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"I now pronounce you psycho husband and stalker wife!"

If you can't imagine how a bratty, cynical reviewer could ever induce heartwarming moments, just take a look at this page.

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  • Up until he gets irritated about the lack of title, his squeeful excitement over the Cloverfield trailer.
  • Slightly masochistic example, but that oh-so-sweet smile in Cartoon Allstars where he's looking forward to suffering through the special again.
  • It might sound also incredibly disgusting, but his description of being a child who was excited to the extreme for the live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies.
  • His tribute to Double Dare, especially when he gave the "Dude, you got balls" award to Marc Summers.
  • Critic descending into goo with Follow That Bird.
    Critic: (having nearly completely given in by now) "IT'S SNUFFALUFFAGUS! I remember Snuffaluffagus!"
    • And then later he breaks down completely: "I can't do it! I can't make fun of Sesame Street! It's the first show I ever saw!"
    • This is probably the only episode where he didn't swear at all. It's just such a nostalgia binge, and so lovely.
    • "YOU! ARE! CHILDHOOD!" Knowing what his childhood was like now (it may not have been a coincidence that the Dark and Troubled Past hints started in the very next episode) makes it all the more powerful.
    • And he brings out Chester A. Bum to give it the positive, energetic review it deserves.
    • His immediate Squee over Oscar, calling him the first puppet he ever saw and is essentially his role model.
    • His apologizing for the Bert/Ernie gay joke, telling them that whatever their preference is it's none of his business.
  • Rob and his friends looking after Critic at the end of Surf Ninjas.
  • More in hindsight as Doug's talked more about his struggle between wanting to be normal and wanting to do something with his differences, but in the X-Men: The Animated Series section of the "Top 11 Nostalgic Animated Shows", he praises it for tackling prejudice and giving hope for people like him who acted different and got bullied badly.
  • The Drew Struzan tribute. A sweet fanboy gushfest.
  • How NC turns to Rayden when he realizes the actors have changed in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. The tone just implies that he considers Rayden familiar and trustworthy.
  • His first list of the greatest Christmas specials can't help but give you lots of warm fuzzy feelings.
    • Listen closely in his second list of greatest Christmas specials when he's talking about Joyeaux Noel and you can just hear his voice break a little bit when he describes it as something really special.
  • In the "Ghost Love Score"-soundtracked Critic/Nerd retrospective, "I'll be there, when you say". Extra points for serving as even more Yaoi Fangirl bait than there already was.

  • Up until Good Burger erases his sense of fun, his adorably goofy dancing in the Nickelodeon cartoon during NickMonth.
  • His utter Squee when Tempting Fate works in his favor for once and gives him The Adventures Of Pete And Pete.
  • FernGully: The Last Rainforest: Despite what she's saying, the full-blown affection in the Chick's voice when she called him a "stupid sack of shit" and pinched his cheek like he was her child.
  • His reaction to SatAM. Everyone loves seeing him cry, but it is nice to see Tears of Joy for once.
  • Fanboying (just a bit more cynically) over Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen the way he did over the first one. For out-of-verse reasons too, it's nice to see how far he's come since his first ever episode.
  • Near the end of the first fuck-up list, he reassures the audience that they can tell him anything he's done wrong because he wants to learn from his mistakes, but can they please not act like Douchey and treat him like an idiot.
  • The speech about Michael Jackson in his Blank Check review, how it's okay to make jokes about him because he'll always be a genius.
  • His taking the time to tell a little girl "You're adorable" in the middle of filming his battle with Casper.
    • How he goes against Casper's expectations and gives praise to the movie. The ghost's confused Evil Cannot Comprehend Good look is also a classic in funniness.
  • His loving tribute to Siskel and Ebert, mixed in with Tear Jerker when he had to talk about the former's death. Ebert even praised it on twitter! (Which Doug had framed, a heartwarming moment in itself.)
  • How one-track-minded he is about saving starving kids in the second half of the Tank Girl review.
    • His list of better things to do rather than watching the film: plant a tree, read a book, help at a soup kitchen, adopt an animal, read stories at the orphanage, call your mother, volunteer at a retirement home, see how milk is made, donate to MORE starving children, give clothes to the Salvation Army, press the stop button.
  • Considering the things Rob is usually doing to his brother in the Nostalgia Critic reviews - hitting him with a ruler, restraining him during psychotic fits, etc. -, it's hard not to at least say "aw" when they hug in The Star Wars Holiday Special. Even if Rob is dressed as Santa Christ.
    • And despite all of Critic's hate, he's still charmed by Bea Arthur getting flowers at the end of her segment.
  • The Critic gets pretty teary eyed by Douglas Seale's portrayal of Santa in Ernest Saves Christmas.
    "I believe!"
  • In a meta sense. Doug finally doing the Superman IV: The Quest for Peace review Lewis Lovhaug kept asking to do.

  • After the Tear Jerker of him thinking he's lost his touch for comedy, his complete delight when Junior goes batshit for ten minutes.
    Critic: Thank you! Thank you for coming home!
  • In Bébé's Kids, where he loses all patience with the lead after he treats the children like crap. He even compares the message of "at least he didn't leave them" to saying someone has killed five hundred people but at least he's not Hitler.
  • His completely broken reaction to accidentally killing Mary Poppins (his childhood idol, awww!) at the end of Quest for Camelot.
    • There's also his horror at killing Bert and Mickey.
  • His addressing the Jonathon Brandis suicide in his Neverending Story II review and making sure people knew he wasn't mocking the actor.
  • His fanboy glee over getting a call from Christopher Walken, never diminishing even after all the crazy that comes from him.
  • His talking about how great the recently-deceased-at-that-point John Hughes was at the start of Home Alone 3, with "Don't You Forget About Me" playing in the background for added nostalgia.
  • In the effects section for "Old vs. New: King Kong", how he makes sure to give the old version all the credit they deserve, even though it's obvious that the new was going to get the point.
  • The actress who played Lisa in The Room (2003), Juliette Danielle, recently praised his review of her movie. And after all the shit she went through during filming and from audience members, the episode must have been pretty cathartic for her.
    • The actor who played Mark, Greg Sestero, was interviewed on Reddit, and he stated that he, as well as the rest of movie crew (except for Tommy Wiseau) loves NC's review and that Tommy needs to get a sense of humour. (Said actor would later cameo in the "Dawn of the Commercials" episode.)
    • It may be minor, but Critic introduces Lisa's character as a "pretty young woman." Considering the number of critics and viewers who call her fat, this is a really nice gesture.
  • His talking about The Nostalgia Chick's video on The Smurfette Principle both in the Animaniacs interview and his commentary. While the trope is older than he thinks, it's sweet to see the respect he has for her. Plus the tribute itself, as he's having so much fun.
  • The Critic's apology for the autism joke he made in his Ernest Saves Christmas review. The fact that he sounded so sincere really shows it.
    • He elaborated at Connecticon 2012 that an autistic person had sent him an email asking why he did the mean joke, and was apparently surprised when Doug emailed back saying “I'm sorry and I edited it out”. According to Doug, he'd been looking for an excuse to delete the joke, and the email gave him the excuse he needed.
  • He may be drunk, but his "the camera's purdy" smile in It is When She Smiles.
    • Even though it's hilarious, intentional narm, how destroyed The Other Guy looks when he sees the Critic dead in the shower. Despite being a Big Brother Bully (TOG, obviously, not Rob), he does care.
  • Rob supporting and looking after a very drunk, crying and TMNT-obsessed Critic in the Phelous/Cinema Snob co-review of Troll 4. (Also for this, Snob's and Phelous's disturbed, concerned reactions when they see how far gone Critic is. Especially as this most likely takes place after Kickassia.)
  • After seeing the Critic go through his Heroic BSoD in his My Pet Monster review, it just becomes ever-so wonderful to see the ending of the next episode, where he gets over his depression with an epic rendition of "Poor Jack" from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Because, you know what? He's an Iron Woobie and you can't help but feel proud.
    • Especially when you find out that Doug had a mid-midlife crisis back when he must have been at least in his early twenties. It just makes it an even more triumphant return. Plus, for all Critic's faults and issues, you've got to admit he's resilient.
    • Rob trying to comfort him at the start. Strangely, the dinosaur mask doesn't really detract anything.
    • Doug talked about the episode years later, saying he does genuinely find commercials calming, and not being sure what to do after My Pet Monster spiked the anxiety and gave him the idea of Critic needing commercials as a breather from depression.
  • Rob might not be in it, but the Critic's main problem with The Ten Commandments is that Ramses and Moses don't act like brothers, that there's no love or good memories of the times they've spent together.
  • In "You're A Rotten Dirty Bastard", when the Critic believes Linkara became an alcoholic as a result of him not existing, the Critic starts to apologize to the Linkara that can't hear him, sounding completely upset about what he thinks has happened to one of his best friends. But it turns out he would own both Marvel and DC comics and was only in the bar because the snowstorm outside buried his car.

  • Even though she said no, his sincere fawning over the Chick in Ferngully II and wanting to do the episode with her because he has fond memories of the last review.
  • In The Secret of NIMH 2, he has a gigantic rant about putting too much pressure on kids.
  • Critic getting pulled into The Power of Love from the Care Bears and calling for Santa Christ when they're all saying they care.
    • how he can't stop himself from saving the girl even though he knows it's a trap.
  • His Dungeons & Dragons (2000) review. Seeing how happy the film makes him is enough to put a grin on your face.
  • in the Baby Geniuses review, he rages in disgust about how the film was not worth getting a young kid to cry.
    • Him recovering from his Heroic BSoD at the end of the review when he realizes the main problem-not being able to vocalize criticism-is a non-issue. The formerly-depressive and Film Noir-like Inner Monologue picks up to his usual tone, and he gets the goofiest smile on his face... soldier on, Critic.
  • His reaction to the Dying Moment of Awesome in Double Team. The childlike glee is what sells it, but just before he shows the scene, he swears he will lose all faith in mankind if the setup didn't deliver. And for once in his life, it does!
  • He sounds really heartbroken when he finds out Dom Deluise is in The Magic Voyage, as he likes the guy and hates having to keep on making fun of him.
  • The joyful dancing to "Pig Power In The House" over the end credits of Gordy.
  • Blink and you'll miss it, but at the start of "The OTHER Titanic Movie", after berating the Critic for ruining the costume party and musing that he controls him, when he sees Critic passed out on the floor he rushes over, clearly worried.
  • Even though they were pissed at each other in the Transformers: Dark of the Moon Bum/Critic Review, Critic confirming that he gave Chester his one and only job.
  • In his review of Milk Money, it meant a lot that he called the scene where Vee gets out out prostitution so insultingly and disgustingly easy.
    • There's also his calling out the fact that V goes to the Sock Hop where the kids are when she's fleeing for her life from a hitman.
  • After years of only referencing DuckTales with complaints about its theme song being the king of all Ear Worms, like in his The Top 11 Catchiest Theme Songs video. He finally rewatches the first five episodes and ends up gushing over how great they are. "Not only does it hold up, it really holds up!"
  • Crossing over with Tear Jerker because he knows how she feels, but in "The Top 11 Batman Episodes", his extreme sympathy for Harley being trapped in an abusive relationship and not able to get out of it.
  • In James and the Giant Peach, Chester saying that he loved the video even while entitledly saying the fans deserve better. Extra nice after the "Search For The Necronomicon", in which the Critic acted like an asshole (mostly because he was grieving over Ma-Ti) and Chester shouted that he wanted nothing more to do with him.
    • It's both sad and sweet about Chester being the only one to show up and defend Critic when he feels like nobody can stand him.
    • Hell, just the fact that it was Chester speaking for the fans instead of Douchey (see Doug's LP commentary for context) speaks volumes about how endearing the former is.
    • His review itself. He's trying his hardest to be kind to a movie he doesn't really enjoy because he wants his fans to like him again.
    • How even though it would be understandable if he trashed the movie after being held at gunpoint and trying to be good the whole review, he instead gives his usual final thoughts which basically amount to "it isn't my thing, but I can see why it's a cult classic". Of course, he still gets killed.
  • In The Tommyknockers, the asshole adulterer is treated like an asshole throughout, but in the Critic's eyes, his leaving a child in danger to go fuck his mistress is a Moral Event Horizon.
  • In Exorcist II: The Heretic, he makes his disgust quite clear with John Boorman filming Linda Blair on a high building with no way of saving her if she fell.
  • He slams the Freudian Excuse of "child abuse makes you evil" in The Cell. Maybe our favorite brat is taking some responsibility.
  • His joy at the new theme song for Doug during the Disney years, which eradicates the tumor caused by the old nickelodeon theme song.
  • From Moulin Rouge!, after the Chick's Sanity Slippage obsession with Todd, it's almost sweet to see how much more comfortable she is bantering and bitching with Critic.
    • From his side, Critic's weariness over that crush on Todd. With Chick herself oblivious and Elisa/Nella now encouraging her, it's good seeing someone who realizes what a bad thing it is.
    • Also, Chick being the one in "El Tango De Pretense" to be kind to the Critic and tell him it's perfectly alright to like an awesome scene in a movie he hates. Pet the Dog at its finest.
    • Even though Critic took great delight in pushing her temper, both he and Floss look like they want to hug her when they realize just how much the Slut-Shaming bit pissed her off.
    • From how it's filmed, Chick didn't seem to care that much about Critic shooting Floss. What she did get depressed over, however, is the Critic's destroyed My God, What Have I Done? reaction. She really does care about him.
    • The song celebrating how everyone has movies or whatever else that are just guilty pleasures, and there's no reason to feel bad about it. Great to see this particular belief of Doug's (see the beginning of his "films I hate that everyone loves" video) seep into the Critic. It's also nice to see the Chick expressing this belief too, especially when you remember Accentuate the Negative is part of her character.
    • The Review Must Go On. The awesomeness and So Proud of You feelings of "Poor Critic" turned up to eleven, even if it does end up Harsher in Hindsight when Doug said it made sense to have a theme song about having to carry on even though you don't want to.
  • In the Babes in Toyland review, his love for the holiday is so strong that the Ghost of Christmas Future ends up Drowning His Sorrows because Critic just can't muster up any dislike in order to do a parody of the Christmas Carol.
    • Which is promptly followed by him pitching in to cheer the guy up by having him choose what movie he will review next. Though he agrees quite unwillingly, it was still awful nice of him.
  • His final, conciliatory summation at the end of his review of the Live Action version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas!: He may hate it, but he doesn't hate the fans at all. Of course, he still thinks he's right. And in a meta way, it's genuinely impressive how Doug still kept his usual aesop of "every movie means something to someone and that's perfectly alright".
    • Also, the Critic later concedes in his review of The Cat in the Hat review that Jim Carey as the Grinch, while it may not have been fully perfect, was a good performance and Carrey was giving the viewer an actual character, especially compared to Mike Myers as the Cat, who seemed to have the status of a Memetic Molester in the Critic's opinion.
  • In Santa Clause, even though it turns to high (though hilarious) awkwardness very quickly, he still goes in for a hug when Santa Christ comes in from the snowstorm. He doesn't get it, but it's still sweet.

  • Chester and Critic working together in the Star Trek review was very nice.
    • Chester just had to shake his cup and Critic would give him the change he wants. Must make a nice difference from having to shout and beg constantly.
    • Sweet in a twisted way, but he calls the possessed person in Star Trek with no feelings, emotions or needs his ideal woman; the Chick has tried her very best to make everyone believe she's completely tough, hard and badass. She is his ideal woman. Coupled with him wanting her to be proud of herself in the Bratz review and you get the idea that she's always been.
  • Obviously he's getting manipulated, but he's clearly falling in hard for the flattery when That SciFi Guy acts nice to him in the Star Trek III review.
    • His affection (and later agonized heartbreak) for Ballsack will soothe anyone angry over his dislike for regular dogs.
  • In Star Trek: Insurrection, taking the time to do a Q&A with the fans and thank them before flail-running away from Linkara again.
    • Admitting to Linkara at the end that he did actually need him there to do the review with him. Of course Linkara sours it by his Small Name, Big Ego.
  • His sheer moral outrage at the awful Glurge that is Patch Adams, even to the point of defending the real guy from the implications in the movie. What makes it even better was that he just disliked it until he realized just how badly they mangled (as in "not even the correct gender") a real friend of Adams who died in a car accident.
    • Before he realizes the above, his first reaction to the Dean guy saying the woman died is to feel guilty about calling her a stereotypically bad 90s female character.
    • Similarly, his acknowledgement and support of the real Patch Adams.
      • He doesn't just acknowledge and support Patch Adams; he urges viewers to look him up, supplies a link, and even suggests donating to his hospital. It's a downright beautiful moment.
      • Even better, if you look up the YouTube video of Patch Adams speaking at the Mayo Clinic in 2010 (which the Critic uses a clip of in his review), the comment section is actually flooded with people thanking the Nostalgia Critic for telling them about Adams' groundbreaking work.
  • In Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, his outrage over Sosuke's mother's reckless driving, with her young son in the car.
    • The Critic and Spike Spencer completely fanboying over each other. Shame about the ending, but that was a really nice moment.
    • How desperately he avoids not mentioning Japan's tidal wave disaster, only letting it slip out when he finds it quite insulting that the movie people are so nonchalant about having lost everything.
    • Honestly, after the sickening glurge-fest that was Patch Adams, both he and the audience probably needed something as sweet and innocent as Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea.
    • The Critic's interactions with the congoers. Sure, there's a montage of them attacking him, but every single one of their faces says what an absolute blast they're all having.
  • The Critic engaging in "Sparkle"-talk with the sparkle guy at the end of the Thomas and the Magic Railroad review.
  • The Critic and Douchey briefly getting along over their love of junk food in the third fuck ups.
    • And Critic sincerely offering him a job as a fact-checker.
    • After Critic completely breaks over three lists chronicling his fuck ups (starting off as a rant about Battlefield Earth but turning into that), Douchey finally decides to be decent and leave him alone.
    • Smaller, but when the audience laughs at "cabbage", both times he looks like a little boy who's overjoyed he just got praise.
    • He might not like animal leads, but he sounds actually quite upset when he learns hitting a whale's glass hurts their ears and can even kill them.
  • The Richie Rich review has him saying the only character he liked was the butler. Why? Because he was a good, protective parental figure to Richie.
    • he also notes that the film had enough funny bits that it could have been a decent movie if only the title character was better defined.
  • His review of the original The Transformers cartoon and the sheer amount of love in it, especially at the end.
    Prime!Critic: Which is why I ask all of you gathered here this world of remakes, sequels, and emphasis on special effects...who the fuck just wants to watch some Transformers cartoons?
    (Crowd goes absolutely wild; two people hug and jump up and down.)
    Prime!Critic: Hell...fucking...yeah.
  • Mara Wilson's cameo in his review of A Simple Wish definitely shows how well Doug and Mara Wilson managed to resolve their conflict.
    • A few weeks later, her having squees over both his review of The Room (2003) and epic take-down of Bella Swan.
    • It was the epicest of hilariously embarrassing home videos and he was rightfully horrified by them getting shown in public, but there's got to be a little part of you that was charmed by wee!Critic's messing around and having fun.
    • In the same video, he makes it clear that he does think Martin Short is a talented comedian, despite his awful movie choices.
  • Putting "Bart Gets an F" in the number one spot in his "Top 11 Simpsons Episodes". He takes about 4 minutes to talk about this episode, and he doesn't waste it. Could also double as a CMOA due to him defending his choice.
    • There's also him saying that he identifies with Bart in it as well.
    • Something that manages to be both sweet and heart-stomping: other than that episode, the other "touching" picks he chose (runner-ups included) were "Lisa's Wedding", "Mother Simpson" and "Lisa on Ice". All three episodes have a "your family might make you miserable but you can't help but love them anyway" theme. Oh, Critic.
  • His genuine sympathy for M. Night Shyamalan, saying that he peaked far too early in his career.
  • Despite his total confusion about why JesuOtaku is crying over a Ship Sinking, deciding to go to commercials so he'll have some time to feel better.
  • "Top 11 Most Awesome Music Themes" serves as 1) an epic playlist, 2) more catering to the "woobie child" lovers with another appearance from the trauma monkey, and 3) a rare happy trip down nostalgia lane.
  • Doling out due praise to, of all movies, Baby Geniuses 2, saying it's a slight improvement on the first film with more effort put into the story and a genuinely clever and completely logical twist concerning the villain's identity.
    • The end of the review, with everyone reading Fifty Shades of Grey in various funny voices. It's clear that all the laughter we hear is genuine, and these guys just love hanging out like this.
  • The ending of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, where instead of treating the 80s crowd like idiots for enjoying the movie, he gives them and it credit after initially being confused by their reaction. Shows that he's learned since How the Grinch Stole Christmas!' and Signs.
    • And despite being on opposite sides of the film debate, 80's Dan returns in the Scooby-Doo episode and warmly tells Critic he's always welcome to hang out. In the manchild world of TGWTG where film opinions are usually seen as more important, it's nice to see someone with priorities in order.
    • Rather than joke about the obvious cultural insensitivity of the gross food scene, Doug reveals he loves Indian food, so much that he actually believes they could make that stuff taste good.
    • After Willie annoys him too much, he changes his Dumbass In Distress list to take Jubilee down and bump her up “because at least Jubilee fucking tried”.
  • Making very clear while reviewing The Wiz that he's not mocking Joel Schumacher for being gay.
    • He and Todd in the Shadows being genuinely excited when Michael Jackson shows up (gushing over the possibility of the King of Pop dancing), especially considering Doug went very easy on the guy even before his death.
    • A moment when he and Todd move with the Wicked Witch's song. Even they admit it's just too catchy, and they give in and have a moment of fun with it.
  • After a lot of creepy moments coming from him, Roger, with a genuine smile, congratulating the Critic on saving all of humanity again.
    • Critic's reaction to that, jumping around and cheering. Even though it segues right into Tear Jerker when he realizes he's got nobody to celebrate with, it's a relief to see five seconds of liking himself.
    • Critic's first thought upon hitting purgatory is whether his older and younger self are okay.
    • And at the end when, after having spent the first three full minutes of the episode despairing about not having any friends, he decides to join his brother's poker game and everyone cheerfully welcomes him. The scene's a direct homage to the finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but it's just as heartwarming here.
      • The fact that this scene isn't cruelly subverted makes it all the better.
    • The episode end with the Sad Panda theme, which hasn't been used in years.
    • Out-of-universe, both Doug (in the young and old Critic costumes but not the usual one, which is surely going to inspire some crack!fic) and Rob are wearing their wedding rings.
    • Though its a small moment, it was nice to see Spoony in a Critic video again even for a small Cutaway Gag and it was past footage.
    • He's surprisingly kind to the original show, calling it the ultimate nostalgic dream that runs on awkward, simple charm and will keep on inspiring new takes on it.
    • Related to that, the young!critic, a fan of the show, thought that this movie was a Indecisive Parody that was too mean spirited to be of any good would make a fan of the show/hater of the movie feel good.
    • The Call-Back to Signs and other reviews like it, where Critic tells Roger that he's never understood why widely-mocked movies are still big hits and asks why that it is. He genuinely wants to know, and somehow that means a lot.
    • He has a chance to end the review twenty five seconds in, but carries on because "I wouldn't do that to you".

  • In The Odd Life of Timothy Green review, The Critic's main beef with the film is how bad the parents are. They pushed Timmy to do things they failed at (soccer, art, music), never listened to him, gave bad advice, didn't trust his new friend just because she was a girl, never asked Timmy questions about who he was or where he came from, and didn't learn from their mistakes. In fact, they were willing to make more mistakes, thinking it makes them good parents.
  • The Twilight review at Shadocon has him - A) mold himself to how this group of fans want him to be (even acting out scenes of the final Nerd battle on his own) and B) finally realizing that he can't just live in the past and so needs to move on.
  • In Pearl Harbor, he objects to the scene of the Japanese pilots firing at the hospital, stating that in real life, they didn't shoot at hospitals even when they had a clear shot. He also blasts the film for not showing Americans firing on Japanese citizens during the Doolittle Raid.
    • Gleefully accepting the scene of Franklin D. Roosevelt getting to his feet upon being told retaliation against the Japanese is impossible, declaring it the one time he wishes the film was more over the top.
  • Satan's So Proud of You moment when his daughter finally takes on the role she was meant for in Son of the Mask.
    • Critic's main issue is a genuine worry that kids would be traumatized by its numerous scary images.
It all ends in tears and it's not true, but Critic calling Santa Christ because he's the only nice person Critic knows.
  • He praises Where the Wild Things Are for its realistic depiction of children's psychology, and reasons that so many audiences didn't know what to make of the film because it shows just how complex a child's emotional state of mind can be.
  • Telling the Catwomen that there's one thing they should be proud of, they're not part of the horrible movie with the same name that he is reviewing. And it... works.
    • He also refuses to blame Halle Berry for how bad the movie was, stating that no actress could have made those scenes work. With all the hate she's gotten for that part over the years, that's really sweet.
  • In The Cat in the Hat review, The Critic's speech about why Dr. Seuss's books are more than just "simple children's books" and why they deserve more respect. Extra points for Evilina saying she likes the book more than the movie.
  • In his Top 11 Countdown of his favorite South Park episodes, he chose "Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants" as #1 not because it's the best written, but because it was the first that aired after 9/11 and the anthrax attacks that followed, and that when the American people were in their darkest hour, South Park came and taught them to laugh again.
    • In his number two slot is "All About Mormons", which he praises for its accurate portrayal of Mormons as having weird beliefs but being so nice. He can't think of ever encountering an asshole Mormon, or even an asshole who's ever met a Mormon.
  • At the end of his Jurassic Park review, despite pointing out the movie's flaws and making fun of them, the Critic gushes over the film.
  • Him doing a near 180 degree opinion change upon realizing that A.I.: Artificial Intelligence was made as close to Kubrick's vision of it as possible, ending with him viewing it as a Crowning Moment of Friendship on Spielberg's part.
  • His fluctuating and ultimately triumphant relationship with the Fart Joke from The Master of Disguise.
    • His concern over Jennifer Esposito after seeing her being mocked for having a small butt and his relief to hear that she's doing well.
  • His admission that even though he did not like Power Rangers, there's nothing wrong with the amount of fans it has enjoying it, being as much their fun, silly escapist show as ones like Ninja Turtles and The Transformers were for him.
  • His on-the-fly tribute to the late Roger Ebert. Filmed the same day Ebert died, and still heartwarming.
    Critic: I'm the Nostalgia Critic, and you will always be remembered. —>It's also sweet how he eschews his theme song in favor of silence during the end credits out of respect.
  • Pointing out the hypocrisy of the Sailor Moon dub being completely okay with sexualising minors, but cutting out the lesbian couple.
  • Paw and Elisa's romantic duet, given the Reality Subtext of their engagement.
  • Critic praising the character development and action of Avatar: The Last Airbender in contrast to the countless exposition the characters spout, their poor development, and the slow, poorly edited action scenes in The Last Airbender. In fact he loves the original series so much that he decides that the adaptation isn't really hurting the franchise, because the original series still exists and is still perfect. There is nothing that the movie could do to make it any less.
  • For all the complaints he has about the Bridge to Terabithia movie's romanticized Mundane Made Awesome scenes, he praises how well the film handles Jess's reaction to his friend Leslie's death, as it realistically shows what any kid Jess's age would go through in such a situation without sugarcoating anything.
    • He also completely snaps when one of Jess' Jerkass classmates teases him about it, and strongly encourages Jess to forget just once that violence isn't the answer and punch him, which he does.
  • Near the end of The Shining mini-series review, Rachel points out that while the mini-series was nowhere near as good as the film there was something in it that was done better; Jack's character and his downward spiral into madness.
    • Even when he's scared too, Malcolm trying to see if Rachel's okay after Critic's abuse is freaking her out.
  • His whole review of the highly controversial Man of Steel alongside Angry Joe. While Doug personally hated it, he still brings in Joe to defend it. The two even agree on a number of controversial points. Then, after revealing at the end he still doesn't like the movie, he goes into a long speech about why someone like Joe would. The whole review tries to see things from a different point of view, which is rare and admirable.
  • At the beginning of the Eight Crazy Nights review, the Nostalgia Critic takes the time to express his sympathies to the Jewish people not only for being the collective kicked dogs of bigots everywhere, but the lack of any good, well-known Hanukkah movies to his knowledge.
    • Also his constant reiterations that the animation is just too good for a film like this. You can tell he thinks it's just wasted on such a movie when it's actually good quality art.
  • In "The Top 12 Santa Clauses" he launches into the statosphere like Superman out of sheer joy that it's time for Christmas again!With his... personality changes ever since the revival, it's nice to see some things will never change; Critic will always turn into a squeeing pile of goo at Christmas.
    • In a heartwarming-funny way, the fact that quite a few of the tops Santas are from movies the Critic doesn't really like and admits to not liking despite loving the Santa. Heck, his top pick is from a movie he admits was not very good: Ernest Saves Christmas. What makes you Santa does not depend on your movie for this guy. It's just if you're an awesome Santa.
  • In his review of The Christmas Tree, Critic is incensed with the phoned-in moral of "You always win if you are good" and goes on to explain that Christmas is all about putting effort into making other people happy. He then goes towards his friends, his brother Rob, and even his parents, where they all wish the viewer a happy holiday, followed by Critic saying that Christmas, no matter what religion you're a part of, is all about humanity.
  • While he goes back to being an asshole at the end, he genuinely looks upset in the beginning of “Why Lie About Santa” when a load of kids (who he says shouldn't be watching him) cry at being told Santa's not real.
  • He declares Arthur Christmas to be a new timeless classic and the whole review is positive about it. You can tell the film really hit what he loves about Christmas.

  • The end of the Face/Off video is basically Doug's impromptu farewell to Rachel, and he has nothing but nice things to say about her. She even appears via Skype, and is happy to have been part of the team.
    • Fridge Heartwarming: The framing device is the Critic accidentally deleting Rachel's original farewell video. While he initially tries to cover his own ass and force Rachel to fly back from California to redo it, a Gilligan Cut reveals he yielded to her request to instead change it into something she could do from a different state.
  • Including Spoony in the review of The Wicker Man (2006). And if you listen to the commentaries, you know he was also going to be in The Shining before it ran too long.
  • The "Top 11 Strangest (Yet Best) Couples". A catalog of some of the weirdest romantic pairings movies and TV have given us, with a genuine analysis of why they all work so well, and why we want them to be happy together.
  • The Alice in Wonderland (2010) review has a particular touching moment, when we see his Burton Corner. The idea that Tim Burton was a director that he loved and admired so much he decided to do tributes to him like this is quite charming.
    • More generally, Doug's portrayal of Burton in the episode. The episode portrays Burton as a talented and reasonable person who admits his flaws but is still proud of his work, and Critic is seen as in the wrong for instantly unlearning the lesson of "when artists make crap it doesn't mean you should stop liking them".
  • While they're in a crappy situation, it's sweet in Disney Afternoon the concern Malcolm and Tamara show for each other whenever one gets beaten or emotionally abused by Critic.
  • In his "Old vs. New" video for the Spider-Man Trilogy and The Amazing Spider-Man, the ordinarily cynical Critic is so moved by Peter and Gwen's love story that he can't help but describe Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone's onscreen chemistry as "precious".
    Critic: On top of that, I'm just gonna say it: Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy? They're just fucking adorable! I mean, I have no problem believing that both these two are in love. Their chemistry is beyond precious. They made me use the word "precious"! That's how good it is!
  • Doug's display of Chicago pride in Blues Brothers 2000. The pride and love he has for his home state and the original movie is touching.
  • In The Monster Squad, Tamara defeats the reality monster making them depressed and he and his token group go back to gushing over how awesome it is and how it exemplifies everything both super awesome and entertainingly stupid about The '80s.
  • In the Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer review, when he finds out the evil cousin Mel is selling Grandma's store for millions, he yells at the people who want to keep the money because they should have given the profits to charity, help the hungry not go to bed starving and just help out the unfortunate.
    • While it bites her in the ass later, Tamara's disgust at Critic being kept sedated and him not being allowed to celebrate how he wants to, no matter how loudly.
    • In real life heartwarming, the stockings Doug's family has. Erin and Robin (Rob's wife and Doug's wife, respectively) are included, and Doug's one is called “Dougy”.

  • After almost a year of Chester and Critic being very distant (most of the times we've seen him in the reboot are on the streets even though the Critic gave him a home, and the last time they actually shared a review was Transformers: Age of Extinction, which had Critic mistreating Chester hard), the opening scene of The Matrix review features Chester and Critic in his studio, having a drink and causally talking about the eponymous movies. Not only was it sweet to see these two have a friendly conversation before the review, it was just so satisfying seeing these two interact with each other again.
  • Even though it's his fault as he's treated them terribly (and will most likely continue), Critic's Pet the Dog moment at the end of The Matrix Revolutions of realizing Tamara and Malcolm are smiling after having not for a long while.
    • While it's self serving because he's scared of what they'll do to him, his asking them if they're okay and not taken over by anything at the start of the review.
  • After reviewing The Haunted Mansion (2003), he says the real shame is that a movie based on the attraction really does have a ton of potential, and he hopes that Disney tries again someday with the same amount of effort that Pirates of the Caribbean got.
  • The ending to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) review with The Nerd. After Santa Christ states that the TMNT Toys came first without a story, Critic and Nerd realize that the reason it was so popular was because the idea was so memorable. That's why there's so much TMNT stuff around. In the end, they decide that while Michael Bay's TMNT is bad, it's not the last note for the TMNT franchise.
  • In Jupiter Ascending, after the joke in the opening about people supposedly complaining over nothing and that Tamara!Lana should be played by a man, he speechifies later that Lana really should be proud of transitioning and raising awareness for trans women, his only problem is that she can't write women well. Even more so when you remember in a previous video he accidentally refers to them as the Wachowski brothers well after the news of Lana's transition. Also from the opening, the fact that the three of them are all flexible on their genders and happy to play other ones.
  • In the Jurassic World review, despite his generally lukewarm view on the film, the Critic's absolutely massive Squee and the Triumphant Reprise of "The T-Rex Song" when Rexie makes her triumphant return is definitely heartwarming.
  • While Played for Laughs, Critic in “The Review Must Go On” review comparing Donnie's Trauma Conga Line to Atreyu in The Neverending Story. Poor guy had such a hard life, it's at least nice for Critic to acknowledge that he was an Iron Woobie like the latter character.
  • Although the Critic does poke fun at the backstory for the cause of the movie The Adventures Of Shark Boy And Lava Girl, he does acknowledge that the film did came out of a sincere, well-intentioned effort for the director and producer to give his son a gift and tribute.
    • He also takes the time to otherwise praise Robert Rodriguez as a very talented filmmaker and state his respect for how he's able to make so much with very little due to great effort and creativity, even if it didn't succeed in this case.
  • Referencing the recent country-wide legalization of gay marriage while reviewing Planet of the Apes (2001), especially if you've seen Doug's video about his real thoughts on Congo where he gushes over the ruling and Rob shares that he's been like that ever since it happened.
  • In the editorial for "Are Kids Shows Better Than Ever", he pays tribute to Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and Steven Universe for being amazing shows that teach kids about mental illness, east-Asian philosophy, identity issues, political issues and sexuality in ways that 80s/90s shows couldn't do.
    • Specifically he singles out "I Remember You" giving people in reality who have dealt with someone they love getting dementia, catharsis for their pain.
  • In Pixels, Shya-Amon and Critic being sorta friends, with Shya thanking Critic for showing him how to do his schtick in reverse.
    • In the behind the scenes, Tamara not wanting to actually slap Doug despite Rob and Barney saying it's fine.
  • At the end of his review for the Garfield movie, the Critic makes a completely sincere statement about how much he loves the character, even when he's featured in more flawed works. He goes on to say that the movie was the first time he had ever felt betrayed by Garfield.
  • Meta example. Nerd/Critic was the ship that started the LGBT Fanbase, so to get a confirmation in The Smurfsnote  is just neat.
  • In his editorial When Does a Joke Go Too Far? he mentions Gilbert Gottfried as being one of the infamous people who have taken their jokes too far, and while the Critic has been visibly annoyed by him in the past, he admits that just because Gottfried has said the wrong thing doesn't mean he's a bad person.
  • It's a weird example but the fact that Hyper Fan Girl has decided to lead an odd Tom Hardy fan club in the Mad Max: Fury Road review shows that she's at least accepted Critic's wishes and has moved on from him. Also at the end, she goes off with Devil Boner which is cool for two reasons: she seems to finally get that she can be attracted to someone without having to force love, and unlike Critic he's actually open to having a relationship with her. Hopefully the Character Development lasts.
    • In The Phantom Phantom Of The Opera (the next review she has a major role in), she's taken steps back (a lot of it aided by the analysts telling her she's worthless if she moves on) and is still trying to manipulate Critic, but she's dating Devil Boner and they seem happy together.
    • While the entire review is a love letter to Fury Road, Critic realizing that there's not one scene of it that he would skip because everything about it is perfect, adding that he could hardly think of any other movie that actually achieved anything like that.
    • Going with the movie's concept of Show, Don't Tell, the whole meninist plot and Curiosa is defending and celebrating Furiosa and the wives' existence in the film.
  • In Event Horizon, he discusses and shows the massive amount of gory images in the rough cut, and while he defends them as at least would make the film unique, beforehand he gives a time code for anyone who can't deal with that much horrifying imagery and can skip to that time if they choose.
  • 90's Kid's cameo in the Hocus Pocus episode. To clarify, 90's Malcolm is sad he'll be lonely in such a different time, Critic introduces him to 90s Kid and they're happily Totally Radical together.
    • In a meta sense, how there's no easy “man in drag” jokes with Doug!Winifred and the witch is treated like a woman. Even in behind the scenes, the others are weirded out by Doug in the dress/wig/make-up but tell him (much to his pleasure) that he looks great, which is also sweet. And in Fan World 2016, he talked about coming out of the make-up chair and being really happy with how Bette Midler-like he looked.
  • Much like Doug admitting in the year's Finland con that commercials help with his anxiety, Why Do We Holiday So Early has him talk about if he's feeling in a depressed mood, he'll put on Christmas songs and they'll make him happier.
  • In Conquest Of The Commercials, when a girl gets a little too snuggly with her barbie, he recommends Steven Universe and The Legend of Korra to “help her out”.
    • It doesn't last but seeing Critic going into full on Adorkable mode when he encounters animation legend Don Bluth is very sweet to see. For one thing it shows that, despite hating a few of his movies, Critic will always love and respect Bluth. Secondly, this is pretty clearly Doug speaking more than Critic (or at least just as much as).
    • His reaction to seeing the engaged sous chef get massive burns in a PSA can count as this, given that he was genuinely happy that she was marrying a man she loved and that she just got massive burns from someone's mistake of not cleaning a grease spot while carrying a pot of boiling water, he really does care.
  • Don Bluth sharing some insight into his work on the Dragon's Lair games, coupled with Doug helping him out with his proposed film adaptation after his first crowd-sourcing attempt failed. It gets better when you recall Doug and Rob's video about Bluth's films where they wished he would make at least one more.
  • Critic's speech at the end of Christmas With The Kranks is essentially a reminder to not hate yourself for what you've done in the past, with the strong implication that he's speaking from experience. Also that he recognizes we don't necessarily change for the better, but things will change, which makes it a lot more powerful than if he just acted like everything is always fine.
    • Despite how badly both versions of him have treated them, Tamara and Malcolm comforting young-Critic when he's heartbroken about nobody liking him.
  • In The Force Awakens review trailer, Malcolm/Finn's surprised smile as he takes his stormtrooper helmet off and realizes that “whoa, I'm a black guy” is oddly endearing.

  • At the end of Lady in the Water, Critic, Tamara, and Malcolm all indulging Shyamalan (who ends up as an endearing Ed Wood type) by listening to him talking about how great his movie is.
  • The Critic reviewing Labyrinth — not as a bad movie, but as a tribute to the late David Bowie.
    "I'm the Nostalgia Critic, and wild is the wind, baby."
  • In the Oscars ad for TubiTv, praising Some Like It Hot for portraying LGBT stuff positively in the 50s, and comparing it to Steven Universe.
  • In a twisted way, Critic's Villainous Friendships with both the Devil and Bennie in Spawn, giving the former tips on how to be evil and enjoying his hell trips, and having the latter's phone number. Note that he repeated his hate for Hyper and what she did to him just a few episodes prior.
  • In the Cats & Dogs behind the scenes, Doug tries to teach Tamara a ball trick that he assumes if he can do it easy then everyone can, and when she can't (though she can juggle and he can't), he's surprised and Malcolm tells him he's very talented.
  • Putting a content warning in the editorial on the comic book incarnation of the Mask, due to the extreme amounts of gore.
  • Small, but in The Phantom of the Opera (2004), but when Critic and Tim laugh at the movie, Critic cuts it to tell Tim that he's actually having fun. Especially when the past two times he's done this before is with Hyper and he shows later that he still has problems with both these contexts.
    • While Tim is dubbed over by Doug, real life couple Beth/Tim's song “All The Movie Asks Of You”. There's even a Reality Subtext nod to them being engaged. Plus there's an eskimo kiss between them at the end and it's just precious.
    • What-she-did-to-Critic mess aside, HyperBoner squeefully going on a date to Pottery Barn is adorable. Plus, as Pottery Barn is a furniture store and given what they're like as a couple, it stands to reason that they've moved in together and that's just precious.
  • In the WTR: Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain'', he says he actually admires the writers for being forced into a situation that they didn't want and still giving it their all.
  • In the Pixels commentary, how they all make it clear they find clipless reviews more enjoyable; especially Doug, who says that if he has to do a straight riffing episode that's okay, but he gets far more excited at these ones.
    • It's pretty adorable when Doug praises Tamara's Little Black Dress and she says he can borrow it any time, with Rob adding on that he probably already has.
  • In the Mad Max: Fury Road commentary, how warm and happy Doug sounds when he says that this is his favorite review and he could rewatch it a million times.
    • After Devil Boner's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the meninists, Doug thinking that the character probably won't go to activist rallies any time soon, but just sees himself as an ally to cool stuff like feminism and doesn't want to be involved with useless prejudiced douchebros.
  • In The Force Awakens commentary, how much Malcolm and Tamara loved being their characters, with Malcolm introducing himself as Malcolm Boyega and Tamara introducing herself as "Rey's biggest fan".
  • In the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice charity shout-out end, Doug not showing the footage of the charity he's talking about (a place that kills jiggers, a flea that burrows through your foot and eats you alive), because it's just too horrifying.
    • If you followed any of Tamara's social media accounts, you'll know how much she loved playing Wonder Woman.
  • In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice behind the scenes, Doug and Tamara hug each other, and Joe says it's like they haven't seen each other in ages. Extra cute is Doug joking he's actually scaling back and normally squees all over her.
  • In the Phantom commentary, how much Doug loves the Hyper-Boner ship, and saying that more of their relationship is coming because there's so much he feels he can do with it. Both Beth and fandom Squee.
    • Doug comparing working with Rob (where they shout jokes at the movie and then he's left alone to work everything out) to working with Beth (where they worked on it completely together) and saying that the latter was a really cool experience. They also thank each other at the end for giving the opportunity to do it, and they both really love the episode.
  • Hyper and Devil Boner as a couple in "Old vs New Cinderella''. They complement each other's insanity, Devil Boner wants to defend his girlfriend and calls her the more attractive woman out of her and Critic, he's actually helped her with (a little bit more) empathy and their pet names are extremeTM but adorable.
    • They have the cutest "I love you" exchange when she gives him a better gun to kill Benny with. As a bonus, he even presents it to her so she can kiss it for luck, which she does.
    Devil Boner: I love you, skullcrusher!
    Hyper: I love you, turtle duck!
    • Even this picture is adorable, look at that loving gaze of hers.
    • Everyone putting aside their differences to watch Ever After together after the review.
    • At the end, Devil Boner reassures Hyper she's an honorary dude amidst the "real men" in the movie night and she's grateful.
    • You knew it was coming from Doug's Disneycember and the Sibling Rivalry, but Critic defending the animated Cinderella for being stronger and more relatable/empowering than people give her credit for.
  • In the whitewashing editorial, he defends the Wachowski sisters for probably the first time in regards to Cloud Atlas, saying that as trans women, they'd understand being in the wrong body better than anyone. Even if you dislike the film, that's pretty touching.
    • In general, a lot of marginalized fans were relieved at him being on the side of "black/asian/trans/little/disabled actors should get more opportunities to work". As one might expect, most of the SJ side of tumblr welcomed it with open arms as it was a lot of their sentiments in one video.
  • In the Top 11 Disney Princess Conspiracy Theories, throwing his support in for Elsa having a girlfriend because young gay girls deserve representation.
    • He says Mulan should be at the center with a sword leading the army instead of off to the side in the line-up. All the nicer as Doug doesn't even rate her movie that highly.
    • The editorial in general, as he clearly loves and admires all the women featured.
  • In Jem and the Holograms (2015), even though Rob Scallon was using his own music to manipulate him, Critic hoping that he was safe and understanding how it feels to think you've been Defiled Forever.
  • In Scooby Doo 2, how he really (in a non-fetishizing way) wants Velma to be a lesbian, even complaining there's no #GiveVelmaAGirlfriend hashtag and feeling guilty when she's in a catsuit and he wants to get with her.
  • During the filming of Alvin and the Chipmunks, Tamara being so happy to have Aiyanna and Heather with her.
  • In Connecticon 2016, Tamara saying that Hyper couldn't be stolen away by anyone in the room because she's in love with Devil Boner.

  • the WTR: Teddy Ruxpin ending, with a lot of people thanking him for the aesop and saying it helped with anxiety.
  • In Wild Wild West, when he sees Kevin Kline in drag, he at first assumes it's a trans woman and is nice about it even though he notes the unfunniness and Politically Correct History.
    • The abused kids show up by themselves, and Critic actually seems to care about them, saying he's sorry.
  • His editorial on reviewing all the Looney Tunes movies. He actually has some good things to say about Space Jam for all the flak he's given it in the past. Many people consider that a guilty pleasure and he seems to understand more why some people like it.
  • In his editorial on "Is Weird The New Brilliant?", he shows clips from great modern cartoons like he did in another editorial about them...and finally shows some from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He had made many jokes about the show, but this is the first time he really showed true respect for such a beloved series.
    • Critic gushing over Bojack Horseman, calling it one of the best shows ever.
  • In the Indy Pop Con 2016 panel, Tamara cutting the "we hate Rachel" joke by reassuring that she's still her best friend, and happily giving the news that she's just accepted an internship in Florida.
  • In The THIRD Animated Titanic Movie, it's sweet that when Tamara wants to be Marilyn Monroe, Critic says that's it's his show so Malcolm would play her, and Malcolm's happy about this.
  • In The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, while Malcolm just wants Critic to kill himself correctly, Tamara's genuinely concerned for him and wants him to get better.
  • In the Nostalgiaween 2016 intro the nostalgia critic honoured Gravity Falls by parodying its famous intro (for those who don't know both Doug and Rob were fans of the show and were both saddened when the series ended but understood the reasons for why the show had to end).
  • In the Dreamcatcher behind the scenes, Doug loves Tamara so much and apologizes to her so much for messing up the shot that Rob tells him to put a ring on it.
  • At the end of Freddy vs. Jason, Bay and Snyder have a lot of take thats aimed at them, but the fact that they're clearly gay and into each other is not treated as a bad thing at all, and the narrator reassures them they'll figure it out.
    • Hyper Boner is still very much a thing, fawning over each other (and clearly sexing offscreen by the sounds they're making) instead of the fight that Critic wanted.
    Hyper: I love you, sugar cube!
    Devil Boner: I love you, spiky chain!
  • In Battle Of The Commercials, both explaining that his problem with the earlier Canadian commercials is less that he doesn't want to know about these issues and more that he's terrified of what's happening, and being endeared by the idea of cute house hippos.
  • At the end of "The Twelve Best Christmas Commercials", after putting the 2014 WW1 Sainsburys advert at the top, he sweetly tells us "I'm the Nostalgia Critic, and let's remember it together". Especially as a few weeks beforehand, Doug promised Critic would be a safe place for people scared over Trump, and seems to be keeping his word.
  • In Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas, how much he loves Penny from the original show, wishing she'd get the credit she deserved.
  • The dedication at the beginning of the Rogue One review to Carrie Fisher, who passed away two days before it was uploaded.
    • Post review, Critic is sitting in his office reading the "Princess Leia" comic in tribute to Carrie Fisher's passing.
  • In his holiday Q&A, Jim says that his favorite thing is when the actors feel empowered by the costumes he makes, like Tamara in her Furiosa costume.
  • It's not saying much, and Chester deserves the rant, but Critic genuinely upset and feeling bad in Dreamcatcher about assuming Chester's mental issues are the result of him being an alien.
  • In I'll Be Home for Christmas, Chester explains to Critic that he has to stop making reviews because he's fallen in love with another homeless woman. The couple buys Critic a Mara Wilson book with the ten dollars they got. In a surprising bit of kindness, Critic grants him the request and even lets him stick around inside while he finishes the review, and they sweet talk each other and express glee over sitting on a real couch.
    • Extra points Critic for telling Chester and Doe that they're always welcome, like 80s Dan told him at the end of Scooby Doo.
    • Just the idea that they both chipped in the little money they had to give the Critic something special for the holidays. Rather than use it for themselves, they spend it on someone who's like a friend to them.
    • As per tradition, Critic brings a message for the viewer. After having to deal with a douche bag character for a majority of the review with his intention to make the Critic hate him, Critic simply says that he won't hate him because it's just too easy. He then goes on about how easy it is to hate someone and that the movie fails because of the fact that the characters aren't relatable, therefore making most of their good deeds pointless.
    Critic: Nobody knows what the future holds. But two things are guaranteed. There's gonna be a lot of anger and there's gonna be a lot of love. Use them wisely.

  • Slightly weird example but his portrayal of Ralph Bakshi in the Cool World review. Much like his portrayal of Burton in the Alice review, Ralph is definitely quirky and insane but he's also surprisingly insightful at times (especially when he talks what Cool World was originally supposed to be about) and the episode points out that most of what made Cool World bad was not his fault in the slightest.
    • When Critic thinks Bakshi is dead, he originally plans a tribute review similar to the Bowie example above by reviewing American Pop, which he thinks is a great film of his.
  • In the Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakquel review, Critic wants Chester and Doe to argue with each other (to replicate how the Chipmunks' and Chipettes' relationship is so different in the movie). They can't go beyond sweet talking each other in an angry tone of voice.
    Doe: (forced anger) You are the most handsome man in the world! (Chester starts crying)
    Critic: Why did that insult him?
    Doe: I usually say "in the universe."
  • Even during their fight in "Old Vs New: Evil Dead", Hyper and Devil Boner still openly love each other, bonding over tying up Critic, Devil Boner reassuring her that she'll get to use her "chainsaw for a hand" card, Hyper implying she still wants to make love with him later, and still giving each other cute/violent nicknames. They admit at the end they hate fighting with each other, and it's said this is the first disagreement they've had after dating for over a year. Luckily they have proper couples' therapy with Bill and happily rush outside to do "together stuff".
    • Devil Boner is genuinely distressed that he killed the Hyper puppet, and they try to come up with a proper burial for her.
    • When Devil Boner is going to cut off his own hand, Hyper looks genuinely terrified for him, which is the first time we've really seen her so concerned for anybody's well being.
    • While he does ignore Critic's request for backup to do so, Benny is still glad to hang out with Hyper and Devil Boner and talk about the Evil Dead movies.
  • When Aunt Despair abandons the pigtailed daughter at the end of the Balto review, Critic finds another home for her by giving her to Chester, who cheers about being a mother and enthusiastically hugs her. The girl starts crying, but the fact she's presumably moving from a loveless household to live with someone so upbeat and loving is cathartic. She even gets the nickname "Bum Jr.!"
    • It's also heartwarming that Critic takes the time to shed some light on the other dogsled teams that took part in the Great Serum Run, giving them their due, and he notes that while the movie is corny and definitely embellished, it did help teach a whole generation of kids about an amazing historical event they wouldn't otherwise have known about at all.
    • Chester happily calling himself a mother, when Doug had said out of universe that he considered Chester a trans woman.
  • Hyper constantly gushing over Devil Boner and their domestic life in her Q&A video. Her computer's background image is a picture of him and her from the Cinderella review, and she blows a kiss towards his picture.
    • Her sureness that she and Devil Boner will get married after all they've been through and how well they balance each other out.
    • She gets super happy to talk about her fandoms, particularly the Spider-Man reboot, and it's sweet to see her fangirl over something without being creepy.
    • The memory of her first "Hyper Fan moment": going to Disneyland as a little kid and seeing the fat gargoyle from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
    • Apparently developing past her Female Misogynist phase, she has a mini-rant about how much she loves women (including her younger sisters), and admits to having multiple girl crushes, especially on Carrie Fisher.
    • Benny lives in their basement, and she considers him and Bill family along with Devil Boner and her cats. When asked to describe him in ten words, she goes with "Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, friend."
    • When asked where she sees herself in ten years, Hyper says she loves where she is right now in life, and the only improvement would be a castle. Nice step up from her former depressed self.
    • How happy she gets when her cat (portrayed by Ike) walks in, and she snuggles him in classic Tamara fashion.
    • It's still bad and slightly rapey considering how much she enjoys him tied up, but considering what she's like, changing her "how much does Critic charge for a kiss" answer from "just take it!" to "ask first".
    • Her talk of the dates they've had, like loving Beauty and the Beast (2017) and having a whole theater to themselves, and shooting birds from a hot air balloon.
  • Even though Critic acknowledges most incarnations have him treat her like shit, watching Jim!Joker and Aiyanna!Harley's romantic moments in the Suicide Squad (2016) review is sweet out of context. Pairing her off with Bill at the end manages to be heartwarming without the poor implications.
    • Considering how much he loves Secret of NIMH, it's sweet that he has a pet mouse named Mrs. Brisby. Or, had, that is.
    • The pic of Dinosaur!Rob/Killer Croc hugging with Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky and Petrie was hilarious as it was cute.
  • Critic's speech at the end of the Wonder Woman (2017) review, where he's commends the film for showcasing somebody who wants to be a hero not just because of personal trauma, but just because they want to help people, which the audience can look up to.
    • While it's played as a humorous Mood Whiplash, the fact Tamara's Wonder Woman is diabetic like Tamara in real life, and Critic respects it.
  • In Norm of the North, while he's having a freakout because he thinks Bill has gone, Critic actually having someone to look after him and make sure he keeps himself going when his own parents were so abusive.
  • Critic celebrated ten years in 2017, and Doug's main thing in the celebration video is being thankful for people listening to him, whether they're giving him positive or negative attention.
  • At Conbravo 2017, he mentioned having a first experience with gender neutral bathrooms and thought it was amazing, just that he assumed said bathroom was femme-aligned non-binary/trans people and he would like one for male-aligned non binary. Malcolm also thinks it’s awesome.
  • His reaction to the first episode of DuckTales (2017), especially the fact the show will delve into the mystery surrounding Huey, Dewey, and Louie's parents.
    Critic: We're actually gonna do this?! We're actually going to explain who Huey, Dewey, and Louie's parents are?! DuckTales WOO HOO! This reboot is everything you'd want it to be. It's funny, it's creative, it's modern, it's retro, it's classic, it's new, it has great animation with charming characters.
  • At the end of Green Lantern (2011), Devil Boner proposing to Hyper after beating the shit out of a Deadpool cosplayer who tried to grope her.
  • In a rarity for them, the Chart Guys casually planning a date involving math in the IT remake review was very sweet.
  • Doug and James are happy about the Gender Flip of The Mummy (2017), as original monster line-up was a sausage fest, but are disappointed that her motive makes no sense.
  • Bum Jr makes a cameo in War Of The Commercials and aside from listening to inappropriate Disney voices, seems a lot happier.
    • Critic getting really upset and angry at the RSPCA for showing an advert where the announcer says to give them money or they'll have to kill the dog. And unlike the Canada PSA where he comes across as making fun of the rape stats, he goes into detail about how it doesn't get the message across.
  • The Grand Finale of the Christmas Freak Out has a (still bloodthirsty) Critic killing a Christmas demon because Tamara and Malcolm are hurt and about to die.
  • Critic trying to have a nice Christmas dinner in the Home Alone 2: Lost in New York review with the sweater family and Bum family, having kept his promise to the latter from last year to let them visit him anytime.
    • Bum Jr. returns under the care of Chester and Doe, incredibly happy despite her poor living conditions. Her parents even defend her from her previous caretakers' crude remarks and Blatant Lies about not abandoning her.
    • Critic is worried throughout the whole review that the families will be at each others' throats if they bring up any controversial topics. He leaves, and comes back to see that they ended up in a heated debate about homelessness...but put their biases aside to accept each others' differences. Soon after, when Critic has a freakout for 26 hours over everyone hating Christmas Crunch, neither family holds it against him. Critic being so anxious, scared he's ruined everything, and Uncle Lies/Aunt Despair (who have been nothing but abusive to him before) calling him a good kid is one of the nicest Pet the Dog moments on the show.
    • The Tim Curry gayly really getting around scene is made hella endearing by the kids giggling and Critic smiling at them enjoying themselves.
    • Critic making up for mistreating Cliff in Monkeybone by sharing a pizza with him when the kid timidly asks.
    • While no doubt he was always going to make fun, Critic stopping his Mara Wilson Aesop Amnesia and talking about the bad situation Macaulay Culkin was in resulting in robot performance.
    • During the Critic's rant about how much he likes Christmas Crunch, Aunt Despair hands her bottle of booze to her son.
    • Doe is also covering a retraumatized Bum Jr's ears.
    • When Santa Christ is delivering the Critic his Christmas meal, he suspiciously asks if he can come inside, only for the Critic to warn him that he probably shouldn't. Santa Christ actually takes the Critic's word for it and agrees to leave, which is all pretty tame compared their more recent interactions.
    • Critic quickly commending the #MeToo movement for being people of the year.
  • In It (2017), Jason breaking character to point out he's married.

  • In the Critic's review of Batman Forever, he makes it clear at the end that while he doesn't always like Joel Schumacher's films, he does like him and considers him a nice, down to earth guy. Which makes it quite tragic when the Red Lobster fatally shoots "The Macher" at the end of the review.
    • It's a Brian/Doug crossover so of course Demo Reel was going to be mentioned, but it being praised for not whitewashing and comparing it to Lego Batman was a definite sweet. It's a rare non-bitter reference at least.
    • In the real thoughts, Doug making a point (even when Rob says it's not necessary) to say he only dislikes the movies, not Schumacher or Nolan, and he understands the former's bowing down to the studio and can't imagine the stress Christopher Nolan went through to have a shooting at a screening of your film.
  • In Michael Levesque’s Project Mystery, it’s sweet how casually normal Critic finds it to cast Malcolm as women and Tamara as men.
  • The Hyper Boner wedding in Chipwrecked. Hyper is literally glowing as she walks down the aisle, both of them are completely enamored with each other during the ceremony, and in a rarity for the show, they share a kiss onscreen.
    • In the end of the episode, Devil Boner offers to change his name to Devil Fangirl just to make Hyper happy when the Hyper Boner puns start to irritate them both. He assures her that he doesn't want her to have to change anything about herself as they agree to keep their last names before passing out on the floor together.
    • Even though one of them is at Critic having to be her Butler of Honor, Hyper happy stimming throughout her wedding ceremony.
    • A bit of Fridge Heartwarming: Doe says she already knows that the wedding flowers are smokeable, which suggests that she might have caught the bouquet.
    • Tamara's accompanying wedding vlog, with the cameos congratulating Hyper Boner and the married couple hugging each other tightly.
    • Benny's Not So Stoic moment of calling Hyper beautiful when she's walking down the aisle.
  • When it felt like sexual assault news was coming out every day Tamara talked about Doug and company making sure she was alright and what they could do to help/be more accountable.
  • In Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, despite him loving TMNT for longer, he shows his love and respect for SU and AT's mixing progressive, drama and comedy.
  • In his review of Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie he mentions Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and doesn't say anything bad about it at all, considering how much he hated it in his review. Like Space Jam, this is a work many people consider a guilty pleasure.
  • Doug revealing his new kitten Chaplin, who is naturally freaking adorable. Especially in the commercial break for The Powerpuff Girls Movie when Doug dubs in Chaplin's very excited voice calling everybody and everything great.
  • At the end of A Wrinkle in Time (2018), Doug is actually fairly positive about the movie. He even mentions that he approves of the acting in the movie, but considers most of it misplaced and goes on to list more appropriate types of movies for the performances given. That's going one step beyond.
  • The very title of the 'The Most HATED Nutcracker Movie Ever Made' review. Considering how many times in the past Doug's said something was 'The WORST Ever', it's comforting to see this change of attitude. Even if he doesn't like it, that doesn't mean nobody else does, which is a point he's had to make numerous times in the past regarding movies he's hated. It's not necessarily 'the worst', but it is 'the most hated'.
    • Rachel visits and Doug, Tamara, Malcolm and her all scream-Squee over each other. The people in question have said how much they're True Companions in real life, to the point of excluding other friends/siblings (though they're still very loved), and it really shows as they hilariously lampshade.
    • Rachel subjects everyone to filming a very disturbing remake of Home Alone as inspired by the batshit and Darker and Edgier subject of the video. However, Rachel is never actually abusive towards everyone and remains through and through affable and kind if not misguided, something the Critic lampshades by telling Rachel that in spite of her insane ideas, she is still a good person.
    • Throughout the review, the regulars all casually mention watching their favorite Christmas special at the new location. Come the end of the review, they decide to just skip to the best part... cue the review of "The Christmas Tree" popping up, specifically the scene with Sandra's comments about helping those who are having a rough time at Christmas.
      Sandra: Uh, you know, this is the time of year to reach out to someone else that's lonely, or having a hard time, and do something nice for them. Because when you do that, you will feel less lonely inside of yourself as well. It's the perfect time year to do something for somebody else and think of others.
      Critic: That's really nice, mom, thanks so much. Merry Christmas.
      Barney and Sandra: Merry Christmas!
      Doug: Let's watch it again.
      (Cut to black)
      For Mom
    • This also adds some Fridge Heartwarming to the decision to avoid saying "fuck" on the show for a full season, Doug often mentions how much their mother hated swearing on the show.

  • Given Devil Boner's super Real Men Wear Pink, Doug revealing that the inspiration for him was actually a cool anime girl, Alita from Battle Angel Alita.
  • After "Why Is Loki So Hot" was so weirdly bitter, he does far better in "When Did Marvel Villains Get So Good", only devoting a short time to Loki but getting why he's beloved and hot and encouraging fangirls to enjoy themselves when he details why the god is the baseline for other great Marvel villains.
  • Doug’s ending sum-up of his X-Men: The Animated Series cartoon review, going back to the reason he’s always given for being grateful to the show.
    Doug: Whether an outcast, a fighter, or both, X-Men knew how to tell stories that made an impact on kids that lasted into adulthood.
  • The utter astonished delight on Critic’s face at Wolverine’s (really hot) intro in X-Men movie is just… cute, especially when it’s mixed in with the fact that he’s happy at the anti-mutant senator getting punished and “reversal gay conversion therapyed”.
    Critic as Patrick Stewart: I’m not going to say I’m enjoying this, I’m relishing it.
  • Awesome too, partly because of Heather’s "I can do it better" burn, but like Loki earlier in the year, Sailor Moon gets a fairer shake in the Toonami retrospective, with Heather gushing about a girl power show she grew up with and after his initial arrogance, Critic being happy to hear about it.
  • In Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, the joke is that he pissed everyone off with a hugely drawn out joke, but Critic being all happy emotional and hugging Malcolm then including Tamara in a group hug is very adorable.
  • Doug’s done plenty of good charities, but the end of Hop is the first time he advertised something that was designed to be a space for marginalized creators and the diverse characters they create.
  • While panning Mary Poppins Returns, the Critic dives into detail about why the original film worked. Through all of his analysis, it shows just how much he loves the original film for its energy and depth. And yet he's entirely open with the idea of change, perfectly happy to praise what the sequel does right, and eagerly suggesting changes that would have improved the movie. Even though he's tearing the movie apart, he genuinely would've loved it if the movie had been good.
  • The Critic reviews Movie 43, considered one of the worst films ever made. He doesn't exactly agree with the sentiment as he's seen worse comedies and is generally more sad about what he's discovered to be a passion project turned into a series of wasted talent.
    • He gets to what he considers the worst skit, the one where Chloë Grace Moretz gets a period. Irritated by the lack of funny in this skit, the Critic demands to know who the director is so he can mail shit to them. It's revealed Elizabeth Banks directed it and instead of angrily questioning her decisions or talent in hindsight like he's done with other directors in the past, the Critic immediately backs down because of how much he genuinely respects Banks.
  • In his review of Barney's Great Adventure, he mentions how kid's shows like Sesame Street and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood were much better because they didn't teach us to be happy all the time and knew how to deal with mature topics.
  • In Percy Jackson he wonders how the gods don’t stab themselves in self hate over forcing Percy’s mom to stay in an abusive relationship to “protect” him.
  • Like in real life, Critic wasn’t a huge fan of Mulan but gets why it’s important to people (mostly girls) and feels just as insulted by Mulan II as they were. By the end he calls it a masterpiece by comparison.
  • Rather than go the usual route of dismissing rom coms as stupid and condescending to anyone who likes them, he compares them to B movies in that they might not be perfect, but they know it and there's a certain charm to them anyway.
  • In The Santa Clause III, Hyper, Devil Boner and many others not known for much compassion towards Critic, are concerned with how much he's working, and cover him with a blanket when he sleeps during the Christmas party.
    • The party itself is a very sweet Continuity Cavalcade, several beloved sketch characters (as well as other associates of Critic's like Fard Muhammad and the Cinema Snob) laugh and chat together, engage in surprise hugs, or do the Bill Dance. It feels like a celebration of the cast and characters that make the show special, quite appropriate for the final Christmas special of the decade.

  • The ending of The Rise of Skywalker. With a rendition of Binary Sunset/The Force Theme playing in the background appropriately.
    Critic: So what do you think? Is there any hope for Star Wars?
    Mandalorian: For now. And when that fades, another will appear.
    Critic: I guess just because I'm done with the Star Wars movies, doesn't mean I'm done with Star Wars.
    Mandalorian: And like anything special, it isn't done with you.
  • The Stamps commercial in “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” has the joke be a silly voice completely misread the room on advert-Doug being depressed, but then a lower voice says seriously that will help as a small step, cheering up advert-Doug.
  • After finishing the review of The Amazing Spiderman 2, which Critic described as the worst Spider-Man movie ever (though not the worst movie or even the worst comic book movie ever), the anthromorphic personification of the movie breaks down into tears - and Critic reminds him that he has gone through way worse before, but always found a way out of those slumps and stayed unforgettable with audiences. The scene doubles as a message of hope to the audience going through tough times, as this was released during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Critic alludes to the Reality Subtext.
  • As a way of extending an olive branch to the Pokémon fandom (a community he knows he's pissed off several times for his constant "PokéBashing" jokes), Critic gives an honestly favorable review of Pokémon Detective Pikachu, and concludes that while the movie wasn't made for him (as he didn't grow up with the show), he found it to be an enjoyable flick and is confident that fans of the franchise will enjoy it even more.
  • His review of The Lost Boys where he begins by making a tribute to Joel Schumacher, acknowledging that while he's made fun of him a lot, he still acknowledges he's made some good movies.
  • His speech at the end of his review of Batman Returns:
    Critic: If you're in the mood for a Christmas film that's barely a Christmas film by every definition, [Batman Returns] is certainly the one to check out. And why wouldn't you be? It's been that kind of year. All sorts of misery and chaos resulting in a huge mess. Barely even feels like Christmas when you consider what everyone's been through. But in a strange way, that's almost kinda' comforting; we've all gone through something together. Everybody has felt some form of sacrifice: some have lost very little, others have lost a great deal. Even if you're one of the lucky ones who didn't get the worst of it, it's hard not to think of the people who did. But we get through it, that's what humanity is good at: getting through stuff, surviving, finding a way to press on. We always find a way. We work with it. So whatever path you find, and whatever way you work with it, have the best holiday you can. Keep confident, stay strong, and be creative. Those are the things worth celebrating because those are the things that get us through so much. Merry Christmas to you all, we wish you nothing but the best.
    • All the while, members of Channel Awesome pose in various places, until the end of the speech, when a picture is shown of everyone photoshopped together in the same place.

  • As part of Hyper Fangirl's "Fanfiction 101" class, Devil Boner writes a Star Wars fanfic that incorporates a cute orange droid that everybody loves (implied by the end to be the inspiration for BB-8), clearly based on her.
  • The Cats review opens not with a sketch or the usual intro, but with a touching clip of the entire Channel Awesome cast reuniting in the studio for the first time since the 2020 lockdown. It just feels so wonderful seeing the whole gang back together again, especially since this is their first in-person collaboration in well over a year.
    • The ending is pretty sweet, too, featuring the Critic and The Cinema Snob doing a version of Ego's last review from Ratatouille. In it, they admit that the movie's not very good, but it still took a risk and stood out. As such, they like it more than a lot of movies that played it safe and succeeded at the box office before sinking into the depths of history without a trace. It really stands out given the amount of hate the movie got from everyone else.
  • The entirety of Critic's review of "The Secret of NIMH", in honor of the movie's 40th Anniversary. Not only does he guest-star Philo Barnhart (if framed as a mythical creature that eats people who listen to his stories), and not only does Philo give interesting commentary on the movie itself, but the even with all the jabs at the movie, it's still in wholesome good fun. Ultimately, it's a fitting anniversary gift to the movie's blend of horror, fantasy, and family fun.
  • Philo Barnhart returns to give commentary on The Little Mermaid (1989) much like with NIMH movie, with the same wholesomeness.