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Tear Jerker / Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series

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  • Mako's speech at the end of Harpoonshipping. While not really sad, it's beautiful in a way. The ocean forgives him.
  • The eulogy to Tristan's voice, despite being really weird, is rather sad, if it's looked at the right way.
  • Melvin revealing his origin as "an imaginary friend who could give Marik all the hugs he ever wanted" is sad on several levels—it implies a We Used to Be Friends dynamic between him and Marik for one, with Marik having to deal with the realization that his imaginary friend betrayed him; it reminds us of how lonely and terrible Marik's childhood was, even with his siblings to try and protect him; and if you recall that Melvin likes to use "hug" as a euphemism for "fatal stabbing", it also could be taken to mean that Marik was suicidal at one time.
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  • Marik and Florence's Final Hate Duet at the end of episode 46. What's worse is that, considering Florence didn't show up for about a hundred unabridged episodes after this, he probably won't return to the abridged series for a while either. He's essentially dead. At least there's always the evil council videos...
  • During Tristan's speech in episode 51 when he's certain he's going to die, Duke's Stunned Silence only serves to heighten Serenity's subtle gnawing on her lower lip like she's about to start crying.
  • Noah dies in episode 56.
  • Tristan's Please Wake Up to Joey in episode 58.
  • A great deal of LK's fanfiction Marik and Bakura go to Censored Town. There's all the unrequited love, but Marik being possessed by Melvin after Bakura abandoned him and Bakura's guilt is probably the kicker.
  • LK's fics deserve a bit more mention. "Marik and Bakura go to Censored Town" has another moment: When Marik, while swimming, dives in shallow water, hits his head on a rock, and drowns. Bakura's slow realization that something is wrong, and the way he gets so desperately frantic to revive him is absolutely heartbreaking. Not to mention the way the series' self-awareness isn't played for laughs at all- Bakura mourns that he wouldn't have been able to save Marik no matter what, because he's the villain and undeserving of happiness. And earlier with the talk about 'Melvin Dreams', where apparently Melvin just forcibly takes over Marik at night sometimes. The first time it happened shortly after the beginning of their partnership. Bakura disliked Marik immensely, sleeping in his fathers' room, where Marik refused to step foot into (which is a tearjerker unto itself.) When he's nearly attacked by Melvin in a very unsettling scene, he manages to talk Melvin down, where Marik came to. Marik started sobbing immediately, seemingly knowing he might have killed Bakura as Melvin. This is Marik we're talking about here.
    • Ryou Bakura convincing Bakura to go back.
    If I were in your place, Ryou's voice seemed louder now, as though it were coming from between his own lips. I would rather die than lose any of my friends. Especially one that means as much to you as him.
    • Bakura cradling Marik's body tenderly after Melvin is driven out following his Love Confession. It's incredibly heartbreaking given that he's terrified of losing Marik, the only true friend he's ever had. He's so emotionally overwhelmed by everything that he cries. This is Bakura we're talking about.
    And in that moment, Bakura cried for the first time in five thousand years.
  • "Midknight at the Oasis" is largely silly, but there's a few kickers. Like how Marik is utterly heartbroken when the woman he was supposed to have a date with didn't show up. The poor kid nearly starts crying.
  • The death of Yugi's Grandpa in BBT Abridged can be pretty sad, especially since it has the music from The Lion King (1994) playing in the background. Crosses the Line Twice when he reveals that he's just playing it up for an Oscar-nod.
  • YGOTAS Sails Away. Well, at least until Marik takes over...
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  • Kaiba's verbal attack on Joey in episode 60. Sure, it's Kaiba we're talking about but jeez, that was cold even by his standards!
    Kaiba: If you're going to make a comment about my being adopted, save it. I'd rather have no parents than live a single day in your shoes, Wheeler. You're a joke. Your father was a drunk. And your mother was smart enough to walk out on your ass when you were too young to start poisoning the world with your stupidity! But by all means, call me "adopted". Go on, do it.
    Joey: ...I was gonna call you a dork.
  • Mrs. Ishtar's last dying words to Odion. Made all the more heartbreaking as her husband couldn't stop being a sexist pig even in her final moments.
  • The show is already in its fourth season. Given how there's only 1 (or 2, depending on LittleKuriboh's progress) season in the original anime to work on left, the show will soon reach its conclusion and Martin will probably retire from abridging. It's a very sad fact for long-time fans to realize.
    • Though the release of a new Yu-Gi-Oh! movie means that there's still a little more to work with.
  • Marik and Bakura's "breakup" in Evil Council 5. Bakura is finally sick of Marik's Harmless Villain status and calls it quits, leaving to join Dartz's crew because he'll be able to do actual evil with them. Marik tries to salvage the situation by turning to the underlings he still has, only to find out the hard way that they won't listen to him— Bakura was the one keeping everyone in line. Marik's Evil Council quietly dissolves after that. The ending bits with Marik slowly realizing that Bakura's never coming back, Pegasus stating that Bakura's clearly better off without him are just heartbreaking. All that coupled with Marik singing a sad song about saying goodbye to someone you care about.
    • Making this even worse: If Marik and Bakura Go To Censored Town is at all canon to the rest of the Abridged Series, then this would be a literal breakup - the events of that fic (in which they start a romantic/sexual relationship with each other) takes place just before/during Evil Council 3.
    • The "Counseling Evil" videos are meant to tie up loose ends and even they have a kicker or two so far. The first episode even consists of everyone in the Evil Council telling Marik he sucks and feel Teddy would be a better leader. Right to his face. It's heartbreaking being told such a thing, and all right after he's lost the only friend he ever had.
    • Bandit Keith opens up about his struggles in part 3 about how he's had trouble finding work and it's clear he seems to have father issues. It's a little bit sad, especially since it's coming from Bandit Keith of all people.
  • The heartwarming ending episode 70, with Yugi and Yami attempting to sing 'You've Got a Friend In Me' together is this, as their bond is played up just in time for the filler episode that will rip them apart.
  • In episode 71, Yugi comes to terms with the fact that he's just not as cool as Yami and allows his soul to be consumed. As big a dick as Yami is, even he can't bear to see his partner throw his life away.
    Yami: Y-Yugi's gone- Th-the light went away-!
    • Yugi compares himself to Kuriboh, the weakest monster in the game that is frequently treated as a joke in the series proper. Crosses with Fridge Brilliance, as while Kuriboh is a weak monster, it's gotten Yami out of tight spots occasionally in duels...much like Yugi.
    • And it gets worse when you remember just what Kuriboh's special ability is. It can sacrifice itself to make sure your life points don't take any damage, which is exactly what Yugi does to save Yami.
  • The noncanon video LK released after the 2016 presidential election. Especially the way Joey's voice starts cracking near the end like he's fighting back the urge to cry.
  • Yami's state hasn't improved in the beginning of episode 72 at all. It might be even worse to see Yami, the series' basic embodiment of Awesome Ego and Deadpan Snarker, so shaken he can't emote in anything but a dead monotone. Even in the intro, he's in an emotional shambles over what happened last episode.
    "Yu-Gi-Oh is filmed before a dead, crying pharaoh..."
  • Episode 73 takes the scene from the original series where Weevil claims he has Yugi's soul in one of his cards only to rip it up and plays it completely straight. Yami becomes so enraged and distraught when he thinks that Yugi's soul was dead that he completely drops all of his joking and wisecracks, and even after Weevil reveals it was a cruel joke remains royally pissed off.
    Tea: Pharaoh! Don't antagonize him!
    Yami: C'mon, Téa! It's Weevil! What's the worst he could
    Weevil rips up the card that he claims has Yugi's soul.
    Yami: (deathly quiet) Okay, yeah. That's the worst he could do.
    • There's also the point in the beginning where Tea is trying to comfort Yami, but he only answers with a quiet, monotonous "mm-hmm" for everything, even as he gets up and leaves the car they're sitting in.
    • Rex's backstory involving him and Weevil getting beat up because "References aren't funny!" Yes, it was Played for Laughs, but then there's the Reality Subtext of LittleKuriboh having depression and feeling pressure to live up to people's expectations.
    Rex: You'll never understand what it's like to be what I am. To be less than a joke.
  • Dartz speech to Yami about what an ass he's been to his friends since coming back from the dead almost convinces him to surrender his life. LK doesn't even make a joke when there's a shot of the Pharaoh nakednote  and keeps going with the drama. On a meta level, it's even more sad knowing how much LK's battle with depression influenced him writing these episodes. Dartz even frames it as if he was evil back in his time, but then says that all the proof he needs is the way he treats everyone in the present.
  • The end of episode 82: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series: The Final Season coming 2019.
  • It's nominally Played for Laughs, but early in Episode 83, a narrator points out that Yami Bakura's machinations are about to be interrupted by a Filler Arc, only for Bakura to notice out loud that it's the narrator from DragonBall Z Abridged. The narrator sheepishly admits that he's out of work now.
    • From the same episode, again on a more downplayed and Played for Laughs note, Duke Devlin's iconic theme music is gone due to Youtube's copyright algorithm.