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  • California Doubling: Grocery stores double as other stores such as Wal-Mart, Gamestop and Best Buy, hamburger-type fast food restaurants double as all types of fast food restaurants and the fancy restaurant doubles as all other types of them (such as Olive Garden).
  • Creator Backlash: NotSmirks, best known for being the creator of the famous Bizarro Episode satirical video trend, has since departed the site following December 2016 after he admitted that after time he has fully lost interest in making satire videos, even admitting that the trend was now dead. This stems from users misunderstanding the meanings behind the videos and proceeding to add more to the bizarre aspects for comedy. In addition, Smirks' departure also mostly put a stop to the bizarre satirical episodes.
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  • Creator Breakdown: Isaac Anderson, around the time GoAnimate made the switchover, made all of his YouTube videos private, then later brought back a handful, notably a handful of Caillou grounding videos and his first "Caillou Gets Grounded: The Movie" video. A few people, however were not impressed with these videos, including finding making Caillou grounding videos boring, while a large side of viewers started to hate Isaac for his more violent Caillou videos (and most likely not enjoying his original works). This led to Isaac not only losing his GoPlus account but also his GoAnimate account. He seems to have returned as of recently, however, through a new YouTube account, and has started uploading content again (mostly his older videos).
  • Creator Killer:
    • The move to HTML5 and the removal of everything not business-related (until people discovered several Loophole Abuses around this) effectively killed off the use of GoAnimate for grounded videos. Parodic video makers NotSmirks and Warrun Cookie have expressed displeasure and have since moved on from the fandom, and any respect for Alvin Hung by the Grounded community had nearly decimated right after the announcement. However, the hatebase for Alvin Hung has largely died down overtime.
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    • SolitaireJoker, a user who was famous for creating down-to-earth GoAnimate videos and his partnership with Isaac Anderson, ended up leaving after tension between the latter caused SolitaireJoker to remove his GoAnimate videos and move account.
    • The rebrand to Vyond, removal of schools, and change to a more traditional enterprise pricing model will likely drive everyone but the most most wealthy and dedicated creators off the site.
  • Fan Nickname: "Kaylew", due to it being the most frequent way his name is pronounced by the text-to-speech generator. There's also variations of "K-I-U"
    • Usually, a variety of characters (e.g. principals, teachers, minor characters or other characters) will often share the same name as their text-to-speech voice.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: When the site rebranded itself as Vyond, it took hundreds of old GoAnimate videos along with it. Most of these videos haven't been uploaded to YouTube, however, there's a YouTube channel that's dedicated to finding lost GoAnimate videos.
    • timonyoumook's videos survive as she had a YouTube account called Momo YouMookSaidTimon with most of them on it. Meanwhile, most of karenjean5409's videos are pretty much lost.
  • Loophole Abuse:
    • A while after the site's transition, users discovered that GoAnimate For Schools featured the old themes and had yet to be upgraded, causing a few users to create fake school identities to use the site. However, the site was quick to discover this loophole, and then patched it up, rendering those unlucky enough not to save the themes beaten.
      • Ruined (again) for the second time, with the discovery of GoAnimate on Wix, which also contained the old themes. It has now been patched, however. Requestly was for a few months, the only way to use the old themes... until it was patched once more in January 2017. This leaves starters the only way to still use the old themes. However, users figured out a way to get Requestly to work again, by downloading the files required for the old themes to function and tricking GoAnimate into using them via Requestly.
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    • Beaten AGAIN by the, rediscovery of the old Quick Video Maker pages from the Pre-HTML5 era, which still work despite the flash player being removed entirely. While severely limited, these pages allow users of GoAnimate4Schools to access most of the dummied-out themes, including the Anime Theme and Comedy World. As of 2017, this is the only way to access the 'deleted' themes without using Requestly, Starters or other methods to get to them.
  • The Danza: Several characters in videos are named after their default voices. For example, Dora's parents aren't named in the series, but GoAnimate users usually call them "Veena" or "Miguel" after their default voices.
  • Dummied Out: Although GoAnimate keeps patching ways to get to them, the old themes aren't actually gone, most likely so that older animations produced on the site will still work. Comedy World and Lil' Peeps are confirmed to work fine with starters on GoAnimate For Schools, while the others function in varying states of stability.
  • Old Shame: If you look around, you can find former GoAnimate users who are not proud of the Grounded videos they have made. Smirks especially has admitted to disliking his later satire videos under his NotSmirks alias, which he believed were done for Rule of Funny instead of the meanings he had themed his previous videos about. After losing his interest in satire videos, Smirks left GoAnimate to focus on other satire work.
  • The Other Darrin: If it can apply here. After Caillou's default voice "David" was removed from the GoAnimate interface, users were forced to use other voices for him, particularly the other standard for Caillou's voice: "Ivy". (Usage of the Joey voice setting for Caillou also became far more frequent as well.) The default voices for folks like Dora, Doris, Rosie, and some other characters were among the removed voices as well, forcing the use of alternate voices for them, too. This can be subverted, however, as recently Requestly has been discovered to also bring back all of the old voices. The Vocalware voices, which include Paul and Julie, returned in March 2017, at the cost of Ivona retiring the Eric and Jennifer voices.
    • Eric and Jennifer may be found on Lumenvox, under the names "Andrew" and "Kim".
  • Prop Recycling: Because of obvious limitations, headbands are often used to make letters such as the hat "M" for Mario and the "A" on Alvin's shirt, along with forming Dora's backpack (it's very obvious if she bends slightly and no actual bag structure exists). Dinner plate covers with crude lines or screamer masks are used to become electrode "hats" for execution, and black/grey boxes are restructured into restraining duct tape. Simple shapes such as circles and squares are re-formed by some video makers to become crude body forms. It is also common to use FedEx boxes to represent VHS or DVD cases, as well as bibles as homework or reading material.
    • A trend to make the grounded characters more accurate to their actual versions, started by Alan the Video Maker, uses this in spades; While roses are now used to recreate the ruffles on Doris' shirt, chef hats are used to recreate long sleeves, and headbands (and MS Paint sketching) are now used to make the hair of Mami (and Dora). However, problems ensue as these props do not have a structure, causing them to go out of place when the character is moving.
  • Recycled Script: There are so many repeated plots within the Grounded videos that they now have their own page for this trope.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Over the course of several months in mid 2018, several of the biggest GoAnimate YouTubers have had their channels put into great danger.
    • Three users (Julian3535, Gothug247, Amethystiscutie) were all terminated in the span of a month.
    • 1Redbed recieved 2 Community guidelines strikes and a copyright strike. This puts his channel at a high risk of deletion.
    • African Vulture, the most subscribed GoAnimate creator in the United States, was kicked out the YouTube Partners program. This means that she can no longer make any income off of her channel.
  • Springtime for Hitler: If it can apply here. Many of the satirical videos made by Smirks under his NotSmirks alias were made to poke fun at the entire GoAnimate fandom, such as the portrayal of Caillou (Uolliac, as well as the Jennifer voice setting) and the grounding video trend in general (43 Chars). However, most of the non-ironic fandom misunderstood the meaning behind the satire in the videos, causing the aforementioned gags to undergo Memetic Mutation and develop a Misaimed Fandom of Smirks, which eventually led to him misunderstanding the point of the satirical videos and to completely stop making them and leave the site permanently.
  • Technology Marches On:
    • The "swapped report card" videos can turn into this - Most report cards are printed instead of handwritten (and if not that, written in pen), which would make it very hard to change the grades. In addition, many teachers keep students' permanent records on computers, making the trick even harder to pull off.
    • Videos involving students escaping class to pull of a trick, since many modern schools have some form of CCTV cameras installed in the premises. If not that, then hall-monitors or prefects.
    • In-universe in many Warren Cook videos, where many characters try to tell Warren that VHS is incredibly outdated and no one would fall for his false openings. It doesn't stop Warren Cook from making fake CD openings, on one hand.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Possibly one of the reasons why some of the Flash themes were removed - For example, the original "Politics and Celebrities" theme contains a few politicians from the 2008 US election who would not be as relevant as they were then (e.g. Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney for example), an Expy of Osama bin Laden called "Been Hiding" (referencing his hiding before his assassination following the 2001 terrorist attacks), and the PC Guy and Mac Guy characters from Apple's former Get a Mac advert campaign.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: In 2014, the site was retooled as a pay-only site for business and advertising usage, followed by the removal of the GoPlus membership for casual animation usage the site had originally been before then. Despite this, however, fans of the site (particularly non-ironic "Grounded" video makers) found several bypasses around this method. Eventually, this lead to the site announcing in late 2015 that they would permanently switch from Flash to the newer HTML5 animation system to both save money and exterminate incorrect usage of the platform. This caused the fandom to get extremely angry at CEO Alvin Hung, leading him to become the laughingstock of the community, before he became the target of several death threats and sinophobic insults. However, the Comedy World themes were still accessible through a hidden menu in the main video maker. Once the fandom had used this to ventilate their anger at Hung, however, the themes were pulled permanently. This caused the remainder of the site to latch onto the final holdout for the older themes, GoAnimate For Schools, by faking school addresses and e-mails. However, in July 2016, the site finally pulled the remaining Flash themes from GoAnimate For Schools for the new school year, leaving the themes inaccessible through normal usage. Ever since then, GoAnimate has had to pull remaining themes from sites such as Wix, and only time will tell when Requestly, a site used to obtain the old themes through playing with old link browsers, will be fully patched. As the school version was made to be used by kids, any doubt left that the Grounded videos and fandom didn't have at least something to do with the removal of the non-business themes evaporated. Because of all this, it's likely that this means the use of the program for Grounded videos will likely not be as common, if it doesn't outright come to an end.
    • However, it seems that like many fanbases, the grounding fandom won't leave the website unless it is pushed, no matter how many times GoAnimate tries to get rid of them. Over time, people have begun to accept the Business-Friendly theme, and more and more videos are being made with the theme now, as the other two themes (Infographics and Whiteboard animation) are comparatively useless. Whether this is a sign of the fandom finally maturing or just giving up and living with the changes made by the website is unknown.
    • Eventually, due to all of the people abusing loopholes they announced they were shutting down 4 Schools altogether, followed by rebranding the entire website to Vyond. And even then, people are still finding ways to get the older themes back onto Vyond. That said, given the techniques to try and get the themes back are extremely impractical and not particularly effective, only time will tell if this continues, especially with the possibility of said code being removed.
    • What’s more, it is rumoured by some that the reason GoAnimate rebranded itself to Vyond is because the staff didn’t want the website to be associated with the Grounded video trend and want it to be used for more serious reasons.


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