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Greetings, mortals!
A Video Review Show created by Christi "The Diva" Esterle in 2012, Musical Hell is hosted by Diva, a demon with an F in Evil who has been shuffled off onto a small expansion shelf somewhere between the third and fourth circles of the Inferno. There, her job is to evaluate and punish the sins of the worst movie musicals ever created. The series posts once a month to RVT, RT Gomer Productions, and its own site.

Musical Hell runs in tandem with two spinoffs: Know the Score, a Lighter and Softer companion piece that discusses soundtracks, film and stage musicals, theme songs, and any other form of “dramatic music” that happens to strike Diva’s fancy; and At the Source, where Diva discusses materials that have been adapted into musicals and any changes made in the adaptation process.

In 2023, Esterle announced (in-character) that she would be ending the show and retiring the Diva character in 2024.

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     Musicals on which Diva has passed judgement: 

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