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    The Dark Knight Begins Rising 
  • In The Sixth Sense, Donnie's character protects Rebecca's. Unlike someone else, he doesn't even think to try to hide behind her.
  • When Tacoma is introducing himself, we see him and Donnie laughing together on the couch. It looks completely real despite their problems and it's so sweet.
  • Donnie calling Tacoma and Rebecca his best friends. Also in hindsight, protecting his abusive Ice Queen wife by making it look like he's the leeching bad guy. It's a Tear Jerker too.
  • In-movie, Alfred!Tacoma's “I will never give up on you” speech to Bruce!Donnie.
  • While Rebecca is reassuring Tacoma that he's not offending anybody by wearing white-face, Donnie is playing around in the background trying to wear the Batman mask and his hat at the same time. It's fucking precious.
    • Plus Rebecca not caring about Tacoma technically insulting her and just being glad that she helped him.
  • There's a painfully adorable OT3 deleted scene, where Tacoma and then Rebecca sit on the couch when Donnie doesn't have his glasses. He's legitimately panicked and paws his hands all over their bodies until Tacoma assures him it's okay and Rebecca gives him his glasses back, resulting in grins and closeness and all that lovely shit.
  • Despite the camera panning to Carl rolling his eyes and taking a drink at the schmoop, the trio praising each other when they all manage to get the Bane voice right.
  • He might have corrected it to “good camera-man”, but Carl fondly calling Quinn a “good friend”.
  • When Tacoma wants to quit, Donnie giving it his all in trying to get him to stick around and Rebecca helping in her well-intentioned way.
  • Even though he doesn't much like him at this point, Tacoma still hides behind Donnie to be protected against Quinn's knife.
  • Donnie is completely genuine when he tries to give Tacoma the ending he wants, he just doesn't get it quite right.

    Demo Reel Annoys Rob Paulsen 
  • Though it goes wrong soon after, Donnie meeting Rob Paulsen and telling him "You're my childhood."

  • After her Megan Fox!Character's "I'm a human being" speech, Donnie showing off his new-found respect for Rebecca by calling her smart.
  • Donnie's also nice to Karl, calling him both a great camera-man and a great chef.
  • Donnie and Tacoma having a giggle over extorting the sexist, racist morons who like Michael Bay pandering to them. It also helps that they're practically snuggled together on the couch.
  • Karl starting to show his tough Team Dad side, with opening Tacoma's letters "for security reasons", and cooking (and killing...) the meals.
  • Also a Tear Jerker, but Karl giving Tacoma (who just had his apology letter to his brother sent back) the most sympathy he can manage with an "that is unfortunate".

    Wreck-It Ralph Vs Angry Birds 
  • Rebecca's pained look of sympathy when Donnie tells them about his marriage issues.
  • Rebecca has a friendly talk with Tacoma about his family troubles, and about how he has no one to spend time with for Thanksgiving, but he admits that he does like working in Demo Reel because it's a world removed from reality... very very far removed.
  • Tacoma's nostalgic smile when he talks about his father being the Jockstrap King. There's some love there, as small as it might be.
  • Tacoma's strong concern for Rebecca when he realizes that Carl drugged her coffee.
  • Tacoma rubbing Rebecca's back while she cries and softly indicating to Donnie that they should cut.
  • Carl squeezing Quinn's hand when he finds him sick from the bird flu.
  • At the end, the crew winds up eating microwave TV dinners for Thanksgiving on a small table, but it's that they're together that counts.
  • Donnie and Tacoma's scene where Tacoma is ill and insists that Donnie finish the movie and Donnie doesn't want to leave him.
    • Donnie swears to avenge him.
    • A Fridge Heartwarming, in the 1st episode Tacoma points out that what he writes almost never makes it into the final product. In this episode, not only does his final speech make it into the movie:
    Tacoma: It may need a little work...but…
    Donnie: No, it’s… it’s perfect.
    • And the speech itself. Donnie puts in an actually passionate performance, and it's all about finally having found people who love you.
  • "And I'm proud to be a part of this family."
  • Both Quinn and Rebecca only going after the turkey because it hurt someone they care about.

    Lost in Translation (Bromance Version) 
  • What Donnie does for Rebecca in the Skyfall parody. To apologize for his accidental sexism in Transformers, he gives her a character similar to herself to play (she's a rape victim who had to do porn, Severine was a Sex Slave Disposable Woman), and not only lets her live, but has her bitchslap him/James Bond for being an asshole.
  • After all the meddling drama in the pilot, Tacoma admitting that Donnie's idea of remaking a film set in Tokyo and placing it in an anime con is brilliant.
  • It goes sad in like a second, but the absolute adoration in Donnie's voice when he first brings up his mother.
  • Donnie really tries to keep his relationship with his wife healthy despite her opinion of him. She hangs up in he middle of his "I love you", but it's good that he truly does.
    • Also, how often and how proudly he brings up his team. At this point, his love of this project he created has a better chance of lasting than his marriage. It's that genuine.
  • When Tacoma stands up for Donnie after Carl bluntly tells him he sucks:
    “You could have been a little more diplomatic about it!”
    • Before the camera-men mess it up, he and Rebecca are trying desperately hard to break the news to Donnie gently. Also serves as a Tear Jerker for how fragile Donnie sounds.
  • It's Tough Love and doesn't work, but Carl trying to get Donnie out of his funk by telling him to get off his ass and just film the movie.
  • He might have got punched for it, but Donnie - even in his depressed state - trying to make Carl laugh by playing with a teddy bear and claiming it wants a hug.
  • The possessiveness between the Demo Reel family starts showing in this episode. Karl calls Donnie “his” director, and Donnie tells Yo that Rebecca and Tacoma belong to him.
  • From the way the show is set up, and in a fluffy domestic sense, Quinn filming Rebecca reading her tabloid. She's not doing anything relevant to the plot, he just likes watching her in a non-exploitive way.
  • How much Tacoma and Rebecca seem to care for each other.
    • When Tacoma thinks SWAG is going to go after her, he immediately calls and when he can’t get through, immediately goes to find her.
    • Rebecca’s reaction to Tacoma when she thinks he’s been injured; she’s distraught.
  • Rebecca's look of happy surprise when Tacoma explains he got attacked because he was running to see if she was okay.
  • Turn away for a few seconds and you'll miss it, but after hesitantly accepting a hug from a con girl, Donnie then dives in for a hug with another guy.
  • How surprised and happy Donnie looks when they're singing Pokemon and Uncle Yo links arms with him.
  • Rebecca and Quinn haven’t had much in the way of interaction until this episode, but just how warmly they smiled at each other when the three are preparing for SWAG in the studio kitchen. And he’s the first to call after her when she goes to investigate the mysterious sound and out runs Tacoma to come to her aid after she screams (though Tacoma is right on his heels; it’s hard to run with a camera).
  • Donnie and Uncle Yo’s goodbye hug.
    • Donnie telling Uncle Yo four open endings he doesn't have to worry about anymore, showing us that despite what he's said, he really does care about film. Then he walks away with this stunningly happy smile on his face.

     The Blair Witch Hangover 
  • The beginning, with Tacoma's video apology to Donnie. Even after finding out that Donnie technically doesn't exist, he still cares about him.
  • Tacoma's face when Rebecca shows off her talents. He's clearly fallen in love with her by this point.
  • “Rebecca, Tacoma, if you can hear this, I want you to give the eulogy at my funeral. No doubt you were the only people concerned when I was missing.” Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • The Drinking Game between Fabrizio and Rebecca, with Quinn and Tacoma cheering them on. A bit like Donnie at the first Pokemon singing, Rebecca is both surprised and delighted to be getting so much love for something she's actually good at.
  • After Rebecca storms off at Tacoma's foot-in-mouth insult, Quinn, with none of his usual snark, tells him to man up and apologize immediately.
  • Rebecca reassuring Tacoma that it's not his fault that he thought she was a dumbass because everyone does shows off both her woobie-ness and what a sweet girl she can be.
  • Rebecca complimenting Tacoma on how good he looks in yellow and Tacoma being happy to hear it.
  • Donnie recalling his mother and her enthusiasm and optimism. Also, doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Carl doing everything in his power to rescue a missing Donnie. It's also revealed he fitted Donnie's phone with a tracking device because he knew the guy would get himself hurt eventually.
  • From the bloopers, Rob getting worried about Doug and thinking that him act-hacking up a leaf was him being really being sick.

     Blue Patches 
  • Doug and Rob were Raised Catholic, but nobody (her son, Rebecca or Tacoma) treats Donnie's mom badly for her suicide, instead she's celebrated and sympathized with. It meant a lot to people.
  • The sequel to Blue Patches that Tacoma and Rebecca make shows how much they care about Donnie.
    • "I see a woman with extraordinary courage, a woman so powerful, so beautiful, that not even this world could contain her" is a good way of paying tribute to Elizabeth Hartman, Elissa Hoffman and, after "The Review Must Go On", Rebecca herself.
      • The first half also works for Tacoma assuring Rebecca that she'll always have agency in his eyes. What rape victim wouldn't want to be told they're courageous and powerful?
  • Rebecca telling Tacoma "to become the Welles he was meant to be".
  • Donnie's face when Rebecca tells him that they'd made a special gift for him. It gives off the impression that nobody has been that nice to him, ever.
  • At the end of the episode, Donnie returns to the studio looking like he conquered the Amazon, proceeds to beat up the Head of SWAG, gives him a speech about not dwelling on your past bad experiences, and finally shares a toast with his Demo Reel crew "to great people".
  • When Donnie discovers the family have been keeping him in the house with narcotics, Donnie orders the father to stop blaming the daughter, since all of them are equally guilty. The fact that he thinks of the girl getting all the shit from her crazy parents gives also a Papa Wolf aspect for him as well.
  • Donnie's speech about how the family just obsessed over bashing actors, not even considering their feelings, and how he's not going to fixate on his horrible past any more. Also works as a meta apology from Doug to all the child actors he ripped on over the years, specifically Jake Lloyd and Mara Wilson.
  • Rebecca's anger at Tom telling them Donnie would know how crazy he is. There's a clear "if you hurt him I'll kill you" tone in her voice.
  • Carl and Donnie shaking hands. Helps that it's Doug and Rob playing the roles.
    Donnie: Carl... you came back for me.
    Carl: A good German never leaves his comrades behind. Besides, you still have my paycheck.
    • And at the end where they're drinking and celebrate the New Year, Carl's sitting right next to Donnie instead of hanging around Quinn like usual, plus he reams out Tacoma slightly for prying into the director's life.
  • From the bloopers, Doug's head-canon that Schwarzenegger was the only cast member in Jingle Sells to give Jimmy any sympathy. "I'm sorry you lost your mommy."

     The Review Must Go On 
  • Learning from writing the Blue Patches sequel together, Rebecca and Tacoma do the same thing with the Carmen Sandiego movie and gush over each other's contributions like Sickeningly Sweethearts.
  • Quinn (probably the character most annoyed by him) giving Donnie a glass of warm Baileys when he's scared and hurting.
  • It's the last bit of happiness he'll ever have, but the sweet smile of relief on Donnie's face when he thinks Karl is still there and hasn't vanished on him.
    • Beforehand, when Tacoma disappears and the writing's on the wall, he says Karl's name like it's an "Eureka!" Moment and rushes off with hope. It's so... sibling knowing big brother will save him.
  • It's in equal parts twisted and sad too, but as Word Of Rob, Rachel and Malcolm have all stated the characters are all dead and never coming back, but Quinn, Rebecca, Karl and Tacoma trying to make it a tiny better for a scared, heartbroken Donnie by lying that they'll always be around.

  • The video itself can be awkward but the ending of this has a tribute to Rachel with a song by her, and because she missed the character, has far more Rebecca clips than anything of Critic.
    • Much earlier, expressing her delight that Doug was the first guy to let her play the badass and not make her wear objectifying clothes.
  • At Shadocon, Doug had a cute story about how even though they have seating areas, Rachel would rather eat on the floor, and so because they didn't want to be men lording it over a woman, they all sat on the floor for food.
  • In What Could Have Been news, Rob said that season two would have officially made Rebecca and Tacoma a couple.
  • In the Resident Evil Demo bloopers, Doug has an admitted bitter ramble about people demanding Critic back. After his rant, someone pops up that he really liked Demo Reel and cue happy Doug grin.
  • At the start of the Dunkirk sibling rivalry, Rob brings a Karl plushie in that someone made for him and loves it.

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