wall, I have money!!"
  • The whole "save the fourth wall from being broken" thing is simply one massive set up for Kaiba to say that line. That, and he just HAS too, it's too hilarious not to be used!
    • Unlikely. Nothing can top "Screw the vagina, I have a vagina."
    • Ebonics. "Screw 'da rules, I gots money."

4Kids is a elder god similar to Cthulhu.
The shadowy executives are its cultists. Disney is a rival Elder God, similar to The King in Yellow (both share the "never say their true name" gimmick). The shadowy executives could say something like "The world will know the embrace of madness." and it would fit perfectly!
  • 4Kids' true horrifying shape can be seen in Yugi's nightmare in the first Cr* psule Monsters spinoff episode.
  • And Marik, being the ultimate evil (hot) psycho, is their leader. Not to mention his hair is almost as freaky as Cthulhu's tentacles...

The Mooninite Steves are Arrancars
Lets look at the facts. For one thing they have masks that only cover part of their face, and I'm willing to bet anything that their quad laser beam is a form of cero.

Little Kuriboh is planning to finish the show as soon as possible and dedicate his time to making the Naruto: The Abridged Series spoof parody thing
And the world may potentially implode.
  • Don't overly worry about that. At the rate LK has been progressing through the story the past couple of years, he's on pace to finish sometime in 2023 or so.

There will be a Bat-credit card-Game
Don't question me, it will happen.

Mai isn't coming back
Let's face it, who needs her breasts anyway?
  • If LK ever gets to the Orichalcos arc, Dartz will. Only for his master plan though.

Little Kuriboh has super strength
Little Kuriboh voices Tristan. Tristan's voice gives him super strength. Therefore...

4kids' plan will fail
Why? Because there is No Fourth Wall to break. I mean that is their whole evil plan, right?

The Tristan-Monkey-Bot will have the dreaded other Tristan voice
Leading to everybody in the cast treading Tristan-Monkey-Bot as the Replacement Scrappy.
  • Jossed. Tristan thinks he has his regular voice, but everyone else just hears a monkey.

Invisible items don't work if they're 'shown' onscreen.
The invisible guns have failed on-screen twice, but when Bakura shoots Zombie Boy from off-screen his invisible gun works fine. Mai has lost every on-screen duel in the series, leading some to believe that she has no dueling abilities. However, it could just be that her dueling skills are invisible. She seems to have no problem winning duels off-screen, after all. (She beats Rex Raptor off-screen on the journey to Duelist Kingdom, and is shown collecting her winnings from Guy-Who-Is-Disguised-As-A-Bee. Furthermore, she won enough off-screen duels to make it to the Duelist Kingdom finals.)
  • And they're owned by the Weeping Angels.

  • Impossible. Jounnochi told Yugi that their friendship is invisible, yet they have shared on screen portions where they're friends. So their invisible friendship works even when you're looking at it.
    • That wasn't in the abridged series, and if it was, as Téa would (Most likely) say, "The power of friendship is strong enough to overcome the 'Invisible Objects' rule!"
      • "Now that I have said it, it must be canon!"

Yami Bakura is the real hero of the show and Marik is his Love Interest.
It's Bakura who tried to stop Melvin from breaking the fourth wall while Yugi was partying. Also, since Melvin became the villain, Marik hasn't done anything besides having truckloads of UST with Bakura. They're pretty much an Official Couple now.
  • Don't forget Yugi had a feeling that he was needed for something important, it was Téa that kept him from finding out what it was.
  • Nah, Marik is Yami Bakura's Hate Interest.

The Giant Rock is female
Bakura's Gaydar pointed to Ishizu just as she was saying the Giant Rock was the only one who understood her. Ergo, since this must make Ishizu a lesbian, the Giant Rock she's in love with must be female. Interestingly, Bakura's Gaydar stopped reacting after Ishizu fled the plot, and the Gaydar had no reaction to the (Female) Giant Rock. This must mean the Giant Rock is a straight woman. Ishizu's story is truly tragic (there are no women on Yu-Gi-Oh!, only really girly men!). Alternatively, the Giant Rock does love Ishizu back, but it is actually male, much to Ishizu's horror once she learns. Or maybe not.
  • You do realize that the batteries ran out?

Marik (or Melvin) is behind Stephenie Meyer's creating the Twilight series
Steve is short for Steven, which is a variation of the name "Stephen". And the feminine form for Stephen is Stephanie.

It's time to play "Guess The Sexual Orientations Of All The Characters!"
Because most of their orientations are very ambiguous, it's time we settled it once and for all! But remember, No Bisexuals! Just kidding.
  • Yugi: Straight, but an on-and-off Chaste Hero and occasionally Oblivious to Love, although it depends on the episode. He seems to have a kink for costumes. (Téa's waitress uniform, the Dark Magician Girl...)
    • However he and Yami seem....a little friendly. It is repeatedly hinted they take part in S&M and Yami's main concern in the extra videos is to get Yugi back home.
      • Not to mention Yugi's fascination with Marik's abs. Though who can blame him?
  • Yami: Either a Chaste Hero or Bi.
    • Definitely bi if you take "What Would Yugi Do?" as canon. Also not very much of a Chaste Hero. He's a bit lacking on the chastity part.
    • Well besides "What would Yugi Do," which wasn't created by LK, Yami hasn't really shown much interest in anything or anyone other than card games.
    • But he does have some Ho Yay with Yugi. And during the duel with 'Ghost Kaiba' he said "If you're a ghost then I'm straight!" Turns out it wasn't a ghost but a gay clown, so yeah..
    • If the abridged movie proves anything, he seems to be unsuprised and fairly happy about joey's surprise buttsex move at the end of the movie. Also, it's pretty much implied that they have done it (more than once):
    Yami: With you, Joey, it's never a surprise.
    • More recent non-episodic videos seem to be turning him into a Depraved Bisexual
  • Téa: Straight, and very horny.
  • Joey: Straight.
    • What, really? After his wet dreams about Kaiba, and his romantic scene with Yugi?
    • Oh please,everyone's had a sex dreams with Kaiba.
    • True, but he definitely likes Mai's breasts, so he's probably a bisexual furry.
    • There's also some definite Ho Yay between him and Tristan, so I'd be inclined to say bi.
    • I guess after episode 50, his bisexuality is canonically confirmed.
  • Tristan: Probably straight, at least for Serenity, but there is that obvious Ho Yay with Duke Devlin (and earlier, Joey).
  • Seto Kaiba: Card Game-sexual
    • Well, he does get a boner from seeing the Egyptian God cards...
    • Bisexual or Gay, He is a Stalker with a Crush to Yugi (In the Movie)
      • I saw that as just Kaiba screwing with Yugi's mind, along with the fanbase.
      • Episode 54 indicates that he finds Téa's breasts "nice", but could be in a non-sexual way (specially since he's not particularly interested anyway).
      • Well, Kaiba did have sex with his dragon-girlfriend thousands of years ago, so that's a huge point for the Straight/Bi categories. Then again, it's also canon that the sex wasn't very good, so there's still a flimsy but possible case to be made that Kaiba was using her as The Beard.
      • He asks Kemo out to a movie in Episode 13, so I'm inclined to say he's Gay or Bi.
      • Nah, he likes dragons, that means he’s asexual.
  • Mai's Breasts: Straight.
    • Fake.
    • They're not fake!
    • Riiiiiiight.
    • Idontbelieveyou!
  • Serenity: Straight.
  • Mako: Hydrosexual.
  • Mokuba: He probably hasn't figured it out himself yet, since he's only recently gone through Japanese Puberty.
    • He is barely into his teens, I really don't think its even crossed his mind.
  • Pegasus: This is where it gets difficult. Um... straight? Gay? Straight Gay? Camp Straight? Bi? Camp Straight is probably the best bet.
    • Most likely bi as he does show interest on Kaiba. But then again, he might just be faking it for no conceivable reason because he's Pegasus.
      • Word of God said he's straight, and he was coming on to Kaiba just to creep him out. Mainly because its funny. I personally agree with him there. As for dreaming about Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, hey, lots of straight men like that movie - its funny.
      • he is Camp Straight, in Episode 11, Kaiba says "Pegasus is ruthless, camp, but ruthless.", add that to the fact that Word of God says he is straight and you are done.
  • Bakura: Gay? Or just British?
    • He's not gay. He's just British.
    • If not gay, than probably Bi. He once asked Téa if she fancied a shag, and then he said the following in Episode 15:
      • Téa: Hey, stop groping my Yugi-muffin!
      • Bakura: Bugger off, you had your chance!
    • And then there was that episode where Tristan says they had a bad dream, can they sleep with Téa?, and Bakura says he doesn't want to sleep with a girl...
  • Yami Bakura Florence: Gay. Then again, he does love his fangirls. Of course, that may just be a Batman Gambit. See the below WMG.
    • Bisexual, he loves his fangirls.
      • Maybe he loves them platonicly?
    • Gay. Or maybe just gay for Marik...
  • Marik: Gay
    • If Marik is gay, however, he seems to be the last one to know it. As he says in the "On a Blimp" video, "We're not gay, by the way, least I don't think that I am....", and every time he's accused of being gay, he's often violently denied it.
    • He is Bi, and I refuse to believe otherwise.
      • Well, he wants to fangirls.
      • His fangirls are The Beard.
      • Or he just loves having people admit how gorgeous he is, regardless of whether or not he's attracted to them.
    • Gay. Gay. Gay, and he knows it, if you take this episode of his Let's Play series as canon (forward to twelve minutes).
    • Actually, in one video he mentioned having cybersex with someone he thought was a girl. Of course, it was actually Florence in disguise, and we have no idea how the whole thing actually went, so...
    • Well, as noted below, Melvin seems to think Marik is gay, and as was pointed out, he kinda is Marik, so...
    • Another supporter of Marik is Bi. One of LK's fics, albiet non-canon, has Marik rather excited at the prospect of going out on a date with a woman and subsequently a bit heartbroken when she doesn't show. At the very least he is easily won over by the prospect of love.
  • Yami Marik Melvin: Gay, and more open about it.
    • He is the gay one!
      • Marik, is that you?
      • Melvin seems ambiguous, since he has only tried to hug males, but does seem pretty confident calling Marik gay.
    • Isn't it obvious? Melvin is obviously Marik's Mr. Hat. He's Marik's Gay Side incarnate! And he'll only be defeated when Marik admits it!
  • Ishizu: Hard to tell. Bakura's gaydar was leading him in her direction until its batteries ran out... See the above WMG for an interesting theory.
  • Duke Devlin: Anything that moves.
    • It doesn't even have to move...
    • He seems to prefer girls, although that could be because of his disease...
  • Kemo's Hair: Straight, and vigorously gelled.
    • Yeah, it was able to reproduce to create Tristan, so...
    • Since it's an alien parasite (see entry above somewhere) It might reproduce itself asexually, like a starfish
  • The Satanic Teddy Bear: Unknown.
    • Asexual, because it's a teddy bear. Or hate-sexual.
  • Dartz: Gay. I mean, he does want to do Marik on a motorcycle.
      • Impossible to decipher.
  • Yugi's Grandpa: Definitely gay for the Black Luster Soldier.
    • Possibly not gay, may be the fact that the poster is inanimate.
    • Although Yugi wouldn't exist if he hadn't copulated with a woman at some point - unless Yugi is adopted.
    • I don't know, from the side BLS is built rather like Mai, unless those are truly absurd pecs.
      • Black Buster Soldier is female.
      • But since Black Luster Soldier is the Pharaoh's Ka monster, and the Pharaoh's a guy...So. Confused.
    • I say he's Bi because he goes between Black Luster Soldier and then talking about Téa's Boobs. Or Gazongas. Or titties.

"Tell my fangirls I love them" at the end of episode 46 is more than just a funny line.
Look at Florence's smirk when he says that. He clearly has some ace up his sleeve. Most likely the fangirls will be the one reason that Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged can't be canceled outright, for fear of backlash. That's why 4kids needs to finish off all the characters, so that they can have an excuse for canceling the show in that all the actors are dead.
  • This makes sense, especially considering the recent videos featuring Florence and Marik. Perhaps their souls are in purgatory, and they're spending their time there making videos that show them acting very gay and Bishie, as part of a Batman Gambit to attract enough fangirls to start Sending Stuff to Save the Show to get Y:TAS Un-Canceled.
    • Seems pretty much true, as we know that both of them come back eventually in the series proper. Hell, to this troper, that was the whole point of both the duet and the deleted scene (of them professing their "hate" for each other); a last-minute attempt at more Ho Yay fanservice to save them.

The recent music videos and random stuff LK's been doing lately is stealth cannon, as filler!
He did say that there would be new episodes in May, but he meant the music video parodies, the rap battles, and all the other random stuff LK's been doing on his account; they are all cannon, but are also filler. The third season of Yu-Gi-Oh was mostly filler, thus the abridged version is filler as well. They just aren't numbering them so as to not confuse anyone. Then again, maybe I'm just grasping at straws to make cannon the fact Kaiba said "Screw the vagina, I have a vagina!"
  • Jossed. Season Third has officially started.
    • That doesn't make it any less canon, especially with the recent reveal of Kiaba being a robot. ;)

Linkara is God
Think about it: The current story arc is about the fourth wall. The name of Linkara's main series on That Guy with the Glasses? Atop the Fourth Wall. The thing is: Linkara doesn't know that he's the god of another universe, and that the witty title that he came up with for his series is anything more than that.

LittleKuriboh supports Your Shipping of Choice.
He certainly seems to have no problem with making jokes about EVERY SHIPPING EVER, although some ships are mentioned more than others... such as the running "creepy sex dreams gag" from Season One (apparently Joey is very territorial about the subject of his creepy sex dreams), with the theme repeated in Season Two where Joey apparently gets rather pissed off about even the suggestion of Mai sleeping with Kaiba.
  • that wasn't Mai he got angry at, he was angry at Yugi during Yugi's existential crisis.
Also, for some other pairings: "Bye, darling!" from Joey to Tristan in the Virtual World episode in Season One, the incredible UST from Marik and Yami Bakura in Season 2, anything even remotely involving Duke Devlin (Duke can't be shipped, he is dependent on contact with women, but apparently has experimented and there is no clear indication of his sexuality, and Joey's obsession with Mai's boobs.

Guesses about the Doma Arc
  • Doma company will be the metaphor about the network or conspirators to bring back 4Kids, or happen to be a neo-4Kids group.
  • They use the Seal of Orichalcos to replace the main characters and employees that fail are "fired" immediately. Commentary on why they wager souls in a children's card game. Again.
  • Valon probably says something like "Screw the rules I have fists!" in his battles. Joey will enjoy his battle with Valon because they decide to just punch each other.
    "Time to du-" * gets Falcon Punched by Valon* "Hey that's not in the rules!"
    "Screw the rules I have fists!"
    "I can live with that!" * They start punching each other like a street fight*
    • How would that be any different to the actual fight in the main show?
  • Valon and Joey's fight will be decided by who has the silliest and most inappropriate accent.
  • Great Leviathan is the reincarnation of 4Kids chairman Alfred R. Kahn.
  • Dartz is a fanatic, or someone who supports the 4Kids censoring so his child could watch the show, but....
  • Yami plays Seal of Orichalcos to prove he can be a better villain and more successful because he is main character (and prove that Yu-Gi-Oh villains can be straight?). His lesson is that main characters can actually lose. Everybody's reactions should be interesting.
    • Unlikely to prove that particular point, considering "if that's a ghost then I'm straight."
  • Commentary on why Dark Magician Girl is more important in this arc than Dark Magician. The explanation is obvious.
  • Commentary on how they choose the most interesting battlefields to fight (on a plane? on a train?).
  • Comments about Alister and Tracey having the same voice. His brother was not kidnapped so many times like Mokuba.
  • Dartz's soul wall could have some interesting people.
    • Dartz is officially a loser and so are his mooks, so they most likely wont show up in the abridged series
      • Mariks a loser, but he still remained a villain.
    • Everyone dead at this point in Dragon Ball Abridged will be on the soul wall, except Ghost Nappa who will always be with Vegeta.
      • It'll contain every character of every abridged series that's been cancelled. Bennet's Elfin Lied, Naruto Abridged, ect
  • Mai joins Doma so she whines about how she has never won a duel before but surprises everyone when she defeats Pegasus.
  • Rafael gets ridicule about having big muscles.
  • Alister will be mocked for looking like a girl.
    • The characters are really gonna try and use that? Looking like they do?
  • Legend of Heart will not transform the Legendary Dragons into knights. Instead, it will summon a far more powerful forrce than they - Ma-Ti.
  • Rebecca will have aged 8 years while none of the main characters have aged at all (due to the evil influence of her Teddy), which explains why her voice has changed (so LittleKuriboh can now do the voice) and why she keeps trying to shuffle Yugi's deck.
  • Joey and Mai will both say that Valon isn't as "bad" as Melvin.
  • Commentary on the fluctuating animation quality - e.g. Yami's inconsistantly-sized hair will become a character in its own right. Possibly possessed by Kemo's hair. Or something.
  • Partially related to an above suggestion: Dartz doesn't feed the Leviathan souls, he feeds it abridged series. That's why he hates Marik - he knows that Melvin will try to eliminate the last abridged series Dartz needs for his evil plan!
  • The Great Leviathan is Slender Man. "Hey guys! I heard you had an internet series. Can I be in the internet series?"
  • In the battle between Dartz vs Yugi and Kaiba, Dartz will be so incomprehensible that Kaiba and Yugi will disregard him. Instead they will just screw the rules and make up a new set of rules that will trigger instant win for them.

Noah is the Kaiba of Season Zero.
Somehow he escaped the season and gained a big grudge on anime in general for censoring his continuity. So he secretly took over/founded 4Kids to destroy anime's reputation(shortly before their first noticeable dub other than Pokemon). He's tormenting the characters because they were his replacements, and their Abridged versions are a painful reminder of this.
  • close, Gozaboro had a plan to resurrect Noah in kaiba's body, season 4 is Noah and the rest of Team 4Kids trying to possess the main characters.
    • Or Noah was originally planned to have the same position as Kaiba, but instead Seto took the role.

He just HAS to.
  • And Kaiba will interrupt Noah in the middle of that. He will say something like "Don't you DARE steal my catch phrase that I only used once."
    • Kaiba has used that quote during a drug trip, I don't think Noah will repeat any quote, especially a seto quote.
    • It's confirmed in a way. Noah said at the end of Episode 46 something along the lines of "Who is the green haired spoiled rich brat screwing the rules now?" Whether or not Kaiba will say anything about it like in their duel near the end of Season 3 is still up in the air though
LK's been hacked on Youtube by a zombie
Well, for starters, almost all of his videos are gone, and there's a note saying the channel has been hacked by Michael Jackson... which means the King of Pop is a zombie, hellbent on destroying YTAS!
  • Those videos are now re-available on youtube, through cardgamesFTW or

The Big Five will all win, except for the one dueling Yugi
Yugi will, of course, not notice the difference. The new minds will remain in those bodies for the remainder of the series.
  • Jossed as of Episode 50. Téa just sucks at card games in this continuity.
  • May not be jossed. Both Yugi and Joey still have one more fight together against the Big 5.

Reappearance of Mako
  • Mako will somehow make another appearance somehow in a really unpredictable role.

  • The Great Leviathan is the living embodiment of the sea. When no-one else can stop it, only the seas lover can truly quell her rage. Mako shall be the hero of the Doma arc.

Bakura will break up with Marik after his Heel–Face Turn.
And that's why he's together with Zorc in season 5.
  • Alternatively, his evil plot for season 5 will be to get 'Zorc and Pals' a second season.

Yami Bakura and Melvin are brothers.
Yami Bakura was shown to be this universe's version of the Joker ("Why so British?"). That makes Marik, Melvin brother of the Joker.

What happened to Marik and Florence after losing to Melvin?
They got sent to the shadow realm, where Marik now does a let's play of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

Serenity will take a level in badass
...and take on Nesbitt all by herself AND WIN without Tristan and Duke to help her. Especially when you consider that at the start of Season 3 4Kids' takeover and attempted cancellation of the show, she was worried about her relevance to the series...she's going to stand up for herself and declare that SHE! IS! RELEVANT!
  • Jossed. Duke won by showing him a picture of Yuma

Tristan and his hair have other powers that haven't been revealed as yet.
Let's consider, first of all...Tristan's hair (er, correction, voice) gives him super-strength and knowledge of kung fu, and he himself can break necks with his mind. Plus, he was able to overpower Yami-freaking-Bakura during the Duelist Kingdom arc. So...among the other powers he'll be able to exhibit later: his hair will be revealed to provide him resistance to mind control unlike the actual series where he got mind-controlled by Bakura in Season 5, the power to fly (similar to the ability of his "father" Kemo's hair to defy gravity), plus the hair itself will be able to slice through anything and everything (just LOOK at it!).

Noah (or Johnson) took down CardGamesFTW's account.
He and the Big Five cancelled the show, so it was only fitting they get rid of CardGamesFTW's YouTube account. Hey, Melvin was the one who took down Team Four Star's account, it could happen! Wait, now it's back, so both 4Kids and the Big Five in real life and lost their trial and Life Imitates Art and now I've gone cross-eyed...
  • Johnson did it.

Crump is Rob Schneider!
First he was an animal (penguin) and then he was a woman (Téa)!

Rebecca's teddy bear is the REAL Big Bad
Rebecca says that she hear voices in her head that voices are from his teddy bear mind-control powers, he make her fight a duel against Yugi to be able to watch how powerful was the one that defeated Pegasus. Even more, he KNOW that yugi would won, even more, he PLANNED Yugi voctory, but hasn't planned that he could go from the duel unharmed. He also is Bakura and Zorc's boss. Bakura's mission is obtain the millenium artifacts in order to obtain a new body and conquer the world and time. He own's 75% of ALL companies in the world, includin Four Kids.
  • in order to accomplish his plan, he has planned ALL the events from the start to the end. He is putting Yugi to duel again and again and again and again in order to make him stronger so he can be a suitable sacrifice to obtain his new body. He is, also, Florence, Zorc, Gozaburo, Noah, Dartz, Obama, Adolf Hitler, Freezer, Bill gates and Tristan's boss.
  • He has planned EVERY one of the series events or expected, succesfully, to see them by made without his help. He even make Kaiba fire his parents and make him think that he did that without his help!
  • The only thin that he hasn't planned is Gramp's unabbility to die.
  • I'm sorry, was that paragraph meant to convey any meaning whatsoever? Because it didn't.

Yuuma from ZEXAL will be...
  • Puerto Rican.
  • Someone with cards so new no one knows how they work.
    • That title appears to have gone to Yusei.
  • Fond of all things Extreme! After all, that's what the X stands for.
    • Confirmed in the Bonds Beyond Time Abridged (the movie).

The Black Mage figure that appears on Ep 8 is actually Black Mage from 8-Bit Theather trying to take over that universe
  • Fighter likely ruined everything, because Thief said so.

Mai's breasts are sentient.
Which is why they're such a focal point. Even Mai is obsessed with them because they're mind-controlling her. Or something
  • Going by an above theory, Mai's breasts and Kemo's hair could be members of the same species. Hair is the male, and breasts are the female. Hence why Kemo's hair had a crush on her boobs.

Related to the previous WMG, Mai's breasts are Tristan's hair's mother.
Just because it would be funny. It makes sense.

The Season 3 finale battle between Melvin and Yami
It will involve Melvin trying to destroy the abridged series with a Shadow Game. While in the canon it causes the victim's bodies to dissolve, in this battle it causes the victim's abridged personalities to dissolve-when Yami loses lifepoints, he becomes less of a Jerkass, and more like he is in the 4Kids dub. This is Melvin's ultimate back-up plan: once winning the children's card game, he will take Yami and the God Card's powers and "take the abridged out of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Series!" This means that the abridged series will be reduced to the dub, effectively destroying it. And everyone, even Kaiba will believe such destruction of their personalities would be crossing the Moral Event Horizon. Melvin will show that he remains a monster in any continuity by laughing and mocking that they're reduced to their censored dub counterparts.

Future gags, themes and plot twists
  • When Mega Ultra Chicken is in its Phoenix Mode, Tristan will think it's Moltres.
    • And it will be beaten by Yugi playing Rory Williams
      • Or Lawrence III.
    • Alternatively, Yugi will try to play a Master Ball card in place of Ragnarok. Tristan will protest, saying that Yugi should save it for Mewtwo.
    • Semi-confirmed-it's Joey who refers to it as Moltres.
  • Gozuboro will have replaced Al Kahn, and use the power of 4Kids to censor all guns-thus allowing him to take over the world with his own.
    • Jossed.
  • During the Yami vs Melvin duel, when Marik regains control of his body after and is about to surrender the duel to the Pharaoh, "I'll face myself" from Persona 4 soundtrack will play. That would be so damn fitting.
  • There will be a joke about Marik taking out his shirt after that.
  • When Mai gets her More Than Mind Control, she will be oblivious to her breasts. Joey will consider this Dartz's Moral Event Horizon.
  • Dartz and his motorcycle gang will remember their Council of Evil days, and Season 4 will be their attempt at being better villains.
  • The demonic teddy bear will be revealed as a shell that Dartz will break, and Leviathan its true form.
  • After Marik briefly takes over Téa's body, she will ask what happened. Joey will reply that Malik got inside her. Téa will naturally take this the wrong way, and nosebleed.
  • Marik will have a Face–Heel Turn after realising that, since he's so damn affable, being a villain would be pointless. This may be a ploy to get more fangirls on his side. Or he turns good because of the 4Kids Mind Rape he'll suffer in the above WMG.
    • That creepy Chinese women in the KC Grand Prix will be introduced as "Vivian Wong - 4kids approved. Guns are bad, but pedophiles are A-OK."
  • Thief King Bakura will also say "tell my fangirls...I love them" at some point in his arc. Will be sorely disapointed if he doesn't.
  • Exodia Necros will be immune to attack, effects, magic or spell cards because, due to it being black, no-one will want to hurt it since that would be racist. Kaiba cancels this out by saying that a black man being immune to attacks because he's black is itself racist because regular monsters aren't immune.
    • Jossed.
  • Vivian Wong will mistake Yugi for a baby panda and try to take him back to China.

Marik is the true Big Bad
His childishness and naivete are just an elaborate ruse to gain him more fangirls. He'll bide his time, and then, when Season 5 begins, he'll rally his fangirl army, taking Bakura's place as the Big Bad. Melvin was intentionally created by him in order to make him appear more innocent and shift the blame to someone else while he waits in the shadows.And all of that UST with Yami Bakura? He was just playing to the audience, in a (very successful) attempt to get the yaoi fangirls on his side.
  • That puts his "Leather Pants" song in a new perspective. He needs the power of the pants, because his true nature won't be glossed over. Even if he is the hottest monster there is. The Ho Yay, however, is not a lie.
    • Or, Marik actually is completely straight, but does a poor job convincing everyone because he knows that if people think he is straight, he won't get any fangirls. This also explains why Pegasus couldn't have any people thinking he's straight: he also wants to use the fangirl army for his own ends. Yami Bakura does too, though he doesn't have to worry since he's already gay.

The Abridged Series is a Show Within a Show.
Namely it takes place in the 4Kids dub of the Yu-Gi-Oh! show. Its an Affectionate Parody style biography by Yugi, who wrote it for lulz.
  • If that's true, he has a pretty low opinion of all his friends and once intimidating enemies. And the girl he's in love with.

Téa will take control of Tristan's body
After Yugi beats Team 4kids inhabiting Tristan's body Téa's mind will take over his body. The rest of the series will feature Téa as Tristan, Crump as Téa, and Tristan as a Ghost-Robot-Monkey
  • Marik kicks Crump out of Téa's body at the beginning of Episode 53. Besides, he was "in her body long before it was considered cool."

There will be a full-fledged crossover with Dragon Ball Abridged at some point

The plot will focus on Marik and Bakura trying to find the Dragon Balls to wish themselves into being the main characters of the show, Ghost Nappa and the Pharoah accidentally switching places (putting them into the Millenium Puzzle and Vegeta's head, respectively) and the satanic teddy bear will end up having the crap scared out of him by Mr. Popo.With Little Kuriboh's proficiency with Flash and Team 4 Star's Photoshop skills, it could happen.

In episode 51 Joey was talking about Batman.
As mentioned in Callback entry on main Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged page, Joey thinks that gay people live in caves and that bats and gay people are pretty much same thing.

The current season will end with a "Freaky Friday" Flip between Tristan and Téa.
During the finale, the Big 5 members will all use Tristan's body to duel Yugi just like the original. Since Crump is using Téa's body, this will leave it free for Tristan to commandeer. After defeating Evil Tristan, Téa will be revived (somehow) and will be forced to use Tristan's body since it's the only one left. This will either stick for the rest of the series, be used for a short while before being fixed via a future Plot Device like the God Cards, or be hand waved away at the start of the next season with some sort of Noodle Incident.
  • Marik kicked Crump out of Téa's body.

Téa will get her body back.
Crump will get tired of being ignored and thus return Téa to her body. He'll probably say something like "At least the penguins pay attention to me..."
  • Téa gets her body back because Marik (Who was inside of her before Crump) kicks him out.

Bandit Keith's first name is Steve.
He was taken over by Marik. He can only take over people who's name is Steve. Put two and two together.
  • Actually, in one of the evil council episodes they reveiled that his middle name is Steve. So jossed.

Little Kuriboh read The Caine Mutiny.
Marik can only mind control people with Steve in their name. A major character in the book is Steve Maryk.

Florence is Spiderman
  • Hey, who gave Tristan access to the Internet?? Get off the computer Tristan!

The end of the virtual arc will lead to the downfall of 4kids.
In perhaps the most ironic instance of art following life, Noah will reveal that Gozabura was actually CEO of 4kids, and when the virtual world arc ends, like in real life, 4kids will declare bankruptcy, freeing Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged forever from the tyranny of Americanization, Merchandise driven executives and stingy lawyers. Unfortunately with this new freedom, the characters will try and create their own villains instead of the ones 4kids had planned, ending up with the season 4 motorcycle freaks.

Mako is in love with Xelha

Kaiba will say 'Screw the rules, I have money!' in the battle against Zorc and defeat him
LittleKuriboh knows how much everyone loves that line and has been teasing us with it ever since episode 1. In Ancient Egypt, as Kaiba is battling Zorc, Zorc will attempt to say another variation of 'Screw the rules, I have money.' However, Kaiba will cut him off and shout how pissed he is that everyone keeps stealing his line. Then, the scene where Kaiba shouts, 'Let's show him how we duel back home' will be replaced be, 'Here's how it goes: SCREW THE RULES! I! HAVE! MONEY!'

Zorc will experience Defeat Means Friendship when the story gets to him
Unfortunately, by that point the series will be almost over, so he'll get Killed Off for Real just for spite.

Mecha-Nesbitt controls the Bots that have been taking down the series' account.
Well, considering Joey outright calls Johnson, the legal guy, as being responsible for the two legal issue bannings, it's not a stretch to say the other 5, much less effective attacks on LK's profile have been from the robots Mecha-Nesbitt enjoys so much. Plus, as the only Big 5 member to successfully steal a body in canon it makes sense that Nesbitt here is the most effective at banning LK.

Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged is a show within a show.
Think about it: despite the fact that the series is cancelled, we're still capable of watching it. Despite supposedly being fictional entities, the Big 5 and Noah have somehow become 4Kids members. There's also Zorc and Pals. This is due to Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series being itself part of a fictional universe; the collection of videos and stories LittleKuriboh has written. While the gang is aware that they're part of the abridged series, they aren't aware that their "real world" is fictional. This is the true fourth wall Shadi has been assigned to protect. The reason why there's so many crossovers with Dragon Ball Abridged is because it takes place in "the real world." It's also why the characters there don't break the fourth wall. This would mean Melvin destroyed the inner fourth wall.
  • Continuing from there, the outer fouth wall will be broken, and someone will explain that Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series wasn't actually canceled and that the Big 5 and Noah arent actually 4Kids.

The souls collected during season 4 will be called Dragon Souls.
There are seven major characters that have their souls taken on-screen before the duel with Dartz: Yugi, Joey, Rex, Weevil, Valon, Alister, and Raphael. The souls summon a giant snake-like dragon. Do the math.

Her last name is actually "Breasts"; "Valentine" is either a nickname or her middle name.

Future Character Depictions
  • Sigfried- A relative of Hans and Gruber.
  • Season 0!Bakura- A full American instead of British. Possibly a stereotypical Dungeons & Dragons player.
    • Possibly Jossed? There has been a few con videos where LK has discussed this with the crowd, and he says he had debated this personality (or at least, the American part) though the crowd sounded displeased. Whether this will affect how he appears is out there, but he DID say that he was going to start doing the Season 0 out of order, with Bakura's episode up next in the lineup. We'll see.
  • Bobasa- POPO!!
  • Orochimaru and Kabuto- I know it's from a different show by LittleKuriboh, but I'll still put this one out there. They will be depicted as Dr. Weird and Steve. Considering LittleKuriboh and his love for Adult Swim Shout Outs, it should be expected.

Duel Disk Systems are in fact early prototypes of Pip-Boys
Meaning that Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series takes place in the Fallout universe. The first demonstration of the VATS system from Fallout 3 was when Kaiba threw that card in Episode 36. In addition, the Big Bad of BBT Abridged, Paradox, is from the world that the games take place in, and the Great War of 2077 was actually a Children's Card Game Tournament, which is what he is referring to when he says that a Card Game destroys the world.
  • Jossed. In the abridged universe, Fallout is just a game. A game Yami plays.
  • Not the first time a video game[1] has predicted the future.

The Final Episode
As the Pharaoh walks into the next world, one of his friends waiting on the other side says, "By the way, we only play Magic: The Gathering here". (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!)

Yugi won't give his soul when Yami loses in season 4
He'll let Yami's soul be taken due to finally having enough of the bondage slave business shown in What Would Yugi Do. This will lead to a(n awkward) situation where Yugi is walking around with Yami's physique, but Yugi's voice. Yami will eventually lie that he won't do any more bondage so Yugi will let him share bodies again.

Kaiba likes Tristan
He actively worries that 'his precious Téa' who Marik is threatening is 'the one with the pointy hair and Bullwinkle voice', and he finds Evil Tristan hilarious...until he discovers that it's really Nesbitt. Clearly this means Kaiba actively likes Tristan!

The scenes of "Pharaoh's Throne" didn't happen in the past, but was an act made by the current day Yu-Gi-Oh! characters.
It explains Priest Seto's speech(Kaiba was trying too hard to stay in character), how Atem knew what a mirror is despite the fact it haven't been invented yet, or how Thief King Bakura knew about Lady Gaga.
  • Or it could an alternative universe, where the characters are either time travelers or they were aware of those stuffs to begin with.

Tristan is Dragonborn.
His voice gives him super strength.

Tristan won't be possessed by Florence
Tristan, instead of being possessed by Yami Bakura to before they go to room that teaches how to write Dan Green in hiroglyphs, will become evil himself due to the evil influence of Zorc (and Cody) on his mind. And Tristan will suddenly gain a deck for this duel because of Zorc and Cody's Suite Life on the Deck.

If and when Kaiba dq's Siegfried for going under a false name, he'll get called out for it
Something among the lines of: "Oh, so NOW you're disqualifying people for entering under false names!"

Little Kuriboh is a Thiefshipper.
He's gone way too far into pairing Marik and Florence for it not to simply be a joke on the original series' Ho Yay between the two.

At the end of season 5, he defeats the Pharao, obtains all the millenium items, officially becomes an item with Marik, and becomes the protagonist of a Zorc and Pals Spin-Off.

Unfortunately for him, he doesn't get to enjoy any of this, because the show has just ended for real.

The Celtic Guardian would have indeed defeated the Egyptian God
Because of the Heart of the Cards and all that jazz. Plus, for the Rule of Funny.

Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged is a show in the canon show, by Seto Kaiba.
Seto Kaiba started out just trying to make an autobiography, but thought making it Comedic Sociopathy would sell. This would explain the traits of the Abridged characters versus the canon:
  • The Lampshade Hanging on the Mundane Made Awesome is due to Kaiba being continuously baffled over how what is essentially a children's card game manages to be so important. Yami, being a symbol of the bizarre "the fate of the world" crap he dealt with through the whole series, is portrayed as a pompous, immature Caligula as a Take That!. The Depraved Bisexual tendencies are probably Kaibaservice.
  • The Abridged Series has even more Ho Yay than normal because Kaiba's trying to appeal to the female demographic.
  • Seto Kaiba was sick of Yugi and pals treating him as a potential friend and his competitors seeing him as weak for Mokuba. Ridding his abridged interpretation of love for Mokuba is an attempt to prevent him begin targeted.
  • Yugi and his friends are jerkasses in the Abridged Series because its Seto Kaiba running the series. Abridged!Yugi has decent moments because even though Seto hates him, he's still a Worthy Opponent. Kaiba never bought into the whole Power of Friendship thing, hence why Abridged!Téa is even more obsessed than normal. Tristian is Too Dumb to Live because Kaiba thinks he's an idiot. Duke Devlin's reputation is a reflection of being a teenage heart-throb in the main series.
  • Abridged!Joey is Kaiba's Take That! against Joey, hence why he's portrayed as a Jerkass who cares more about trading cards. The Furry Fandom and homoerotic dreams about Kaiba? That's plain old, unadulterated Foe Yay on Kaiba's part
  • Gozuboro Kaiba was portrayed as Laughably Evil because Kaiba wanted to lay one last Take That! against his old man, completely wrecking his reputation as a serious weapons manufacture. Dartz is a similar insult
  • Since Kaiba doesn't buy into the "fate of the world rest on trading cards" spiel, he turns Marik and Bakura into comic relief. The actors are gay in real life, and willing to make jokes at their expense about their relationship-Marik's actor decided Abrided!Marik would be camptotally not gay. The recent Tear Jerker about their break-up reflects the actors breaking up.
  • 4Kids exist in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe, and Kaiba is not a fan. Dragon Ball exists as a show in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe as well, hence the Team Four Star references.
    • The only problem with this theory is that it would require Kaiba to have a sense of humor. Not to mention enough self-awareness to be willing to make fun of himself (episode 62 and the blue eyes white dragon jet anyone?).
      • Mokuba is a co-writer.

The real Melvin from "Kill Your Family" that Marik based his second personality on is still out there..
And he be a recurring villain once the Melvin in Marik is dead...

Bakura is actually a guy
  • But that's crazy...

Predictions for the second Clip Show (with Téa and Serenity)
  • When they flashback to when Marik got Team Four Star suspended, Yami will say That's definitely going to be a dated joke.
  • There will be a Take That! at Sword Art Online with the VR World arc.
    Téa: I'm a woman and I have no idea what I'm doing.
    Yugi: This is kind of like Sword Art Online if the writers had more respect for women.

Marik will make a Heel–Face Turn or at least pursue a different goal.
  • Marik is currently jumping bodies, one time taking over Téa to meet with Melvin. So far, we haven't really seen him do anything that suggests that he is interested in anything besides things for personal gain and vengeance upon Melvin. He'll probably return in flesh and blood when some of the characters comatized/possibly dead during the Battle City Semi-Finals (Odion, Mai, Bakura) return to the show. Melvin will be banished when Odion wakes up.

At one point, Ishizu will say "Because shut up, Mokuba."
  • Come on LK, combining two similar catch phrases together? It's just too crazy to resist trying!

Episode 61 is Stylistic Suck, brought about by Writer Revolt.

They're going to skip the KC Grand Prix
  • Since Siegfied doesn't want to take over or destroy the World (or taking over someones Body) Yugi doesn't have a Reason to fight him and goes straight to the Taveling to the Past Arc.
  • Jossed by LK’s Twitter, where he matter-of-factly said he wasn’t skipping it.

Marik is still actively working with Yami Bakura.
  • Anyone who is familiar with the unabridged Yu-Gi-Oh!'s plot should have noticed a huge divergence from the original show in Episode 62: Marik never gave Yugi the Millenium Rod or the Millenium Necklace. Marik has already dropped several hints that his apparent Heel–Face Turn isn't genuine (he's extremely sarcastic when thanking Yugi and flat out refuses to promise not to murder people anymore). If you pair that with the fact that holding onto the Millenium Necklace means that he has access to Bakura's soul, the chances of him not still being evil are slim to none.
  • While Marik being evil is very likely, as the Heel–Face Turn in question was openly mocked, the whereabouts of the Millenium Necklace and Ring are up for debate. It might just be a continuity hiccup.

Slender Man will try to join the Evil Council.
"HEY GUYS! CAN I BE IN YOUR EVIL COUNCIL?"I'm surprised he hasn't tried yet, to be honest.

Paradox attempted to kill Yugi's grandpa
When Paradox's dragons take to the skies in Yugi's present day, Grandpa mentioned the Americans attacked with dragons in 1945. It's possible Paradox planned on killing Grandpa in order to prevent Yugi's eventual birth.

Slenderman is another one of Marik's Imaginary Friends.
Melvin and Slenderman clearly know each other (in Lets Play Bloodlines, he refers to him as an "old friend"). Marik could have created Slenderman as a friend for Melvin, since Marik dislikes him and Melvin seems to at least tolerate his company. Since Marik hasn't seen too many faces, Slenderman doesn't have a face and can look like anyone. This is further compounded by Concrete Giraffes, where Bakura doesn't remember any of the events that happened while he was Slenderman's roommate; those events never actually took place, so Bakura would not be able to remember them. As for him actually manifesting in the world to do things like star in movies, the powers of either Melvin or the Shadow Realm made him real.
LK will play the Doma arc straight in terms of characterisation for Yami Yugi.
In some ways, it makes a lot more sense than in the original anime, since by then having Yami Yugi display the 'risk everything to win' trait again made no sense - he already showed in the duel against Bakura that he had learnt from the experience as he intended to hold back. But in YGOTAS, the Pharaoh gleefully attacked Bakura, and hasn't grown out of his more prominent Jerkass tendencies. So, since so much of the anime clearly shows Yami feeling guilty, he will have to play some of it for drama and have him grow as a person. He will also slightly lose his hatred of Anzu, since he has a significant amount of screentime with her too, and most of it is fairly amiable. This might lead in nicely to him being glad not to have to play much in the tournament in the following arc, or something like that.
  • This actually has some possibility, since Tea told Yami to 'be nice' at "Bro" in episode 64. This might lead to her insisting he be somewhat less of a douche, although his reactions might be somewhat forced and hammy since he's only doing it because Tea is bugging him to do so.
Mai will be a doppleganger in Season 4.
  • ...Which will explain her suddenly duelling well enough to beat Pegasus, and being one of the top eight as mentioned in the Japanese dub, in addition to her joining up with the villains. It also explains her different voice in Season 4.
When Thief King Bakura starts appearing in the story proper in season five, he will be known exclusively as "Florence."
Although there have been numerous Call Backs to the fact that Yami Bakura / The Spirit of the Millennium Ring was given the name Florence by his parents, he's usually called "Bakura," with the name Florence being little more than a Running Gag. After his original life as Thief King Bakura shows up, bringing the Florence name into greater prominence as the exclusive epithet for this character would be both a great way to acknowledge and explain the Running Gag, and a great way to differentiate between the confusing nature of having three different Bakuras in the same series (as Yami Bakura himself puts it: "Just wait until season five, when there's three of me running around!").—-
Possessed Kuribabylon is One of Zorc's Hairy Balls
Just look at it! If his penis can be a dragon, then why not have a furry demon as one of his testicles?

At least one duel in this series will actually follow the rules of the game and have real playing.
A real duel that goes through the steps of the game as seen in the original show. There will still be witty dialogue and Lampshade Hanging, but nothing about the moves made and the turns of the duel will be changed. It might be in something special, like the last duel of the series, or maybe there will be something at a convention.

Season Zero!Kaiba will get Killed Off for Real
  • First, the Season Zero visual of the Mind Crush appears over his chest, making it look like his heart was hit. Combine this with the Season Zero Abridged version of Atem being a Villain Protagonist who has already killed Ushio and Jiro, it looks very likely that Kaiba will become a victim. Other characters may see this as a Moral Event Horizon, since all Kaiba wanted was to be friends.

Kaiba's obsession with dragons has escalated so much because either Joey turned him into a furry, or he already was a (closeted) one.
If the latter is true then it explains why he wanted the Blue-Eyes card so badly at the beginning, and it could also be the reason why he ridicules Joey for it; he's in denial. And if not, then when Joey told Kaiba to Google image search "yiff", he actually did. Either by coincidence or after learning what it is, he found dragon porn and liked it, kicking his existing non-furry dragon obsession into overdrive and adding a sexual component to it. This, combined with his general insanity, is why he gets aroused at the mere prospect of dragons and why he wanted to have sex with Critias. And of course, he shoehorns the Blue-Eyes into as much stuff as possible because it's his fursona.

The series will end at Episode 100.
Littlekuriboh's general rule is to abridge every multi-parter into one episode, regardless of whether that multi-parter ran for two, three, or five episodes in the original show (the only exception I can think of right now was from Season 1, where he crammed all the semifinal duels (three two-parters) into one episode). If he keeps that rule up, the episode count should fall just over 100.

As of this writing (February 2018), the Doma arc has three multi-parters left to abridge - "Grappling with a Guardian", "A Duel with Dartz", and "Rise of the Great Beast". That should bring the episode count to 82.

The KC Grand Prix/Championship arc has six multi-parters and one one-parter, bringing the count to 89.

That leaves 11 episodes to do Millennium World/Dawn of the Duel, which... is probably going to be a squeeze, since this last season is very plot-heavy and less built around children's card-games. Merging one-parters and multi-parters will probably be necessary at some point... that said, the majority of said merges will probably happen to the much less substantial Grand Prix/Championship; LK might even condense the whole thing into one episode like a super-sized "Everybody Hates Mako" if he really wants to sprint for the finish line).

Yugi will learn how the card game actually works
And will regain his Yami Yugi personality making him the Only Sane Man turining most duels into Yami explaining how the TCG actually works and snaking in a less jerkiness way. This is all because this world is an illusion to trap Yami and turn him evil. Also I'd like to see the Oh, Crap! response everyone has.

The Pharaoh was actually a good guy when he was alive.
Sure, Yami Yugi likes to talk about Slavemas and what not, but he has no actual memories of his previous life. He can't even read hieroglyphics. So, contrary to what Raphael said, there's a chance that the Pharaoh was a real upstanding kind of guy, kind to animals, friend to all children, yadda yadda. But being stuck in the Puzzle for a thousand years by himself made him both amnesiac and eternally pissed off, and now Yami is genuinely evil. When he talks about "Slavemas" or making the first bridge, Yami just assumes that's what he did then because that's what he'd do now if he got the chance.

Alternatively, Yami isn't the actual Pharaoh- he's just some jackass who looked like the Pharaoh. Learning this will break him.

If Dark Side of Dimensions gets abridged
  • Someone's going to think that the 'banish to a different dimension' thing is censorship, only for Aigami to say that he's not killing them, like the opposite of the duel at the docks.
  • Once again, Bakura will get annoyed that his friends don't seem to care about him, given that they don't ask about his future and don't care that he's missing until pointed out. Until Yugi plays a children's card game for his sake.
  • During the scene where Bakura's father appears with white hair, Bakura will add that he was upset because he was out of blue hair dye.
  • Someone's going to force Kaiba to admit his feelings for Atem.
  • When Kaiba talks to Yugi in the middle of the street, they can't hold a real conversation because everyone's beeping at them.
  • They're also going to make fun of Kaiba being the dictator of Domino City.
  • The heroes will be shocked at Aigami's ability to kill people without challenging them to a game.
  • Shadi's adopted children will also adopt Borat's mannerisms, possibly with a Shout-Out to the sequel.

In the Millennium World, The Pharaoh's friends and allies will think he's acting very unlike himself...