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  • Why does the head of S.W.A.G. hate Demo Reel? What is his motivation for trying to destroy their work? What consequence could whether they succeed or fail have on him or his organization? I've watched all of these episodes and none of his actions make sense. It seems more like he's simply trying to be an ass for no reason, which makes me seriously question how he became the leader of ANY organization.
    • He seems to think Demo Reel's bad films threaten S.W.a.G.'s ripoff/bad films and doesn't want competition.
      • But Demo Reel's videos are seen as horrible in-universe. What competition could they possibly give?
    • Plus he's a Psychopathic Manchild. You heard how excited he was about destroying Donnie, plus his whining when his colleagues yell at him.
      • Being a manchild does not a proper character motive make.
      • Never said it did. I'm just saying that's a likely big part of why he was so obsessed over something that didn't matter.
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    • I wish we had seen more of S.W.A.G. headquarters. It struck me as a take on The Asylum, a major Hollywood studio known for making blatant rip-offs of blockbusters and which the executives are well aware and are even delighted to be doing what they're doing! But that may not even be the case. If we had seen more of their side, we may have had a more definite answer to Tom's motivations.
    • At one point I believe he mentions 'they do not know of their true talent, yet' or something of the like. It seems he believes they will BECOME a legitimate threat if left to improve and develop.
      • Can you find out what episode that was in? And even so, what did he think sending people after them and pulling a gun on them would accomplish? Especially when he revealed his face AND name (for no reason, btw). We barely know what the hell he does in his guild, let alone what made him seem like the stakes were so high that he thought that he had to threaten to kill people for it. Which actually makes me wonder something else...
      • "For no reason"? He just wanted to get them to give up the show and thought they'd go running scared. He openly admits he wouldn't be able to shoot them, so does the vindictive thing and destroys the movie instead.
      • Yes, for no reason. He made it seem like it was some big reveal when really we barely knew him at all to begin with, so who cares what his name is or what he looks like? And again, what competition could they probably give him? What effect could they have on his work? What is in it for him? I guess it doesn't matter now, since Donnie's confronted his past and no longer wants to redo movies, so S.W.A.G. ended up being a giant waste of plot.
      • The only reveal was that he was the guy in the door in "The Blair Witch Project". We knew he was going to be seen eventually. With competition and effect, like others have said, bad film-making is a territorial business and we know from the sequel Rebecca and Tacoma did that they have talent. As for "giant waste of plot", 1) subjective and 2) neither episodes 4 or 5 would have happened if they hadn't kidnapped Donnie.
      • Since when has it been territorial? This troper isn't up on independent movie industry etiquette, but he can't see a scenario where just letting a group do their own thing in recreating movies had a negative effect on other people. The only reason we have to think it's a territorial field in this story is because Tom Collins said so, and it's pretty much been established that he's not exactly the most stable guy. Also, doing Blue Patches 2 showed Rebecca and Tacoma had talent at GOOD film making. Collins hated them for their mockbusters, so what does he care if they simply decide to make their own original film?
      • Doing what he did is shown to be considered insane In-Universe when his lackeys leave in disgust when he reveals what he did to Donnie.
      • Then why was he HEAD of S.W.A.G.?! The only pieces of information he needed resort to home invasion and assault was the fact that there was another guy somewhere (we never find out if they lived in the same area or if he was just THAT OBSESSED) who not only made movies FOR FREE but was supposedly doing it worse than him! There have got to be millions of other swede film makers and he specifically picks Demo Reel because he thinks they MIGHT have potential? We get no background info on Tom, so we have no idea what could make him so unstable that he would flip out just because of Donnie's work OR how he managed to gain a seat of power amongst ANYONE with the insecurities he displays. Obviously we'll never get to find out because Demo Reel is over, but these are things that should be set up or at least implied in the first few episodes after introducing the villain. I feel like I simply have to point to Doug's "The Cell" review to point out why Tom Collins doesn't work, but at least the villain in that film got more believable motivations that Tom.
  • And why do they insist on continuing to switch between color and non-color footage? At the beginning it kind of made sense, but now they do color scenes that are real time, but stay black and white whenever they're in the studio.
    • The Hangover parody plot with Tacoma, Rachel and Quinn was in black and white when the three woke up from all the drinking. Anything in colour was the footage they were watching of themselves, when they were trying to solve what happened. I hope that clears some things up.
    • "Blue Patches" was still consistent with any use of color switching. Just consider this: any scene taking place in the Demo Reel studio, happening in the present time, is in black and white. Anything else is in color.
      • But in Wreck It Ralph Vs Angry Birds, they have two real time cameras. One in color, one in black and white.
  • We know from Bum Reviews that Donnie and the Bum live in the same world. But we know from The Nostalgia Critic and other Bum Reviews episodes that the Bum and the Critic are in the same universe. Seeing as how the Critic reviewed Jingle All the Way and made many references to The Phantom Menace, that means that these movies do exist in the Demo Reel universe. But if Donnie's past as Jimmy Boyd is to be believed, then that means that there were effectively two versions of the movies. So why wasn't there a copyright infringement lawsuit?
    • Perhaps Donnie's movies were so awful that the makers of the real films didn't care. They could serve as good Snark Bait and make their films look better.
  • In The Blair Witch Hangover, we see that the good movie that Rebecca, Tacoma, and Quinn made is dedicated to Elisa Hoffman and James. We later learn that Elisa Hoffman is Donnie's mother, but who the hell was James?
    • James Rolfe reference? Or maybe we'll find out later.
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    • Jimmy is a diminuative of James.
  • ...why did they let the head of S.W.A.G. leave after he threatened them with a gun and destroyed their property? Why not knock him out and call the police?! Who in their right mind would let someone who tried to kill them leave?!
    • Didn't you see him run off with his tail between his legs? After all those verbal and physical beatdowns, he's not going to bother them anymore, and Tacoma wanted to detain him, but Rebecca would have rather killed instead.
      • Because either being arrested or killed would be an actual resolution as opposed to just letting him off the hook.
  • Where was the camera that was attatched to the turkey's head? It was never visible on the prop despite seeing turkey cam.
    • Quinn and Carl clearly aren't carrying the cameras for their POV shots either, and Tacoma speaks into the camera despite being alone with both hands full.
      • Minicams made by German Engineering?
  • In the Blue Patches episode, the loss of the SD card they had just copied their movie onto is treated as though the movie itself was irretrievably lost. Shouldn't they still have the file on the computer, plus the editing file? It was definitely running off the computer earlier, the video files they were watching for the last few episodes are clearly organized on the desktop.
    • Thought processes don't mix well with stress. They'll realize it after. We also never see the destroyed SD card. He couldve missed
  • Why does a Swedish actor have the Anglo name of Tom Collins?

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