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"You're listening to Nerd to the Third Power, your one stop shop for all the latest nerd news!"
Taka (actually Takahata from Team Four Star) — intro for the first few seasons

Nerd to the Third Power is a podcast formerly hosted on Channel Awesome, about all things in the geek universe, though most prominently films, anime, video games, comic books, table top gaming and conventions. The main two hosts are Dr. Gonzo and The Cat (later joined by Skyblaze) with a rotating cast of other correspondents. The current roster includes Multiverse Bryan doing comic book news, Projectionist Jon in films, and Brendan the Blastseeker doing tabletop games.

The general format tends to follow an "Ask A Geek" segment where the hosts answer questions submitted by listeners, a weekly news section where each correspondent talks about the latest happenings in their particular field of expertise, and a discussion section about a topic of their choice, ranging from recent movie releases to more general topics, like parody or AI.

The show is nearing its 150th episode, part of which will be a live Ask a Geek to be held in late September.

This podcast provides examples of:

  • Berserk Button: Gonzo does not like it when Cliff Blezsinski talks to the gaming press. He's also not too fond of Sarah Jessica Parker or Sex and the City.
  • Proud to Be a Geek
  • Running Gag: Jon gets thrown in the Pain Glove whenever he makes an especially bad pun. It's gotten to the point where he says he simply moved in.
    • Cat's news segments are often referred to as "The Obituaries" because of her frequent reports on deaths in the anime industry.
    • Gonzo used to open every episode with a video game quote, but he's since stopped. His new thing is "You might be a geek" jokes, but those have slipped off as well.
  • Shout-Out: The cast will namedrop particularly fun fans in the show.
    • King of Kobolds got a few shout outs in the early days for a comment he made in the first episode lambasting the show's lack of a tabletop segment at the time.
    • Facebook user Bheema Da Cashman gets frequent namedrops for being especially active on the show's Facebook page.
  • The Smurfette Principle: For quite some time the Cat was the only female (though she was co-host with Dr. Gonzo) until Skyblaze came onto the scene. And of course, averted in the "Girls Only" episode which invited some female guest stars in.
  • Token British Person: Skyblaze hails from the UK.