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  • Chainsaw of Twisted Pixel all but serenading Brad is simultaneously funny, creepy, and heartwarming.
  • During the Big Live Live Show Live 3, #teambrad united the world.
  • The numerous tributes to Ryan Davis.
    • After news of his death broke, 'Ryan Davis' trended worldwide on twitter. That thousands upon thousands of people were devastated by the loss of this one man speaks to how great a man he was.
      • Someone actually tagged a wall in the SF area with his date of birth, death and the letters "RTD".
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    • Even in the aftermath of Ryan's death, the Bombcrew find it in them to be able to reminisce and crack jokes about their departed friend on the Tuesday Bombcast after his death.
    • Divekick saw fit to add a dedication to Ryan's memory in their credits, referring to him as "Bryan Davis (San Francisco Resident)" in homage to Giant Bomb's 2012 Game of the Year feature.
    • At the PAX Prime 2013 Giant Bomb panel (the first panel after Ryan's death), the crowd gave Ryan a two minute standing ovation and "RYAN" chant.
      • Relatedly, the Cards Against Humanity panel had a massive Ryan tribute consisting of videos, photos, and anecdotes provided by some of the people who knew and loved him best. It's also gut-bustingly hilarious, only befitting of the late, great man.
    • The Prima strategy guide for The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD starts out its section on Bomb Island with the caption "Hey Everyone, it's Tuesday!", which was Ryan's catchphrase on the Bombcast.
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    • On Worth Playing: 02/07/2014, Patrick plays a game that's a tribute to Ryan. All of the references stuck in, along with the note and Patrick's silence during most of the game, makes for a touching segment.
    • On the first anniversary of Ryan's death, all the highlighted videos on the main page of the site were replaced with links to some of the most popular videos featuring Ryan, including the "That's So Ryan" compilation video.
    • Ryan was immortalized in the Quick-Look for Double Fine's Massive Chalice, by his friend, DF's Brad ":D" Muir:
    • The game Roundabout features a landmark called "The Memorial": a giant Statue of Liberty homage of Ryan dressed in his Mexican outlaw costume from the 2011 Game of the Year videos, holding a microphone in place of a torch. A character even makes a "China don't care" reference when driving past it.
  • A month after John Vignocchi's game studio was closed down by Disney, he appeared on Giant Bomb's E3 Nightly Show with his old friends (and fellow game industry workers) Adam Boyes and Dave Lang. After pranking him for tweeting out Dave Lang's phone number the previous year, they gave him a heartfelt talk about his layoff and a show of support as he looks for a new job.
    • Any of the segments with Johnny V, Dave Lang, Adam Boyes, or Ed Boon together. Despite spreading out to the far corners of the gaming industry after Midway shut down, they're still friends who get together whenever they can.


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