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Nightmare Fuel / Demo Reel

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     Wreck It Ralph vs. Angry Birds 
  • When Karl is in the kitchen sharpening a knife, he looms over the turkey with the large knife and a Slasher Smile. No wonder that bird escaped and went looking for revenge.
  • The few echo-y screams. Those don't sound like a turkey squawking...
  • The SWAG member stinger, filmed in only white silhouette on black background.

  • Karl loudly shooting a pig right in front of Tacoma and Donnie, then getting right in Tacoma's face telling him not to fear death, and gutting the poor animal offscreen. Tacoma's vomiting Heroic BSoD and Donnie's glazed over reaction don't help.
  • On the answering machine message to Donnie, Tom Collins turning from casual to screaming down the line how about Donnie's not allowed to ignore him.
    • And right after Donnie assures everyone that they'll be fine, cut back to the message where Tom promises him he won't get a happy ending if he continues with the show. Followed by a sugary sweet "mistaken redial", and then more shouting.
  • Donnie slipping out that an intense rape never stopped him before. The casual way he treats it, coupled with Tacoma's and Rebecca's disturbed reactions, makes his backstory all the more horrifying.

     Lost In Translation: Bromance Version 
  • Rebecca goes off to investigate a mysterious sound. Then, off-screen, she screams in terror and the scene cuts away. Turns out in the next episode it was nothing serious.
  • How slimy Collins is when he's on the phone to Tacoma and starting the below trap off, sounding so delighted at Rebecca being in a big studio by herself.
  • It ends up funny, but Tacoma getting followed by a car, attacked by men in masks, slamming up against the window and the Deliberately Monochrome look making it seem as if he's covered in blood.

     The Blair Witch Hangover 
  • Those forest scenes were quite creepy, especially the end when Donnie gets knocked out.
    • Or when he looks up a tree and the squirrel he's hunting dive-bombs him. It's only a split second but it is freaky.
    • Karl when he finds out Donnie's hat. From the way he's trembling, it looks like all that military experience might come out on one very unfortunate person.
    • Look at all the creepy-fuck cuddly toys.
  • “Whoa, who’s that guy?” That is a very good question Rebecca. Another would be ‘what is he doing lurking in dark doorways in the studio’?
  • During a drunk game of truth or dare, Rebecca confirms what the Wreck-It Ralph episode only implied: she was sexually abused by her uncle growing up. Worse, hints throughout the series indicate that her parents knew, and still made her spend time with the bastard.

     Blue Patches 
  • Adam giving off pedophile vibes when he tells Donnie he memorized child!Jimmy's bone structure enough to recognize him as an adult. Donnie is rightly disgusted.
    • The fact that they were force feeding him muscle relaxants to keep him there for however long they wanted.
    • Liz's No Sense of Personal Space with Donnie, especially as Bri (the name of the girl playing her) was only twelve at the time.
  • Also awesome, and well-deserved, but Rebecca's anger when she's giving Collins a beatdown. She even manages to push off Tacoma easy.

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