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Recount the moments of videogaming insanity on the Giant Bomb website! For many of the ones listed here and more, you can check out the site's own Best Of Playlist.

See also: Endurance Run: Persona 4

Endurance Run: Deadly Premonition

  • Both teams dying to the exact same enemy in the exact same places for the exact same reasons. Yes, it happens more than once.
  • Thomas' death:
    • The teams have different reactions. Jeff and Vinny respond with maniacal laughter while Brad and Ryan respond with initial shock then admiration.
    Ryan: "Bravo, SWERY. Bra-fucking-vo."

Team VJ:

  • While looking at their toolbox:
    Jeff & Vinny: "Panda Bear?"
    Jeff: "What."
  • In retaliation for his attempted murder, the Mysterious Capitalist backs into Jeff & Vinny's car.
  • The guys space off while interviewing the twins... in favor of staring at Emily's ass.
  • Their reaction to York's character is awesome too, he's the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Vinny and Jeff spy on Thomas while he's at home.
    Jeff: "Work it."
  • Many references are made to the previous Endurance Run.
  • Before fighting the killer, the guys joke about the boss being melee-only (having neglected melee weapons for most of the game). When they're given a shovel, they posit that the final boss is going to be a hole they have to fill in. And then this happens:
    The killer, ranting about his "immortality": "That's no use, York!"
    Jeff: "You have to fight me with a shovel!"
    (Vinny cracks up)
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  • And then immediately as the pre-boss cutscene ends, Vinny starts wiggling the control stick like in all the Raincoat Killer chase segments.
  • Much like in the Persona 4 ER, the guys show a remarkable amount of prescience when they joke about future "plot twists" and hit the nail on the head. At one point they even hit on the Word of God revelation that Willie was Kaysen's handler.
    • At one point, Vinny jokes about how Deadly Premonition is actually a novel being written, referencing Alan Wake. But in doing so he says "his name [York] is actually Zach."
  • Whenever they imitate the way the zombies talk:
    "Why did you turn on the power we're trying to keep Greenvale green just like my bumper sticker saaaaaayyyysssss."
    "Expensive crackers"
    "I'm going to drop my paaaaannnntssssss"
    "We are solving math problemssss"
    "Panty Raid!"
  • Anytime Ushah is on screen
  • Anytime they impersonate Keith.
  • At one point, there is a door that York has to strain to push open, something that hadn't happened in the game previously. Vinny tries to have York do his standard crash-through-door technique... hilarity ensues.
    • It happens again in the endgame.
  • Vinny lampshades the fact that York always seems to be found alone with the murder victims when the cops arrive
    Vinny: "Well . . . I bet you think I did this."
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  • They even manage to turn York's father killing himself into a funny moment:
    Vinny: "...did not summon his Persona."
  • After beating the game, the guys go and check out the bonus features, including a mysterious locked door that they manage to figure out the puzzle to... except for the necessary trading card, which they lack. How could they have gotten the card? A quest from Polly that they had completely blown off earlier in the run.

Team BR:

  • Brad's increasingly profanity ridden declarations of his hatred of the game, and Ryan's utter delight in his suffering.
    • To the point where he tells his critics to GTFO.
  • Ryan singing to the racing theme.
  • Brad and Ryan doing X-Factor during the lounge bar sequence.
    Brad: (with a fake Cockney accent) "That was complete utter shit!"
  • Brad and Ryan freaking out on seeing a giant demonic dog bashing around their car.
    Ryan: "Man, Greenvale gets weird at ni-THERE IS A GIANT DOG IN THAT INTERSECTION!"
  • Brad and Ryan encounter fire in the Other World Galaxy of Terror.
    Brad: It's all on fire! Everything's on fire!
  • Directly after that, Brad and Ryan discover, to their dismay, that the fire does nothing to the zombies. Keep in mind that, up to this point, the fire was a guaranteed insta-kill.
    Ryan and Brad: (at the same time) OH GOD!
    Brad: That is not fair!
    Ryan: *laughs* Since when can they do that?
    Brad: I am calling foul on that.
    Ryan: I call shenanigans. Jerk-ass, just hoppin' over the fire.
  • Brad and Ryan's reaction to a room full of fire and zombies in the Other World Police Station:
    Ryan: Uh-oh.
    (Zombies start running through the fire towards York)
    Brad: WHAT IS GOING ON?!
    Ryan: *starts laughing*
    Brad: Oh god...
    Ryan: That was awesome. I mean, it wasn't awesome but it was awesome.
    Brad: I'm not sure... what that was... oh Jesus...
  • Thomas's profiling scene
    "I brought some Nat King Cole!"

Endurance Run: Shenmue

  • In Part 2, Vinny meets Minako at the Tomato Convenience Store, who pities Ryo for not having used a disposable camera or eaten super-spicy curry. They all mock the condescending tone the girl uses.
    Alex: Jesus, lady. My dad died! I don't know if you remember that part.
    Vinny: 'Hey Ryo, have you ever done the funky spaghetti?'
  • In Part 6, Vinny's long-simmering frustration with the game's mechanics reaches a boiling point, as his ranting about having to wait until nightfall to continue his investigation culminates with an insane puppet show with the knick-knacks he has collected up to this point. To distract him, Dan starts a guessing game involving the names of the Stalkers from The Running Man, and Vinny's complete inability to come up with the name of Jim Brown's character, (Fireball), drives Alex up the wall.
  • In Episode 7, Vinny visits the local pizza parlor:
    Vinny: (turning around before talking to the chef) Oh, please please please please be fake Italian when I turn around. Please have a big mustache and be fake Italian!
    • He is.
  • Episode 16: Vinny snaps again, after the game forces him to wait an entire day to advance the plot. Eventually he, Alex and Dan just simply leave the game running with Ryo staring at his watch as they get up to grab snacks and drinks. When they come back, the day still hasn't ended, so Vinny grabs his guitar...
  • Episode 18:
    Ryo: Can you ask?
    Goro: Well... OK, meet me at noon tomorrow.
    Vinny: Noooooooo! Nooooooooo!
  • The bonus episode at the end of the series explores the Shenmue Passport, with the team getting up close and personal with Mark, enjoying the Totally Radical video about forklift driving, and becoming utterly mystified when confronted with a character they never met through the entire game. Xiuying Hong, who doesn't actually appear in the story until Shenmue 2

Metal Gear Scanlon

  • Dan's Running Gag about what Drew's various distressed vocalizations would sound like in Snake's voice.
  • Solid Scanlon somehow manages to kill himself with his own remote-controlled missile.
  • Drew's hilariously botched hold-up attempt on a guard in MGS2, seen here, which amazingly still resulted in the guard dead and no alarm raised.
  • The announcement video for Metal Gear Scanlon 4. It's a parody of the Metal Gear Solid 4 installation scequence, and has Drew slowly work his way through a bag of licorice sticks while various antics happen and inane trivia and advice bits pop up.
  • In Part 11 of MGS4, as they enter Act 4, Dan repeatedly hypes up how excited he was to experience Shadow Moses Island on PS3. After a brief moment of silence, the Act begins... with a PS1 emulation of the Helipad area from the original Metal Gear Solid. Drew and Dan spend a solid 30 seconds just laughing before either one can bring themselves to say anything.
  • The "Huh?" Running Gag in MGS4.

Quick Looks, Unfinished

  • The Dragonball Evolution game is So Bad, It's Good, complete with moving character portraits fighting... the character portraits
  • The New Super Mario Bros. Wii is one CMoF after another. From Vinny's constant deaths to Brad's ever increasing determination to take revenge on Ryan, this Quick Look is almost an hour of hilarity.
  • The Price Is Right for the Wii is another long string of CMoFs. Dave's indignation at the cost of the flat screen TV and Jeff talking about cooking meth in his "Brand New Trailer" are some of the highlights.
  • Dead or Alive: Paradise and Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust are two terribly juvenile—and just plain terrible—games, made almost worthwhile by hearing Jeff and Ryan's utter revulsion at having to play them.
  • In their Quick Look of Darkest of Days, the frequent bugs, the boring scenery and overall spottiness of the game literally reduces them to saying "So Yeah! Darkest Of Days!" several times, in a matter reminiscent of a certain MST3K featured movie. Presumably that's the reason why said game didn't even get a review.
  • Ryan was so disgusted by the phrase "What the Foxtrot is going on here?" in the Jurassic: The Hunted Quick Look that he got up and left. Brad had to fill in for the rest of the QL.
  • During the playthrough of the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves multiplayer beta, Ryan manages to get his character stuck in the level geometry, leading to horrified screams and cries of "Put me out of my misery! The teleporter didn't work!" And then they decide to end the Quick Look by becoming griefers. "You're the reason why we can't have nice things!"
  • Motion Sports. Oh, please. Alright, Let me reintroduce you two: Rider meet horse, horse meet rider.
    Ryan: Those motions kinda remind me of, I dunno, riding a horse.
    Jeff: ...No announcer, you'll notice... I like to think in some weird way that's your fault.
  • Kinect Adventures and the Living Statues.
  • The Hollywood Squares Quick Look, with the guys fantasizing about various game ideas involving murdering Brad Garrett.
  • In the Shaun White Skateboarding QL, we have Jeff's reaction to the PC using his magical skating powers to turn a propaganda poster from the 1984-ish government into a Stride Gum billboard:
    Jeff: Oh my God. The billboard went from saying "No Chewing Allowed" and then you freed it from the shackles of The Man and turned it into an advertisement for Stride gum. This game is already the worst thing I've ever seen!
  • The Tony Hawk: Shred QL: As the gang runs out of things to say about this crappy game, Vinny shows us all sorts of antics you can get up to when you combine a green screen with a green body suit.
    • With an honorable mention to Vinny's head-on-the-board: "PLAY ME!"
    • This was preceded by the Tony Hawk: Ride QL, the ending of which which features Jeff standing on the board against a green screen. This is, of course, used to great effect.
  • Multimedia Celebrity Poker: "Turn the video quality back up! Turn the video quality back up!"
  • Quick Look: The Fight: Lights Out: their reactions to the entire tutorial sequence starring Danny Trejo giving an intense performance as a tough as nails trainer...while holding and gesturing with the colorful Move controllers and yelling at you not to move your feet otherwise you'll break the game.
  • Vinny's avatar in DC Universe Online, full-stop.
    Finally, Superman and B4tm4n side by side.
  • The Test Drive Unlimited 2 Quick Look has Vinny, Brad and Alex MSTing the game's non racing related elements such as the superfluous first person navigation inside buildings ("How do I go to iron sights?"), the ridiculous cutscenes and the painfully awkward rationalization for the player receiving money for doing tricks; making the player avatar look like a gay bar fugitive with nothing more than the two starting outfits and their desperate attempts to start a multiplayer race ("I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEEEEEEEEEEND!")
  • Quick Look: Game Room for 12/22/10. Venetian Blinds.
  • The Quick Look of Cargo: The Quest for Gravity. There are no words.
  • The Duke Nukem Forever Quick Look, in which Jeff expresses his utter disgust at the game's sense of humor.
  • The Deadliest Warrior: Legends Quick Look. "Come now, we can be frieeeeeeeeeends!"
  • Fallout: New Vegas (Old World Blues DLC): Mistaking the K9000 Cyberdog Gun, which is the gun with the brain of a dog, for a gun that actually shoots dogs.
  • In the Tetris Axis quick look, Vinny was lying down with a giant AR card to help demonstrate a mode that projected a giant tower from the card. He decides to place it in an, um, (un)flattering position.
    Patrick: If your Tetris lasts longer than six hours...
  • In the Hulk Hogan's Main Event for Kinect Quick Look, Jeff's created character KID MONEY from PARTS UNKNOWN enters the ring by jumping on to the hood of a truck and screaming, "I'M GONNA MAKE SWEET LOVE TO 'EM . . . FROM THE BACK!!"
  • During the Skyrim QL, they're running from a pair of giants when a sabre cat gets in the way. A giant smashes it and it goes flying off in the distance. See it here.
  • The Self Defense Training for Kinect QL has their reactions to the Hurricane of Euphemisms for Groin Attack ("Genital Triangle" in particular) as well as the announcer's incredibly clinical demeanor while discussing the subject:
    Announcer: [completely deadpan] Deliver a kick to the genitals.
  • Family Feud 2012 Edition. One word: HORSEBACK
    Ryan: Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait...
    • Also, after their answer of "Declaration of Independence" wasn't accepted, only to be one of the answers on the board.
    Ryan: We SAID Declaration of Independence!
    Brad: Turn this fucking game OFF.
  • And their coverage of another Jeopardy game, with special guest star Brad Muir.
  • The start of the Quick Look for Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest has them parodying a Sony press conference. Vinny provides some absolutely golden lines here.
    "The puppet man on the right holds his Move controller up. Now he's gonna put it down and Ryan does the same thing. Now he touches his penis with it and he does the same thing."
    "This is a 1:1 loading screen. (pause) It loads in real time" *cracks up*
  • The Binary Domain QL has Jeff struggling with the voice recognition tests. Then he discovers that (in theory) the game actually recognizes swearing...
  • The Battleship Quick Look. There's something weirdly funny about how utterly SHOCKED they are that this game ISN'T completely terrible.
  • The Pokémon Conquest Quick Look has Vinny "No!" Caravella valiantly fighting against the forces of But Thou Must!.
  • During the Roller Coaster Rampage Quick Look, Vinny notices that the top of the leaderboards for several levels is occupied by a user named Bigjeffrey. The rest of the video alternates between Jeff playing the role of the drunken sex offender and amusement park owner Big Jeffrey, and he and Vinny laughing at the game's busted physics engine.
    "Big Jeffrey": And remember, Big Jeffrey always says.... drop 'em!
  • The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav Quick Look has Ryan and Vinny immediately hating and mocking the Manic Pixie Dream Girl character Nuri (Ryan even explicitly calls the trope out at one point). When another character tells them she has to be killed, they're instantly on board, despite the protests of the main character.
    • At the end of the video, Vinny skips through the characters' dialogue, and asks Drew to play them out. Drew then plays a dubstep rhythm, creating a stupid statement dance mix of sorts. Ryan remarks that it was the best thing Vinny showed him during the entire quick look.
  • The Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince first look features Ryan(?)'s scary good impression of Brad Neely.
  • The Wild Mass Guessing in the Professor Layton & The Miracle Mask Quick Look that Professor Herschel Layton is a grown-up Funky Student because of his Funny Afro.
    • The commenters one-upped it by suggesting Patrick Klepek dress up as Young!Layton as a result.
    • Also in the quick look, Vinny and Ryan lose it when they see Mr. Collins' huge, oddly-shaped nose. They crack a few jokes about him, saying that he should go to a hospital and point at his face.
  • The Ravaged Quick Look: "Let's watch a pro." Brad ends up laughing for a solid minute afterward.
  • In the Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point quick look, they find themselves unable to progress through the game for some reason. They spend middle third of the video fooling around while they verify the game files, like watching Thunder Cats outtakes, checking Patrick's Twitter feed, messing with DOSBox, and playing Law of the West, which is filled with its own funny moments, like "This is basically Mass Effect", "Did you shoot her?", "No, she tripped", "I can try to shoot myself". They do look at the DLC proper, though, at least until it breaks again, and they conclude it by shoving a guy into the trunk of a car then driving that car into the ocean.
  • During the Quick Look of Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, seeing Oswald in the TV immediately leads to Persona 4 jokes from Jeff and Vinny. They interpret Mickey's willingness to go save Oswald as an attempt by him to escape an abusive relationship with Minnie Mouse. Also, Jeff reads Uncle Scrooge's lines in an Irish accent.
  • The last half of the WWE '13 quick look has Jeff and Vinny messing with the story tools. They first create a story called Time Rock, which has The Rock messing with time. They then look at a story called Ghost Problems. That both stories are So Bad, It's Good make them hilarious. In the following TNT, they show the sequels to both stories, which are just as funny.
  • In the last part of the Scribblenauts Unlimited quick look, they show off the multiplayer. It starts with the 5th Cell developer mentioning that additional players can take control of anything they want... so Ryan possesses a gun and attacks the dev. It gets crazier from there.
  • In the Kinect Sports quick look, the track & field awards ceremony gave Ryan and Jeff some control with their victory movements. Ryan does some regular waving... before doing repeated crotch chops, with his in-game avatar mimicking his motions. You can hear someone completely lose it off-camera.
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 is two-plus hours of absolute hilarity, as Vinny manages to jam a car underneath his truck within the first fifteen minutes, tips over on an exit ramp while grooving to Adele, rams other trucks on the road at random (and pays for it every time) and delves into the darkest recesses of the internet to find a mod to remove the speed limiter.
  • During the SimCity Quick Look, the crew creates a new region, and Jeff asks for a name. Vinny says "Oh, uh, geez, I don't know. Regina." Jeff proceeds to enter exactly that... or would have, if the character limit had not cut him off.
  • The remarks in the Child of Eden Quick Look about Space Whale, pretending that it's a drunken friend at a party, and Vinny giving a hilarious voice to it.
  • Ryan and Vinny commenting on the dumb behavior of Harry's friends in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Quick Look, where Hermione was standing out in the open, her back towards a bunch of enemy wizards shooting at them. Vinny pretends that she's "covering the back", and when the fight's all over, Ryan remarks that they were some real help.
  • In their Quick Look of the Star Trek Into Darkness game, their "Oh." upon seeing the CBS logo, proceeding to shamelessly promote their parent company...and then pointing out that they, of all gaming websites, didn't get a copy to review. They had to buy the game at Best Buy.
    • Kirk's body accidentally clips with Spock's, allowing Kirk to stand inside him:
    Ryan: "...My slash fiction..."
    • Jeff's ridiculous fake Russian accent returns with Chekhov bemoaning his terrible facial textures.
    • Jeff-as-Kirk telling Sulu when he gets back, the two are going to White Castle.
    • Ryan getting fed up and leaving in the middle of the Quick Look after seeing the late title card, forcing Vinny to come fill in.
    • Kirk dies, clipping through a dead Vulcan scientist's butt as he falls:
    Jeff: "Just gonna...sleep in this guy's butt."
  • Despite Vinny's joking admonishment to Patrick to "lay off the goofing" at the start, the Cry of Fear Quick Look degenerates into janky anarchy pretty quickly, beginning with Patrick's game locking up and leaving his character model frozen mid-action, and reaching its peak with Vinny being chased down a hallway by an enemy and looking, as Patrick puts it, "like a fucking Tom and Jerry cartoon."
  • The Quick Look of Motorbike, a thoroughly terrible Trials knockoff, culminates in Jeff and Vinny struggling with the hilariously buggy co-op mode. The lesson: precision maneuvering, two bikes with collision detection on each other, and a dodgy camera don't mix.
  • The whole Quick Look of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F, in which Jeff, Vinny, and Brad are thrust unceremoniously into the world of Vocaloid with no prior knowledge whatsoever. Of particular note, when Jeff accidentally shifts the model pose in the Photo Studio to just the right spot, causing the game to actually make the model disappear to prevent him from getting a look under her skirt. Brad and Vinny break down laughing at the bluntness of it all, but Jeff wants his money back.
    Vinny: (while Jeff rotates the model and it disappears while on the upskirt view) "NAW SON. NAW. CHANGE SOMETHING. NAW, THAT AIN'T RIGHT."
    Jeff: "Is there a blood code I can enter? Like, what do I gotta do?"
  • The Flight Club/Quick Look of Kerbal Space Program has the death of a Kerbal met with:
    Dave: Tell his wife he loves her very much.
    Drew and Vinny: She knows.
  • Don Bradman Cricket 14 becomes a classic Quick Look before the game even begins, as Jeff plays with, and voices, the avatar of Australian cricketer Don Bradman at the main title screen. Once the game actually starts, watching Jeff and Dan (who know almost nothing about the rules of cricket) attempt to play with the help of Danny O'Dwyer (who only has a basic understanding of the rules himself) is quite an experience.
  • In the OlliOlli Quick Look, Vinny asks what a spinning class entails, and Alex explains it to him. Vinny then mentions that he should apologize to some people because he thought it literally involved people spinning in place for a half hour.
  • The Quick Look of Velvet Sundown is absolutely hysterical, especially with the revelation halfway through that the "random" people Vinny is playing with are actually Giant Bomb West staff members. Highlights include Dunla (Jeff) repeatedly trying to pawn off an orphan child on the other players and Ingmar (Dan) trying to get his mack on with Mary (Vinny) only to be repeatedly interrupted by Boyle (Jeff) and his boring stories about swimming.
  • The Unfinished of Invisible Inc, where Dan and Jeff's spy mission goes horribly wrong when the former gets half of his two person team trapped in a closet. And later finds out that she could have walked out at any time.
  • The GBEast Quick Look of Enforcer: Police. Crime. Action. has many great moments due to the So Bad, It's Good nature of the game. One of the highlights comes in about three-fourths in, when Vinny orders a guy to stay in place. He later accidentally has his police car slowly back up in reverse, right in the path of the guy, who obediently stays put regardless. Alex sarcastically remarking on the situation makes it even funnier.
  • The ending of GBEast's Quick Look of Gods Will Be Watching. Black Comedy at its finest.
  • All of the Quick Look of Sonic Boom, but especially any part where Dan and Jeff react to the near-constant dialogue in the game.
  • The Quick Look of Ghostship Aftermath has several moments, but the best one is when Drew's character is killed by an alien that looks like a butt, only to discover that death in the game is permanent and he has to go through the whole thing (including several long and dull Info Dumps) all over again:
    Drew: [in disbelief] Does this game fancy itself a roguelike?
  • In the quick look of Shiftlings, Vinny and Alex are right at the end of a level when Vinny, unintentionally or otherwise, causes the two to fall off a ledge and sets their progress back significantly. Vinny has a fit of laughter while Alex contains his fury.
  • During the the co-op quick look of Dying Light, Brad and Vinny have to kill a man named Bento, whose cohorts made short work of the two previously. They come back, and Brad is prepared to take Bento head-on... but Vinny gets the drop on Bento from above, and the two go to town on the guy.
  • GBEast's saga with Contradiction: Spot the Liar!. It starts off with them being a little skeptical of the game, but they eventually become engrossed with it, to the point that the Quick Look is over an hour long. They then have a supplemental video, and devote two playdates to it because they just could not stop playing it. The game is full of Narm and LargeHam Full Motion Video work, it's hard not to find it endearing.
  • The Quick Look of American Truck Simulator manages to match the hilarity of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Quick Look. Highlights include Vinny's fiddling with the camera leading to Alex jumping his truck over a concrete divider, Vinny and Austin completely losing it to a hard rock cover of "Since U Been Gone" on the truck's radio, and Vinny plowing through cars to the strains of Gotye before successfully flipping his truck completely over.
  • The bonus ending of the Into the Stars Quick Look. While preparing the game for the QL, they quit out of the game and a text-to-speech voice suddenly says "Pane. Steam Pane." This causes everyone to lose it because of its suddenness and how it can sound like "pain" instead.

Podcasts, Thursday Night Throwdown, and free Happy Hours

  • Ryan abandoning the rest of the invited players on the Red Dead Redemption TNT to find and eventually fight a bear with only a knife. He won.
  • The 2010 E3 Day 3 Bombcast was shot to levels of epicness by guest Leigh Alexander and her sassy drunken interruptions. People are divided as to whether it was so bad it's good or so bad it's horrible but none can deny how funny it was when she announced the recent Activision party cast $775 million dollars straight out of the organisers' own pocket.
    • The Sims gang sign (a diamond over the head) being flashed by the guys every time she went on for too long. <>
  • The event during a Bombcast that led to this website.
    • And the callback to that Bombcast while talking about Skylanders:
    Jeff: I got Dark Spyro, Legendary Spyro, Spyro-Ass Spyro...
  • During the Bad Company 2 Throwdown, "inspired" by the games inclusion of the term "Epic Fail" for suicides Jeff, Ryan, Vinny and intern Matt go off on a united rant against the current generation of net speak. For the win, indeed.
  • POW block, anyone?
  • Jeff's reading of the Nintendo downloadable releases. Highlights include anything read in his (one) foreign accent and singing the description for Petz Dogz Family.
  • The whole Big Live Live Show Live. Special mention to the Tested boys who, after a slow start, stole the show with their "As seen on TV" product tests and John Drake for his (near)tireless and enthusiastic work promoting Rock Band 3 and Dance Central.
    • The After Party stream also gave us Drunk Will and Rorie, Dave's sister and side-scrolling Ana.
  • Jeff Gerstmann's answer to a Email question about being taken camping with one's dad:
  • Ryan, Jeff and Brad trying some Swedish candy given to them by the guys at now-defunct developer GRIN. On the same note, Jeff's visceral reaction to some hockey powder on the 03/23/09 podcast (starts at about 32:00 in) featuring GRIN is priceless.
  • Jeff joking about "crap nap" during a discussion regarding possible terms for being able to beat a previously impossible section of a game after taking a break.
  • The first free Whiskey Media Happy Hour has quite a few of these (and severely tempts people to go ahead and become premium members to enjoy the entire backlog of them). Among them is Dave Snider playing Gran Turismo 5 while getting more and more drunk... for science.
  • Jeff and Ryan playing Babysitting Mama: "No, no, no! Please don't shake the baby!"
  • The boys play LEGO Island for Unprofessional Fridays, and slowly descend into madness due to the game's continual assault on their very perception of reality itself.
  • The Nintendownload Xpress. Pretty much all of it, particularly Rick 'The Ricker' Peterson, the Bombcast Hijack and the dueling petitions, which the Xpress won, incidentally.
  • Jeff playing Gal*Gun on Happy Hour, accompanied by a "Creeper Cam" of his face while he plays. Naturally, his coworkers and the various callers don't let up in calling him out on the perverse pleasure he gets from playing.
    Jeff: "You can see their panties."
  • The Bombcast imitating rap station Hot 97 while selling Zojirushi products.
  • The 6/14/2011 Bombcast, long story short: Jeff Gerstmann does a very good Duke Nukem.
  • Ryan's reaction to Buckner & Garcia's song "Found Me The Bomb".
  • Ryan flipping out at Will Smith for pronouncing "executable" as "exzecutable".
  • The pre-E3 2012 Bombcast with Adam Sessler. Mcgruff and E3 Mysteries!
  • Their bit on Professor Layton and Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. They decide Herschel Layton's brother should be named Herbert, and that he's a used-boat salesman:
    "Herbert Layton": Hey, I'm Herbert Layton. Come on down to Herbert Layton's, if you're lookin' to buy a boat, come on and see me on a boat sale down at the fairgrounds, we'll be down here all weekend...YOU WANT TOP HATS, I GOT TOP HATS. Got great deals on boats— YOU NEED MATCHSTICKS I GOT MATCHSTICKS. These boats do not come with matchsticks, I can guarantee no matchsticks. But if you solve this matchstick puzzle, you get 10% off your boat.
    "Luke Triton" (super high-pitched voice): Professor, what's wrong with your brother?
    "Professor Layton": He's drowning cause he's not wearing one of my lifejackets!
    "Luke Triton": Oh! Take me home, professor!
    "Herbert Layton": I'm the professor of boats! Se habla espanol.
    Ryan: Yeah, his brother...clearly not a professor.
  • A discussion about how every show on USA Network is a variation on the exact same show leads into the Bombcast crew creating a hypothetical USA show called Wildcats, starring Nolan North as a cat burglar for hire, flanked by a team of three hot women, which later evolves into the show Three-Way Tie - a spin-off of Burn Notice, and features Nolan North fighting against Sam Axe and John C. McGinley. Flying chairs, explosions, and ninjas are involved.
  • On the TNT where Jeff plays Injustice: Gods Among Us, he gets a really good streak going as the Flash. The connection holds... until Jeff goes up against another Flash and the game suddenly experiences immense lag. The guys lampshade how the battle between two Super Speed characters is the one where that happens.
  • On the 03-05-2013 Bombcast, the crew talks about an oatmeal bath. Vinny wonders about the difficulty of one, to which others explain that the tub is not literally filled with oatmeal. The kicker comes when Patrick mentions that he took a tomato sauce shower once, to which Vinny asks how Patrick got the sauce to come out of the shower. There is a moment of silence before Ryan exasperatedly yells "HE POURED IT OVER HIS HEAD!" and the room erupts with laughter.
    • The next half hour of the podcast is a slow descent into the mad genius of invention as Jeff runs with this and, with Patrick's help, devises an idea for a showerhead that has the option of spraying tomato sauce (it has a reservoir) and his own concept of an oatmeal bath, with the sales pitch of a cucumber shower for housewives.
  • The April 8, 2014 Bombcast has a running joke with everyone pulling off puns of varying effectiveness. Towards the end, they talk about the PAX East panels they would be in, and Vinny says that having two of the panels, his production panel and Jeff's "404ing it: Breaking Down the Internet", in the same time slot was unfortunate. Drew says "that's un-404-tunate"... and after a moment of silence, music plays to signal the end of the podcast.
  • The May 13, 2014 Bombcast: Vinny uses Manipulative Editing to playfully jab at Patrick for being off on his Xbox One prediction, making him sound cruder and more juvenile than he really was.
    Vinny: You could say what you want-
    Patrick: pissing pissing pissing
  • The series of Bombcast sponsor segments starring Vinny Caravella as Small Businessman.
  • The September 30th 2014 Bombcast had an email about figs somehow leading into a rant from Jeff that needs to be heard to be believed.
  • The 2015 GOTY deliberations had Dan's attempt to get Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on the short list for Best Music backfire spectacularly.
  • The September 23, 2014 Bombcast (guest-starring Danny O'Dwyer) has a part where they talk about Ryckert's history with pets. It eventually reaches to a point to what he would do if he had kids, and once he mentions if he had by one by some stroke of misfortune, the others decide it's enough. Danny in particular says "Abort!"... only to have everyone clarify that he meant moving to a new conversation once they realize the context.
    • Flash forward to Episode 13 of Danswers, when Dan manages to fool Danny and Jason into believing his girlfriend is pregnant and he's going to have a kid. You can HEAR the blood draining from their faces.
  • On the February 17, 2015 Bombcast, Jeff says that anyone can start a band. Brad then declares that they're all in a band, and then tries to decide on a name. Dan suggests "Guns N' Roses"... and Jeff adds "II", sending everyone into a fit of laughter. Brad stops the joke there because he knows that every subsequent band they do the "II" shtick on will be progressively less funny.
  • The February 24, 2015 Bombcast, following a conversation in which Jeff suggests abolishing months for dates and just knowing what day of the year it is, is titled "Giant Bombcast 55/2015".
  • Episode 6 of the Beastcast begins with Austin firing off a flurry of puns on Jeff Bakalar's name, all backed by Vinny's beatboxing. The podcast ends with a remix of Austin's puns, with a more intense beat and random air horns.
  • On Episode 9 of the Beastcast, Vinny goes into a rant about Minions, and everyone has an extended discussion about it. They then go to break, and Vinny starts reciting a Minions ad.... only for the others to point out that he can't get sponsorship for something just for making an ad for them. Then there's another take, in which Vinny reads the ad like a minion.
  • In Episode 13 of the Beastcast, Vinny reveals he recently took his 3-year son to see his first was Minions. Cue Austin and Alex exploding with fake outrage. In front of a live audience at PAX, no less.
    Austin: You're his FATHER!
  • The 09/15/2015 Bombcast had Dan recounting his unusual experience during Garmin corporate training.
  • In Episode 23 of the Beastcast they discuss hiccups. Alex talks about a specific instance that causes hiccups for him, and Vinny explains why that's so, but not before he says "It's time for Dr. Vinny" and an awkward 30-second jingle plays to segue into Vinny's 20-second explanation. Vinny then admits he made the explanation up.
  • In Episode 34 of the Beastcast, during a talk about refrigerators with cameras in them, Vinny asks why refrigerators need cameras. The others answer seriously, but then Vinny says "so you can see the salad dressing". There is a split second before everyone loses it and reacts accordingly.
  • In early May 2015, Drew introduced live queuing to the Bombcast recording process which allows them to hear the start of segment music. It doesn't take long for this feature to be abused.
  • The 11/10/2015 Bombcast (guest starring Dave Lang) had probably the most intense reaction to a viewer email seen on the entire run of the show:
    Brad: [reading] "My friend insists that pizza is an open faced sandwich..."
    Dan: No. No. No.
    Dave: Oh for fuck's sake!
    Jeff: Fuck off!
    Dan: Stop reading it! Stop reading it!
    Dave: Delete that email! Delete that email and block his address!
    Brad: Jonathan writes in... oh hang on, let me skip that one. This one is from Wesley.
    Dave: "Open faced sandwich"...
    Brad: That was decisive!
    Dave: Fuck yourself!
  • This viewer correction, read out on Episode 101 of the Beastcast:
    "Last week, Dan got into a heated conversation regarding various Koopa creatures and their relationship to Bowser. Dan spoke passionately, as if this topic mattered, but I am here to write in this week to inform you, that it, in fact, does not."
  • Episode 111 of the Beastcast introduces us to Jeremiah, a cultured adult man who has difficulty comprehending the antics of the completely different person Dan Ryckert.
  • On Episode 514 of the Bombcast, the crew has a brief chat with Ben over the phone. During the talk, Ben's voice suddenly becomes very distorted, and everyone has a go at it.
  • Episode 520 of the Bombcast meets a sudden end after Jeff is freaked out by a coffee cup suddenly sliding towards him.

Other Videos

  • These usually occur during the live videos, whenever the video person (usually Vinny) gets bored and messes around, like superimposing goofy pictures on top of people. Some of the best instances include—
    • During the Starhawk TNT, when Vinny randomly displayed a picture of Brad with a rather funny expression, and superimposed Ryan's mouth and eyes over it. Ryan playing along by making ridiculous eye and mouth expressions helped too.
    • The end of the GDC 2014 live stream, when Dave Lang's face is greatly enlarged, making him look like some sort of omnipotent onlooker. John Vignocchi getting in on the act made it even funnier.
    • Jason randomly inserting different animals reacting to what happens during Mario Party Party 5 Live.
  • In the Arma II - Day Z video, Drew and Vinny start off normally, showing off the mod and trying to meet each other. However, after many failed connections and betrayals, they eventually go "screw it" and start playing Minecraft. After having trouble getting onto a server in Minecraft and disconnecting, Vinny eventually quits out of that as well and just starts playing Minesweeper.
  • During Jeff's very official announcement of Giant Bomb's sale to CBS:
    Dave: Jeff, I need to interrupt you. We are talking to a lamp.
    Jeff: No, we're talking to the world. The world is just beyond the lamp with the webcam on it.
    Patrick: (from offscreen) I don't believe you.
    Ryan: (also offscreen) There's no world beyond the lamp!
    Jeff: Get over and look at this and-
    Patrick: LAAAAAMMMPPP!
    Jeff: -tell me you don't see the world past the lamp.
    Ryan: HAIL LAMP!
    Jeff: (In full deadpan) All right, lamp, here's the story...
  • The first minute of this video. The greatest moment in flight club history.
  • After the end of the recorded Star Trek Online beta-ending event stream, the team spent a while chatting about miscellany and the proposed sequel to TOS. Then recursion happened.
    Jeff: (amidst sporadic giggling) I swear, this... this is the worst fucking website in the world. They funded this! Someone funded this, and this is what we're doing with it!
    • The idea to watch their own stream came up again during their Xbox One livestream. This time with video!
  • On the 11/17/2011 mailbag, they receive a smoked turkey. Two moments come from this- Brad producing a freldora de papo eléctrica para interlores... er, indoor electric trukey fryer and contemplating how a fried smoked turkey would be like, and Jeff giving Ryan the turkey while he was in the middle of shooting a quick look. The completely nonchalant expression he had while holding the turkey sold the moment.
  • The 2012 GOTY videos, especially their parody of The Office.
    • Day 3: Their "Best Use Of Skrillex" award being switched to "...Use of Skrillex".
    • Also on Day 3, during one of the Cop Show parody segments, the cops, played by Jeff and Brad, walk into an interrogation room and prepare to grill the suspect, played by Dave. One of the cops even does the tossing the chair aside thing. The suspect, of course, says the usual "not talking until I speak with my lawyer" line... and the cops agree that it's a good idea, and just walk out. The cop that threw the chair does the same to another chair before leaving.
    • Day 4 was "CollectShun", a parody of Hoarders where Ryan and Dr. Brad try to get Jeff to stop collecting games, consoles and game-related junk. The highlight was this exchange:
    Ryan: You're organizing a nightmare!
    • Day 5 was a parody of sitcoms with Ryan as the straight man, Jeff as the quirky-Kramer type and Vinny as the sagely coffee shop owner. In this episode, Brad's old barber college buddy, Patrick, comes into town and impresses the guys with his Galaga playing skills and ability to get Harlem Globetrotters court side seats. The episode included the typical sitcom tropes like cheesy one liners and a canned laugh track.
  • Their I Love Mondays 11/12/2012 video is done entirely with the WWE '13 story creator. Highlights include Mike Tyson warping in and punching Kevin Nash in the head, and Ryan Davis getting hit repeatedly with a car.
  • While it's somewhat melancholy when you remember why it was released, the That's So Ryan! collection of B-roll footage contains some absolutely hysterical moments, including Ryan and Vinny discussing the diarrhea faces of various tennis players, and Ryan's reaction to Vinny's mangling of Ray Liotta's name into "Killian Rayne Smith."
  • The intro of the August 16, 2013 Unprofessional Fridays. Jeff pretends to be utterly helpless without a teleprompter and has some extremely awkward conversations with everyone else. After about a minute, Vinny helps Jeff out with an overblown introduction... and Jeff morphs into a over-the-top Totally Radical host, talking about bikini girls telling you what happened this week, Headshot City, and airplanes and shit, what the fuuuuuuuck?! An amped-up version of it is here.
  • The ending of the September 20, 2013 Unprofessional Fridays. The crew does some weird things while a Cheetamen remix plays in the background. Highlights include Vinny stroking his beard and Drew miming a box around his head. It's like a surreal music video.
  • During Breaking Brad: Volgarr the Viking 01 Vinny's leg goes stiff and the typical "well, some people call it my leg" joke follows. It's pretty funny already but then Brad joins in with "Max (Vinny's son) doesn't count." The shocked laughter and Brad's immediate and repeated apologies that follow are a thing of beauty. Vinny's instant "What fucking line did you just...?" makes it even better.
    • A few minutes later Jeff turns up; "I got an email from HR about Brad?"
  • During the PS4 Launch Livestream, the guys are playing Madden NFL 25, discover an interesting bug, and decide to seize the opportunity to show off the PS4's instant replay functionality. The result is this video being posted.
  • During the Oct. 18, 2013 Unprofessional Fridays, Drew plays a dating sim/visual novel called Paca Plus. It starts out innocent enough but takes a dark (and hilarious) turn when the main character starts hallucinating that his girlfriend is an anthropomorphic alpaca.
    Vinny: Somebody needs to close Japan down.
  • Their look at Zoo Tycoon during the Xbox One stream is hilarious. Highlights include Jeff shooting a bear with a water hose, with Vinny pretending to be the bear, and their antics with calling in a cart, which comes in by seemingly being thrown from behind.
    • "Beep beep."
    • Jeff appears to channel the spirit of the late Mitch Hedberg for a few seconds. Whether he did so intentionally or not, the following line is delivered in a very close replica of Hedberg's trademark cadence:
      Jeff: Look man, this zoo is great if you are scared of snakes or if you like snakes. 'Cuz if you like snakes, we fuckin' have a bunch, and if you are scared of snakes, they are far the fuck away from the bear!
  • The videos for the 2013 GOTY awards. They pretend to host a video game show in each decade starting from the 70s, and the first four follow the same sequence of introduction, reading of mail complaining about bias and Brad's performance at games, endurance run, and conclusion about declaring a system to be the system of the decade and brief cut to Matt with an insult, and final request to play Windjammers. The last video, though, is set in some sort of post-apocalypse, with random things like a giant robot and plane crashing in front of the couch.
  • The entirety of the segment of the 2/14/14 Unprofessional Friday where the Giant Bomb team played the alpha of Gang Beasts, an indie brawling game just janky enough to be absolutely hysterical while still being fun. The developer of the game has said on Twitter that their Steam Greenlight page received a massive amount of votes after this segment aired.
  • For E3 2014, the guys decided to skip the press conference in lieu of providing running commentary over the press conference streams. Highlights include their disgust and outrage at BioWare's Aaryn Flynn's "All the Feels!" line as well as Aisha Tyler's "4/20 up in this bitch" joke. They made fun of various developers' choice of clothing and Brad impersonated Yoshi.
  • Drew's sudden reversal of fortune via Chance Time during the Mario Party Party. The anguished sound that emerged from Brad's mouth was not of this Earth.
  • Dan and Jeff ride a roller coaster while playing Super Mario Bros. 3. As the video puts it, it's a "feat of will and idiocy".
  • The November 21, 2014 Unprofessional Fridays: The gang and Danny O'Dwyer are on the last question of Fibbage XL when Dan Ryckert exclaims that he accidentally picked the wrong answer. Danny prods an answer out of him, Dan responds with one, Rorie admonishes him for giving it away... and Dan reveals that he actually gave his own lie away. Danny's Big "NO!" when he realizes he'd been tricked sells the moment.
  • The 2014 GOTY segments are themed around a long-lost Mario Party prototype causing the disappearance of all video games, and how the Giant Bomb staff copes.
    • Jeff tries to become the new father of video games by creating new ones...though since he can't program, he just draws them on paper.
    • Brad tries to satisfy his Dota 2 addiction with plastic toys and his pet guinea pigs.
    • Vinny becomes a crazy survivalist in his own backyard.
    • Patrick pursues filmmaking, trying to contact Charles Band to pitch his script for a new Evil Bong film.
    • Jason continues to run Unprofessional Friday with paper faces on trash cans and other items as stand-ins for the other staffers.
    • Dan tries and fails to become a professional wrestler, and then records an audiobook of his book, Air Force Gator, with Troy Baker.
    • Matt finds his true calling as a dog.
    • Alex doesn't realize video games are gone and just assumes the new review copies are running late. Once he realizes what happened, he decides to travel the world.
    • Drew becomes a professional office chair driver.
    • In the end, it all turns out to be a sleepy Brad's dream... and then Alex in his world-traveling getup walks by.
  • The Mario Party 3 video has many hilarious moments:
    Drew: [from the control room] WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!
    • Everything about DMX Goomba.
      • Further continued many months later when they create DMX Goomba in Super Mario Maker.
    • Dan's insane luck comes into play near the end of the game, where he gets a Chance Time and manages to steal all of Brad's 283 coins.
    • "Did you hear they're making a documentary? They flew a drone over Mario Party 3." — Jeff
    • Jeff has terrible luck the entire game, but the crowning moment is on his last turn. He uses a Mushroom to get two rolls. Both rolls are 1.
    • The ending. Dan wins...or, as Jason puts it in large text across the screen, 'NOBODY WINS.'
  • The "Eye of the Ryckert" premium feature was intended to be a daily, long-running video series, where Dan would stream his attempts to finally defeat Mike Tyson in Punch-Out!! after years of trying. After more than a week of Drew and Jason setting up a studio specifically for this task, including finding a CRT television to eliminate lag and figuring out how to capture it for video, Dan beat Tyson on the first day. Drew's reaction afterward is somewhere between happiness at his co-worker's success, and annoyance that all the work that was put into setting up the studio culminated in one video lasting just over a half-hour.
  • Mario Party Party 4:
    • MC Hammer dancing Koopa in the intro to the game.
    • Dan is set to prove that Mario Party is a game of skill if he manages to win for a third time. Not only does he not manage to win, he ends up in last place.
  • On the Big Live Live Show Live 2015, Dan plays Punch-Out!! using boxing gloves as button inputs, a dance pad as a d-pad input, and John Drake as the opponent stand-in.
  • On the July 2, 2015 Unprofessional Fridays: Thursday Edition, the crew play with a robot supplied to them by a friend, and they have all sorts of fun with it, running it around the building and even crashing a Gamespot stream that was running at the same time. At the end, Vinny jacks the robot all the way from the East office.
  • On the July 10, 2015 Unprofessional Fridays, Brad is a dog. And a cat. And a dragon. And a hamburger. And many more, thanks to FaceRig.
  • Vinny shows up in the Giant Bomb Mailbag: Michael Jackson's Knifebreaker Edition in the robot once more. Highlights include rolling over bubble wrap, getting a hat on his head, and "Who's the monster now?".
  • For the 2015 Game of the Year videos, the staff shoot the video segments on their own because their equipment was being moved to the new offices.
    • Jeff does a DIY recipe show where he bumbles through making marshmallow chocolate cups, and a grocery haul video where he shows his goods like Minions cereal and Lawless Jerky.
    • Brad does a Dota 2 Hat Chat where he chats with his teammates while opening treasures. His second video shows this taken to the extreme, as it's dark, he's barely awake, and opening treasures by reflex. All the while, Vinny is outside banging on the door begging Brad to come back, and Jeff Bakalar cameos to aid in Vinny's pleading.
    • Dan shoots part 48 of his "Fuck You, Patrick" series, a continuation of their Super Mario Maker feud. It's to the point where his levels just have an abundance of effects like "I'm Patwick Kwepik" and are filled with note blocks and trampolines. He eats multiple Taco Bell products and rates them for his second video.
    • Drew, Sports Expert, shows how to watch Formula 1 racing - get beer (actually chardonnay), pour it into a pint glass (actually a wine glass), get chicken wings (actually bread, cheese, and fruit preserves), and change into your colors (a scarf and striped shirt). Also, don't forget the napkins (actually paper money).
    • Jason shows his Top 10 Rocket League missed aerials and pays tribute to companies and games we lost in 2015, like OnLive, Konami, Playstation Home, Silent Hills, Afro Samurai 2, and Rise of Incarnates
    • Alex does "ASMR with AXNR" for gamers who want to relax. In his first video, he reads an excerpt from The Conspiracy Against the Human Race. In his second video, he takes into account the feedback he received... and reads an excerpt in his best Gilbert Gottfried voice.
    • Austin does a time lapse video of him building a Gundam model in his first video, and reacts to Dan's Taco Bell eating marathon video in his second video.
    • Vinny performs a guitar accompaniment for "Lock Down", a song they use for their before the show screens and became popular with the userbase, and shows how to make breakfast burritos.
    • In the end, Drew and Jason haven't finished setting everything up and tell Jeff to come back in January. Jeff tells them that it is January.
  • During their HTC Vive stream, they chat with Will Smith from FOO VR in one of the environments from Firewatch. Once they're done, Will sees himself out by placing his headset on the ground, which causes his in-software model to collapse to the ground in a very contorted manner. It catches everyone off-guard.
  • The ending to the August 2, 2013 Unprofessional Fridays. They strap Alexis into a VR headset and Vinny messes with him for a bit. Later, everyone slowly leaves the set while he's still in the headset. It takes him a moment to realize that there's no one conversing with him anymore.
  • The November 18, 2016 Unprofessional Fridays has Dan, Brad, Jason and Rorie play Genital Jousting while Jeff finishes putting away his VR gear. What follows (very NSFW) is essentially a "Jeff Reacts" video as Drew zooms more and more on Jeff's horrified faces throughout the spectacle.
    Jeff: I feel like I am witnessing a crime.
  • Vinny's run of Hitman with "Mexico Rules" (playing through the Paris level with random stipulations on weapons, disguises, and other criteria) during the Game of the Year videos for 2016. Especially the moment he bursts through a door, dressed as the sheikh, to take out a guard. Only to realize too late that he had made his way back to the main entrance, and was being watched by about 10 or so civilians as he stuck an axe into the guard's face.
    Jeff: Did you see what Sheikh Zanzibar did? That guy's fucking crazy!
  • During the East Coast's playthrough of Life Is Strange, Vinny goes full dad-mode when Max and Warren hug in the final episode of the game. Hearing his completely serious "that's a little tight there, Warren" and his reaction to the hug going a bit too long is somehow hilarious.
  • When watching Ubisoft's conference about their latest pirate game, the presenter refers to "the PvP-disputed waters of the Indian Ocean". This gave a chance to give everyone (except Dan, who was laughing too hard) to make "Piracy as PvP" jokes
    Brad: The brutal civil war that pitted player against player
    Vinny: "Arr, it be hookahead69!"
    Alex: "Dearest player, war has come..."
    Ben: "You're gonna wanna mute voice chat against them"
    Jeff: "Yar, there be lag switches off the mis'n'mast!"


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