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  • Brad Re-Tries Crystal Pepsi. What makes this particularly heartwarming is Brad's reaction once he actually tries it, because immediately prior he had been discouraged by the possibility that this would taste exactly like the diet Crystal Pepsi he had tried nearly two months earlier (like flat seltzer water with the faintest hint of Crystal Pepsi). But then he actually takes a sip and discovers that it still tastes exactly like it used to, carbonation notwithstanding. And then his attitude shifts damn near 180 degrees:
    Brad: Oh man, this is cool! I'm, like, all happy...!
    • And then, as if you weren't feeling warm or fuzzy (or, for that matter, jealous) enough, he then ends the episode with a montage of him sharing it with his friends, all set to "What a Wonderful World".
  • His Kind Hearted Cat Lover personality coming out in most Brad Tries videos. He's sweet and mellow with them, and it's adorable.
  • In the Brad Tries Jones Soda Christmas Packs episode, after a little banter with his wife joking how he wished to spend Christmas alone, he ends by putting his arm around her and kissing her on the cheek.
  • Brad's reaction to finding out that Not See Cola is a new Crystal Pepsi.
    • He even called it "The Greatest Day in My Life".
  • Jerrid (who was fired due to personal reasons) returning for an episode of Brad Tries. After all the things Jerrid did, its nice seeing them together again.
  • The series of three Brad Tries that Brad does with his girlfriend Violet (DNL, MASH beer, and Pepsi Ghost) is pretty much three videos of concentrated heartwarming. To summarize, it involves matching hoodies, Violet snuggling with Brad's cats, and Brad giving Violet her very first taste of Crystal Pepsi ever (and being very happy and excited when she loves it!) It's just so sweet to see how happy they are together.


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