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NOTE: Despite GoAnimate's rebrand to Vyond, every reference to GoAnimate will remain intact.

The grounded videos are a series of nightmares being had by the real Caillou (or, alternatively, Dora)
Who wasn't afraid of making their parents so mad that they would ground you to your room forever or literally kill you for something wrong you did when they were a kid? The grounded videos are just Caillou's or Dora's depiction of this feeling of not wanting to upset their parents.

This video and other videos by the same user actually take place in the future of the GoAnimate world
The reason Caillou's parents and all the adults in his life barely seem to react to any of Caillou's misbehavior is that, by this time, they have gotten so used to it that it's no longer worth getting upset about. Caillou's misbehavior is just as much a part of their lives now as going to work or school.

Boris, along with Elena, Cole, Alan Cook, Big Bill, Brenda, Miss Martin and Evil Diesel Busters are actually all kind and friendly people outside of the grounded videos.
This ties in to the earlier WMG about the grounded videos being nightmares to an extent. If the parent is an
abusive Jerkass in the nightmares, they’ll be nice people out of them.
Fred Jones in the Goanimate videos is an offspring of the The Niburu entity

Noah and Toby are step-siblings.

The grounded videos take place in a world where society has collapsed.

Boris is Satan in disguise
Think about it, he treats his son like shit, and abuses him too, not only that, but also killing him, and sometimes putting fire on Caillou to die, so he's totally the devil.

African Vulture's videos from A Caillou Christmas Carol onwards (Barring Caillou's Missing Cat) take place in an alternate universe.

Rosie became more of a bitch in Caillou's Teenhood due to her Mom's death.

The Go!Animate Staff knows about the grounded videos.

Caillou is older than 4.

Goanimate City is a purgatory and the characters are ghosts facing punishment for their crimes in life.

  • Caillou: In life, he was a Jerk Jock that made fun of a student that came from an Abusive household, causing said student to commit suicide. He ended up breaking his neck while he was trying to lift a very heavy dumbbell and got lumped in the same family as Boris to teach him where he went wrong when he bullied that student.

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  • Dora, a Former Child Star that used her status to get what she wanted, not caring who got hurt, until someone had enough and dropped a toaster in her private pool. The reason why her parents hate it when she goes exploring and once had her taken to the slammer for having her own show is to teach her about how she can't use fame to get what she wants.

  • Boris: A psychotic madman who often used violence to solve his problems. He ended up dying in a car accident caused by road rage and he hasn't learned his lesson, which is why, in a lot of videos, he is never redeemed.

  • Doris: Boris' girlfriend who enabled him to abuse people she hated and didn't show sympathy towards those he abused. She died along with Boris, and if she ever hopes to ascend to a higher plane, she has to learn to be kinder to people.

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  • Warren Cook: He was a Troll who was like SiIvaGunner, but more malicious. He not only tricked people a lot, but angered them into sending death threats his way, and even revealed his address in one video, leading to someone tracking him down and killing him. He hasn't learned his lesson quite yet, which explains his behavior.

  • Alan Cook: He was a abusive father to his family, and eventually ended up murdering them (the latter explains why Warren's mother is never seen). He especially disliked his son's wish to visit Disneyland Paris, which(along with the park's popularity in British families) was the reason he was reincarnated as a British man who hates Disney stuff. He was accidentally pushed off a building at a party a few days after that, and if he wants to ascend to a higher plane, he needs to respect peoples' opinions and dreams. He was lumped into Warren's family to teach him an additional lesson about his parenting skills.

  • BobbyIsPoopy: He was a scat fetishist who forced himself onto everyone he knew, until he was killed when a pile of cow dung fell on him, causing him to suffocate. If he ever wants to ascend to a higher plane, he needs to learn to control his fetish.

  • Dylan McCarthy and Emily Movolvoski: Dylan and Emily were nice people in life but got lost on the way to Heaven and ended up in GoAnimate City for some reason. They tried to fit in at first, which explained their troublemaker behavior in their earlier appearances.

  • Mario and Luigi: The two were bumbling idiots in life and never managed to correct their mistakes. They died while plumbing after accidentally breaking a gas pipe, intoxicating them, and their status as a Butt-Monkey duo when they fall victim to the troublemakers' shenanigans is teach them a lesson about being careful and safe.

  • Little Bill: He was a rude British exchange student and the Token Black Friend to Caillou in life. An out-of-control treadmill killed him the same day Caillou was killed.

  • Erika and Zara Dawson: The two were a Alpha Bitch duo in life and often forced their opinions down anybody's throat, and they ended up dying of a cocaine overdose. Nothing going right for Zara is her being taught a lesson about being nice.

  • Macusoper: He was a Jerkass security guard in life and often roughed up people who wanted to have fun. He was killed when a semi-truck run over him, and paired with his dad Diesel to teach him a lesson about karma and how to control your anger.

  • Gina Delgado: She was a Spoiled Brat in life and succeeded a lot over others and was a bitch about it. She ended up getting beaten until she died by someone she pushed too far, and she is the Foil to Dora because Gina needs to learn a lesson about how winning doesn't mean everything, and so does Dora.

  • The Smith family (Eric, David, Ivy, Diesel, and Kate): Everything went wrong for them in life after they slowly evolved into a Big, Screwed-Up Family and Diesel divorced Kate. Cue financial troubles, huge family fights, and eventually... them murdering each other and the kids they respectively had custody to. All the troubles they face are just them getting lessons about what the true meaning of a family is.

  • Memy9909: Memy was a Fat Bastard bully and another friend of Caillou in life. He died of a heart attack that led to a seizure a few days after Caillou and Bill died.

  • Joyce and Jane: They were members of Erika and Zara's Girl Posse in life and helped in bullying Caillou's victim, and after the victim committed suicide, they ran off to Dave & Buster's and celebrated, but they were hit by a car while returning. That is why they're in GoAnimate City, they're being taught a lesson about why you should help someone in need and why you shouldn't be a bully.

  • Fred Jones: A violent Jerkass in life who solved his problems by giving people concussions. He died when an I-beam fell on his head, and he's being taught a lesson to not be angry all the time.

  • Shaggy, Daphne, Velma and Scooby: Just like with Dylan and Emily, they were nice people who got lost on the way to heaven.

  • Postman Pat: A serial killer moonlighting as a postman who killed people by dropping bombs through the mail. He was killed when the CIA gave him a package that contained a bomb.

  • Miss Martin: She was a Sadist Teacher who idolized Boris and taught students the way he would've. She was the only casualty in a class trip accident, and being lumped with Caillou is to teach her where she went wrong with her teaching.

  • Boris the Teeth Guy: Teeth Guy Boris was the dictator of a Qurac country in the Middle East who made his people bend over backwards for his horrific ways and huge antisemitism. He was assassinated by the Mossad with a pressure cooker bomb disguised as a rice cooker, and was made Boris' alternate form to teach him and Boris a lesson about taking time for diplomacy and peace.

  • Veena: Veena was a violent serial killer in life in her native India. She was eventually arrested, hung, and lumped in with Dora's family to teach her a lesson on keeping her cool.

  • Miguel: Miguel was the harsh, abusive dictator of a Communist Banana Republic in South America, who killed scores of people for wanting to live their life their own way. He was assassinated by an anti-Communist revolutionary during a visit to Venezuela, and was lumped in with Veena and Dora to also teach him the keeping cool lesson.

  • Abuela: Abuela was Miguel's mother and co-conspirator, who jumped to her death from a tall building when she was informed about her son's death.

  • Azul: He was the corrupt head of a railway company who closed down branch lines and caused many of the employees to lose their jobs. He ended up dying when his personal train derailed, crashed into a bridge, burst into flames and fell in a river.

  • Devious Diesel: One of Azul's co-conspirators. He was in the same train as Azul.

  • Rosie: She was an Extreme Doormat who let people take advantage of her generous nature. She was killed when someone convinced her to jump off a cliff, and her being lumped with the Caillou family is to teach her a lesson about not letting people take advantage of her.

  • Mr. Hinkle: He was a pedophilic high-risk sex offender and serial killer who violated his parole several times in life. He was killed by a man whose child he tried to molest, and was made Caillou's neighbor to teach him a lesson about controlling his fetishes and issues.

  • Leo, Clementine, and Sarah: They were Something Awful goons who cruelly trolled people note , often driving them to suicide in the process, in life. They eventually died horrible deaths (Leo got hit by a train, Clementine was tracked down and then viciously murdered by the father of one of her victims, and Sarah's appendix operation failed).

  • Clementine's Mom: Clementine's Mom was Veena's accomplice in life. She was executed in the electric chair, unlike her partner-in-crime.

  • Billy Clementine: He was a big Jerkass who often fed people bad food or poisoned it, killing them. He died when he accidentally tainted a pizza he had for lunch with rat poison that he planned to poison his sister's water with. One of the reasons he was executed for killing Caillou in this video is that he still hadn't learned his lesson.

  • Daillou: Daillou was a Serial Rapist who forced himself into any woman, especially children. He was beaten from pillar to post until he died by one girl's father after he raped her unconscious, and was made a Kidanova to teach him a lesson.

  • Miss Cristina: Another Sadist Teacher, she is the exact teacher Michael Rosen was talking about in "Strict". She was killed when an unsteady blackboard fell on her and crushed her, and was made Dora's teacher to teach her a lesson about being a proper teacher.

  • Bill Glover Sr.: He was a Hanging Judge who sentenced a jaywalker to the electric chair. His private jet overran a runway and crashed, killing him, his wife and mother-in-law, and he was made Little Bill's father so as to teach him a lesson about giving reasonable punishments.

  • Brenda Glover: Big Bill's wife and his Bailiff.

  • Grandma Alice: Brenda's Mother and a member of Big Bill's inner circle.

  • The Read Family: Much like their canon counterparts, they were nice people in life who got lost on their way to heaven. Their behavior in the Arthur Gets Grounded videos is their way of fitting in.

  • Angelica Pickles: She was another member of Zara and Erika's girl posse and a Spoiled Brat in life who dominated everyone's life. She ended up falling to her death when she attempted to go skydiving and her parachute didn't open, and she has to learn that you can't always get what you want if she hopes to go to heaven.

  • The Secretary of Night: He was a pedophilic mercenary-for-hire who kidnapped, tortured, and eventually murdered children at the request of people who had issues with his victims and often performed necrophilia on their corpses. He met his timely demise after he was run over by a tractor-trailer truck during an attempted prison break. He hasn't quite learned his lesson yet, which explains his behavior in the Darby Gets Grounded videos.

  • Kai Lan: She was a juvenile delinquent in China during the The Great Depression who often robbed houses, broke property and picked fights with people weaker then her. She ended up homeless, succumbing to a disease shortly after, and if she hopes to ascend to the heavens, she needs to learn how to be a more respectable citizen.

  • Diesel Busters: He was a overzealous warden, Bill Sr's Token White Friend and another one of his co-conspirators. He also idolized Boris. He was eventually killed during a prison riot and was lumped with Macusoper so as to teach him a lesson about being fair on people.

  • Boots: He was a little Jerkass who often stole many things, especially stuffed monkeys, bananas and boots. He fell in a shoe machine while attempting to steal a pair of boots and was killed.

  • Swiper: Much like his canon counterpart, he was a thief who died when he was shot by a police officer during a heist gone wrong. If he wants to ascend to the heavens, he has to learn that thievery is not the way forward in life.

  • Darby: She was a normal, friendly girl who got lost on the way to heaven. She acted like a troublemaker to fit in, but then the Secretary of Night found out about her "behavior".

  • Diesel: He was the exact person who convinced Rosie to jump off a cliff, and later died when he was shot by Rosie's father. Due to an error within the algorithms of Heaven, he was cloned many times upon arrival in GoAnimate City and the clones ended up lumped in with many troublemakers as a result.

  • Trip: He was an celebrity atheist who forced his views on others. He was killed in a terrorist attack at an atheist rally he organized. If he wants to ascend to a higher plane, he must be nicer and friendlier to those who don't have a view like his.

  • Baxter: He was a famous Pretty Fly for a White Guy gangsta rapper involved in the East Coast-West Coast hip hop rivalry. He was killed along with his girlfriend during a huge brawl at one of his concerts. If he wants to go to Heaven, he must not beg for attention.

  • MacusoperAndLPSLover: Baxter's girlfriend.

  • Green Boris: He was a Cinnabon employee who was considered annoying by many of his peers. He was killed when Princess Peach blew up the Cinnabon he was working at, and if he wants to go to Heaven he must not be obxinious.

  • Caillou's grandparents: Caillou's grandparents were Boris' parents and two of his enablers. They both died from carbon monoxide poisoning after their chimney got clogged, filling their home up with smoke.

  • Classic Caillou: Classic Caillou was a literal Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant who forced himself onto patrons of the gas station he worked at (which was a mafia front) for his sexual purposes. He was shot by an undercover cop he tried to rape.

  • Uolliac: Bobby is Poopy's best friend and fellow scat fetishist, who also worked at the same gas station as Classic Caillou. He was shot by the same undercover cop as Classic Caillou.

  • Daisy: Caillou's grandparents' adopted daughter, who also died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Wardrobe Cooking/Warrun Cookie: One of Classic Caillou's fellow gas station employees who was nicknamed "Loudmouth" in the mafia for shouting a lot. He was shot by the same undercover cop that killed Classic Caillou and Uolliac.

  • PowerJohn25 UTTP: He was a clueless water park employee who screwed up often. He died when a plane crashed into the hotel attached to the water park and caused the hotel to collapse, crushing him under the rubble.

  • Kevin: He was a normal boy who got killed in the same hotel collapse as PowerJohn, but got lost on the way to Heaven and ended up in GoAnimate City. He troublemakes alongside Dora sometimes to fit in.

  • Princess Peach: She was an anarchist leader who caused lots of property damage and sometimes killed people without knowing it. She was killed when the CIA tricked her into trying to bomb a McDonald's in a historically non-commercial area of her home town, however one of the employees (of whom was actually a CIA agent) shot her.

  • Princess Daisy: Peach's co-conspirator. She was the only casuality in a molotov cocktail attack at an anarcho-punk concert.

  • Spongebob: Much like his canon counterpart, he was a Nice Guy who, rather unintentionally got on people's nerves and was a bit naive on top of that. He was killed when during one of his driving lessons, he ended up driving onto the railway and a train crashed into his car killing both him and his driving instructor. Spongebob has to learn not to be such an idiot and not be so aggravating if he hopes to make it to heaven.

  • Michael Jackson: The Michael Jackson caricature that frequently pops up in many videos is in fact the manager of the purgatory.

Every user who makes Grounded videos is on drugs.

The grounded videos are Educational videos on how not to be a parent being shown by Caillou and Dora at a college
Explains why all the parents are shown to be dicks.

Boris is the future John Bender as a parent
Or, knowing that they are both Abusive Parents, he could easily be friends with Ghetsis.

Gina and Dora are actually good friends behind the scenes

Goanimate executives tried to get rid of the grounding community
Goanimate was initially made as a business site. For those who wanted to make a presentation through drag and drop animation. However, people soon began to use it as a way to make videos of cartoon characters they dislike being punished by their parents. Things quickly went off the rails and soon, Goanimate was seen as nothing more than a joke.

With this trend quickly becoming more visible, Goanimate was quick to catch on. They were not amused that their site was being used for content you would find in cringe compilations. They didn’t want this community to sour their reputation. They decided that the best course of action was to slowly make it more difficult to make grounded videos. This is when they announced plans in Fall 2015 to remove all non-business themes, removing some features that made Goanimate more accessible.

To say that the fandom was unhappy would be a massive understatement. They went into a flare of rage while making video after video attacking Alvin Hung. However, while the features were gone on the main site, Goanimate for Schools still carried them. This is where they began to make more grounded videos. Goanimate likely became aware of this as well and announced that GFS would also have non-business theme removed. People quickly find other methods like Wix and Requestly, both were eventually patched as well. Isn’t it odd that Goanimate would patch out the features wherever the community went instead of all at once?

Eventually, they decided to rebrand themselves as Vyond. With all the ridicule from the past, it’s possible that executives wanted to disassociate themselves with the community. Additionally, they plan to heavily increase their prices so that only people with a decent income can register, sweeping away kids who payed for the service with their parent’s credit cards.

So ask yourself, Was Goanimate’s transition over the past two and a half years just a ploy by the executives to get the Grounded video makers to jump ship?

Ricki Durundith (the mother of the traumatized daughter in Dora Makes a Fake Lockdown) is a con artist and was running a huge combined scam and get-rich-quick scheme with her family
Would explain the Artistic License – Biology being used in the case of her daughter. After the lockdown, Ricki's daughter got scared lightly, so Ricki overblew the whole thing to her being locked up in a mental institution and paralyzed forever. Her Plan A is to demand money from strangers until they have enough money supposedly to pay the $900 thousand hospital bill, but in reality they're gonna use the money to invest in [insert whatever thing they could invest in here]. The Plan B, in case Plan A doesn't work, is to get Dora's parents to be forced to pay the $900 thousand hospital bill along with the other bills they were forced to pay as a result of the chaos she caused. And Plan C - well, a combination of both. And if any one of the Plans doesn't work out good in the end, they'll make a Run for the Border (let's just say Dora lives near the Canadian border in New England since we have a sizeable Hispanic population around here) with all the money they scammed out of duped individuals.

Macusoper Busters in his Grounded series is actually a demonic twin that the PC Guy has to get rid of
This will explain why Satan himself is sometimes depicted as Macusoper with devil horns (take some execution videos, for example). Some videos where Macusoper's, "evil deeds" were out of his control or not his doing could be because people confuse the two thanks to the little differences.

Dora's teacher Miss Christina has frequently run afoul of Officer Billy Mays whenever she performs punishment days (as with "Dora Kills Her Family/Punishment Day by Mrs. Christina")
In cs188's YouTube Poop videos, Billy Mays acts as a police officer whenever things get really out of hand (as with "Stu puts Angelica to sleep at 4am" and "Steamed Chalmburgers"). So who's to say that she hasn't been told by Billy Mays that she has "JUST TWO MINUTES" to come out with her hands up at least thrice.

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