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"Critic-On-Nerd action" is good too.
  • The Nostalgia Critic's feud with The Angry Video Game Nerd got a bit of attention from the Ho Yay fans. Seeing as how the phrase "Nerd-On-Critic action" got used a lot, the retrospective video used Nightwish's "Ghost Love Score" and they acted like an old married couple when they did their review together, this might have been the intention. Even Chester lampshaded it with "Otherwise there'll be Nerd-On-Bum action! ...wait, does that mean what I think it means?" It turned into Homoerotic Subtext in The Smurfs, with Critic telling someone on the phone that his dick is bigger than the Nerd's but don't ask him how he knows that.
    • Doug's having fun years later, saying he and James are still "doing it" and you can share that out of context.
  • You just know that Spoony patting the Critic on the shoulder and calling him "honey" will cause the Yaoi Fangirls to Squee!.
    • In a deleted scene, when he's backtracking over insulting people with glasses, he ends up saying that the Critic's glasses make his eyes look nice, that he's a handsome man and he'd hit it if he swung that way.
    • From his ever-changing header space on his site: "Come to think of it, I've done things to the Nostalgia Critic that I'm not proud of, either." Oh my God...
    • As of Spooning With Spoony II, Spoony/Critic is canon. It's also been the only one referenced since then. First time was in the "Captain America" review when Spoony blackmailed Critic with pictures of when he was roofied and dressed up like a dirty ballerina. Second time was in the Spoony/LordKat crossover when Critic admitted that, yes, making Spoony complete the Pumpkinhead game was punishment for raping him. And Doug has been implying for Black Comedy lately Critic may have actually enjoyed it despite him breaking down in trauma at the time.
  • In The Legend of the Titanic, The Other Guy tells Critic that he controls him. About two weeks later in Little Nemo, the Critic gets punched when he doesn't want to do a review. Cue delighted "abused wife" reactions.
    • Spoony seems to like the incest as much as we do. When he spooned them both, as well as many others, he tells The Other Guy that "he makes noises just like his brother".
    • When Critic is drunk in the Phelous/Snob Troll 4 crossover, he moves his arm from Rob's shoulder to his waist.
  • He apparently finds Will Smith in Independence Day charming to the point that starts to oogle a little over him, but then slaps himself and cries, "Boobs! You like boobs!" That doesn't help, though, as the whole review is basically fangirl adoration.
  • In his Top 11 Villain Song Countdown, when listing Dr. Facilier's "Friends On The Other Side", he stated that he would go gay for Keith David's voice. This sentiment is shared by Doug, who went into detail in an AT vlog about how he's not interested in the man, but would bend over for the voice.
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  • Critic/Christopher Walken, anyone?
    Walken: Love you.
    Critic: Love you too. *hangs up* ...what just happened?
  • As well as almost certainly getting date-raped on his prom night by a man ("It's like prom night all over again" at the end of SWS2), note that he never specified what gender was the person he broke up three times in high school and so stalked him.
  • He also likes Ernie Hudson so much that he calls him a "black Clark Gable".
  • While he got a bit of flack for his falling back on gay jokes in the Masters of the Universe review (which even Doug and Rob regretted), he was still nice enough to give us this:
    Ivan Drago: I must break you.
    Critic: Trust me, I'd rather have you break me than sit through this ass-fest.
  • In the Critic's Christmas Special, after the reveal of The Cinema Snob as a porn star, the Critic wants to stay and watch.
  • He'd much rather see Tyler Durden's penis than sit through another minute of the Pound Puppies Movie.
  • While proving Even the Guys Want Him is very true when it comes to Hugh Jackman, he's basically jacking off a stick of butter.
  • When he's singing about how awesome sluttiness is, he looks particularly pleased when he sings Chippendale Bars give you much nicer action than Spartan Warriors from 300.
  • His fantasy crossover with Nash is cosplaying with him in a pink bedroom filled with Hello Kitty items. Nash unsurprisingly thinks this is rather weird.
  • In the Moulin Rouge! review, Brentalfloss calls Critic "baby" and gets into his personal space just as much as the Chick does.
  • There's something inherently slashy at the start of the Star Trek: Insurrection review where the Nostalgia Critic is practically molesting That SciFi Guy.
    • Critic's hand is resting on Sci-Fi Guy's hair even after their Evil Laughter didn't get interrupted and it descends into awkward lying together in the same bed.
    • Continues in Total Recall (1990), as the Critic tries to convince Sci-Fi Guy to shave his testicles and get naked for him.
    • Also in the Insurrection review, Sci-Fi Guy seems oddly receptive to Critic telling him what to do, despite the fact they're in his (that is, Sci-Fi Guy's) hotel room. Either a case of Sci-Fi Guy just being an Extreme Doormat, or he likes it when Critic acts assertive.
    • During Sci-Fi Guy's cameo in Critic's review of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, he's not only happy to be killed by Critic, he also signs over his entire family as Critic's personal slaves after his death. Of course, it all turns out to be a ruse so that he can blow Critic up, but disregarding that...
  • In the Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea end credits where he's getting beaten, you can see men as well as women biting, groping, holding him down and choking him with his tie. (All pretend of course.)
  • In Thomas and the Magic Railroad, he quickly becomes close friends with a guy that was just hanging around his house through "sparkle! sparkle! sparkle!". The end even has them walking offscreen being quite touchy-feely.
  • It couldn't have been a coincidence that the opening for the Critic/Phelous review of Child's Play II had the Kickassia scene of Phelous slamming Critic against the fridge play twice.
  • In The Wiz, he gets a bit annoyed when Todd in the Shadows is only there to do a crossover with him, instead of being a rapist who invaded his room.
  • If you want to stretch it into inanimate objects, Doug at ConBravo made a Critic puppet (everyone at TGWTG - including the Nerd - got one) have graphic sex with the Teddy Ruxpin doll. Uh, woo for Foe Yay?
  • Telling Scooby-Doo to “cock [his] ass” instead of the usual reverse insult is a little dubious.
  • Taking a page out of Ask That Guy's book, he acts like a seductive Bastard Boyfriend towards Doug in “The Review Must Go On”, mixed in with jealous ex-lover feelings regarding Demo Reel.
  • Snob owning Critic as a Sex Slave in the Bad Future of 2019 (with Critic actually kneeling and unzipping sounds being heard) was literally created just to please shippers.
  • In The Monster Squad, when all the boys agree that crossdressing is fun, Critic asides to Jason that they're going to find out his dress size privately.
  • By Forest Warrior, Film Brain is mostly Broken Pedestal with Critic, but is still happy at the end of the episode when Critic tells him he genuinely (or as genuinely as he can) loves him.
  • Of course being a joke about both of them being played by Doug, but his first reaction to Michael Bay in the Transformers: Age of Extinction crossover is appreciating how handsome he is, something Erod is annoyed by.
  • The second and third episode of Pop Quiz Hotshot have Critic delighting in hitting on every contestant, and wanting to be part of General Anesthetic's BDSM party/asking if he looks pretty in a tiara.
  • His Film/{{Labyrinth]} review has a lot of appreciation for David Bowie being a sexual awakening to girls everywhere.
  • The analysts in Jem making Critic do a Female Gaze music video where he's dancing in pink drag and kissing himself is a little suspect.
  • Ask That Guy With The Glasses is a Depraved Bisexual who'll "go down on anything and anyone". ...except Sage.
  • He has a pretty... complicated relationship with his narrator. In an alternate ending for the second DVD (that a caption says was too depressing) he crazily shoots him and then puts a gun in his own mouth.
  • Bennett the Sage/Ask That Guy is a particularly terrifying ship, especially when Bennett strokes Ask That Guy's face and tells him he's been good, while the previously reigning champion of Jerkass cowers in fear.
    • As well as watersports and a facial, we also have canon stab-wound fucking. And people say the fangirls go extreme.
  • As of ATGWTG Ep. 54, Ask That Guy and Linkara are now canon.
  • There's also been a Shout-Out to Critic/Ask That Guy (fanonically Twincest) with Ask That Guy saying het twincest isn't nearly kinky enough for his tastes.
  • Doug/EgoRaptor was shamelessly teased at Shado Con, with a picture of Doug kneeling in front of him and acting like a kitten and their appearance on anirage. That game also has Doug proposing to a (cute Sage-lookalike) dude in a labcoat, Rob's Running Gag of being given AIDS by him, another guy nearly kissing him for a Klondike bar and apparently Doug/Waldo is canon. Man gets around.
    • The anirage flirting continues when both the guys he plays "Interrogation" with seem to think being a hooker would be an easy job for him.
  • At Aninite last year, he did the impossible and out-flirted Benzaie by sitting on his lap. There also was a hug with the announcer that lasted until the guy's hands went too low.
  • It's getting to be that nobody will be surprised if Doug wasn't 100% straight. Just look at the Anime Milwaukee Q&A, he's clearly happy to flirt with anyone.
    • Correction, it's getting to the point where people are more likely to be surprised if he is completely straight.
      • Again in Anime Milwaukee, at the farewell session, he lies down on stage while the other two guests are talking and lets people take pictures of his crotch. This includes guys.
      • Right after, Uncle Yo jokingly calls him out for prostituting himself and Doug corrects him, saying he's just a manwhore.
      • Not to mention that he entered by cuddling Yo and kissing him on the head.
  • In an interview, he orgasm-voices over how watching Transformers Reveng Of The Fallen made him feel like the movie was fucking him so hard that oil came out of his mouth instead of semen. That's... something.
  • Does all that suckage of phallic objects note  count?
  • And in yet another interview, he put his arm around the interviewer and got so very close to grabbing his balls before pulling away laughing.
  • In his review of Breaking Dawn, he off-handedly mentions that Jacob makes him hard.
  • According to an amusing post on facebook, Doug was proposed to by a guy at a con and the reason he gave for declining was that the man didn't have a diamond ring.
    • At another convention, he took great delight in hitting on an upset guy right after he flaunted his wedding ring.
  • In the advertisement for the third DVD, Doug is shirtless, has apparently gone psychotic and kidnapped a guy who he thinks is pretty.
  • The Suburban Knights commentary has him sincerely call Todd a very good-looking guy.
  • In the interview with Lindsay Ellis, this dictator guy reminisces happily over Doug being a possessive cuddler.
  • When he did a 2012 con panel with LittleKuriboh, he had a Squee! over his British accent. Makes Critic's Gay Panic a couple years later when they're in bed together Hilarious in Hindsight.
  • At a Youmacon Q&A panel, when Doug was going to go to the back and change clothes for a Bum bit:
    Mickey: Doug, y'should just change in front of us.
    Doug: (in a flirty voice and stroking his hair) I'll change in front of you later.
    Mickey: (to the audience) It's true, we're lovers.
  • The first twenty seconds of this is practically just an ass-slapping gropefest between Doug and the members of Team Four Star.
  • Just a touch "jealous ex-wife" there, Doug.
  • As well as confirming that Donnie was in a sex-involving Love Triangle in the "Lost In Translation" episode of Demo Reel, this panel has Doug between Arin's legs and vice versa, and him being game enough to tease Critic/Ask That Guy.
  • At a french con, it was only twenty seconds before he humped two guys at once.
    • Later on he was asked what he wanted to do and he responded he just wanted to fuck everyone before standing up to undo his belt. Sadly he got stopped before anything fun could happen.
    • In an interview at the same con, he joked that to be on TGWTG you need to give good blowjobs and that talent has nothing to do with it, and saved special porn voice for Brad apparently giving the best head.
  • Have a black guy bending him back and making out with him. You're welcome.
  • At Shadocon, again in Cute and Psycho Alter-Ego Acting mode, he says he went behind the 7/11 and hookers of both genders made him happy.
  • He went for a more depressing version at Karoshi-Con. Instead of the usual "lookit every gender thinks I'm sexy", it was that he was going to sneak a photo of James at Con-Bravo and then jerk off alone. Fun!
  • In a Forced Viewing podcast, he spends most of the time drinking silently in the back. When gay porn gets mentioned though? He emits a loud "oooh", which he of course gets ragged for.
  • The "Donny" vlog has Doug like Jason calling him "master" and wanting to go to a bondage dungeon at the end.
    • In My Two Favorite People, Jason points out that Doug has a Cute and Psycho streak and Doug tries to grope him before being told off.
    • Jason generally has a tendency to calm Doug down from whatever by reassuring him that he's attractive.
    • In The Limit Doug fake-crashes on Jason's shoulder and spends a good few minutes groping him.
    Jason: Oh God what do I do now? Oh no he's touching me.
    • Exploited in "Fionna And Cake", as they both want Slash Fic of themselves and Almost Kiss twice.
    • In "No One Can Hear You", after Doug has an airhead moment of saying being licked is not that bad, Jason tries to lick him as counterproof point, and while Doug squirms away he still says they'll have time for that later.
    • The end of "Jake vs Me-Mow" has Jason hug Doug because Doug's lost self-esteem over his looks, and Doug taking it as an opportunity to grope Jason's "naughty spots".
    • In “Thank You”, when Doug starts in on a “men are hurt by gender roles” rant and Jason backs off saying he doesn't want to get stoned, Doug does the femmy wife thing again that he did in the SWS 2 bloopers.
    • Noted in “The Final Frontier” when Jason puts his face on Doug's shoulder, Doug says “like there's not enough gay gifs of us already”.
    • In “Ghost Princess”, Doug sulks at Naruto being a Attention Whore again, and Jason invites him over to cuddle.
    • Exploited again in "Vault Of Bones" when Doug compares himself to Flame Princess, Jason to Finn, and demands violent-sexy Slash Fic.
    • Doug's wife Robin turns out to be a Yaoi Fangirl in "BMO Lost" (of course with all he does she'd kinda have to be), teasing about all the Slash Fic she's read involving him.
    • At the end of “Apple Wedding”, Doug puts on a maid's costume (sorry, he doesn't really) to convince Jason not to throw him out in the storm, and Jason thinks he looks sexy.
    • Played for Laughs in “Blade Of Grass”, where Doug pouts that people (i.e the straight male portion of fandom) want him to be a good boy and not talk about penises so much, knowing exactly how that sounds. Jason then says he only mentioned penis metaphors because he knew Doug would continue and not be able to stop.
    • At the end of the re-review for “A Glitch Is A Glitch”, Jason asks Doug if he could play with him, and Doug spreads his legs, puts on the Puppy-Dog Eyes and says “please”.
    • Everything's Jake has the ending of Doug randomly holding Jason's hand and Jason looking confused.
    • Going through the motions style in the end of “Is That You”, as Doug can't remember what he does at the end of AT vlogs and says he'll just go to the usual gay stuff. Though there's an amusing bit where Naruto rushes off at that and he calls the cat a “prejudiced motherfucker”.
  • In one of the extras for The Uncanny Valley, he and Yo read Demo Reel fanfic (which Donnie asked for, it should be reminded), think it's hot and in the end Doug admits it was a ruse to get Yo in bed again before tackling him down.
  • In the Spooning With Spoony 2 commentary, Noah Antwiler recounted how as soon as he got to Doug's house Doug was asking him to do the spooning thing again, and that his only direction was to victimize/objectify Critic as much as possible. In the bloopers, Noah corpses and Doug strokes his arm like a reassuring wife.
  • Played for cute laughs in the “Top 11 Best Avatar Episodes” commentary where Doug and Rob fight over who gets to marry Dante Basco.
  • While he doesn't get indulged, at shadocon 2014 he went back to old con habits of trying to molest straight fanboys.
  • In the middle of this panel, the guy in charge mentions Doug's What Beautiful Eyes! and Doug grins happily while pulling his eyes wider.
  • He even has gay with a zombie, giving him a hug and a kiss that he didn't expect.
  • In a Too Many Games panel, he jokes that he doesn't want video released of him and Yomarz having sex.
  • He's complimented both Malcolm and Jim for looking attractive in suits.
  • In an Awesome Build for Mad Max: Fury Road, Doug's car (because the Hyper girls used it) had a "I'm hard for Hardy" bumper sticker, and he quite positively says that men have been flirting with him on the road because of it.
    • True to form, a podcast he did with an old friend he hadn't seen for years started off (and continued) with flirting.
    • At another con, he lets a guy in a wheelchair sit up front and ends up giving him a lapdance.
  • All of this gets surpassed with a Project Million interview. Is this an exaggeration, you ask? No, 'cos it ends with him riding the interviewer like a cowboy offscreen.
    • To add to the list, he also did something very naughty to JewWario's groin while getting teabagged, has had "years of experience" with picking up guys, his wife is apparently really Benzaie and they have lots of sex, and he may have had a threesome with James and his lady.
  • If you have the DVD, Doug/Rob. Especially when Doug does a mock-striptease out of his wet ghostbusters costume on camera, talking dirty for laughs (and saying on the commentary that they do this often) while Rob hums stripper music and tells him to save it for their honeymoon.
    • Also on the DVD, the end of the commentary for "Turkish Rambo". In the review, Critic stuck out his tongue after making fun of the movie's poor lipsyncing. Rob's comment was "Your girlfriend must be very lucky." Doug's reply? "He is." End of commentary.
    • Their 2009 Christmas Special had jokes about rophynol-laced gingerbread men and gay incest, with "You're a kickass brother and I love you." in the middle. But of course.
    • In the second DVD menu, Rob waits until Doug is in the shower to harass him about how the menu works. When his brother is freaked out and tells him to piss off, he goes away for about one second and then zooms back in for the menu to start over again.
    • Although most of the time, when Doug gets into his jokey flirting with the audience or anyone else, you can see Rob looking uncomfortable.
      • Jealous, perhaps?
    • In an interview, Doug and Rob said that they know all about the fanfic (Rob even wants more) and they're doing just fine on the Ship Tease front.
    • In the Titanic commentary, Doug calls Rob in Palpatine make-up a total hottie.
    • This video. Doug acting like a pony and Rob sitting behind him all manly-like already sounds pretty kinky, but like they always do, they push it even further.
    • In the Suburban Knights behind the scenes feature, both Rob and Bhargo agree that Doug needs to take his pants off more often.
    • In the Donation Drive Just Dance video, Rob pans the camera over with an obvious view of Doug's ass and tells him he needs to wear tighter jeans.
    • When a jerkass asked Rob what was it like to be in his brother's shadow, Rob replied back that he got all the perks of free blowjobs from Doug and none of the hounding at cons.
    • Best if you know The Lord of the Rings shipping, but the boys open the "Sibling Rivalry: The Hobbit" with Rob calling himself Frodo and Doug calling himself Legolas. When Rob tells him tells him that he should be Sam instead, Doug makes kissing noises in return.
    • One-sided in the 50 Shades review, as Doug calls himself a naughty boy and wants to be whipped while Rob asks if they really have to do this. Again in 50 Shades Darker, where they're both wearing masks and Rob shoves Doug down to spank him.
    • In the Mad Max: Fury Road behind the scenes, Rob teases Doug for having an Oral Fixation, Doug tells Rob later “you do look hot, baby” and they jokingly Almost Kiss near the end.
    Rob: Let's be honest, most of what's been in your mouth has been mediocre.
    Doug: (fake upset) Don't insult my male friends that way.
    • In the Hocus Pocus behind the scenes, Rob flicks and squeezes Doug's Winifred breasts while Doug fakes being turned on.
    • In the Beauty and The Beast 2017 Sibling Rivalry, Rob jokes they have more gay than the movie, holding Doug's hand at the terrible Emma Watson singing.
    • In the 2017 livestream, Doug sits on Rob's lap and Rob teases "Christmas came early for Santa Christ" to get Doug to squirm off.
  • Seeing as how the Donation Drive was in a whole 'nother league of its own, detailing all the Ho Yay moments would result in a Wall of Text, so we'll keep it to the top five: Everyone groping Spoony, Angry Joe calling Doug sexy, Doug and Ed Glaser leaning in for a kiss, Angry Joe and Spoony wearing the Critic's tie and the hints that there's going to be a Spooning With Spoony; Boy's Edition. The slash fans were pleased.
    • We also had Bennett offering blowjobs to anyone who donated, Doug miming giving blowjobs twice and jokes about him kneeling in front of Ed, Joe licking Doug's ear and Doug kissing Bennett's hand. It's like Doug wants to be a Launcher of a Thousand Ships.
  • And now we've had another Donation Drive with enough slash to fill a small library. For cryin' out loud, it began with SWS3!
    • There was also Lewis Lovhaug hugging Doug from behind and promising that they'll all hold him down and give him a pink belly. Not to mention that person who called in and asked for Lewis to give Doug a hard backhanded slap. (They would have probably done it if the guy had donated.)
    • And there was Doug (in a wig and acting weepy) hugging Sage and not being able to get out of it because Sage wouldn't let him go.
    • Doug gave us a good one again when he was so happy about a guy donating that he told him to stay right where he was because he was going to get a make-out session.
  • Doug continues the livestream joy in 2017, where he lounges for sexy times with Brad and is delighted when donations go up.
  • Chester A. Bum's Youmacon video has a tease of an interesting variation on Screw Yourself. A convention goer cosplaying as Chester warns the real guy about yaoi anime, since "it's two boys together." A confused Chester replies "We're two boys together."
    • We also have Chester and Lester making out. They didn't even fake it irl either, as the behind the scenes footage has Doug making disgusted noises after kissing Lewis, even though he decided that himself.
  • In the Suburban Knights trailer, Film Brain threatens Kinley Mochrie with "Mr. Critic is mine, understand?" Wow.
    • Actually there was a lot of Critic/Film Brain subtext throughout the whole Suburban Knights movie. Especially the sort of love triangle thing between him, Critic and Kinley.
    • Also in Spoony's DOA review, as Film Brain goes off to face his doom, he shouts "Tell Nostalgia Critic I l-" and is then cut off. Could it be more blatant?
  • and Jerrid Watch The Room
    Brad: I am not fucking your bellybutton.
    Jerrid: Come on, dude, we've gotta reenact this one.
    Brad: I am not fucking your bellybutton.
    Jerrid: Dude, I got the tub of butter right here; it'll go in real easy.
  • Chaos D1/Sad Panda/Phelous - Canon?
  • "Rejected Spooning With Spoony Ideas" gives us JewWario/Panda, Spoony screaming after waking up to a creepily-smiling Sage, Kinley/Paw and Holly snuggling with Nella.
    • Don't forget the Orgy with Everyone! Presumably with every combination possible. (Well, Paw did say he'd be walking funny for months.)
  • Okay, yeah, this is technically after Spoony left TGWTG, but seeing as it's another SWS parody...Interlocking With Insano gives us Dr. Insano/Dr. Holocaust/Captain Awesome. AND it's pretty much like Spooning With Spoony 2 only more sciency.
  • To Boldly Flee gives us Kinley Mochrie as the adoring apprentice of the Cinema Snob, Film Brain comforting Kinley when Snob is captured, Zob and Terl bickering like an old married couple, and lampshading of it all with jew Wario saying "That's so Takei" while giggling.
  • Demo Reel was a fountain of it, mostly provided by - surprise, surprise - Doug's character Donnie DuPre. He got to cuddle more guys than the omnisexual Ask That Guy ever did, was swept up in a boy-love version of Lost in Translation, and outright asked for Slash Fic of himself.
  • The boy-love of Suburban Knights and To Boldly Flee combined was so great that amnesiac!Critic's punchline for the movie reviews was, in summary, "whoever wrote and directed these must have been a fairy". So there you go.
  • While Paw has his Love at First Sight song with Elisa in the Les Misérables review, he's also really handsy with Critic, with a clear shot of feeling him up after they fall out of the closet.
  • Even with all the Camp Straight, Doug couldn't resist implying heavily that Bay taught the blonde actress in the Pearl Harbor review's opening scene how to give blowjobs.
  • In the Osmosis Jones behind the scenes, Malcolm is getting teased for wearing the Belle costume for so long in Demo Reel, and Rob teases him more saying he has a pretty mouth.
  • In Old Vs New Cinderella, though lessened by the fact that the Devil Boner is dating Hyper Fangirl, there's some Foe Yay that seeps in when he throws Benny to the ground and threatens him with "johnson justice."
    Devil Boner: Now open your mouth, I'm gonna give you the finishing blow!
  • While there's also humiliating because jealousy is involved, Devil Boner literally says he enjoys Critic the tighter tied up he is, and likes making him helpless. He also couples cosplays with Hyper with her dressed as Critic (and her dressed as herself, which could put her in a different category using the same logic).
  • In the "Tamara's Never Seen" one-year anniversary video, Tamara steals and wears Hyper's shirt while Hyper's in the shower.
  • Norm of the North makes Bill/Critic obvious when Critic can't find him and panics because "who'll take care of me?"
  • At the end of the Nutcracker 3d review (from 38:10), Rachel sits arm in arm with Tamara, and Tamara even rests her head on Rachel's shoulder.


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