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Warm and fuzzy feelings abound in this roleplay forum.

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    Day One 
  • Lightning finds at the end of the day that Talan dropped a notepad. Taking it back to her room, she opens it up and finds a diary entry professing his love for her; her eyes well up as she reads it.
  • Another one when Simon, seeing him suffering from heartache, vows to help Swilium win over Christine and apologizes for trying to kill him earlier.
  • El Terre and Alice's first interactions, which are adorably awkward and brimming with sexual tension. Later that evening, after the school opening dance, the two go for a skinny-dip in the pool together. Despite the two being restless and in a perfect position to do so, they decide to hold off on having sex until they feel the time is right, deciding instead on confessing their love.
  • Talan and Lightning have many cute moments together. Starting in Dr. Archer's class, she hands Talan a note reading "Do you like me?" with checkboxes for "yes," "no" and "maybe". He immediately answers with "yes".
    • Both occasions where they go for a swim in the pool. The first time is very playful, but the second time is more romantic and intimate. Before it is interrupted by Harken and Magi bursting in, the two reveal to each other that this is the first time they've been this physically intimate with another person.
    Talan: You're beautiful.
    Lightning: Even though I'm...well, flat?
    Talan: If I say that you're beautiful, then that's the truth, flatness and all.
  • As she and Fury go for a romantic walk together through the city's streets at night, Dahlia notices a bakery still open and runs inside. She comes back out carrying a cupcake with a single lit candle, wishing him a happy belated birthday. Moved by this, Fury forms a fire rose in his hand (one that stays warm and doesn't burn) and gives it to Dahlia.

    Day Two 
  • Harken proposes to Magi...and he accepts.
  • Jackson and James tearfully reunite with each other, with the latter saying, "I have a son".
  • Swilium's apology to Aqua when thinks he may never see her again, followed by the two becoming a couple in a moment that became a tear jerker for at least one of the members of the forum.
    • Similarly, Fury deciding to stay at the school with Dahlia, at the same time Aqua and Swilium have their aforementioned moment together.
  • After sharing a drink in the teacher's lounge, James talks to Lily about how worried he is over the state of the Academy, and the possibility that it might close and that he will have nowhere to go. She embraces him and offers her support, vowing to stay by his side.
    • Their date at the hot springs resort becomes very Heartwarming in Hindsight after Jane is introduced in Day 3. Him and Lily having a tender sexual encounter is already very WAFF-inducing, but considering that James' only prior "experience" with a woman was what Jane did to him, this was his "proper" first time.
  • Fury and Dahlia end up in the former's warm room, lit only by the fireplace. As Dahlia, now just wearing lacy black lingerie, cuddles up to a shirtless Fury, they finally confess their newfound love for each other. Unfortunately, it doesn't last...
  • Valerie and Simon's romantic dinner in the lunch room.
  • Grace, being very sweet and cutesy, easily lends herself to this. In particular, the scene where she gives Valerie a snowflake-shaped ice sculpture. She explains that it's a "friendship flake," that it will grow and keep from melting as the two grow closer. Val's response? Give her a tender hug.
  • Adrian has a telepathic heart-to-heart with Willow, talking about why he decided to become a criminal and how he became so disillusioned with the world. It doubles as a Tear Jerker, but he lets down his guard and shows his hidden sympathetic side. She even encourages him to use his talents for the greater good.
  • Doubling as a Moment of Awesome, the scene where Christine, Grace and Valerie decide to form the Academic Neo Girls of Energetic Love, vowing to protect the school from whatever may threaten it.
  • After a friendly game of Strip Poker (which ends up as a draw, with both players having the same hand and only one article of clothing left each), Talan and Lightning are cuddling together in his room. At one point, this exchange happens...
    Lightning: I feel very lucky to have you, Talan. I can't imagine anyone else who'd want me.
    Talan: I'm surprised that guys don't line up at the door to date you.
    Lightning: A couple, yes. But they just considered me exhausting or, because of my...past, creepy. Like I was literally made to be like this, you know?
    Talan: Think about it like this: you were made to be this way, but rose above that and became your own person, the girl that I am currently head over heels for. The one I can see a future with. The one that's sitting here, listening to me use material that would be perfect for a proposal, and yet somehow not right a proposal to a girl like you. I love you, and I don't see you as some clone. I see you as a beautiful girl who happens to be exactly the same as another person. And I will always see you as that.
    Lightning: I love you too, Talan. You're the sweetest guy ever. Whatever happens, I want to stay with you.
    • Followed by a quick funny little moment that doubles as a sweet one.
      Talan: So...I'm naked, you're naked. Do you wanna... (wink)
      Lightning: (giggles) Sure, why not?
      Talan: Beautiful goddess, prepare for mortal loving... (offscreen sexytime ensues)

    Day Three 
  • Early in the morning, Lightning awakens to see Talan obsessively modifying his Powered Armor. Expressing concern, she comes up to him and convinces him to come back to bed. As he falls asleep, though, she gets back up and works on his armor for him (with some help from Alice), adding extensive modifications. When Talan wakes up and sees the new and improved armor, Lightning replies that she didn't want Talan to overwork himself. He responds with a hug, saying "this is the best thing anyone's ever done for me."
  • Going with Wendy for a skinny-dipping date in yet another swimming pool in the Rec Hall, Isaac playfully shoves Tala into the water before she can strip off. After she angrily swims to the other side of the pool, he comes up to her and apologizes, explaining he didn't mean it and that he's still inexperienced with relationships. Smiling tenderly, Tala pulls him in and gives him a soft kiss...and then dunks him underwater.
    • Moments later, as the three are talking about why they like each other, Tala brings an arm each around Isaac and Wendy as they cuddle up to her. After Isaac jokes about Tala being "quite the player," they lightheartedly say that they enjoy their unique relationship.
  • Selene and Timmy becoming the school's first hero/villain couple the morning after they spontaneously have sex. Timmy even compares themselves to Batman and Catwoman, saying Selene has the sex appeal to match. It's also a rare occasion where she cools off from her usual bloodthirsty kill-crazy persona, showing a more human side.
  • Seeing Lily and Jackson stand up to Jane when she arrives at the school and threatens James. It really shows how protective and tight-knit this new family really is.

Alternate Universes

    Global Civil War 
  • During the escape on the flying bus, James and Lily express their worries over the outcome of the war, and the friendships and relationships it has torn apart. James then says he hopes their child won't have to go through the same thing, before the two share a tender kiss.
  • Settling in for the night in the Anti-Reg volcano base, Alice and Alderon decide to share a room for the night. They talk about the state of the civil war, how they're worried about their respective boyfriends. After stripping down, they gently cuddle in bed with each other to forget the day's troubles. They gently tease each other for a bit over their good looks, and fall asleep in each other's arms shortly afterward. In the morning, they wake up and sweetly say they enjoyed each other's company, and express a desire to do it again sometime. Alice even gets in a joke about Alderon using her boobs as a pillow. This eventually becomes a Running Gag.
  • During their escape, the Pro-Reg defectors rescue Drake and Sam—the latter of whom is in a more comfortable outfit, trading in his ripped jumpsuit for a cute, elegant minidress—and bring them along. In doing so, they narrowly avoided letting Knight Research getting their hands on the couple.
  • After Selene returns from bringing an unconscious Wardson back to base, she meets with Timmy, who has something important to ask her. When they find a private space together, the following happens...
    Selene: What is it?
    Timmy: (gets down on one knee) Being separated from you made me realize that you're too important to wait for a war to end. Selene... (takes out a ring) ...will you marry me?
    Timmy: Of course I mean it. I want to be with you forever.
    Selene: (taking his hand, pulling him back up) Same with you, Timmy. You're an amazing guy. So...yeah, I'll marry you. (they share a kiss)

    Zombie Apocalypse 
  • During the fight between El Terre and Valerie, Christine runs up and breaks up the fight between them, not wanting El Terre to hurt her big sister figure.
  • And shortly afterwards when the couples reunite. A shame it doesn't last...
  • Alderon sacrificing himself to save Foremen, the man he loves, by taking a fireball meant for him.
  • Harken saving Alexei from certain doom, despite the latter being a villain.
  • The ending, when Christine is resurrected after her Heroic Sacrifice. Everyone shares a tearful, tender reunion, with most of the characters in either a group hug or a tender embrace. It all ends with James and Lily overlooking the scene hand-in-hand, vowing to start rebuilding the school together.

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