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This roleplay features plenty of funny moments!

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     Day One 
  • "So this is what the inside of Salvador Dali's head looks like," is how Simon describes Harken's office—with desks askew and the floor and walls splattered with various different paints.
    • And then Harken completely stumps everyone except Isaac by giving them a moral dilemma with only the barest information given to them: "burn it or drown it?" Isaac answers correctly with "Burn it and then drown it." and Harken reveals the dilemma was about a Zombie Apocalypse.

     Day Two 
  • Swilium and Aqua making endless euphemistic art-related puns for about two pages, as the two are about to have sex (Aqua asking to use his "paintbrush", for instance). And then this exchange happens. The users even jokingly refer to it as her showing her blonde side.
    Swilium: So, may I...?
    Aqua: You're gonna have to be blunt with me, I have no idea what "May I" means. You could be asking to give me a noogie. Or you could be asking me to give you a noogie.
    Swilium: (laughs) Sex, silly. Do you want it or not?
    Aqua: Ohh...okay, sure!
  • Alzeri casting random students and staff as characters in his stories? Fairly funny. Casting Vladimir as the protagonist of an Arabian Nights-inspired story and seeing him trapped in the story overnight? Gold.
  • Basically, the entire arc involving Isaac hooking up with Tala and Wendy, one of the forum's crowning examples of Refuge in Audacity. First, he accidentally stumbles across them having sex in the library, prompting Tala to hold a gun to his head, threatening to kill him. In the last seconds, he begs for his life, and...a "Bang!" flag comes out of the gun. Tala playfully kisses him on the cheek and sends him off on his way—though he's completely traumatized and decides to talk it over with Magi. His solution? Associate the sight of her naked with a more positive memory; namely, having sex with her. Then Isaac comes up with a clever idea: age himself up to age 16 using one of Timmy's devices and have sex with Tala to associate her with a more positive memory. Which he does, and all is well.
  • Valerie comes out to greet Gill and welcome him to the school—then notices Snare, his powerful cyborg spider familiar, next to him, and immediately hides behind Simon in fear. Snare even telepathically mocks her in a comment to Gill, saying, "Kill It with Fire!"
  • When Lightning meets Pheebee, she notes how there are so many philosophical and theological implications that can come about from asking a recently resurrected person what the afterlife was like. She then asks, "Were there any butterflies in heaven?"

     Day Three 
  • While having breakfast with Gill and Adrian, Willow briefly gets up to have a conversation with Tripp. Adrian takes the opportunity to enjoy the eye candy; he turns to Gill, saying, "I never really noticed until now, but that telepath girl, Willow? Hawt." It becomes hilariously awkward for Gill, who is revealed about a minute later to be one of Willow's ancestors.

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