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    Sean Fausz 
  • The "Bust a Nut" segment of Epic Fail #6. Specifically the expression on Sean's face at the moment of realization.
  • Mike J creeping out Sean Fausz with his "knowledge of pornography" by playing 2 Girls 1 Cup with a smile on his face.
    Sean: This got awkward.


    Transmission Awesome 
  • Transmission Awesome #32: The Arnold Off. Now available in animated form.
  • RolloT discussing, in an upbeat and casual tone, how everyone in Shadow Star "gets raped and dies".
    Y Ruler Of Time: How wonderful.
    RolloT: Or some of them commit suicide.
  • Transmission Awesome's Let's Play of Conquests of the Longbow: "We gawt 'im!"
    • How about their video of The Legend of Kyrandia where Paw voices Brandon with a ridiculously pathetic voice? Or when they played Discworld and Rollo T voiced the Luggage as a foul-mouthed, Cockney racist?
      • Sean:"We didn't get 'im!"
      • Also, Angry Joe using a falsetto. Everyone is sent into hysterics.
    • The full version of Longbow on blip is even better. Among them:
      • The conversation between Marian and Robin (which goes on for so ridiculously long that Sean and Paw just begin to throw out random voices to make it entertaining),
      • The Jamaican Douche Tree,
      • Rollo T making the pixie shout "I'M GONNA FUCK YOUR GAME UP AGAIN!", as well as Y referencing The Fairly OddParents (nobody else gets it),
      • and their refusal to save over the point labeled "Pizzle-Nosed Wretch".
  • From episode 14, Coldguy laughing hysterically for almost 4 whole minutes.


    Spooning With Spoony 
  • Spooning with Spoony. Just...Spooning With Spoony.
    • "....why does my ass hurt?"
    • "....are you still here?"
    • "What's your problem? I double-bagged it!"
    • "My daddy didn't love me!" "Daddy loves you just fine."
    • Benzaie climbing on top of Spoony wearing seemingly naught but the Nostalgia Chick's bowtie and commenting "I brought some coffee!"
    • From the outtakes, Lindsay chants "Dead puppies" while attempting to stop giggling, then shares that she imagines John Turturro getting pissed on. Understandably, Spoony replies "That didn't help."
  • My gods... the second episode... my gods the second episode... the Nostalgia Critic and Angry Joe's faces... oh my gods... too... hilarious... can't stop laughing... my stomach... hurts........
    • Spooning with Spoony 2: How the Nostalgia Critic manages to keep a horrified face for over a minute with Spoony grinding out obscenity after obscenity right next to him.
  • Linking Up With Linkara!
    Linkara: "...Can I watch?"
    Nostalgia Chick: "No, cause that's exploitation and you're a feminist and that's bad."
    Linkara: (through tears) "I KNO-O-OW!"
    • The stinger:
      Sage: You gave me a dollar?!

    Dragonball Evolution Review 
The entirety of the Channel Awesome Dragonball Evolution review. Highlights include:
  • The reaction to Lord Kat eating a strawberry in a sexual manner.
    • RolloT: *trying to slit his throat* "CAN'T UNSEE!!!!"
      • As a bit of a Brick Joke, a little bit afterward, when they cut back to the group, RolloT is staring at a strawberry stem with this horrified look on his face.
  • The Happy Video Game Nerd's cameo. "Oooh! Free Beer!"
  • LittleKuriboh appearing to rescue MasakoX.
    • One word: "'Sup."
    • When MasakoX is being kidnapped we see the others Sean has trying to dig through the wall. Then he sees the cover of the movie and tries to join them.
    MasakoX Dig more, you fools! Dig!!!
  • Y Ruler of Time's rant in reaction to the introduction of "Airbending".
    • And Lord Kat has to knock him out.
  • The repeated cry of "[insert name here], what've they done to you?!"
  • This exchange:
    Y Ruler of Time: Why does Piccolo wants the Dragon Ball? In the manga, he wants to use his wish to grant him eternal youth. But here, his goals are entirely ambiguous. So what does he want? Revenge?
    Sean: Women?
    Paw: Money?
    Lord Kat: Strawberries?
    Rollo T: The world??
  • They theorize Chow Yun Fat's portray of Roshi was an outtake from his reaction at the truck of money in his backyard from the movie, and the producers decided to keep it in the film.
  • How could we forget the exchange between Chow Yun-Fat and Ernie Hudson?
    Chow: Aaah, Ernie Hudson... how did they get you here?
    Ernie: They backed up this huge dump truck full of money onto my lawn.
    Chow: Ah, have you gone swimming in your money yet?
    Ernie: Not yet. But I'm gonna Scrooge McDuck it!
    • And then later:
    Ernie: Yo, Murray just called, there's gonna be a Ghostbusters 3, and there's another dump truck full of money in my backyard. Yeah, have fun finishing Sailor Moon or whatever the fuck this is, I don't give a shit.
    Piccolo: With this Dragonball,
    Group: I thee wed.
  • "Achievment Unlocked: 10G - Attempted Murder"
  • Paw's introductory name card just showing his hands as he's dragged down the hall.
  • The outtakes are gold too. "Toasty!"
    • "Ernie Hudson, you so fiiine."
    • Every time someone falls off the bed.
    RolloT: How'd I get in this position?!
    Paw: Why am I in your crotch?!
  • Anytime Y Ruler of Time makes a Pokemon joke.
    Bulma: I have to have them all.
    Y Ruler of Time: Wrong anime. (Everybody flips the bird at him)
  • The group basically drooling for the asian women in the movie.
    • Goku watching Chi-Chi in class and imagine her eating strawberries.
    Group: (camera on Chi-Chi) YES! YES! YES! (camera on Goku) NO! NO! NO! (camera on Chi-Chi) YES! YES! YES!
    • Chi-Chi in a tournament, fighting in leather. Tight... leather...
    • Chi-Chi fighting fake-Chi-Chi. Everyone grabs pillows and put them in their laps.
      Paw: I’ve had dreams that didn’t start this well.
  • Everytime they point out the characters are not like the series counterparts.
    RolloT: Oh, man. We need Goku immediately to save this movie. (To the movie) Hey, kid. You know where Goku is?
    Gohan: Someday, Goku.
    (Everyone groans)
    YRoT: That's not Goku!! That's a Jonas Brother's reject!!
    • Then Bulma enters scene.
    YRoT: That can't be Bulma. Bulma has blue hair (an arrow points at a thin blue hair streak) BULLSHIT!!
    • When MasakoX arrives to the room:
    Lordkat: Meanwhile, back in Mordor, we see Ukog and and friends faced with a dilemma.
    MasakoX: "Ukog"? Wha-?
    Lordkat: Oh, well yeah, I mean. This movie really isn't about Goku per se, so much as his retarded half-brother "Ukog".
  • The person behind everything turning out to be The Nostalgia Critic.
    Nostalgia Critic: Remember. I'll be always watching. Except Dragonball. I'm not watching that.

     The Last Airbender 
  • For this year's con crossover, we have Todd in the Shadows, JesuOtaku, Y: Ruler of Time and RolloT reviewing The Last Airbender with just as hilarious results:
    Ernie Hudson: I'm holding out for the As Told by Ginger movie. Mmmmhmmm.
  • After hearing Iroh mispronounced, Y snaps and goes into an epic rage, which actually scares JO and Rollo T to the point where they huddle together in fear. But the real gem is Todd's reaction:
    Todd: So which one's Goku again?
    Y Ruler of Time: *screams*
  • And Y's scream of anguish under the commentary after the pronunciation of Aang's name.
  • Paw's reaction when he learns what their watching.
    Rollo T: What a cockschmeer.
  • Everyone awkwardly waving at Aasif Mandvi, and call him by that name for the rest of the review.
    • The Running Gag of having Admiral Zhao's dialog be done as Aasif reporting for Daily Show.
  • After JesuOtaku finds out the Fire Nation is keeping Earthbenders in a rock quarry, with a reference to Popeye:
    JesuOtaku: How stupid is the Fire Nation? They surrounded Earthbenders... with rocks. That's... like locking Popeye in a cage of spinach!
  • After the other three go on and on about how the scene Makes Just as Much Sense in Context after seeing the lengthy action scene in the earthbender's prison:
  • Luke Mochrie running after his inner personalities warn him about it.
    • Especially Ringo's (the optimist) response when compared to Phillip
  • "Where'smymoneywhere'smymoney I am so sorry Avatar... Where'smymoneywhere'smymoney CHA-CHING I'M OUT OF THIS TURD FEST!"
  • Guess who the Blue Spirit is:
    JesuOtaku: Is it A) Sokka, B) That Old Dude or...
  • The Critical Marine having a Vietnam-esque flashback to watching The Last Airbender.
    • Complete with "All Along the Watchtower" in the background.
  • "When we get back, we see that Oong and friends have reached the North Pole and apparently the most impressive green screen they've ever seen in their lives."
  • The censoring of Princess Yue's penis hair.
  • Lit Torches Count: 9, 28, 40, 104, Oh Fuck It.
  • LordKat showing up at the door shirtless with a banana... and Y slamming the door in his face and bolt locking it. All to the theme music for the Swamp Tribe.
    • Made even better by the text above LordKat's name simply reading "Why".
  • "I hate everything. Everything and everyone. None shall survive my wrath."
  • The Nostalgia Critic: Oh George Takei! Teach me the Spocker... well, this is awkward.
    The Nostalgia Critic: Wow, you really let yourself go, 8-Bit Mickey.
  • Accompanying a particularly stupid-looking bending scene with "Single Ladies."
  • The true mastermind behind it all.. Jew Wario! Who... accidentally left his DVD in Y's case.
  • Kirbopher's appearance at the very end of the video.
  • Bloopers:
    • When JO corpses Todd is told that he doesn't have to wear that mask.
    Todd: But what about the blooper videos?
    • Y trying to sit up...and somehow got stuck.
    Y: Oh god, I feel weird.
    • No less than 11 takes of dropping the DVD to the floor.
    • After one of the takes in which JO beats up Rollo:
    JO: (quickly and high-pitched) I think I actually hurt you I'm sorry! Are you okay? I'm sorry!
    Rollo: (mocks her high-pitched voice) I'm sorry!
    • And he mocks her again about it in the commentary!
    • "I messed up once! You messed up twelve times!"
    JO: More than that, this demonstrates that Shyamalan has - (someone closes a door) (growls) fuck you!
    • When Luke comes in.
    Luke: Hey Jo what's going on?
    JO: It is J-O! Joe is the...Mexican one.
    Y: He is (flag of) Puerto Rican. He is not (flag of) Mexican.
    • Rollo keeps doing weird things behind the camera preventing Luke from keeping a straight face.
    JO: (holding the camera) I'm gonna get over there and beat your ass so senseless! (group sniggers behind her) Guys, come on, act half your age!
    • When talking about the Blue Spirit.
    Y: (image of) King Bumi?
    • Todd's face being covered by an image of "Photo Unavailable" whenever he takes off his mask.
  • In the commentary:
    JO: (regarding the Blue Spirit scene) Todd is so passionate about this, it's like "I suddenly care!"
    • They mention how Katara still looks like she is about to cry when she defeats Zuko and rescues Aang. (whiny voice) "I'm the hero!" (whiny sobbing)

    Southland Tales 
  • Quantum Teleportation.
  • Linkara's Dramatic Entrance gets totally ruined by the fact that he's not sitting in a swivel chair.
  • After Nash declares "I'm pregnant!" as part of a joke, JesuOtaku (who is otherwise not in the review) pops up from the floor, slaps him, and then walks off on his knees crying.
  • The inexplicable shot of elephants having sex in the opening Info Dump. Lupa is completely mystified as to whether it's supposed to be a metaphor.
  • The police raid overdubbed with several variations of "You're in my way, sir" from SWAT 4.
  • Linkara admitting that he already had other people reviewing the movie before and everyone's reactions.
  • The Chick spending most of her time staring fondly at Todd.
    Announcer: But in the end, remember, nobody rocks the cock like Krista Now.
    The Chick: Y'know, Todd, I can rock the cock like Krista —
    Pan over to Oancitizen, who gives her a "What." look.
    The Chick: ...Todd really likes caulking guns.

    Other Crossovers 
  • The entire April Fools Day mega-update of Doug's three characters doing each other's shows, with varying levels of success. Chester fits into the Nostalgia Critic's role like a glove, That Guy With The Glasses makes a game effort at a Bum Review but can't quite get all the way into it, and the Nostalgia Critic is completely stymied at Ask That Guy With The Glasses.
    Nostalgia Critic: (he's just been asked how do you take over the world) Ah, now this one I can help you with: [Beat, realizes] I'm not telling you.
    Nostalgia Critic: What's that thing he says? There's no such thing as a stupid question...well, I can't say that. You have all clearly proven that wrong.
  • Lord Kat's big time jump to seeing Dr. Smith.
  • Cinema Snob and Film Brain's joint review, both of whom take shot at the others age.
    • Film Brain: You were there at Woodstock, weren't you?
      Cinema Snob: How fucking old do you think I am?!
    • "If you drink 35 beers and aren't dead or in a coma from alcohol poisoning, then God clearly loves you."
      Film Brain: Wait, if you can't stand me why are you still here?
      Cinema Snob: Because I like being an asshole. Who'd have thought?
    • Cinema Snob: (This film was made in 1990) How old were you in 1990?
      Film Brain: ...couple of months to a year?
  • While reviewing the Roger Corman The Fantastic Four movie, Bennett the Sage helps Linkara get around his reluctance to swear. Then he gets tired of always using the same word...
    • Bennett and Linkara simultaneously backing away from the screen after the creepy "Can Johnny and Susan go into space with us?" bit.
  • The Cinema Snob and Phelous trying to review Troll 4 while various other TGWTG members randomly make cameos.
    Jew Wario: (steps out of an elevator) CAMEO!
    • 8 Bit Mickey *DING!* randomly teleporting either Brad or Phelous away or randomly teleporting in their place.
    • "Where was I just now?"
    • The Nostalgia Critic wanting to watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • Spoony and Lord Kat's reaction to seeing Pumpkinhead dancing in Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead's Revenge.
    • The cameo at the beginning from The Nostalgia Critic.
      Nostalgia Critic: No, I didn't call you anything. "Poof" is just the sound I make when I vanish. (Shuffles away while grinning nervously)
    • "Is this because I raped you in Spooning With Spoony 2?"
    • Spoony comparing the game to Blitzball. Lord Kat is quick to point out that Blitzball is relevant to the game's plot prompting Spoony to punch him in the face.
  • The 2009 charity drive: Dr. Insano appeared in an attempt to take over the drive, only to have his goggles knocked off and be unmasked live before thousands. With the most appropriate timing in the history of anything, Spoony Insano screamed in horror for a few seconds right before the live feed cut out for about fifteen minutes.
    • The beginning of the drive is also pretty funny. Doug claims they didn't have enough money to bring in the guest reviewers, as they walk in one-by-one apologizing (completely deadpan) for not being able to show up, with excuses ranging from busy schedules to not liking the Critic to getting surgery. The last guest to enter is Rob:
    Doug: The only other person that couldn't make it, unfortunately, was my brother, and… You know, it's-I guess it's not a really huge loss. He's always such a pain in the ass—
    Rob: (slides into frame sporting a big shit-eating grin) Hi, Doug.
    Doug: Oh, hey! Hey, I was just saying what a shame it was that you couldn't make it?
    Rob: What's going on here?
    Doug: I was talking about what a complete a-hole you are all the time, y'know, and how you can never actually make it on time.
    Rob: You know, I just happened to be driving through the neighborhood and I saw that there were an unusual amount of parked cars outside.
    Doug: Really?
    Rob: I was wondering, you wouldn't be thinking of doing a charity drive without me, would you?
    Doug: Now, you know I would invite you—I did invite you.
    Rob: Oh, really?
    Doug: Didn't you get the invitation?
    Rob: Yeah, you mean the one that said "Hi, we're not doing anything this weekend. Feel free to go fishing."?
    Doug: That's the one! Wha-were you going to go ice fishing, because it's pretty cold to go fishing nowadays, isn't it?
    Rob: I was going to go ice-fishing, but I decided to come here instead.
    Doug: Oh, that's just so kind.
  • The crossover videos to promote the Game Heroes' Hero/Villain t-shirts. On the Hero side, the Nostalgia Critic has been taken hostage and is... "being treated well", having given the Hero t-shirt (with his kidnappers wearing Villain shirts). And on the Villain side is Dr. Insano, who has just about the most ridiculously gleeful look on his face as he wrenches his labcoat apart to show it off to the world.
  • Film Brain forcing Linkara to watch The Spirit by invoking Miller Time against him.
    • "OF COURSE!" With Doug Walker dressed as M. Bison.
    • Dr. Linksano loses it over the melted kitten.
    • When The Spirit narrates... fondly... about his city:
      Film Brain: You can almost hear the erection.
    • Film Brain and Linkara's shock when the Octopus steps through a curtain - dressed in a full Nazi uniform.
      Linkara: Please tell me this isn't happening.
      Film Brain: I can't even believe it myself.
  • From Benzaie's Year Two V-log, "A Frog in Reno":
    Linkara: Rule 34!
    • The footage then goes into slow motion as he begins eating a banana.
    • Also, when he finally greets Linkara. Cue "ooh, you touch my tra-la-la".... Just hilarious. Especially given what Linkara was wearing...
    • His interpretation of 300 as a metaphor for constipation.
    • And the Stinger at the end, with Angry Joe knocking on Benzaie's door, and he... comes out dancing.
  • When Phelous and Benzaie review "Humains" and realize the group was next to a road the whole time. They have a very unique way of facepalming.
  • The Warrior 2-3 review ends with a battle royale between ten Dr. Insanos. Words cannot describe the epic hilarity.
    • Or heck, just everything from that episode.
    • Let's not forget the alternate universe which pokes harmless fun at both Tommy Wiseau and slash-fic writers!
      • The bloopers of said scene add more comic fuel as Spoony's receives an incoming call on his cell phone while the scene is being filmed, with him trying to answer the phone a la Tommy Wiseau.
    • Now animated for visual fun.
  • Benzaie's second episode of Working at Channel Awesome is even more deranged than the first, but it has the recap of all the best moments in episode 1 in quick succession anyway, just to start things off, but then there's Benzaie's freeze-frame "Oh boy", where he's actually frozen like that and Rollo T walks past and checking to see if he's okay. The goofy expression helps too.
  • From 8-Bit Mickey and Spoony's commentary of the a video featuring tips for the Wrestlemania video game, Spoony reciting the Konami Code a la Paul Bearer.
  • Little Miss Gamer's Psychonauts review. Lee's "Portable Brain Tumbler"...
    "I don't think it's working!"
    "Give it a second..." * whack!*
  • Doug, Linkara, and the guys from Youmacon's MST 4 K riffing Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins has some good moments. Especially the whole Kamehouse part...
  • One night on Lord Kat's Stream, Cinema Snob, Todd, Lupa, RolloT, Sean, Paw Dugan, JesuOtaku, JewWario, Angry Joe and others found a kink meme for TGWTG fanfiction. The group spent four hours pouring over the material; the entire thing was hilarious.
    • At one point, they even found a slashfic featuring Santa Christ. "Here, have a buttplug! Ho ho ho!"
  • Later that same night (once things quieted down and most of the party had signed off), Angry Joe and Obscurus Lupa got into a heated debate on the entertainment value of Doctor Who. Joe stated that he had seen only seen one two-part episode and thought it was terrible; however, being unfamiliar with the show, he didn't know the title of the episode...or which Doctor it involved...or what season it was from...or any of the actors. Fortunately, he was able to provide a brief summary of the plot: "I think they were in England; there was an alien force invading".
    • After a brief pause, everyone in the call yelled (in unison) "THAT HAPPENS EVERY SEASON!"
  • The ENTIRETY of Chester A. Bum's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 review. It begins with Chester finding out he's in a Con and finds his friend Lester and gets an entire crowd to do a review with him. Several of the choices for the cosplayers-as-characters were downright funny.
  • The 2010 charity drive starting out with Spooning With Spoony 3. Y'know, for kids!
  • The Deadliest Character gives us Dr. Fanboix's reaction to the Dragonzord Battle Mode.
    • When Linkara is talking about the Megazord tank mode, he talks about it's two massive energy cannons, and of course, Lightning Vision!
  • Linkara and the last angry geek review One Moment In Time, no specific part, the entire review.
  • Nash and JesuOtaku doing What the Fuck Is Wrong with You? on Japan. Its hilarious until you see Hope's reaction. However, in order to cheer him up, Nash proposes they share the pain with others. Then it becomes triple hilarity.
    • Then Japan decides to get back at Nash and JO for giving them crap. First they send a Domokun, which savages Nash's face... and then his crotch. Once that's under a paper bin, Godzilla shows up outside... and Linkara shows up and takes care of him by playing the Green Ranger's Dagger Flute and summoning the Dragonzord.
      • The stereotypical southern hick accent and the way he just strolls in there makes it all the better, and then we get this...
      Linkara: Oh by the way (drops accent) that's not my real accent.
  • Guru Larry constantly messing up the line "It's a made for movie TV movie." in the outtakes of his and MikeJ's National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2 review.
  • Spoony and Sage's anime reviews. The way that Spoony flipped out toward the end of the Garzey's Wing review was hilarious, who wouldn't feel that way when so enraged? Then Lars, the professional ass wiper is brought in, leaving Spoony as blissful as he's ever been!
    Sage: Guess what? Good news, it's over! No more "Garzey's Wing"!
    Spoony: [entranced] What's "Garzey's Wing"?
    Sage: Damn, that guy's good!
  • In his joint review of B.C. Bimbos with The Cinema Snob, Linkara attempts to say the word "Shiteo" but stops in the middle.
    • Space Lancer Steve. That is all.
  • The ending of Obscurus Lupa and Film Brain's review of Hercules in New York has Hilarious Outtakes that double as a Heartwarming Moment when you realize how much fun everyone had during the third anniversary.
  • The entirety of Phelous and Linkara's review of The AirZone Solution?
    • The bits with 8-Bit Mickey, espeically the scene with Linkara in front of a mirror and 8-bit Mickey dancing behind him.
    • Obscurus Lupa's random first appearance "COLINNNNNNNNNN BAKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEER"
    • When Linkara attempts to renact the scene of Colin Baker and Perri making out: "Why is everyone in love with me?!"
      • "Great continuity!"
    • "This is why he's the best weatherman ever. He has magic chroma key powers."
    • The duo's repeatedly pointing out the apparently heinous and secret information about the air not being purified that's played as some sort of conspiracy... despite the fact that it's public information and as Phelous and Linkara put it, "the people are just too stupid to look it up".
    • The ghost of 8-bit Mickey: "I'm not dead. I just have weird powers."
    • Playing the Star Trek theme over the Airzone logo.
    • (both clapping) "Progress is the way forward!" "We love generic statements!"
    • "I'm not really proud. I'm just going to leave you with that. I'm going to go hang out with Brad."
    • Linkara's irritation with Phelous being a Meta Guy.
      • After Linkara dramatically fake-punches Phelous with a loud sound effect, Phelous complains how it was obviously not a real punch. So Linkara punches him for real.
      • One particular bit that, according to the commentary, wasn't actually planned:
    Phelous: Our lighting's changed.
    Linkara: SHUT UP!
  • Early one morning (circa September 2010), Spoony, Sean Fausz, Angry Joe, PushingUpRoses and Skitch gathered on LordKat's livestream to chat and watch online episodes of Hoarders. The ensuing hilarity included (but was not limited to):
    • Nearly flawless "horror movie reactions" from the guys whenever a refrigerator or freezer was opened. "No! No! No! Don't open the fridge! DON'T OPEN THE FRIDGE! Don—AAAAAAAARRGGHH!!"
      • "My God—the lettuce liquified!"
      • Film Brain was present in the chat room during the viewing. While he was unable to watch the videos (as they were blocked outside the US), he said that just hearing the reactions had him laughing his ass off.
    • Joe attempting to eat a Pop Tart during the viewing. After an extended period of silence, Rosie asked, "You still working on that Pop Tart, Joe?" He replied (with an audible shudder), "I was. It's creeping up my throat."
    • Spoony explaining to the chat that Hoarders is "a litmus test": "If you watch the show and you immediately want to go clean your house, you're fine."
    • One episode dealt with a family whose house was crammed so full of junk that two years worth of Christmas trees remained standing.
    Spoony: (singing) Oh, Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree! I can't FIND ROOM for your branches!"
    Sean: That'll do it for me.
    Skitch: Well...I think I'm gonna go clean my house.
    Spoony: Yeah, I'm gonna clean out my fridge.
    Person in Chat: I'm gonna go shit in the sink.
    • Is there any way to find a recording of this for those of us not savvy?
      • Sadly, no: it was after LordKat had gone to bed, and no one was recording.
  • Paw, JewWario, Elisa, and Nella review Interstella 5555
    • Nella running across the hotel room because she smelled the DVD.
    Nella: I smell fun!
    • The way Nella stops brushing her teeth and dashes away, like "My nerd sense is tingling!"
    • In a similar vein, the way Paw just kind of appears and insists on joining in, followed by the "Discovery Song Title Name-Drop", complete with sound effect.
    • Nella's moment:
    Nella: PENIS!note 
    (suddenly, while reading a book) SYMBOLISM! ...What is wrong with me?
    • JewWario doing the grouchy dance.
    • Elisa's surprising anime expertise:
    I've...been rooming with...MarzGurl.
    [Cut to MarzGurl talking her ears off about anime.]
    JewWario: I'm so sorry. [Everyone comforts her.]
    • Asked on Twitter, Elisa said that MarzGurl didn't have any script or prep time, they just turned up, asked her to go full anime-geek and filmed the result.
    • Also, them reacting to the naked ghost of Shep.
    Jew Wario: So that's why women get implants. They're not for us, they're for storage!
  • The Brit Crew Vlog from the London Film and Comic-Con.
    • Everybody assuming that calling the trip to the convention BED means it’s going to be an orgy.
    • Welshy ignoring Masako X as soon as the latter compliments Rose.
    • Film Brain singing "So What".
    • The fun facts appearing throughout the vlog.
    Fun Fact: Film Brain snores.
    Fun Fact: This fight scene took 3 days to shoot and cost $80,000
    Fun Fact: Panda is not acting.
    Fun Fact: Film Brain spent the entire weekend being abused.
    • The reason only Film Brain was invited to Kickassia.
    Fun Fact: Film Brain owns naked pictures of Mike Michaud.
    Film Brain suddenly being attracted to his camcorder.
    "You're French, so you don't count as a person."
    Masako X: Really? You really like Spoony that much? After 50 quid?
    Film Brain: Well I do like Spoony and I do have more money than sense...but no.
    • Welshy tries to tell twitter that Mathew wants everybody who recognizes him to shout "SYMBOLISM!"...and grab his behind.
    Mathew: At least give me a reach around!
    Welshy: Alright.
    Mathew: I was joking!
    MikeJ: You're going to get, like, three handjobs.
  • The Nostalgia Critic, Spoony, Benzaie, and Sad Panda all try a beverage called "Pussy". The innuendo flows like a river.
  • The 2011 Holiday Greeting has some great moments, like Nash slowly popping up with a big grin on his face, and The Blockbuster Buster being caught in the middle of "playing with his dolls".
    Film Brain: PEA-NESS! Who could forget that.
  • From the TGWTG Q & A Panel from Magfest X:
    • The audience was discouraged from applauding at the beginning in order to save time. The replacement? Jazz hands!
    • Someone asks the panelists if any of them are either bronies or pegasisters, with Jew Wario raising his hand.
      • Also Coldguy holding up his fist akin to a brofist...or brohoof, as it were.
    • Somebody spots Batman in the audience, prompting Diamanda Hagan to stand up and start threatening him.
    • Near the end of the panel, someone asks Linkara when the next History of Power Rangers video comes out, and the Rap Critic and Nella end up having to restrain him. This eventually leads to Nella throwing a bag of marshmallows (which Linkara had with him to throw throughout the panel) at the person who asked the question... only for it to be intercepted by another member of the audience.
    • The TGWTG Secrets event on Twitter, which had fans and producers posting bizarre and silly "confessions" about what goes on behind the scenes of the site.
    Chick: "Turns out Suede was in jail for two years. New Zealand has surprisingly harsh laws for human trafficking.
    Spoony:Luke Mochrie sleeps in a sensory deprivation tank filled with Rogaine in an attempt to cheat his destiny.
    Film Brain is actually a centaur. That's why he never shows the lower half of his body in reviews. His human legs in specials are CGI.
    Film Brain: I'm a New Yorker who tries to sound intelligent by faking an English accent.