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Tear Jerker / Giant Bomb

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  • The Beginning of the Toki Tori 2 quick look has them mourning the death of Roger Ebert.
  • Dave Snider has left Giant Bomb.
  • Patrick Klepek is no longer sticking around in the main GB office. But at least he'll still write articles for the site.
    • Taken a step further now that he's departed the site.
  • RIP Ryan Davis. And just days after his wedding.
  • At the end of this Encyclopedia Bombastica video Patrick is visibly breaking down. His father died on July 3, 2012, and one year later to the day, so did Ryan Davis. And yet Patrick still had the dedication to his work to provide content for the website, even in the face of such unimaginable sorrow.
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  • The bombcast after Ryan's death goes between hilarious and heartbreaking, but the last four minutes are brutal.
  • Drew Scanlon announcing his departure from the site on the 2/21/17 Bombcast.

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