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Hello, I'm Mister Toodle-oo! I like to collect things like VHS's, I am a fan of movie and TV studio logos and I am currently learning Japanese and Spanish.note 

My internet name comes from Big Bird's "Toodle-oo!" closing of Sesame Street, which I hope to find on VHS's with TV recordings.

Here are some tropes that apply to me:


  • Critical Backlash: When something, such as a cartoon, is being overly condemned by people on the Internet, I will have sympathy for the cartoon or whatever it is, especially since I think that those internet people are "wasting stress".
  • Famous Ancestor: I am related to James Arness, the star of the TV version of Gunsmoke!
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: I like to collect many things that fall under this category, including recordings of TV channels, some of which I recorded myself.
  • Pet Peeve Tropes:
    • Hate Dumb: I can't stand all that unnecessary negativity on the Internet!
    • It's Popular, Now It Sucks!: I have better things to do than to waste my stress by holding contempt for popular works just because they are more popular than my favorite works. Popular works do not steal individuality from people; they bring people together. I also dislike a variation of this trope that could be called "It Has an Immature Fanbase on the Internet, Now it Sucks".
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    • Nostalgia Filter: When I succumb to this mindset, it interferes with my ability to enjoy life! Need I say more?
    • Reviews Are the Gospel: Especially when this trope leads people on the Internet to think they're smarter than fans of certain things and when it causes them to spread negativity about the things in question around the Internet. When this happens, I will experience Critical Backlash.
  • Precision F-Strike: I don't usually swear, so when this happens, you know there's something wrong! Sometimes, this happens in my Waking Non-Sequiturs, as seen below.
  • Real Dreams Are Weirder: Here are some examples, other than my logo-related dreams:
    • One of the earliest dreams I remember, which I think I had when I was a toddler, involved me walking in a house that was very similar to my dad's house, which is the house I grew up in, only to start floating in the air uncontrollably.
    • In a dream that I think I had sometime in my elementary school years, I was with my parents in the laundry room in the basement at my dad's house, and we walked into the space under the stairs. Everything went dark, and we came out of the refrigerator upstairs!
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    • In another dream that I had in my elementary school years, there was a Teletubbies picture book, but the strange thing about it was that the first page, or double page, featured a picture of the Canadian Home Video "G" Rating, and when you turned each page, the age rating would increase, and the last page featured the Canadian Home Video "Exempt from Classification" Rating. As far as I remember, there wasn't anything that was actually inappropriate for kids in the book, but the "R" page featured a picture of the Sun Baby setting, which I was a bit unsettled by because I can be a coward in my dreams. However, when someone who might have been a preschool teacher read the book, she treated it like the pages were officially given those ratings by only reading the "G" page for the young kids. I remember that what the teacher read out loud was, "Teletubbies, Teletubbies play all day. Play all day. Oh, I don't know what to say!"
    • One part of another dream that I had was a strange combination of the elevator scene from Elf and the Curious George episode "Being Hundley". In this dream, I walked into an elevator, where some other people were, and I pushed the buttons for all of the floors of the building. Someone then asked me if I was going to push the emergency call button in the elevator and I said no, but then the elevator's power went out, with the door still open, but I don't remember if it had already started to move down or not. So, I pushed the emergency button and walked out, but the other people didn't leave the elevator.
    • In the morning of December 8, 2018, during part of a dream, I was at my grandparents' house. Somehow, a fictional Metallica song called "Here Come the Dogs" started playing in the background, and some dogs who were trained to run around wherever the song was playing showed up in the house. On my phone, I read on a website that the man who trained these dogs (I don't remember the name) was often made fun of for making the dogs so "hostile". Eventually, my Grami and I were wondering where the dogs were, so we looked in the hallway, and we saw that the bedroom door was open. We looked inside, and found dogs trying on Grami's clothes! She then said, "That's it!", which meant that she wanted the dogs out of her house.
    • In another morning of December 2018, before Christmas, I dreamt that I somehow ended up in someone's vehicle that was near my house in the evening. The people in the vehicle wouldn't let me out, and they said that they were driving to the North Pole! Then, the vehicle passed through a building that had a big garage door which lead out of town, and I realized that that "garage" must have been some kind of magically-appearing Polar Express-type route to the North Pole! Later, I was still in that vehicle, and we were somewhere that was basically two areas of my home city combined. Then, my mom phoned me because she didn't know where I was, and when she claimed that the time was later than it actually was, I woke up asking her why she said that time!
    • In the morning of May 20, 2019, which was the day after I had first heard the song "Eat My Brain" by Odds, I dreamed that I found out that I had eaten some small parts of my own brain as part of meals before, and that those pieces of my brain had been extracted from mosquito bites!
  • Talking in Your Sleep: Thanks to the "Sleep Talk Recorder" app, I found out that I once said, "Hey, teacher," and later something like "Scissor air..." in my sleep. I also found out that I make a lot of humming noises in my sleep, some of which appear to be me talking with my mouth closed.
  • Waking Non Sequitur: This has happened to me many times. Sometimes, I wake up screaming loudly, out of anger. But other times, I say examples of this trope! Here are some notable examples, and anything in parenthesis within the quotes is what I would have said if I had completed the sentences:
    • "No, no, (no)!"
    • "The Flyers players can't (hear Dad)!"
    • "Stop it!"
    • "What book?"
    • "No, we don't have time!"
    • "She doesn't believe her (own son)!"
    • "Don't call it that!"
    • "With Finn and Jake!"
    • "Well, I f***ed that up."
    • "D**n right."
    • "She wasn't even listening!"
    • "What?"
    • "You just f***ing disowned him."

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