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  • Is there a way to read text versions of the reviews so I don't have to watch the videos?
    • The TGWTG Wiki has transcripts of all of NCritic's reviews, as well as a handful of stuff from other people.
    • Why would you want to do that?
  • Just out of curiosity, what exactly is Doug's opinion about Pixar anyway? I only ask because it seems that his opinions about Pixar movies are much more dialed down than the opinions of the average person (For example, his opinion on WALL•E at the end of his Bum Review for it was merely that it was "good", and he also thought Toy Story 3 was good, but too dramatic). In addition, I recall him accusing Monsters, Inc. of ripping off Aah! Real Monsters, and he didn't even mention The Incredibles when he was talking about the folly of capes in his Top 11 Coolest Cliches review (although he did think that Up was "REALLY" good, so there's that). I'm not criticizing him for this or anything, it's just that it comes off as a little surprising to me considering how much he likes good cinema and good animation.
    • Yeah, about that... part of the point of The Incredibles is being Watchmen-lite, and emphasizing the impracticality of super heroism in general. The Parr family don't wear capes, as at least half a dozen supers before the registration act die from cape related missteps. Not really something to add to the Top 11 Coolest Clichés, is it?
      • That's my point exactly. His point about capes being impractical virtually mirror's Edna Mode's rant on capes, except without the whole "Capes can be deadly" bent. But again, that's aside from the point of the question.
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    • He didn't mention The Incredibles in his talk about badass capes because he wasn't talking about how impractical they are, he was talking about how badass the look, and only mentioned offhand that they're impractical but still awesome
    • He did reviews for both WALL•E and Up over on (under the name "that guy with the glasses"). He goes in depth of why he enjoyed the films and does come across more of a fan of Pixar, even calling Up "Pixar's BEST"
  • Why does every Caustic Critic make the same joke about wanting to commit suicide during their review? Has that ever been funny?
    • It's the logical endpoint for Suckiness Is Painful - that, or Scanners-style head-explosion, and that's beyond most web show's budgets. As for being funny, it depends on their writing and your opinion. I thought it was funny in the Critic's Batman & Robin and Bio-Dome reviews.
    • Yeah, I mean the Critic stashed away a cyanide pill after having all other means of suicide taken away from him and then he tried to use it after hearing two lines of Batman & Robin dialogue. That's frickin' hilarious.
  • Is the TGWTG Wiki only edited by about three people?
    • I suppose you could edit it yourself and then there'd be at least 4 people.
      • That's kind of what I meant when I said "I know, it's a wiki".
      • So... then... were you asking for a "yes or no" answer, or...?
      • That would be helpful, yes.
  • In Doug Walker's list of movies he liked no one else liked, why didn't he mention Rat Race and Babe: Pig In The City? Those got lukewarm reviews and they were on some of his list of favorite movies.
    • Maybe it's because he found Rat Race more funny than actually good to him, plus the fact he only has 11 to choose from. Also, what list was Pig in the City on?
    • BPITC was on his list of Underrated Nostalgic Movies. It only has a 6.1 on the IMDB and 61% on Rotten Tomatoes yet Punch-Drunk Love has a 7.4 and a 79% on RT so he put it there. It just seems that would be a lot more fitting.
  • Is there a search option and is there any way to list videos by something other than the author? Crossovers are especially hard to find, since they could be listed under any of the people in the video. And some of it seems completely arbitrary, like Kickassia being under Nostalgia Critic when it should have its own category, and it's very unintuitive to track down all the commentaries and special features for it.
  • What is Channel Awesome? If it's going by the definition of channel that one might associate with television, then TGWTG, Blistered Thumbs, and Barfiesta are channels, but they are all somehow part of Channel Awesome, which is basically the equivalent of saying that Fox, Fox News, and FX are the same channel. I get that it's some sort of umbrella title, or denoting the production company (it's really more of a distribution company, seeing as the contributors all have different production teams and CA doesn't do anything but showcase those productions—it'd be like calling something a Buena Vista production instead of a Disney Company production—but whatever) but the use of the word Channel makes no sense.
    • It's supposed to be like youtube channels. A collection of videos and whatnot to watch and enjoy.
    • Channel Awesome is the name of the company, founded by Mike Michaud, Mike Ellis and Bhargav, that runs the websites That Guy With The Glasses and Blistered Thumbs. Doug's films are produced in-house, but you're right that most of their contributors do their own production.
  • What's that really pretty music that tends to play when a reviewer is depressed? It happened when the Critic had his Despair Event Horizon and also happened when Angry Joe lost the first Grudge Match.
  • Why is it that Paw's entry on the Ask That Guy's user contest wasn't uploaded to the site but Lewis' and Will's were? Is it because he did it straight until the end?
    • While we're on the subject, what was that, anyway? Was it a contest to get onto the site or a contest amongst people who were already contributors?
      • Apparently Ask That Guy had a breakdown (also, why is it that he release the contest in October but the users' answers were only uploaded on the site in January/February?
      • Watch the beginning of the episode and the Critic's review of MKA. He was really busy for some reason (probably computer issues if I'm remembering my time period), and he apologized.
  • How come some obscure anime made a reference to AVGN and the Nostalgia Critic, yet the Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, the Cleveland Show, American Dad, South Park, SNL, Robot Chicken, Mad (both the magazine and the show) anything by Kevin Smith or Joss Whedon have yet to make any reference whatsoever to AVGN, TGWTG, and other internet critics/comedians?
    • That's probably the key word: "obscure". Some guy wanted to give them a Shout-Out and that's fine, but mainstream people very likely won't give a toss about a couple of reviewers on the internet.
      • My point remains: how come a foreign TV show referenced them, but any North American films or TV shows?
      • Because the person who was responsible for that show had watched AVGN and NC, but nobody behind the others have? Because internet celebrity doesn't translate to real-world celebrity? To stereotype this, most American producers/writers don't watch internet web shows. Hell of the entire Voice Acting cast of Dragon Ball Z only Christopher Sabat has seen Dragon Ball Z Abridged.
    • Sean Schemmel has seen DBZA. He doesn't exactly APPROVE of it, but he's seen it.
      • At the risk of sounding elitist and against mainstream it's possible those people don't want to acknowledge any internet reviewers because they feel threatened by them. They work outside unions, networks and the system. Big entertainment has no control over them. In fact they explicitly get their work off of Hollywood movies and the like. And this is a rumor but supposedly Doug Walker has been offered "official" work in the mainstream entertainment industry and turned it down to remain free of them. There could be bad blood. Anime in Japan on the other hand isn't part of the US entertainment industry and is typically more laid back about these things. See the Doujin market. But this is just speculation, I'm not trying to sound paranoid or push anti mainstream here.


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