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Funny / Rise Of The Magic Girls

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  • An understated one, but Hollis, Maria's dad, responding to Nuriel's info dump about the afterlife with what amounts to a "Meh".
  • Anytime Gintama enters battle. Except against Amy Hart.
  • Selina ending up being hugged tightly by a scantily clad Maria while Angel, Conny and Rhadamanthys watched, at different times.
  • Kyle.
  • Really, one third of the roleplay is this. Another third is Crowning Moments of Awesome and Crowning Moments of Heartwarming, and another third are Tear Jerker moments.
  • Marie: "Well then Rhad, it just so happens that I know where your stash of catgirl porn is." Stella: "wat"
    • Earlier, Rhad proceeds to run away. Marie somehow knocks him out. Without touching him.
  • Marie dragging Rhad on a date for no apparent reason.
  • Most recently is Thera kidnapping Grandiose and then leaving his realm to... take a nap with him.
  • The Angel that can't spell it's name is extremely funny due to the absolutely stupid things he does.
  • 'Aria chills nearby, smoking a cigar made of Cthulu.'

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