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  • With all the horrible truths revealed about Channel Awesome, this video by Sad Panda has a nice moment in it. When CA tried to write him off as yet another Nostalgia Critic clone, he stood his ground and was himself.
  • Doug, Rob, and Brian winning the RiffTrax contest, and getting to record an official riff for Batman Forever complete with introduction by Mike, Kevin, and Bill.
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  • Bennett the Sage takes over Ask That Guy with the Glasses and takes the skit's Crosses the Line Twice schtick Serial Escalation thoroughly horrifying both Ask That Guy and the voice that asks the questions.
  • His explanation of the Five Second Movies YouTube channel, ending with "Copyright THIS."
  • Bennett successfully reading My Immortal over three months and over two hours together, presumably at the cost of his permanent sanity.'.
  • Episode 8 of "Video Game Confessions" combines it with Heartwarming Moment: Donkey Kong has disowned his gay son Donkey Kong Jr., but upon seeing Link dump him in a particularly Jerkass manner, he beats the everloving crap out of him and tells Jr. "You still my son."
  • The ending of Paw's Top 9 new game songs list, fighting his dark side Final Fantasy style with some special guests. Made extra-awesome with the use of ''The Battle for Everyone's Soul as Background Music.
    • The entire Top 9 Video Game Composers list, with Paw going through various video game worlds. Clearly a ton of work and absolutely worth the months we had to wait for it.
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  • Doug not only got a special advance tour of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum, but lay down on a roped-off couch and ate an apple from the backyard, among other coolness.
  • The Charity Drives they've done to create money for the Ronald Mcdonald House. The first, they went 7 hours and raised $26,000 and the second, they went 11 hours and were able to raise $43,000+. Not bad for a bunch a geeks goofing off.
    • Actually, the second one did even better - they continued raising money for a few days after the live drive, and managed to raise $50,000. Wow!
  • Doug wins the Mashable Award for Entrepeneur of the Year, and manages the seemingly impossible feat of clearly being absolutely sincere when he says he doesn't deserve it.
  • The section of Doug's video on movies he hates that everyone else loves, where he finally sits down as himself, not any of his characters, and talks to the District 9 fans like intelligent adults about why he doesn't like the movie.
  • The Zod National Anthem.
    • Hell, the entire performance. Any lesser man would be on the floor laughing at himself halfway through, or at least let through a knowing smirk, but not Doug. "All in all, my campaign can be summed up in one word: KNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL!!!!!!!
  • When the site went down Gooky Gox worked almost flat out for nearly two days to get it back up, working on only 3 hours sleep. Now that is awesome.
  • Hot off the sad news that the Critic is indeed hanging up his hat (save for special occasions, on his announcement vid he's explicitly stated to be not dead), Mr. Walker reveals that TGWTG has procured a STUDIO. A legit, STUDIO. They now have a real production base and full on location. The next step is going to be big and awesome indeed.
  • After a Twitter account called @TGWTG_Fans.txt was released and was releasing quotes from fanfics without permission of the authors (Humiliating them in the process), most of the critics (In particular, Lewis, Kyle, Nash, Roses and Leon) all posted that the writers had nothing to be ashamed about. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Malcolm using his Ice Water Challenge to talk about Ferguson and how police abuse their authority.
  • Tamara was getting badly harassed by some boys, and she contacted their parents and schools in order to teach them a lesson.
  • Doug is now a certified critic on Rotten Tomatoes.