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    The Dark Knight Begins Rising 
  • The montage of Donnie trying various outfits that scare him, consisting of Mario, Waldo, Santa Claus, a witch, a banana, Spider-Man, and a housing market correction, which is just Donnie holding a housing market correction in front of his face.
    • After the last one, Tacoma threatens to stab Donnie in the eye unless he makes a bat outfit.
    • When Donnie comes back dressed as Mario again, Tacoma is about to carry out his threat in a completely calm voice until Donnie agrees to do it.
  • Carl can only answer one interview question without giving away classified information.
    How are you? None of your business.
  • The whole "one-gloved Batman" conversation. Apparently Batman is the inverse of Michael Jackson.
  • The Super Villain Shuffle, and Tacoma's reaction to it.
    • Tacoma struggling valiantly to resist Donnie's Puppy-Dog Eyes, but ultimately failing.
    • There's also something funny about Donnie's wedding ring being there, glinting in the light as he flirts.
  • The ending, where Donnie is editing out Tacoma's "Commentary" at the ending of the film, completely nonchalantly.
  • While Tacoma and Rebecca discuss the racial ethics of a black man playing the Joker, Donnie is in the back apparently trying to see if he can wear his thinking hat and Batman mask at the same time.
    • Rebecca's reaction to Tacoma's "you're right, you crackers had it coming". She doesn't care and is just glad he's happy. Also quite sweet.
  • The return of an old friend! Casper!
  • This exchange:
    Alfred: Go to your room!
    Young Bruce: Go to YOUR room!
    Alfred: Yes, Master Wayne.
  • Bat-Jesus. That is all.
  • Rebecca translated what cat speak means. This includes "Help, Help, you trapped me in the washing machine" and "Oh my God, please take me to the vet right now."
    Carl: Why the hell would you know that?
  • Tacoma writes a whole rant in one of the 60s Batman styled onomatopoeia during the final fight scene.
  • In a Freeze-Frame Bonus, finding out that Doug wrote all over the Critic DVD script (as you'll see the words "Nostalgia Cricket" before it blurs) for the purposes of starting a Demo Reel Story Arc.

    Demo Reel Annoys Rob Paulsen 
  • The entire chase scene between Donnie and Rob Paulsen through the hotel.
  • The final reveal that Donnie had gotten Yakko's signature geography song mixed up with Wakko's.
  • In a bonus video, the two of them improv about Paulsen sarcastically saying he's several other voice actors, none of whose roles Donnie knows.

    Wreck-It-Ralph Vs Angry Birds 
  • Donnie in a parody of Taken, going over-board in threatening the person on the phone until he finds out that the person is just delivering his pizza. He starts with the famous speech from the movie and it just keeps going listing out everyone he is going to kill, including: “the waitress you’ve been eyeing at Red Lobster” and “the fuzzy little squirrel you've been feeding birdseed to” and that he was going to use the Necrocomicon to bring them back and kill them again.
    • When it's time to pay for the pizza:
    “I told you, I don’t have any money. However, would you be interested in a very particular set of skills?” *Pizza Guy / Tacoma looks unimpressed* “Your loss.”
  • Rebecca needs to be energetic and perky to play Vanellope so Carl puts unbelievably strong pills in her coffee he got from Germany that puts her on a literal "sugar rush" through most of the episode! She even twitches. Of course, the ingredients list includes methamphetamines...
    Carl: And this is for our cranky fraulein.
    • Also:
    Rebecca: It’s...chewy.
    Carl: Oh yeah, you may need this. *Throw fork onto the table*
    • Carl on Rebecca:
    Carl: She'll be riding like the Valkyries.
    • Upon finding out that there are methamphetamines in the drink:
    Tacoma: How many did you put in there?
    Carl: *Beat* Enough. *Rebecca passes out*
    • Her reactions after just waking up including where she memorizes the script by smacking it against her forehead and ending with her moonwalking out.
    • The various takes of Rebecca going off-script.
      • Made all the funnier with her wig becoming more and more loose as she loses control.
    • And of course:
  • The reveal of the Turkey, shot from it's point of view:
    Carl: As requested, one angry bird
    Quinn: Aye, that's one angry looking bird
    Donnie: It's a turkey.
    Carl: Yeah.
    Donnie:...Okay, that works!
  • “Oh yeah, you will believe a turkey can fly.”
    Tacoma: That doesn't sound very PETA-friendly...
    Carl: *eye roll* I have ein net!
  • The whole deal with the prop turkey, which escapes from its box and proceeds to cause havoc around the studio and leading to a parody of horror/thriller movies.
    Quinn: Ah yeah, that was some epic drinking.
    • Carl vs. the turkey: "I feel like a statue of Lenin."
    • Quinn vs. the turkey: they find him afterwards covered in feathers and singing Danny Boy.
    • Tacoma comes face-to-face with the turkey followed by a sustained scream. Meanwhile, Donnie and Rebecca are shooting a scene:
    Donnie / Wreck-It Ralph (hesitantly): Look, Princess Peach just gave birth.
    Rebecca / Vanellope (twitchy): Peaches are fuzzy.
  • The explanation of ‘Vampiric Bird Flu’.
    • And why Carl isn’t yet infected:
    Carl: I’m German; it will take it a while to defeat my iron blood.
    • Donnie asks Carl what would happen if he did succumb to the bird flu.
    Carl: You know that film Downfall about the final days of Hitler and the third Reich?
    Donnie: Yeah?
    Carl: Basically that.
  • “Isn’t that right little gir-” *Looks around, giggling coming from off screen* “How the hell did you get on the ceiling?!"
  • The turkey had infected Quinn, Carl and Tacoma. It is now Rebecca’s turn to go against it:
    Carl: Do not worry; should you die, someone else will replace you.
    Rebecca: Really?
    Carl: Nein, you are our last hope.
    Rebecca: What about Donnie?
    Carl: As I said, you are our last hope.
    • Then this happens:
    Rebecca: Right! I’m ready; let’s do this! Let’s do this!
    Carl: Very good. *Camera pan (so that Rebecca is out of shot), focusing on tracker* Now, you will need this device-
    Rebecca (Running around in circles in the distance and shooting automatic rifle into the air): KILL THE TURKEEEEEEEEY!!!!!
  • “Carl, where’s Rebecca?” / “Running around in circles, no doubt.” / Indeed she is.
  • Near the end, no one else is available to play parts for the rest of Donnie's film, so he winds up playing every character and is out of breath!
    *Exhausted* "Just die." *Shoots Mario* "Where’s the Tylenol?"
  • The reveal that Mario was behind the video game take over and how he dies when Calhoun shoots him.
  • “She’ll be fine. Just give her six weeks.”

     Lost in Translation (Bromance Version) 
  • In the Skyfall parody, Bond/Donnie has dispatched the bad guys and is seemingly complimenting Sévérine/Rebecca:
    Bond/Donnie: I could never shoot you: classy, sweet, pure as gold, you are my everything.
    Sévérine/Rebecca: Take it Mr. Bond! Take everything!
    Bond/Donnie: Far ahead of you. * Sévérine/Rebecca leans in for a kiss. Bond/Donnie grabs the glass of scotch and says to it:* You are my everything.
    Sévérine/Rebecca: Hey!
    Bond/Donnie: Sorry baby, but fifty years is irreplaceable. Unless you’re me of course, then you’ve been switched out more times than Dr. Who. *Hands still bound, Sévérine/Rebecca smacks him upside the head*
  • Rebecca and Tacoma are trying to tell Donnie his movies are terrible but can’t go through with it. Carl loses patience and tells him:
    Carl: Mein Gott and Himmel, they are saying you suck.
    Tacoma: You could have been a little more diplomatic about it!
    Quinn: Okay, *To Donnie:* you blow.
  • How Donnie gets Carl to agree to go to the Con with him:
    Donnie: There’ll be beer and hot women dressed in sailor uniforms.
    Carl: Lead the way, mein director.
  • Donnie going from depression to restored energy when he promises he'll work on Karl until he gets him a drink.
  • Donnie teasing Carl (behind the camera) with the teddy bear and getting punched in retaliation. Donnie’s reaction: he sways on his feet a little and states, “You don’t play right.”
  • Some lines between Donnie's and Uncle Yo's conversations, some of which definitely sound improvised.
    Uncle Yo: I'm a stand-up comedian who focuses on comic book stuff. Like, if I were at a comic convention, I would talk about Batman. And if I were at an anime convention like this one, I'd talk about ...Batman.
  • Uncle Yo's reactions to Donnie wanting Slash Fic, starting with disappointment when it's not him he wants it with (though he'll get more than enough love later), facepalming when he goes on about how flattering it would be, and finally slightly insane laughter when he gets asked if there's any slash of him.
  • You are one tasty black man.” Tacoma makes a look like he's about to crack up.
  • Rebecca and one of the WAG agents (Doubles as a Moment of Awesome):
    SWAG Agent: Is that your spine starting to shiver?
    Rebecca: Is that your car being towed?
    SWAG Agent: *Looks* Shit! Just a second. *Runs out of frame* Yo! Hey! I’ve got a handicap sticker!
  • Tacoma's reaction to the footage:
    Tacoma: And you didn't think that was weird?
    Rebecca: I thought he was trick-or-treating.
    Tacoma: In December?!
  • Feckin’ Irish Whiskey:
    Quinn: We’ll do this the Irish way!
    Tacoma: Oh, firearms and alcohol; there’s a safe combination.
    Quinn: Would you rather be sober when the IKEA bunch comes and makes a Rooty-Tooty-Fresh-and-Fruity breakfast platter out o’ your ass? Me? I’m going to be ready for them.
    Rebecca: Don’t worry Tacoma; I’m a security guard, and Quinn’s military background is-
    Quinn: Unf*Sound-Effect Bleep*kin’ defeated.
    • “Made a great afterschool snack.”
  • Why Donnie can’t get into his hotel room:
    Donnie: Carl?! What the hell’s going on in there?
    Carl: What you might call . . . shore-leave. *Multiple women giggle off-screen throughout:*
    Donnie: Are those . . . two slave Leias and a sexy Pikachu?
    Carl: Yeah.
    Donnie: How the hell did you get them?
    Carl: Listen to me, Herr Director; grow an accent.
    Donnie: Well, can I come in?
    Carl: Nein. *Shut door. Muffled:* So, who wants to see my Pokeballs?
  • Best reaction ever:
    Donnie: Hi!
    • It's amazing how he thinks the gun in his face is a kinky Rebecca/Tacoma treat at first.

     The Blair Witch Hangover 
  • Donnie finds himself lost in the woods:
    Okay, don’t panic. Don’t panic. *Beat, high pitched squeal*
  • The Only Sane People leaving the Big Bad and going off to become internet reviewers "because they're more mentally stable". Double-layered, as the reviewers are a) usually psychotic and b) going through breakdowns of their own.
  • Carl’s phone message:
    Quinn, I swear to God, if you are drinking without me, I will find you und sterilize you faster than Bob Barker at a puppy pound. *No answer* So be it, Quinn, when I come back, your balls ARE MINE!
  • Introducing Fabrizio:
    Rebecca: See, we were defending ourselves against a group of angry psychos and about to get drunk to numb the pain if you’d like to join us.
    Fabrizio: *Beat* Yeah, sure. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard that offer.
  • Tacoma Dragged into Drag; just the put-out expression he has as Fabrizio’s lovely assistant.
    • Rebecca making very clear that while it started off as punishment, she thinks he looks hot in the dress.
  • Tacoma and Rebecca are pouring their hearts out on film (ie. Why write when nobody says you can write? etc.), then it cuts to them and Quinn watching the previously shot footage:
    Quinn: My God, this is depressing! And I’m Irish. I’m going to have to put on Angela's Ashes just so I can remember what it’s like to laugh again.
  • “Go; I’ll protect the booze.” Fabrizio then curls back up with the giant bottle of wine he randomly had on his person.

     Blue Patches 
  • Permanent marker lines of a hat, a beard, and a speech balloon that says "action!" is all that is needed to make Rebecca realize that a child star they remember appearing in bad movies is actually a young Donnie! Her "Oh my God!" line is hilarious!
  • The creepy girl Donnie encountered in the forest is explained to be a couple's trouble-making daughter, to which the father orders her to apologize each time he has to explain details. And then he has to apologize for knocking him out for being a creeper.
  • The Christmas special he starred in is a parody of Jingle All the Way named Jingle Sells, complete with Doug's Arnold impersonation and his own falsetto voice for his young version.
    • The IMDB page is just as hilarious with pictures of a young Donnie, Arnold and Chris Tucker, Steven Spielberg being credited as the director, David Koepp for screenplay, the rating being 0.2/10 and the review on the movie cover being "It's Something!" with Arnold being credited as "Ahnuld".
  • Although it was a massive Kick the Dog moment, the scene where Donnie sarcastically apologizes for giving a bad performance after his mother dies is followed with his captors laughing thinking he was putting on an act.
  • After they watch the tapes:
    Rebecca: (to Tacoma) So why are you still in a dress?
    Quinn: A pint'll do that to ya. I once had a brother who woke up dressed as Punky Brewster.
  • Tacoma: (about the movie they made) I mean, it's a little cliched and all, but—
    Rebecca: For us...?
    Tacoma: For us? Oh, this is Citizen fucking Kane for us.
  • Tom of SWAG finally reveals himself as he proves to be just as mad with power as he implied. He even scratches his head with a loaded gun while wondering where he left Donnie. He is also easily distracted.
  • Fabrizio nonchalantly leaves carrying a random dead body flung over his shoulder like he's going to run errands.
    Tom Collins: *Shocked* What the hell do these people do here?
  • Tom Collins points a gun in the direction of Tacoma and Rebecca after Tacoma has pulled Rebecca off of him:
    Back! Get back you girly little bitch! *Points gun just at Rebecca* You too!
    • The only reason Tacoma pulls Rebecca off in the first place is that they “need an identifiable mug shot!”

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