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  • Lloyd sleeping curled up at Spoony's feet in the second movie vlog may be the cutest thing ever put on film.
  • Despite all the ugliness and bridge-burning that happened with Spoony leaving Channel Awesome, Brad had only this to say about him:
    If it weren't for Noah, I wouldn't have my career now. I love the guy like a brother, he's my friend, and I don't turn my back on friends.
    • It's notable that the only line of dialogue in the trailer for The Cinema Snob Movie is spoken by Spoony.
  • Brad's article on the death of Roger Ebert.
  • In 'Brad Tries Getting Home', both his stories of how Rob and Doug Walker put Brad up while he was constantly having his trains home cancelled left and right, his concern for his cats during bad weather, and the fact that Lloyd jumped into his arms upon return and wouldn't leave his spot on the couch beside Brad after he was home.
    • There's also the kind words he has towards James Rolfe after meeting him for the first time, describing him as the sweetest, most humble guy he had ever met.
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  • Brad's "magical and Laura Approved night."
  • Someone asked Brad on Tumblr if it was hard rewatching The Cinema Snob Movie following his falling out with Jake. His response:
    Not at all. He’s very funny in the movie. We’re both very happy in our lives now. There’s no point in going through life hung up on something that happened years ago, that’s just a recipe for misery.
  • After binge-watching all of The Big Bang Theory, he grew to like it (though he didn't love it and acknowledged why some wouldn't) and gave a rebuttal to its more vocal haters. This is very satisfying to a fan of the show.
    • When talking about the characters eagerly awaiting The Force Awakens, he notes that in a time of Fan Dumb and toxic fandom, how refreshing it is to see people being excited for something they're passionate about.
  • "Remembering Chloe", his tribute video to his cat that passed away in October 2019.


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