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     Thanks For The Feedback 
  • The first episode of Thanks For The Feedback has her following up on the suggestions of one reader by going on a date with The Nostalgia Critic, which turns into one of the funniest, most awkward dates ever.
    • "Lindsay" playing a much more smug, egotistical version of herself at the beginning, calling her show a phenomenon.
    • Her extremely creepy, Stepford Smiler look at the camera in the opening credits.
    • The facepalm-worthy comment she reads at the start; they both have nostalgia in their names so they should date! Belligerent Sexual Tension and her making him preggers? Those mean nothing. And by her deadpan reading of it, you get the idea that she's thinking that too.
    • Chick being totally oblivious to both the Critic's crush and asking where people get this from, even after all that happened in the FernGully: The Last Rainforest review.
    • Chick going into a mumble when she explains why she doesn't find Critic attractive. You could make out something about his beard.
    • Chick's almost frightened Death Glare when Nella says she and Critic have a lot in common, followed by Nella almost immediately backtracking.
    • Finding out that she's a total shut-in whose idea of fun is watching and bitching at the My Little Pony movie over and over.
    • Finding out that the Critic is so socially awkward that he can't do a meal any more complicated than cereal.
    • "This is a fork."
    • The different take of Critic having a total breakdown over the awkwardness.
    "And who is this guy who's been filming us this whole time? Is he your helper monkey? GET OUT!"
    • The whole frigging thing is hysterical in hindsight if you remember the extreme amount of Ship Tease Critic/Chick got pretty much every time after this, not to mention Doug and Lindsay admitting that it's totally intentional.
  • In the second TYFTF, her disgusted expression at the healthy food she has to eat while Nella enjoys whatever she wants is pretty damn funny.
    • Nella being a "Best Fat Friend" instead of a "Best Friend Forever".
    • At the end, Nella lampshades all the spying The Chick has done: "You know where I live. You've put enough cameras there."
  • From the third "Thanks For The Feedback", the Chick cheerfully says that her New Year's resolution is to get Nella to do her dishes. Even funnier since Nella's resolution (set to "Auld Lang Syne" on kazoo) was to not judge others on their appearance and to treat her friends with more dignity and respect. And ALS is still playing when Nella's unhappy in the kitchen.
    • Lampshading the idiots who thought she was pregnant in the beginning of "NChick Labs":
    Chick: Maybe I'm the sheltered one, but I've yet to see a pregnancy that spills out the side and the back. ...and is pillow-shaped.
    • Nella bursting in with a gleeful "HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!", only to find that Lindsay (and Mignon) is the only one there.
    • The montage of trying on outfits, including a catsuit, and getting depressed at all of them.
    • "Of course, physical exertion of any kind is always going to be a hard sell."
    • Food Is Tasty.
      • Lindsay struggling not to laugh when Nella agrees. "Food is tasty."
    • "This doesn't make me look like a jackass, does it?"
    • Nella doing the yoga pose and trying vainly to reach the snacks. "You're swaying a little. Use your core muscles to steady yourself".
    • On the ski part of the Wii Fit a bunny is standing on the board and when its supposed to launch the bunny rises on its hind legs.
    • Lindsay casually wiping her cheese-encrusted fingers on Nella's arm.
    • The epic Wii Fit Flame War between Lindsay, Nella, and their "flat-chested" roommate, all while the soft "It's A Sin To Tell A Lie" is playing.
    • One word: "Gunt".
    • The fact that Tammy is still hanging upside down from the Hercules Drinking Game.

     Lindsay's Top Ten Guilty Pleasure Movies (of shame) 
  • "I get messages asking 'Lindsay, do you like anything? At all?'"
  • The transition music is the "Guilty Pleasures" song from the Moulin Rouge! review.
  • For Battlefield Earth, she goes to tilt her camera for an intentional Dutch Angle.
  • Her obligatory complaining about Dune near the beginning.
  • Counting almost every Meg Ryan movie as #7 instead of picking just one.
  • Pointing out how she's watched Hercules enough times to make a Drinking Game out of it.
  • Her clear terror regarding how the Michael Bay Transformers movies are this generation's Star Wars in terms of the way they've changed film-making.
  • Tearfully saying she's sorry about ten times for putting How the Grinch Stole Christmas! as her number one guilty pleasure.
    • Her entire section on it needs to be here:
    Lindsay: I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry... I don't know how to justify this one. I'm sorry! [...] When it came out I knew it was a bad movie, I'm like wow this is bad, and I understand like it's ugly, and it's padded, and it's hammy, and it's weird and it's forced and it's painful to watch and it has all these awful awful contrived characters and it has terrible performances a-and oh my God, it's so bad, it's so bad you guys. It's such a terrible movie! But if it's on TV I will watch it! From start to finish! I don't know why! I can't help it! I- just, it's such an awful movie and I- I just can't look away. I can't not watch it.
    • Weird porn from Bratslava.
    "Yeah, I just compared The Grinch to porn. That's how it feels. I feel dirty! I feel dirty that I kind of like it!"
  • "Splash that water bitch!"
  • Her fangirling about TwoThousandTwelve.
    "As a resident of L.A., when you see L.A. breaking up and falling into the ground and being destroyed utterly, you just can't help but be like 'YES! YES! This is the greatest thing ever! I love this!' And it just kept getting stupider and stupider! And the wonderful thing about that movie, as opposed to Independence Day, is that it doesn't even bother trying to ground itself in any kind of logic. It's just like KABOOM!"

     Lindsay's Top 11 Favorite Movies Of All Time 
  • Almost instinctively going into a southern accent when she impersonates someone calling Inglourious Basterds their best movie.
  • The Call-Back to the "Top 11 Animated Villainesses":
    Lindsay: Why top 11?
    Nigel Tufnel: ...these go to eleven.
  • The build-up to Blazing Saddles, with an eleven year old Lindsay bugging her uncle for more Cary Grant movies and his tentatively offering of the aforementioned film.
    Lindsay: Oh my God I didn't get it! Okay, you're twelve, white, female, living in the south, there was so much of this movie that I didn't get, but I think that's the greatest thing about this movie.
    • On the ending: "Whatever! Pie fight, let's go!"
  • After gushing about how The Lord of the Rings made her decide to be a film-maker:
    Thank you, Peter Jackson. You're the reason I'm $60,000 in debt from film school. [Sidelong glance, than happy thumbs up.]
  • "That fact that Shane Black is directing Iron Man 3...[squees, waves hands] Don't let me down."
  • "Take me, Guillermo! And by that, of course, I mean hire me as an intern. [Beat] Here's my email!"
    • Her initial justification for Pan's Labyrinth? It looked cool, it was in Spanish, and it had a faun.
  • "OK. So it�s an animated musical released under a Creative Commons Share-Alike Licence, created on a shoestring budget, which uses the music of Annette Hanshaw to tell the story of both the Ramayana and the divorce of the woman who made this movie. And it does so with Indonesian shadow puppets talking extemporaneously about their memory of learning about the Ramayana in high school. *Beat* It's really good!"

     How We Make This Webseries 
  • Preparations for the skit at the end of the What Women Want review. They include a futile search for porn magazines (where Lindsay looks ridiculously tiny asking for Hustler), and Nella having to bite into a gross sandwich while behind the camera Lindsay giggles.
    Nella (as Double-Down): "Nell-a. You know you want to eat me."
    Nella: "And I'm like no, Double-Down, I don't wanna eat you."
    • Lindsay almost makes Nella take a bite of the Baconator after this, but then decides that subjecting her to the Double Down is enough punishment.
  • During the viewing of Freddy Got Fingered, Elisa actually breaking down in tears and their friend Dan is equally teary-eyed.
    • Everyone agrees that it's "an ordeal", with Elisa actually whimpering "I trusted you!" and Nella hysterically wailing "WHAT IS THIS SHIT?!"
  • Lindsay's real-life roommate comes home to find her being splattered with mayonnaise and filmed by her friends and so comments "This is how I live now."

     Top Ten Somewhat Arbitrarily Ranked Worst Movies of 2013 
  • Subscribing to the metric that bad is what makes her want to flip every table.
  • Her long-winded attempt at explaining why Star Trek Into Darkness is the same movie as Star Trek (2009).
  • In her confusion of Into Darkness's plot holes, she ends up screaming "KHAN!", followed by Kirk's shout of the same.
  • Her picture of Christoph Waltz getting covered in hearts, "ILU"s and "call me"s.
  • After suffering through the slugs in Epic (2013), she completely forgives Robin Williams for his being a rapping bat in FernGully: The Last Rainforest.

     Top 10 Favorite Movies of 2013 
  • Keeping up the "intentionally dreadfully kept secret of her job" joke, with her shaking a Pikachu doll into the camera and saying "what could it be?".

     Dune i Riff 
  • Her Dune (1984) iRiff with Spoony starts off with her very nice and very calm, but we find out she broke into his house, zapped his lower jaw with a stun gun and tied him up at her feet, only letting him free when he promises to be useful.
    • This bit, which you just know is innunendo for something:
    Spoony: Your feet taste like sourkraut.
    Chick: I didn't use that sock on my feet.
    Spoony: What?!
    Chick: Nothing!
    • When she finally lets him go:
    Spoony: [whining] I really can't feel my hands or feet anymore. Can you loosen these knots?
    Chick: Okay, but only if you're useful or funny... gotta make some money of this, baby, those mortgage payments aren't gonna pay themselves.
  • "Because I don't feel like sitting through another half hour of narrated pixel sketches."
  • Spoony not getting that Alan Smithee is not another person seperate from David Lynch.
    • How she still can't resist calling him a lonely manchild and how he's only there for the "fanboy perspective".
    Spoony: Dune is one of my favorites. I can recite the whole thing by heart.
    Chick: Yes. I know. You do. Often.
  • Spoony wanting David Lynch to do a new Star Trek movie while the Chick just moans in response.
  • Most of the Double Entendre jokes come from Lindsay. This one is great:
    Movie: The beginning is a very delicate time.
    Chick: So use KY warming gel.
    • Spoony: "The spice expands other things too, hi-oh!"
  • Spoony: "I am Princess Monotone Exposition."
  • Chick: "Stop trying to fade me out, I'm giving a monologue here."
  • Spoony: [singing] "Duuuune, where's my car?" Chick: [singing] "Oppreeeessive score."
  • Spoony: "This is a visual metaphor for my sex life."
  • Spoony: "I miss the rains down in Africa." Chick: "Clearly this place does too."
  • Chick: "Okay, we got the guitar, now bring in the didgeridoos."
  • Spoony: "So do you think this is a desert of some kind?"
  • Also from the Dune riff - the introduction of a running gag:
    Paul: What do you call the mouse shadow on the second moon?
    Chick!Stilgar: Well, we call it "Impotent McLimpdick."
    Spoony!Paul: Well okay maybe not that one, what else?
    Silgar: We call it Muad'Dib.
    Spoony: Which means "Impotent McLimpdick."
  • Spoony telling the Chick that she's pervier than he is.

     Corpsing: A Tribute To Bad Internet Acting 
  • All that giggling is infectious. Especially on the "Linking Up With Linkara" bit, where she's laughing so hard that Rob Walker has to tell her to breathe.
    • As is usual for them, she and Doug bounce off each other wonderfully.
      • Especially Doug using his creepy voice from the Bratz review to say silly things: "Gobble dee gobble dee do, hooty hooty who." "I'm a little teapot, short and stout." "Did you know I'm the very model of a modern major general?"
    Doug: I'm saying things to make you look tough and intimidating...but your bad acting will spoil the effect and make you look stupid. Just look at that smirk, she wants to smile!" *LINDSAY TACKLE*
    • Just beforehand:
    Doug: There was a young girl who was a starfish.
    • The first take has her coming in to see him rubbing his chest. Even more amusing when you know that usually leads to naughty funtimes from Doug.
    • Acting like jumping little kids playing Tag: "Got him!" "Now I look for you!" They're adorable.
    • Elisa: "Don't you know she [Lindsay] can't act?"
    • Nella: "Damnit, Lindsay, this is serious! Serious Business!"
    • Lindsay using Nella's ample bust as a handrest.
    • The way the music gets more and more frantic as more people break down laughing.

     Gallery Of Ancient Horrors: AIDS And STDs  
  • Her self-deprecating captions were sporfle-worthy.
  • Try not to crack up at the Weird Al music playing under the tragic STD facts. You can't. It's impossible.

     The Sexual Awakening of the Human Nerd 
  • First off, the entire thing is improvised, meaning everbody's reactions (horrfied or otherwise) are completely genuine.
  • From part 1:
    Dr. Tease: We will be interviewing these nerds and, um, experimenting on them.
    Dr. Block: Wait...experimenting?
    Dr. Tease: It's a survey that involves chemicals.
    • Dr Tease calling the interviewees "creatures", then correcting herself and saying "humans", then correcting herself again to say "nerds".
    • Liz's sexual awakening: Seeing Lion-o and Cheetara in ThunderCats.
    • Dr. Block swooning over Todd in the Shadows after he says that he likes bespectacled women.
    • Linkara's (possibly drugged) interview.
    Dr. Tease: We have two questions.
    Linkara: The answer to both of starburst lemon.
    Dr. Block: I told you not to drug the subjects before they answered the questions!
    Linkara: You have pretty hair.
    Dr. Tease: Which fictional character served as your sexual awakening?
    Dr. Tease: Do you feel that Schwarzenegger Commando led you to your nerddom?
    Linkara: Mmm, definitely. Well you see, at one point, he goes into another room to fight this one guy. and he says "Fudge you, asshole". And then he punches him. And that to me spoke to the human spirit.
    Dr. Tease: The human spirit?
    Linkara: Yeees.
    Dr. Tease: Humans have spirits now?
    Dr. Block: Um...yes. Yes they do.
    Dr. Tease: Is it scientifically possible?
    • Joe unable to complete a single take without laughing.
    • JewWario's horrified reactions to all the questions.
    Dr. Tease: Which fictional character served as your sexual awakening?
    JewWario: That's kind of a personal question, isn't it?
    Dr. Tease: Yes.
  • From Part 2:
    • Dr. Tease already getting bored and wanting to go out for drinks.
    • Dr. Tease trying to set Dr. Block up on a date: "You'll like him. He's a real interesting fellow. He has eight legs! He's an arachnid!" She of course thinks he's the best thing ever.
    Dr. Tease: [matter-of-fact tone] We are conducting a scientific research survey, and you have no choice but to participate.
    Bennett: No choice? I... I could walk away, like, right now.
    Dr. Tease: [amused] You could try.
    • As the scientists interview Handsome Tom, 8-Bit Mickey pops up in front of him. Tom very quickly gives him the doctors' "sample" and tells him needs to strip down and rub it on his body. Without questioning, Mickey does so. In public. As the scientists continue their interview and Tom helps Mickey rub whatever it is in.
    • Bargo's entire segment.
    • Like Linkara before him, one of the funniest things is how easily Spoony simply rolls with it rather than acting shocked or confused like everyone else.
      • Dr. Block poking his hair like it's a wild animal.
    Dr. Tease: like sluts.
    Spoony: Doesn't everyone?
    Dr. Tease: Yesss...[nods]
    • MarzGurl also rolls with it, agreeing that her Mountain Dew can have a sexual aspect if someone else is eyeing it:
    Dr. Tease: Like I am right now?
    MarzGurl: That's actually very hot.
    Dr. Block: [aside] Stop eyeing up the test subjects!
    Dr. Tease: I'll try.
  • In the third part, almost everyone just went with it.
    • They even surprised Lindsay with her apparent hate of being considered a nerd, who asks whether she's supposed to be in character or not.
      • Elisa trying very hard not to giggle when Lindsay asks her if she wants to mend her addiction to sexy men.
    • Special mention should also be made to Phelous.
    Dr. Tease: Do you own any cats?
    Phelous: *stares off into space* Not anymore...
    • The Toilet Humor at the end, where Dr. Block accidentally drinks a test subject's urine sample.
    • Dr. Block raging at the end.
    • Having made Paw cry, the immediate reaction of both doctors is to collect samples of his tears.

     Live Action Fanfics 
"A Change of Pace"
  • Team NChick, Lupa, Todd and Paw act out a DeviantArt fanfic of themselves. The Cringe Comedy is fantastic.
  • Everyone's interpretation of "starring" at something.
    • When Todd questions it the first time, the camera pans over suddenly to Elisa as she insists on the spelling.
      • Pretty much any interpretation of a spelling error is hilarious.
  • The 'pool', a doggie dish with the word 'pool' written on it.
  • Lupa regrets Todd.
    Lupa: I regret you! I still regret you! I'm regretting you even more this time! This is the last regret!
  • The constant interruptions of Lindsay's dog Kali.
  • Lupa spends the whole video with a tightly clenched jaw, even when it doesn't fit the scene.
  • Todd's ridiculously goofy smile at the fanfic's ending line.

"Lay Your Head Down, Darling"


  • I have a fondness for the "Great Mouse Detective" bit in the "Top Ten Evil Nostalgic Characters" commentary where she says she's not a typical Yaoi Fangirl, but then spends most of that portion squeeing over the Rattigan/Basil Foe Yay Shipping.
  • From the Les Misérables commentary, her observation that the (mostly female) ficcers love the women just as much as they do the guys. I don't even know why, it just amused me.
    • Poking fun at Doug's total inability to say no when asked to sing.
    • Discussing how tall JewWario is. Apparently, the Chick was wearing heels, and he still had to crouch down in order to even fit in the frame with her!
  • In the FernGully: The Last Rainforest commentary she did with Doug:
    Lindsay: This is our award-winning review that changed the world.
    Doug: What was that award again? Wasn't it in Mexico?
    Lindsay: It was an environmentalist thingy.
    Doug: Point is! We won it and it looks great in my bathroom.
    • Lindsay's story about how her bowtie goes to the trees with the fairies whenever she's not wearing it.
    • Lindsay: "Get me on your table and punch me!"
    • Their d'awwing over their characters fighting.
    • The fake self-congratularyness about how trend-setting the review was, and Lindsay calling it their "Thriller".
    • Apparently, when people say "It's magic, bitch!", they have to give Lindsay the residual money.
    • According to Lindsay, Nella's the one with the emotions while she just slinks off.
    • "Look at that greenscreen, it was like it was never there."
    • Their assertion that Chick/Critic have very little fic compared to other pairings. In truth, it's the third most popular pairing in terms of fanfic written, and that's in a sea of slash.
      • Seeing as how they both obviously search for art and read the stories, it's much more likely (and even funnier) that they were angling for even more. Magnificent Bastards that they are.
    • Rob calling Lindsay "America's darling".
    • Rob, Lindsay and Doug coming up with an "on the run from a murder" plot for Ferngully 3.
  • From her "Three Years On: Pocahontas Commentary", admitting that she could say that the 4 by 3 was a recreation of her earlier episodes, but really the battery on her normal camera is just low.
    • The snide Aside Glance when she says "all we've learned as a... nation."
    • How the first thing she does when the commentary actually starts is express regret at the cleavage-happy shirt she's wearing in the review.
  • In the X-Men commentary, Word Of Lindsay is that the Chick writes Mary Sue fanfic and tries to hide it.
    • Mirroring the episode by getting Elisa in "so it won't be as dull".
    • "We love Megamind so much!" So much that they put a reference to it in every episode of the Dark Nella Saga.
  • She and Todd discuss how they both watched every single Disney DTV sequel to prepare for her two videos on them. Or at least Lindsey did, as Todd ended up sleeping through about half of them.
    • Her joy over the Anne Frank page, even challenging people to see what edits are hers.
    • Lindsey and Todd noting how the ridiculously-decorated bell in Hunchback II must sound when someone actually tries to ring it.
    • When the popping octopus in Return To Never Land appears, there's Lindsay in the original video going "HAAAAAATE. HAAAAAATE." overlaid with Lindsay in the commentary going "I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!" It's so funny to hear both Lindsays raging in unison.
    • Lindsay recalls Todd's remark about Quasimodo's outfit in Hunchback II, how he "looks like the lead Gummi Bear."

     Video Logs 
  • Lindsay in her and Nella's review of X-Men First Class: "I think I felt something last night, and I think we need to talk about it."
    • The bit where Lindsay has all these confused feelings and compares it to like how you thought you grew out of your experimental college phase but then one night something happens and you don't know anymore.
    • Lindsay calling herself a recovering X-Men fan, as if it's an illness you need to get over. She on the other hand likens it to being a lapsed Catholic.
    • Nella being there to pick up the pieces after Lindsay's fangirl shrank three sizes due to X-Men III.
      • The character of The Nostalgia Chick being born around that time. "Fuck everything! I don't like anything anymore!"
    • Damning Brett Rattner with faint praise. She's sure he's a nice person, but he's a complete hack and a terrible director.
    • "There was bacon everywhere!"
    • Seeing Lindsay out-ham Nella is strange yet magical at the same time.
    • Calling Emma Frost a chandelier with tits and eyeliner.
    • Their annoyance that it was set in the sixties, but still had pole-dancing and the lone CIA agent wearing a tiny skirt.
    • Lindsay comparing seeing the movie to meeting up with an ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend. "I've been hurt by you before!"
    • Nella and Lindsay's impressions of Magneto being faaabulous.
    He takes Shaw's helmet and is like "Uh-uh girlfriend, this is grey just isn't working. We need some magenta, and purple, and satin".
    • Kali (the real name of Lindsay's puppy) jumping in on their laps as soon as they get excited.
  • In the VLog for Super 8, the fact they're doing this because "they have to hash this out now" before any more work can get done.
    • Elisa not being allowed to sit on the bed because she didn't see the movie.
    • "Our new series! Pillow Talk, with Lindsay and Nella!"
    • Lindsay cockblocking Nella when she tries to explain why she liked the movie.
      • And then trying to distract her with Kali.
    • Lindsay likening the movie to a decent cupcake, but with a way-too-huge glob of frosting on top.
    • Elisa throwing dolls and cuddly toys at them.
    • Nella giving Lindsay permission to eviscerate it and Lindsay clearing her throat in preperation.
    • Hardass, ladette Lindsay admitting that the teddy bear they used was her "Aunt Lois".
    • Nella singing "All By Myself" when Lindsay says she saw it with Todd and his room-mate.
    • Quoth Lindsay: "I don't get paid to like shit!"
    • Nella mentioning JJ Abram's fondness of the Lens Flare, driving Lindsay insane.
    • The reanactment of the physics-destroying train scene, with a Dreamworks action figure and the aforementioned "Aunt Lois".
    • Their borrowing of JewWario's "I like it!" Catchphrase from Kickassia.
  • Elisa's interjections to Lindsay and Todd's Transformers 3 vlog, throwing things at Lindsay and passing them semi-appropriate props.
    • Lindsay saying that she's going to smother Todd with a toy if he upsets her.
    • Also, their dramatic reenactment of Nella angrily biting Lindsay in reaction to Nimoy's "The needs of many outweigh the needs of the few" line.
    • At the start, Lindsay doing something behind Todd's back and then popping up with a grin.
    • "We know how that Michael Bay doesn't know how to speak English, but that's okay." It's like she's talking about a not-so-bright child.
    • Acting like the movie was over eight hours long.
    • Saying that the film literally made Nella dead sick.
    • Lindsay representing John Turturro and John Malkovich's hamminess with pig plushies.
    • Lindsay and Todd recounting all the random cameos, with increasing incredulity:
    '''Lindsay: It's like, hey Patrick Dempsey, hey John Malkovich, hey... Bill O'Reilly?! Hey, Alan Tudyk? Hey, Leonard Nimoy?!
    Todd: Hey, Michael Jordan!
    Lindsay: Jean-Claude Van Damme, what are you doing here?
    Todd: Hey, Napoleon Bonaparte!
    Lindsay: Oh my God, Steven Seagal! Gary Coleman, I thought you were dead!
    • Lindsay and Elisa holding skulls.
    • Todd referring to the lead actor as "Shia Le Beef."
  • In the Captain America vlog, making Ryan Reynolds's smugness an Acceptable Target.
    Lindsay: "Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds" Pops his collar. "Ryan Reynolds..."
    • The girls putting two skulls on Todd's crotch and his not noticing until a minute later.
      • Later, Lupa using said skulls to reenact scenes of the movie (everyone else is nearly collapsing of laughter!).
    • Lupa wearing Todd's hoodie and wondering how the hell he can see through the thing.
      • The way the hoodie transfers to everyone else in turn by jump cut.
    • Nella's fangirl rage at Elisa associating Captain America with Wonder Woman.
      • And a "sleeping" Lupa facepalming.
    • Todd's teasing "you know you want to be me" while he's lying on the bed with his girlfriend, Lupa and Elisa.
    • Sleep-deprived Lupa re-enacting Captian America with skulls, with voices and fuzzy hat.
  • Any time the Green Goblin is discussed on the Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark] vlog.
    Lindsay: [Valley Girl voice] The Green Goblin was fabulous, girl, don't even get me started.
    Todd: Imagine Jim Carrey as a gay Elvis Impersonator as Green Goblin.
    • Playing Yackety Sax over the news footage, most of which is about all the accidents happening.
    • Todd: "Spider-Man, Spider-Man/Falls right on his spider can/'Cos the ropes broke again/We just lost nine stunt-men./Look out! There plummets Spider-Man!"
      • Don't forget Lupa getting her groove on next to Lindsay.
    • Lupa: "It was beautiful."
    • Lupa being disappointed that they cut out the song about Arachne trying on shoes.
    • The seamless edit from "Bouncing Off The Walls" to "Vertigo".
    Lindsay: Where the streets have no Spider-Man...
    • The creation of "Spider Bloody Spider." It should at least have lyrics.
    • "We have these costumes, goddamnit, we're going to use them!"
    • Todd's belief that Peter's bedroom looked like it was crafted by Dr Seuss.
    • The giant Spider-Man cardboard cutout that caught a falling baby, and their reactions to it...
    Lindsay: My baaaaabyyyyy!
    • ...then, they realize that the baby must have been ridiculously tiny to be the same size as Spider-Man's hand...
    • ...and then Todd suggests that the giant Spider-Man should catch a falling Spider-Man instead.
    Lindsay and Lupa: My stuuuunntmaaaaannn!
  • In The Hunger Games Vlog, Nella complaining that Lindsay forced her to watch the original animated short of The Lorax before seeing the new version.
    • Lindsay impresses Nella with her ability to whistle Rue's song, and then Nella just says "I can't whistle."
    • Explaining that Lindsay's things just end up at Nella's place somehow every once in a while.
  • The end of the Les Misérables review, where she acts out her Les Mis nerd explanations of the differences from the original novel, which Todd assures us is not an exaggeration. And listen closely to her final point before getting cut off: "And Marius is a total fuckhead..."
  • The Game of Thrones vlogs:
    • Referring to Jon Snow's constant troubles as "getting paper clips thrown at the back of his head."
    • Making a show of nothing happening in "The Lion and the Rose."
    • Building up to talking about the infamous rape scene in "Breaker of Chains" before switching to being amazed at how much Podrick's actor has grown.
    • Lindsay's love of Daario being the one person Daenerys doesn't care enough about to not risk his life.
    • Describing the two kinds of fans as book virgins and book sluts. "No book slut shaming!"

  • The fight between her and the Critic at the beginning of his Ferngully review.
  • Her rants on X-Men 3 (among other things) on a LordKaT stream in February. Like someone said in the chat, it was like a dark God had awoken. It was glorious.
  • From her oh-so-lovely, kickass forum smackdown: "Elisa was not crucified upside down. She was water boarded. And a bunch of the boys mooned her mercilessly, there might have been some piercing with two pronged forks involved, and I don't even want to bring up the applesauce (this'll all be on the DVD, don't worry). But nothing happened upside-down, and Elisa is still impatiently awaiting her stigmata."
  • On twitter, her and Elisa trying to matchmake Nella and Oancitizen. The talk of drills and white vans were especially amusing.
  • Lindsay's disgusted, gagging reaction to Nella eating a bacon sundae. We non-Americans feel your nausea, my lady. (As do most sane Americans.)
  • In an interview with Random Odds, Elisa said Bratz was so godawful that while they were watching it to make jokes, she had to hold Lindsay's hand.
  • The Jem outtakes, especially Lindsay trying to get the hairband out of Nella's hair, much to the latter's (singing) pain.
    • Lindsay singing about how she's not wearing a bra and Nella jiggling the jello like, well, you know.
    Nella: You can't talk about bralessness and jello and expect me not to run with the jiggle, okay?
    • "I don't know what key we're in!"
    • Beer actually coming out of the apparently-thought-empty bottle.
    • "Oh my God, this is gonna take forever, to get outta my hair."
    • Lindsay being pretty sure that her eye make-up is actually lipstick.
    • Nella and Lindsay singing about calling the shower first and walking the dog.
    • "I think this is a great method of communication!"
  • Her whole shtick with Todd in the Shadows on facebook. While on twitter, they're cute and fluffy, but on Facebook she's lovelorn and he's totally dismissive. Gee, sound familiar?
    • She goes by that in the forums too.
    • She and Todd show up on Radio Dead Air (using Twitter's rules for their relationship) and request incredibly cheesy stupid songs for each other like Red Light Special, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, the theme from Spiderman Turn Off The Dark, and Best I Ever Had. And the fact that apparently Nash has to play these whether he likes them or not.
  • This most-likely-joking bit on facebook about how she went to school with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.
    Young!Lindsay: Hey Ashley, wanna be my BFF?
    Ashley: SECURITY!
  • It's old, but this. Doug coming in to bluntly say he's cuter, a fair few fangirls and fanboys agreeing with him, and Lindsay calling him a tease.
  • In this post, the big long "SNIIIIIFFFFFFFF" as she takes Todd's hoodie to bed with her.
  • Also according to her facebook, it's in her contract that Doug can sit on her twice a year.
  • When Doug asked on his page which TGWTG personalities would fit the characters of X-Men (cue a lot of idiot of course), she answered in-character that she'd be Mystique before realizing that's not the most flattering of choices.
  • This blog post where she shares some Old Shame fanart from her college days. There's a lot more Vin Diesel than you'd expect.
  • Lindsay dancing quite enthusiastically at the end of the Todd's video about the Black Eyed Peas Experience.
  • Lindsay's furious reactions to the 2012 Lorax movie on twitter, and Lewis Lovhaug's input.
    Lindsay: ECO FRIENDLY AUTO TUNED POP SHIT OVER THE CREDITS. Oh you fuckers are getting SUCH a review.
    Lewis: Comparison, perhaps, to the original animated version?
    • Similarly, her trauma over Battleship. "WHY DIDN'T ANYONE WARN ME?"
  • From her UBCon Q&A with Doug, joking (...we think) that if you write fanfic about their characters, then the TGWTG squad reserve the right to act it out.
    • How Doug thought real life Nella was going to be like her Extreme Doormat persona in the Chick videos, only to be surprised when she wanted to go out five times in one night.
    • For Hilarious in Hindsight purposes: Lindsay says that she went to the same school as Mara Wilson and has a friend who knows her personally. Then she and Doug muse about how if she cared, she could probably get Mara to do a cameo in a review. Yep.
    • When on the subject of The Lorax, Doug having to prompt Lindsay into reassuring people that she doesn't hate them if they like the movie.
  • Her response to a Tumblr question about how her relationship with Todd in the Shadows began:
    It all began when we were shooting Suburban Knights (this of course took place on one of the larger moons of Alpha Grobthar IV). After a night of knocking back Brobdingnagian shooters at one of the local spacepubs, I caught out of the corner of my eye a certain behooded mantis-man moving his side-flippers in the traditional Central-Virginian mating dance. At first I took it as naught but another amateurish ploy, but then I saw him tickle the synthetic ivories with his tentacles as he bellowed the Sporkidanian mating aria in several keys simultaneously using his multiple uvulae. I knew then that he was The One.
  • Chez Apocalypse's website description:
    Here at the Chez we have, for better or worse, amassed a group of comedy culture & media interpreters with way too much time on our hands. The Chez is owned by a group of womenfolk colloquially referred to as Team NChick, Lindsay Ellis, Elisa Hansen, and Antonella Inserra. Amid the creation of this website we got sick of each other and went out and kidnapped some folk, mostly men, and forced them to also make video and article content. Okay, entirely men, but it�s a coincidence that has nothing to do with our underground breeding pods. The result is a media commentary hodgepodge online magazine. Like Jezebel with videos, but less intelligent.
  • Nella and Lindsay describing their upcoming plan to crowdsource a comically bad romance novel ("Twilight, with aliens"). They close with:
    Nella: And remember, the road to madness is only fun when you bring a friend down with you.
    Lindsay: *holds up some of the wine the two of them have been drinking throughout the vid* And alcohol.
    Nella: And alcohol.
    Lindsay: Or weed...
    • In the second part, their plan takes a brief detour from "Twilight with aliens" to explore the possibilities of "Twilight with robots."
    Lindsay: Y'know, bitches love Data.
    • Lisa discussing her job of taking the various pieces of the book that fans submitted and making them all seem like they were written by one person, largely through spreading everyone's chosen Verbal Tics across the other sections.
  • Lindsay's new side job, which involves watching [REDACTED] anime and talking to {REDACTED] about [REDACTED]. Though she was later able to reveal she had been watching Pokémon. Later tweets document her attempt to steal a Mime Jr. plush from the office, which in one case ended with her going to where it is kept only to find the dub's director Tom Wayland had switched it with a Weavile plush instead, which she was terrified of.
    Lindsay: maybe I shouldn't be documenting my pokemon theft in #pokemontheft.
    • Hilariously, it was apparently not the first time that plushie had been taken.
  • Her super brief peek back into being Nostalgia Chick, saying she and Critic broke up because Even Evil Has Standards.