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  • How can Chester A. Bum afford to watch all these movies? Not to mention that he's been "brushing up on" Red Dwarf. I've only seen a couple of Bum Reviews so I dunno if there's an official explanation.
    • He's a priest, so maybe his church has a lot of media-related activities he gets to go to?
    • That Guy with the Glasses pays for his theater ticket, and in return the Bum agrees to make a review for his website.
    • I assumed he snuck into the theater.
    • What do you think he uses the change on?
    • The review for Thor: The Dark World reveals he was saving up for a new cup
    • ...I dunno, what? I thought he was given the film to review to keep warm.
  • Him doing a Bum Review of Twilight: Eclipse when he really could've ripped The Last Airbender a new one instead just kinda bugs me. Granted, both are easy Snark Bait, but we've already seen him do reviews of the previous movies, would anyone have really cared if he just skipped this one?
    • Maybe he'll do one of Last Airbender too? Honestly it's not like everyone else on the internet has been ranting against The Last Airbender too, but not many on the eclipse movie so far.
    • He did a Bum Review for Twilight and New Moon, he was probably just trying to go for a complete set.
    • He only does the movie that gets the highest weekend gross.
  • Chester A. Bum has a Prius. But still needs to beg for change. Que?
    • He needs change because he just spent his money on a prius. How does this not make sense.
    • He's a bum. Priuses I assume still cost thousands of dollars, and I'm pretty sure you can't give a credit card to someone without a zip code.
      • Well ofcourse he's a bum, he spent all his money on a prius. I'm impressed he was able to collect enough change to purchase it, but wish he spent his money a little more responsibly.
      • And you also can't hold that amount of money in change.
      • Maybe before he went to buy it, he took all his saved change to a CoinStar machine to change it into cash? Can you buy cars with cash?
      • No, you'd get arrested.
      • Maybe he went to a used car place that accepted cash.
  • Why oh why didn't Chester A. Bum review Scott Pilgrim vs. The World? Doug Walker says he saw it. It would have been a gold mine for jokes about change!
    • He did. It was just a DVD exclusive for a while.

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