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  • The charity drives. Anything from the charity drive, cause they're so sweet!
  • The live December 5, 2009 donation drive video generated over 26 grand for charity.
    • With 3 grand coming from a single person. Angry Joe called him Jesus. His wallet died for our sins.
    • Joe's reactions to all the donations could qualify as this trope themselves, honestly.
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    • In the preview for the 2009 charity drive, his girlfriend (now wife) calls just to say goodnight, and he's so squeeful about it that he tells her she kicks ass and that he loves her.
      • The Live December 5th 2010 managed to break over 40 grand, complete with even more Joe blowing out everyone's speakers in gratitude.
      • They confirmed $50,000 for this year's total. They are encouraging everyone who donated to head to your local Ronald McDonald house, video yourself, and send it in, and they will include it.
      • In the Sum Up video, Doug Walker is visibly moved by the generosity and just barely manages to contain his emotions on camera.
      • While we're on the subject of the 2010 Donation Drive... At one point during the live broadcast, a donating caller asked Noah Antwiler if he could mail him an autograph; Noah, dog-tired and suffering from a raging headache (due to Joe's constant yelling) replied that if the caller wanted an autograph he could "go to the website and buy one". Afterwards (when he was in his right mind), he felt so bad about his Jerkass behavior that he contacted the man personally and apologized. And then sent him two autographed pictures for free.
      • At the end of the drive, the gang posed for a group picture. Right before the photo was snapped, Noah (very) tiredly mumbled, "I love you Scarlett" to the camera...and Lewis Lovhaug immediately followed suit with "Love you, Liz". Awwww!
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  • The site's collective reaction to the gay marriage bill being passed in New York. They're all so happy!
  • You can only really know about it if you watch con videos, commentaries and behind the scenes stuff, but the people who talk to Doug the most (Lindsay, Noah, Lewis etc.) are really trying to get him out the habit of apologizing for everything.


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