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  • Cut Song: "If I Lived in TV", a fully animated musical sequence that was cut for time and would have taken place after Timmy makes the final decision to live out his life in television and wishes for a second magic remote to do so. It was featured as a deleted scene on the Channel Chasers DVD before Hartman shared it on his YouTube channel several years later.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Many of the shows Timmy travels through would eventually no longer be airing on TV within years, or even months in a few cases, after the TV movie was produced and aired (and some, like the parodies of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids and The Jetsons were already over years before the show was made). That being said, there are some shows that are still around that were mentioned either on the actual show or on the "If I Lived in TV" deleted scene (such as Sesame Street, The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live, and WWE Smackdown, to name a few examples).

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