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  • His Draw My Life video for seeing his enthusiasm and thankfulness towards his fans for getting him 500,000 subscribers.
  • His speech at the end of "The Dark Side of MOTHER", helped immensely by the fact that "Smiles and Tears" is played in the background. I think it speaks for itself:
    When Shigesato Itoi set out to create a different kind of RPG, one based on the real world, he did just that. And didn't limit himself to simply replacing tonics with hamburgers and merchants with department stores; he dealt with issues you see in the media every day: rape, religious fanaticism, violence. But handled them with a dash of humor, and a heaping spoonful of bizarre storytelling. EarthBound isn't about a boy trying to stop an alien menace; it's about a boy growing up, leaving his home, and experiencing both the good and the bad of the world. That's why Giygas is so scary; he's based on the moment Itoi lost that childhood innocence. And that's why the ending of the game is so satisfying, because Ness faced that darkness and made it through, becoming a young adult. He's grown up, and we as the player have cared enough to get him there. It's truly a triumph of the gaming experience, and one I recommend to anyone. But hey, that's just a theory. A Game Theory.
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  • MatPat's posthumous rewarding Charles Darwin for proving his theory of evolution in the Pokémon games..
  • The video where he explains the reasons he gave Pope Francis a copy of Undertale.
    I just want us to start having a conversation, because you know what? It's an essential discussion to have, to help the world understand and respect people of different backgrounds. That includes us, as gamers. More knowledge is rarely, if ever, a bad thing. It broadens our understanding of the world and allows us to empathize with outgroups it'd be far easer to write off as different, weird, or scary. But all in all, life is just too short to hate.
  • After the first WD Gaster video, where the first few minutes were spent talking about the backlash from his previous Undertale videos. This prompted many of the show's fans to show support for MatPat, and several former haters to apologize for their behavior; he thanked all of them for it at the beginning of the second part.
  • The relationship between MatPat and his wife Stephanie is absolutely adorable. During February leading all the way to Valentine's Day, Matthew decided to give Stephanie small gifts everyday to make her happy. Aww...
    • The 2018 streams had them playing a 'know your spouse' game where you had to guess your partners responses to various questions... They scored stupidly high.
  • While the moment is Played for Laughs, MatPat agreeing that Stephanie is the "Fairest Theorist of Them All" in his Snow White video on Film Theory is really sweet.
  • The G.T.Live Stream gets an unexpected visitor. Everyone is delighted.
    Steph: Oh my god do I get to hug MARIO??!! (she does.)
    • In an oddly awesome moment, Matt took the opportunity to do what he's been trying to do for half a decade: find our Mario's canonical height based on the costume. Turns out, he was right in guessing he was 5'11.
  • MatPat and Steph are going to have a baby!
  • MatPat prevented a boy from commiting suicide, simply by talking to him and being nice.
  • The fact that MatPat kept his pre-Game Theory videos and the few vlog videos he made after starting Game Theory. So many creators view their oldest stuff as Old Shame and delete it but he kept his musical theatre videos from 2009-2010, which many fans have appreciated.
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  • In his final(?) Five Nights at Freddy's theory MatPat says that decoding FNaF's lore has been the most exciting and enjoyable challenge he did on Game Theory and thanks Scott Cawthon for creating all those games.
  • While it is subtle, it's noticeable that the theories on Pokémon's Ash's age are less caustic than many of his other videos. Even with a few quips, it's clear that he does respect what Ash has accomplished, unlike admonishing him for what he has not like many on Youtube and beyond.


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