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Fridge Brilliance

  • As noted under the heartwarming page: In the first episode Tacoma points out that what he writes almost never makes it into the final product. In the second episode, his speech does and Donnie says it's perfect.
  • In the first episode, Rebecca came off as a strange ditz who was oblivious that she accidentally killed her cat. With what she said about how actresses get treated in episode four, she was very likely putting on a front for people she didn't know too well yet.
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  • From "Blue Patches" we find that Donnie's films may have been intentionally bad due to his personal issues with Hollywood.
  • "The Review Must Go On" can be seen as a dramatization of Doug's internal conflict over ending the Nostalgia Critic, and whether he should bring him back or not.
  • All the special effects and costumes that appeared in the parodies of The Sixth Sense and Batman but nowhere else could be explained as Donnie having no idea how to budget anything and throwing his wife's money away, then having very little left over.
  • Donnie's stalker tendencies in the pilot and towards Rob Paulsen sound a bit out of character considering his past history of being a child actor abused by strangers, but we also know he made bad remakes to get revenge at Hollywood by trying to destroy things they liked. No reason why he couldn't have the same vindictiveness towards actors too.

Fridge Horror

  • Rebecca knows Cat for trapped in the washer while it's on. Carl lampshades this.
  • What exactly happened to Rebecca when she left alone with Uncle Frank for twenty minutes to think she would be more normal if it didn't?
  • In episode four, the guys who kidnapped Donnie abandon him in a forest with a working camera, which he's surprised by. Out-of-verse it's so Doug can shoot a Blair Witch parody, but in-verse - as they were given orders by the leader to let him die - does that mean they wanted footage of him starving to death/getting killed?
  • Just when were the Yandere family going to let Donnie go?
  • With The Reveal of Donnie being a Former Child Star who got shouted at in the streets, plus the family thinking that complimenting his facial structure as a kid wouldn't creep him out, plus how he flirts with everyone and doesn't seem to remember he's married sometimes, you have to wonder what other kind of abuse happened to him. And just how long is "always" when it comes to Slash Fic, especially when he had no other knowledge of fandom trends?
    • And when Rebecca's “Uncle Frank” first comes up, he and Tacoma clearly know what it means, but while Tacoma starts fretting over her at this point, he shrugs it off like it's nothing.
  • The newspaper, in their infinite wisdom, showed Donnie's picture in their article. So the people calling him a horrible person probably knew what had happened, but abused him anyway.
    • As a bonus, Tacoma found out about Donnie's mother on IMBD. As that site has a reputation of being filled with cruel teenagers, can you imagine the mocking and hate she got?

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