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A rare happy ending for all parties in a GoAnimate video? Now that's what we call a good Christmas present!

For all of their faults, some of these videos are actually capable of providing some surprisingly tender moments:

  • Caillou gets a dog, which crosses over with Tear Jerker. Plot: Caillou gets a pet dog called Scooter. It then shows an adorable montage of the two having fun together, but the dog gets run over by a truck. Caillou is understandably heartbroken by this, as he never got to say goodbye to it. Dad, tells him that death is a natural part of life. It becomes all the more heartwarming when you realize that this Abusive Dad is for once sympathetic to his own son and not grounding him. This is one of the few videos that the troublemaker becomes a Woobie. Dad's speech about death is very sad, yet heartwarming. Somber music is playing while he is talking.
    Dad: But that's how life is. A newborn baby being born in a hospital, to an old man dying of illness. From a seed being planted, to a flower withering away.
    Caillou: But it's so unexpecting. I still can't believe it.
    Dad: That's how I felt when my grandmother passed. Life won't always be fun and cheery, there is many obstacles to surpass. It's a big emotional ride. But it's best if you stay on the brighter side of life. Try not to think of all the dark things that lurk in life. But don't worry, I'll get you a new pet soon!
    Caillou: Oh, thanks dad!
    (screen slowly fades to black while heartwarming yet tear jerking piano music is playing)
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  • Caillou Misbehaves at Amy's Baking Company and...: The video starts off with Boris and Caillou being at odds with each other as per the norm with some of these videos, but when Boris gets beaten up by Amy and Samy when he refuses to pay for their lack-luster food, Caillou gets mad, stands up to them and single-handedly shuts them down. The police and Boris are impressed with how Caillou stood up to Amy and Samy and protected Boris, and Boris un-grounds Caillou and takes him to Chuck E. Cheese's. It's nice to see Caillou win and and Boris be nice to him for once.
  • Ballad's Embarrassment has Ballad getting comforted by all her friends after her class laughs at her. They tell her to "stand proud and sing loud" when she is nervous about her upcoming solo she will sing in front of the whole song.
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  • The "Calming Videos" could also count as this.
  • In this video, after David releases his pet Go-Coa, the latter is moping for a bit without his owner, but then a female Go-Coa appears!
  • In Caillou and the Grounded Videos, Caillou's parents and Rosie comfort Caillou while he cries about people always making grounded videos out of him. Not to mention the description of the video:
    "This is an example of what we see each day in YouTube Heartless Grounded and Assaulted videos out of Young characters for no reason
    Especially Caillou who did nothing wrong
    he's just a toddler but still they have to do this abuse and treat the abuse like a weird fetish
    i'm so ashamed of myself for making those videos out of my childhood show
    a Show which is based from a Book with the same name
    STOP Child Abuse"
  • In Dora Doesn't Want to Grow Up, Abuela tells Dora that no matter how old Dora gets, Abuela will always love her.
  • During the final part of A Caillou Christmas Carol, Boris goes through a Heel–Face Turn and ungrounds Caillou just in time for Christmas, then Caillou and everyone else goes on a sleigh ride to Chuck E. Cheese's as depicted above in the page image.
  • In Bubbles's Sensitivity, Bubbles is sad because she feels that she's too sensitive. The Hypnotic Bread Kitten and Kirby Superstar Creations Animations tell her that she should be herself and that it's what makes her special. They hug Bubbles too.
  • This compilation of videos that center mainly around Doris. The videos rely less on comedy, and mainly focus on parenting, child safety, love, and (worse of all) Adult Fear.
  • Kirby getting comforted by his pals about Kirby Superstar Creations Animations's death in Kirby Gets Calmed.
  • The final part of Caillou's Missing Cat Gilbert has many of these moments.
    • Caillou reuniting with Gilbert.
    • Gilbert rescuing Boris, the guy who kicked him out of the house, from the alley cats.
    • Boris apologizing to Gilbert for sending him away. Gilbert forgives him.
    • Doris and Boris are genuinely frightened when they think that Caillou and Rosie got lost while looking for Gilbert.
  • At the end of Caillou Has A Baby, Dora gives birth to Cody, and Caillou is overjoyed to see his son reincarnated after having been killed by Boris before. The music playing in that scene is pretty sweet as well.
  • After Caillou's death in Caillou's Strawberry Picking Trip Gone Wrong, Caillou gets his own house in heaven.
  • In Boris breaks out of prison to save GoAnicity Cookie Factory/crimes forgiven, when Boris learns that a man is robbing a beloved cookie factory, he decides that protecting the factory is well worth escaping prison, busts out and stops the robbery.
  • In Caillou ends world hunger/ungrounded, Caillou steals money, not for his own gain, but to buy meals for poor people. Caillou doesn't even mind it when he gets arrested near the end, as he thinks it was worth it to do what's right.
  • In "Caillou Smokes Cigarettes", Boris catches Caillou smoking, and acts as a Reasonable Authority Figure. Here, he obviously cares about Caillou's well-being, with his first reaction to stomp the cigarette. Hell, he doesn't even ground him, instead telling him that smoking is a nasty habit that can cause various health problems. Given that Boris is usually an amoral Jerkass who wouldn't care if Caillou died, this moment says a lot.
  • Meta example: Even though many shows that are considered "baby" shows are unfairly bashed by the community, there are a few shows that don't earn this vitriol: Odd Squad, Wild Kratts, Nature Cat, and Ready Jet Go! (the latter two seem to be Sacred Cows as well). Rant and grounded videos made of these four shows are virtually nonexistent, and haters in the community are few and far between. Its just so nice to see the community actually respect some "baby" shows.
  • Another Meta example: Despite the Narm, Special Effects Failure and character favouritism so commonly displayed in the GoAnimate/Vyond community's videos, you can tell in some of them that the video creator really enjoyed what they were doing, and this gives an oddly-endearing quality to the videos, especially if they involve ungrounding or are a non-grounding video.

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