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Channel Awesome provides examples of:

  • Adored by the Network: A common criticism given by former producers was that the website was too favorable to Doug Walker.
  • Development Hell:
    • The TGWTG site's redesign, which was pushed back again and again for over half a decade. As of December 2014, the site was dropped and the producers' contents were moved to Channel Awesome.
    • The shows promised here still have no sign of being completed. Even people who donated have had no word of anything. Some people even contacted Indiegogo to see if it isn't some elaborate scam. Later Saved from Development Hell, as at the very least the pilot for Pop Quiz Hotshot was released.
  • Follow the Leader:
    • After That Guy's Bum Reviews' success, the other reviewers started to use their own Bum characters.
    • After The Nostalgia Critic started having unique cartoon title cards for his videos, more and more contributors to the site started to get their own cartoon title cards as well, including Linkara, The Nostalgia Chick, MarzGurl, Phelous, The Cinema Snob, MikeJ, JesuOtaku, and Todd in the Shadows, to mention some.
    • In their commentary for the joint Critic/Chick review of Ferngully The Last Rainforest, Doug and Lindsay note that it was probably the first time two of TGWTG's reviewers had appeared together in the same frame. Ever since that review, multi-reviewer crossovers have become commonplace.
    • There are also a number of people not from the site who have started doing their own satirical reviews.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Various contributors have works that aren't easily available. Some contributors' videos have vanished altogether following their departure from TGWTG or Blip, have been lost in the Blip purges or have been taken down due to copyright issues or other reasons. After the original TGWTG website went defunct in December 2014, any content that wasn't moved to also qualifies.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Many of the contributors were already fans of the website and featured on Transmission Awesome's (Rollo T also being an example of this trope) Awesome Blog of the Week segment before being picked up.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor:
    • Dan "AussieGuy" Rizzo had all trace of his existence removed from the site shortly after the Year One Brawl came out when word got to the higher ups that he was spreading awful rumors about Nostalgia Chick to the other reviewers. The only indication he was ever on the site were his appearances in the Brawl and Suede's farewell video.
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    • Justin "JewWario" Carmical was fired from Channel Awesome in 2013 after he raped an unidentified content creator at MAGFest; the reason for his firing was kept under wraps by Channel Awesome at the reported request of his victim, resulting in the CA community obliviously giving tributes to JewWario after his 2014 suicide. It wasn't until the #ChangeTheChannel fiasco, and Channel Awesome's sloppy attempt to discredit a second allegation against JewWario, that the truth of his actions became public.
  • Romance on the Set: Several contributors have gotten together over the past few years. Lindsay and Todd (although they late broke up, they remain very good friends), and Allison and Phelan, are the most prominent examples. Paul and Elisa got married on October 2013, and are now parents of a child. Dominic Smith and Heather "Calluna" McDonald also met and fell in love through their association with the site.
  • Saved from Development Hell: Blistered Thumbs, after spending more than a year with plans for a site, launched in the early hours of November 7, 2010. However, after 3 years of operation, it closed in January 2014. All of their contributors were moved to the TGWTG website.
  • Schedule Slip: While Doug and some of the other producers keep a tight schedule, a good deal of the team only sporadically submit movies or anything else. Of course, most of them do it as a side project, not as a full-time job.
  • Screwed by the Network:
    • Obscurus Lupa's story of her departure reeks of this. First, Mike Michaud (and later Doug Walker) ripped into Lupa for putting extra midroll ads into her videos, saying that it was hurting everyone else by making people use AdBlock, even though she needed the midrolls to pay her bills. Then, Mike and Rob Walker forbade Lupa and the other reviewers from promoting their Patreon pages until a bad PR incident involving Suede forced them to relent. Finally, Mike and Doug tried to chat with Lupa while she was away from her computer and didn't know they wanted to speak to her, and waited fifteen minutes. When she got in touch, they told her she would be let go and have her videos removed for "ignoring them." The move clearly backfired as it caused Phelous and Andrew Dickman to leave the site in protest. Kyle Kallgren also left about the same time, but for unrelated reasons.
    • Mike "The Birdman" Dodd was dropped from That Guy with the Glasses in April 2014 without being told, and he only found out about it a few weeks later when he tried to submit a new video to the site.
    • Benzaie was similarly dropped in December 2014, though he found out when none of his videos were moved from the old TGWTG site to the new Channel Awesome site.
    • T.J. Kincaid (The Distressed Watcher) claims that he started to get this treatment after Mike Ellis left the company. According to him, all of his new videos were pushed to the bottom of the upload feed, despite him being one of the more popular producers on the site, which led him to start to lose interest in making content. It came to a head when his "Gayest Music Videos of the 1980s" video was rejected - he initially thought that the channel heads had mistaken it for being homophobic, but was later told that it wasn't uploaded because Channel Awesome thought their audience would be too homophobic to accept it. Shortly after, he was called into a meeting with the company heads who told him that they'd be letting him go because they were afraid that his YouTube alter-ego (The Amazing Atheist) would scare off potential advertisers to their site.
    • A document of stories from former staff and producers, released in April 2018, brought to light that this was and is a much more common occurrence than was previously known. A particularly egregious example detailed is Dr. Gonzo's account of his tenure at TGWTG, in which he was isolated from the rest of the contributors by Mike Michaud and was subsequently singled out for Michaud's gaslighting and abuse. Michaud also dismissed Gonzo's idea for the tribute show for JewWario following his suicide, reportedly telling him: "Nobody knows who you are. They won't care about anything you're gonna put together. We're gonna have Doug or Lewis or someone put something together. Someone people actually come here to see." Gonzo's show was abruptly and unceremoniously erased from the website during TGWTG's transition to Channel Awesome.
    • According to the same document, MarzGurl was also targeted by Michaud. After she took Linkara's suggestion of starting her own channel on the now-defunct Blip, Michaud berated her for doing so without his permission, and only backed off after she apologized profusely and told him that Lewis had done the same thing. He repeatedly mislabeled her videos when they were posted on TGWTG, and attacked her again when she explained one miscommunication to confused viewers, accusing her of trying to make him look bad. He also frequently neglected to post her videos across TGWTG's social media platforms, giving her the impression that he was trying to make her "invisible" on the site and compel her to quit. When she did leave in September 2017, all of her videos were unceremoniously erased despite her nine-year contribution to the site.
    • Another allegation put forward by former creators was that when To Boldly Flee was being filmed, nobody was told that the plot involved the final appearance of the Nostalgia Critic, since Doug Walker wanted to retire the character for good. Naturally, once the creators found out about it, many were less than pleased since the Nostalgia Critic was the main draw to the TGWTG site and his unilateral departure meant everybody else would likely see decreased views on their videos.
  • Troubled Production: The filming of pretty much all of the anniversary videos had serious issues according to the cast members, mainly stemming from nonexistent budgets and poor management. Some of the issues that plagued filming were multiple injuries, no filming permits, no liability insurance, and cast members were forced to pay for their own props and costumes. Doug and Rob also talked about even more issues on their commentaries, like Doug intentionally not eating during To Boldly Flee and having to be dragged to the Suburban Knights meeting because he was scared he’d be faced with mutiny instead of support.
  • Undermined by Reality: The entire damn site. It's a lot harder to watch a lot of reviews, especially crossovers involving the Walkers, after the "Not So Awesome" doc and the immediate aftermath shed some light on how people really felt, and how they were being treated. Anything involving Justin Carmical is rather uncomfortable now, too. A lot of former fans have said that they'll never be able to look at the site the same way again following the #ChangeTheChannel fiasco.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Inked Reality was talked up as being split into a separate site around the time Blistered Thumbs first split off, but it was put on the back burner. With the closure of Blistered Thumbs in January 2014, and the moving to the new Channel Awesome website in December, it looks like the plans on it were fully abandoned.
    • In a 2009 interview with the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper, Channel Awesome CEO Mike Michaud mentioned that he had at least 300 ideas for new shows to make for That Guy with the Glasses. What they are, we'll probably never know. The article also mentions Barfiesta, a website dedicated to Chicago nightlife that was operational for a couple of months in late 2009 before shutting down. (in the aforementioned document, former HR exec Holly Brown mentions she had high hopes and made interesting work intended for said site... which Rob mostly disregarded when actually making videos)
    • Pan Pizza was picked up by TGWTG during the 2014 talent search. However he ended up missing a Skype call with the management to discuss his being added to the site, and was dropped from Channel Awesome without having uploaded a single video.
    • Before Pan Pizza there was DarksydePhil who was picked up by TGWTG in 2011 shortly before his account was terminated; since CA used Blip exclusively from late 2008 to mid-2014, DSP was dropped before he could add any videos to the site.
    • Per his own words, The Mysterious Mr. Enter had applied to join Channel Awesome in the past.
    • The planned tenth anniversary movie was cancelled following the mass exodus from the site sparked by the aforementioned document released in April 2018, which in turn sparked another wave of resignations. According to Tony Goldmark (Some Jerk With a Camera), the movie would have been a horror movie spoof with an evil clown as one of several villains. There were plans to hire a camera crew, indicating that at least some effort was being made to avoid the problems that had plagued the previous anniversary movies. The Blockbuster Buster and Linkara later went into detail on twitter on what would have happened after Linkara's Audio Play A Voice from the Dark, and neither of them were charitable towards it.
  • The Wiki Rule: Channel Awesome Wiki.

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