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Iron Liz is a video reviewer who primarily reviews Tabletop RPGs. She became well-known for her appearances on Atop the Fourth Wall alongside Linkara, her former real-life boyfriend. She and Linkara also collaborated on card gamesplays such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and Sailor Moon in You're Such a Card...Game!. She recently started a companion series called Card Dregs, which features weird and bad Collectible Card Games.

Liz was a member of Spoony's Campaign, in which she played a Cleric; she then became the DM of an AD&D campaign with others from TGWTG and LordKaT's stream. The first few sessions were not streamed or put online, but for a time were posted to her blog (now deleted). A wiki for the campaign can be found here. Liz also ran a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game with her friend Kari.

She used to be found on That Guy with the Glasses, but has since left the site. (Apparently, she's gone back to school to become a police officer.) Since her parting with Lewis, and the end of Channel Awesome as a significant website, Liz doesn't have much of an online presence anymore. Her only presence seems to be a rarely used YouTube account.


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