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Headscratchers / TGWTG Year One Brawl

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  • So why does Giant Robotic Donkey Kong Jesus Riding A Puff Of Smoke make stomping sounds?
    • He's stomping up and down on the puff of smoke itself, which creates soundwaves so powerful they shake the ground.
  • Ma-Ti shows up in support of the Critic and gets punched by Sage and Goggles. But when the teams line up, he is on the Nerd's side. Why did he join the side of the team that beat him up?
    • Probably because the Critic treats him like shit, like we see in Suburban Knights.
      • The Critic did tell them to leave Ma-Ti alone when they beat him up though.
      • I'm pretty sure he just picked that side to stand on and nobody cared enough about him to complain either way. When he later gets the AVGN's gun, he opens fire on both sides.

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