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Nightmare Fuel / Go Animate

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Many Grounded videos are littered with Narm, but even that doesn't stop some from crossing the line.

  • "Scary Voice", as the title suggests, is a really deep voice that can be very effective when used correctly.
  • The Barney Error videos. Sometimes they can be Nightmare Retardant but other times they can be quite effective, especially with the use of things like eye straining red, EAS sounds, and unnerving images.
  • Caillou re-enacts Mortal Kombat. It seems innocent enough, until Caillou grabs Rosie while she's playing with her dolls, and then it quickly cuts to an actual fatality from Mortal Kombat of somebody's ribcage being realistically snapped to pieces, and when Caillou beats up his mom, he stabs her eye out in a realistic fashion. Also, another fatality of somebody's eye being stabbed out happens.
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  • Subject CC-0442, the main antagonist of KnucklesHedgehog2010's RIFT 2: ERASURE. This... thing looks like Classic Caillou, but with pallid skin, and no facial features save for two pitch black eyes that appear to be leaking some sort of black liquid... Here's an image of this creature, for those who are curious.
  • Caillou's Strawberry Picking Trip Gone Wrong starts funny with a bunch of swearing in, but Caillou wounds his leg and feels like it needs to be amputated but that's cured easily by some medicine. Then it goes on, but the end is very unsettling. After Billy tells Clementine to tell Caillou to pick the green strawberries, Caillou starts eating them. Its revealed when he's getting sick that he's allergic and instantly dies. Everyone at the court sentences Billy to death by Electric Chair. Caillou gets his own house in the afterlife and presumably an astral version of his own family, but Billy gets sent to hell upon death.
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  • This. Loudest voice, everywhere's red, bomb going off many times. Words do not give it justice.
  • It all returns to nothing.
    • While Caillou dispatching Ms. Martin's head may be funny to some, it goes right back into freakish absurdity as Caillou is actually shown carving up Ms. Martin's corpse.
    • The Gainax Ending. Just before Boris grounds him (for 30 seconds) Caillou turns everyone and everything in the world into roast turkeys. The ending of the video shows Caillou sunbathing on a small beach island during the sunset (with the white silhouette of what's presumably GNR seen in the sunset horizon) as the chorus of "Komm, süsser Tod" from The End of Evangelion plays.
  • This video where Caillou burns and cuts off his own finger doing the 1000 degree knife challenge. At least it wasn't shown on-screen, or things would get really uncomfortable.
  • Some depictions of Teeth/Evil Boris can get somewhat uncomfortable to watch for a number of reasons, among them being transforming into a Humanoid Abomination as depicted above and just the way the character is depicted treating everyone around him regardless if they are a troublemaker or not. Not to mention how loud he is.
  • This video, while containing the usual unintentional hilarity at first (when Erika gets the chair thrown at her), slips into this at the very end when Zara is informed by her mother that Zara is being punished by having her room being turned into a "demon room", (depicted as a completely black void) and the video ends with the mother leaving Zara at the mercy of said demon as Zara cries. The idea of that is just terrifying.
  • The execution videos depict a troublemaker (or a bad user) being executed for their crimes by the entire populace of their city. The whole ordeal is completely disturbing to watch as literally everyone (no, seriously, no one is usually shown defending them) is celebrating the impending (and eventual) death of a person, which is just downright demented, especially if A. The person being executed is a kid. B. A fictional character you like is shown among the crowd wishing death on someone or C. the crimes committed by the troublemaker don't warrant them being executed in the slightest, if not all three. Combined with the fact that even the character's parents and families are often shown celebrating their death along with everyone else as well and the executed character's tombstones usually read "B.I.H (Character)" (meaning "Burn in Hell"), these videos almost make you want to question the sanity of the users who make these types of videos.
  • Some of the Punishment Days given by the authority figures can get extremely brutal, such as here where the punishments throw this in along with the existing Squick for good measure, some of the out of mind punishments are:
    • Chugging down hot sauce.
    • Cutting off toes.
    • Force fed cat food, which the troublemaker proceeds to puke out.
    • Forced to play a game of dodge the tables.
    • Forced to swim in a pool of mashed potatoes and eat them all.
    • Getting their butt wiped with a paint roller.
    • Taking a hot or cold shower.
  • Then there's this video, in which Little Bill, after cussing out his teacher in the previous episode, gets tortured by getting sat on by Dora's Abuela, getting mauled by a demonic teeth guy, getting roasted over hell fire, getting 5,000 degree molten iron poured in his face, being run over by a freight train, having his eyes gouged out, forced to drink gasoline, having his stomach exploded, having boiling grease poured on his head, and finally being forced to drink a potion that makes you die of pure agony, and all-in-all it really makes you question whether or not the parent character's in Go!Animate City are even sane.
  • Any video made by NotSmirks. The very Gonk-ish looking characters, weird gibberish, and extremely loud music and Jump Scares are other aspects that may unnerve people.
    • You want an example? We have Respecting of the Opinion, one of the trippiest GoAnimate/Vyond videos in existence.
    • Similar user NotZick cranks up the Gonk-ish character designs and weird gibberish to even bigger heights, and a number of their videos also become creepy as a result.
  • In this video (timestamped for relevance), Classic Caillou beats up two children at a Pizza Hut. A Gory Discretion Shot of Boris and some of the other customers looking horrified ensues for almost a minute as the sounds of Classic Caillou punching the two kids gradually become more and more 'squelchier'...
  • While you could make a case for all of the "(Character) Steals a Car/Gets Grounded" videos as they invariably end with the main character (sometimes intentionally) running somebody over with the car they stole, some videos show the injured character in the hospital. This wouldn't be so bad (and more Narmy) if it weren't for the fact that some users represent the character's injuries with pictures of actual damaged body parts in their videos.
  • Five words: "GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW!" In some videos, a parent will yell their child's name at least five times, followed by the aforementioned line. Combine that with the hellish flames above the red background, and the parent often saying it in the "Scary Voice" setting, and it makes it a pretty scary — albeit very brief — scene. Sometimes it functions as a Jump Scare, making it worse.
  • In many videos, when a parent gets angry, the entire scene has a red tint that can feel scary for many people.
  • This. Caillou walks to a bathroom and sees that the said "bathroom" is full of blood. The stranger is described as scary, albeit being off-screen, and it's probably best not to know about it.
  • This video has Gerald Broflovski (as skankhunt42) trolling Dora by editing a picture of her mother by photoshopping a penis. Dora then jumps off the roof of her house.
    • Also, the sound that comes up when she reaches the ground isn't the typical GoAnimate splat, but a squeezing sound.note  The worst thing is that Gerald's treated as the hero for putting Dora in her place.
  • This video where Dora is forced to babysit her grandmother Abuela, who asks Dora to give her a bath. If it didn't seem like Squick material the first time, wait until Dora is forced into taking off Abuela's clothes (which just jump right off her body), before she asks her to "wash Abuela's ass". When Dora decides to use a button in the tub to make the tub fly out of the house, Abuela's full body is shown. Even if the art style of the body is done in a cheap style, it doesn't stop it from being utterly disgusting to look at, even by the website's standards. The censoring doesn't help, either, mainly because the maker fails to patch it up (resulting in the censoring floating out of place in several parts). As a result, several cringe compilations have censored the body of Abuela in the bathtub (by removing the entirety of the navel).
  • This deconstruction of the "Dead Meat" videos has a cooking class teacher(actually Boris in disguise) give chefs cards which leads them to a death chamber with a sign on it saying it's the principal's office, and the chefs die by (in order) falling into a large toaster, falling into a giant pot of boiling water, being burned in an oven, being skewered by a stake, being torn apart in a blender, and being burned to death by a barbecue. Not to mention Macusoper gets very close to calling the police only to be shot by Boris. Thankfully, Boris gets arrested when Sdsoccer24 calls the police on him.
  • Fred in the videos of Samster5677 is this (and to Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby themselves) due to his lack of calming his anger down, causing him to turn into an Ax-Crazy psychopath who cannot go one sentence without shouting extremely loudly (although unlike Boris the Teeth Guy, he usually doesn't swear) and giving everyone around him "concussion time".
  • Samster5677's "Caillou/Dora Gets Grounded" videos in general really love to crank up the groundings and shouting to the loudest possible levels; worsened even more if loud music is played alongside the already-loud shouting.
  • Caillou's Teenhood has his brother Daillou having his head abnormally shaped, has a creepy robotic voice, is crippled and now has to be in a wheelchair, his ear being twisted on the bottom of the side of his head, and his face perpetually being in an expression of pain.
  • On the page image, there's the One-Winged Angel form of Red Boris in (the now deleted) "Boris the Teeth Guy Gives Caillou A PUNISHMENT DAY".
    • From the same video, the final part of the video has Boris kill Caillou by using an eye-shot Death Ray, causing Caillou to expand, cry in the "Jennifer" voice, and then explode, sending High-Pressure Blood flying across the room. What was most likely supposed to be a Bloody Hilarious moment is instead rather disturbing.
  • Good Parenting, a satirical/deconstruction video, has the now-adult Dylan and Emily attend a disciplinary actions seminar for parenthood, tutored by Boris. Boris' teachings of stereotypical Grounded Video discipline (which include how children "only exist to bring harm to this world", grounding a child for a long time and banning them from going to Chuck E. Cheeses) are enough to make the parents faint. However, the worst part is when Boris decides to show the parents a real life Punishment Day by letting Caillou into a room after bribing him. Caillou's punishments (which include being shot at, pouring salt on his bullet wounds, defecating into his mouth and then cleaning it out with bleach, laying on a bed of hot coals, drinking pink slime, stapling him to the ceiling by his testicles, burying him in dry ice, and receiving Chinese water torture) go beyond the disgusting and are enough for Dylan to puke during his Imagine Spot of the situation. Once Boris gets arrested during the epilogue, Dylan asks Emily if she is willing to go through the pregnancy, only to start crying when she admits that she is. To make matters worse, it's never made clear whether Caillou survived the horrible abuse Boris put him through.
  • "Dora Gives Gina A Punishment Day/Executed": This video involves Dora deciding to give Gina a punishment day and murder her as revenge for telling on her. The idea that somebody as young as Dora would take a retaliation that far is just horrific.
  • Boris Give Caillou a Concussion/Grounded has Boris being fed up with Caillou grounding him that he gives his own son a concussion. The concussion scene cuts outside the house, as the viewer hears a loud, horrifying screaming sound.
    Caillou: It hurts so bad. I can't feel my body anymore.
  • Somewhat of a meta example, but a handful of videos (unintentionally or not) display some levels of Troubling Unchildlike Behavior on the part of the users that you desperately hope that they will eventually grow out of. By this, we mean things like the aforementioned execution videos that depict a cartoon character (or even a real person) that the user hates dying a horrible death (with no one missing them), or users claiming in a rant video that they wish they could kill everyone who likes something they hate (or hates something that they like). It kind of makes you worry what would happen if one or more of these users ended up in a room with someone (real or not) they strongly disapprove of.
  • The entirety of Amethyst is Cutie's "Caillou Puts Rosie In The Blender THE FULL SAGA": Caillou tricks Rosie into climbing into a giant blender in the kitchen, then turning it on, thus killing her. This is bad enough, as her eyes bulge out and she lets out a horrific scream as the blender tears her to shreds. But then, Caillou's parents adopt a replacement Rosie, called Rosie 2. Caillou then proceeds to do the same thing to her, but it doesn't kill her right away. Once the blender stops, a blood-red zombie Rosie 2 climbs out for a brief moment as a distorted child's scream is heard, then the blender turns on again and kills her. The fact that she was still alive for a few moments is enough to give anyone nightmares. Not to mention Caillou's execution. Caillou actually has a sick expression on his face when his head gets chopped off, and finally dies and closes his eyes when his head finally falls on the ground, which is pretty FUCKING SCARY! What makes it even worse is the twitching body of Caillou! Watch the scene here
    • Another of Amethyst is Cutie's videos called "Caillou Microwaves Rosie The Full Saga" is pretty much the same, except it's a microwave instead of a blender.
  • "Dora Shoots Up the School/Arrested/Grounded/Executed" is perhaps the most visceral depiction of a school shooting in a GoAnimate/Vyond video, depicting Dora shooting up her school, killing Miss Christina, Clementine's mother, Miss Martin, Gina, and a nameless rabble of students, with their deaths more realistic than most GoAnimate standards. Making it worse is the music playing in the background, which is from the scene in Revenge of the Sith when Order 66 is put into effect. Possibly the most chilling part is when Dora encounters Gina (who's unaware that Dora is the shooter), who desperately asks Dora what they should do. Dora merely cocks her gun and wordlessly glares at her (and the music is the same part as when Darth Vader is about to kill the Jedi Younglings).
    • When Dora confesses to shooting up her own school, Mami flies into a rage, calling her "sick".
    • The execution scene is pretty bad too. It has Dora's family and Gina's parents shooting a tied up Dora, with each bullet injury shown up close. While it's nothing more than a red and black circle, the blood around it does make it more unsettling. Turns into Narm as the scene fades out with a shot of Dora's body...and into a "That's all folks!" style ending.
  • Most big updates (the change from Flash Player to HTML 5, the shutdown of GoAnimate for Schools and the shutdown of the Legacy Video Maker, as recent examples) are often shown as an end of the world scenario. While sometimes the video's main characters manage to get to a portal to another version of GoAnimate/Vyond, videos like this can often result in a Downer Ending.
    • One example is The End of Vyond, which has parts of the world blipping out of existence and Caillou and Boris being killed by a meteor.
    • Another example is Ariel & the Legacy Videomaker Shutdown. Ariel, her family and her friends hide in a basement as the video gradually becomes more glitchy. The video then starts devolving into static, ending with Ariel and the rest of her world presumably being completely destroyed.
  • The use of scary images (including Jeff the Killer, the Viacom, Screen Gems and VID [now VIDgital] logos) can be this for those who fear them proper.
  • Caillou's Ultimate Punishment Day is, as Boris put it in a previous video, "the worst punishment day that has ever appeared on a GoAnimate video", and he definitely isn't kidding. Some of the more brutal punishments Caillou receives in the first part include getting his head buried in a bucket of bullet ants for 30 minutes, being force fed an ornament, getting shredded to pieces by a lawnmower, and getting his face shredded by a cheese grater. Caillou's punishments at the desert are just as, if not, more disturbing, with the first punishment within the desert being rat torture, followed by getting bitten by a family of rattlesnakes and having a scorpion drip venom into his eyes. Arguably the worst punishments come from Boris's "man-cave" (revealed to be a torture chamber), which include Caillou's eyes getting gouged out, getting molten iron poured into his empty eye sockets, getting inflicted with the Cruciatus Curse, getting raped by Boris, and being forced to shoot his pet cat Gilbert, followed by eating his corpse. What's makes this punishment day all the more horrifying is that the family has made clones of Caillou in case he ends up dying during one of the punishments, in which such case ends up happening, they can just revive him by transferring his soul into the clone's body and further continue the punishment day. Watch at your own risk: [1].

"First punishment: Watching all videos listed here."
"Wah! I won't sleep tonight."
"Second punishment: A really cold shower. Get in the shower now!"
"It's so cold it's so cold it's so cold wawawawawawawa."
"Last punishment: Go to your room and browse this website for the rest of your natural born life!"


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